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Sid Roth - How To Have a Miracle Mindset

Sid Roth - How To Have a Miracle Mindset

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Sid Roth - How To Have a Miracle Mindset

Sid Roth: Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. You know, some 40 years ago, as a brand new Jewish believer in the Messiah, I was exposed to a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman. And I have to tell you, the miracles I saw there I haven't seen to that degree since. But all the way in Australia God raised up another Kathryn that is moving in those same miracles. But here's the difference. She's not only moving in these miracles, she's teaching everyone she can to move in the same miracles. Do you want to? Me, too. So Kathrine walks by people and they get healed. I mean, this is outrageous what's going with her. I have found out some of the things she does that causes God to smile on her, and that's what's happening. Tell me about the woman that you were praying for that walks up there, you're going to pray for hearing and you notice she has no ear. Tell me about her.

Katherine: Well I had a word of knowledge in a meeting here in the U.S. of a lady that I said, "There's someone here that needs their hearing restored". And we've seen many deaf ears open and I expected someone with a deaf ear to come forward. But the lady who came forward had no ear. It had been cut off, the eardrum had been removed because of a cancerous tumor. And she came forward all with her face lit up and faith just knowing God was touching her.

Sid Roth: I want you to get this straight. This is no ear, no eardrum and she's coming forward to restore her hearing. I just want to make sure you got that. Go ahead.

Katherine: Well I didn't quite know what to think. I thought well perhaps God might restore her hearing, grow an eardrum overnight. That was about the level I thought my faith was at. And sometimes when I'm with the power of God my right hand will start tremble. And I went to go lay my hand on her, and the Lord said, "Put your left hand on her". And I thought, oh Lord, I need all the help I can get. But I did and then as I prayed for her, the Lord just whispered to me, He said, "Ask her if she can hear". And she swung her head around and said, "Yes"! And I said, "Really"? It was so extraordinary. And you know, the Glory just fell. So many miracles happened that night. We saw cataracts disappear in front of our eyes. People with crippled fingers had their fingers straightened out. You know, God, He is more willing to do miracles than we have faith to see it happen.

Sid Roth: And you know what's so wonderful? Here he goes to Australia, he puts his finger on a woman abused as a child, all sorts of fears in their life, and traumas. So she watches TV, she sees movies and she knows that Hollywood says you get married to the right man and everything works out perfect. That's what Hollywood says. However, we know better than Hollywood does, because Katherine had the same fears even after she married her Prince Charming. Her fears now were even compounded. She was afraid he was going to die. So one day, she asked God to do three things. Tell me the three things.

Katherine: I was driving in the car on the way to a meeting and I thought, I'll talk to the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit, the Bible tells me, he's my teacher and my helper. So I thought, well I'm going to try this. And I said, "Well Holy Spirit, could you teach me about the falling down thing". I had seen people fall down under the power of God in the meetings and I thought, I didn't know whether they just fell down out of courtesy or whether they were pushed. But it was the power of God and I genuinely wanted to know. So I believe in asking for help. God is so good at helping us. So I asked Him, could you teach me about that. And I said, "And I have this little ganglion cyst on my wrist. Would you heal me of that", I said. "And would you take away the fear that I have that my husband would die". I was just a new bride and I just got this man to sign a piece of paper to say he was going to love me until he died. And then you know, coming from a background of insecurity and abandonment issues, I was so worried that now the next thing this one that finally has to love me might die. And so I said, "Set me free from this fear". I didn't realize it was the tip of a huge iceberg. But it was an invitation, an invitation for the Holy Spirit to come and do incredible work.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Katherine: Well I went to the meeting that night and they invited forward people for prayer, and I just sort of slipped in on the end. And I lifted my hands, and the preacher was right at the other end, and bang, the power of the Holy Spirit touched me. I was knocked to the floor, no catchers, and trembled under the power of God.

Sid Roth: He didn't even push you down.

Katherine: He didn't even come and pray for me. Eventually, he came to me and he said, "Pick her up". And then he said, "Oppression go". I was on the floor again. And right during that time, I saw the face of Jesus right in front of me. He said, "Katherine, I'm setting you free from everything". And you know, God so delivered me and set me free.

Sid Roth: So what happened to the cyst?

Katherine: Well I didn't, I wasn't even thinking about the cyst because that was such an incredible encounter with God. But when I got home, it was gone. And the scripture says, "I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears". And that's what He did that night. So sovereignly, He let love come in and replace my fears.

Sid Roth: So then a few days later, you got some more deliverance.

Katherine: Well you know, I really believe that it's so important that we continually present our need to God. And I just went forward on another altar call. It was a message about shame. I thought, oh that applies to me. So I went forward. And as I was just waiting for people to come and pray, a few people came past and prayed, the Holy Spirit said, "Just stay here". So I kept staying there and he began to show me a vision. And the first part of the vision, I saw myself as a child with my head on the Father's lap, and he's stroking my hair like this. And I never had someone do that for me. And then the next vision, I saw myself as a little girl with this really ugly face. And then I saw that face just peel off like a mask and float away. And then I saw this picture of this beautiful woman walking in the heavens and she was dressed in the most beautiful robes. Really the only way I could describe her was she clothed in dignity. And as I was looking at this vision, the Lord said, from behind me I heard Him say, "That's you". And I fell on the floor again. And you know, when I got up, God had done in me what no psychiatrist could ever have done. He restored my dignity. He restored my identity and He showed me that I was His beloved daughter, that He would be there to meet all my needs for love, affection. And yeah, He truly is my best friend.

Sid Roth: When we come back, I believe that miracles are going to erupt of a magnitude you have never seen before.

Sid Roth: Katherine, that vision that God gave you of restoring your dignity and where you came from, this background of abuse, but then there was a bonus. The fire of God came on you. Tell me about that.

Katherine: I started reading stories, everything I could get my hands on, on miracles. I watched Katheryn Kuhlman. I'd read stories with Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, and I'd read about their experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. And I think that ties in the Holy Spirit when I was about 14 and had received the gift of tongues, as that's what I expected. But you know, I wasn't really at that stage expecting the fire of God. And I thought, when I read their stories about healing the sick, I thought, maybe I missed something. So I just got really hungry and I pressed Him, "Lord, I want you to baptize me with fire". And I tell you, God began to do a work in me. For about nine months there would be many days I couldn't get up off from the floor. I was groaning, having visions of what the Lord was going to do. And the call of God came on my life, and He began to work a deep process in me as His fire began to deal with the [unintelligible]. Well it's been glorious though, because I know now that the power of God, He moves through me and He moves through everyone that would seek to look to him for fire for the power to God to be manifested.

Sid Roth: Tell me the first major miracle you can remember that happened when you prayed for someone.

Katherine: Well I had, someone had prophesied that I would see tumors disappear, on a Sunday service. And on a Monday, I was invited to speak at a ladies meeting. And I, at the end of the meeting, a lady came forward and she said, "Well I have a tumor. Could you please pray for me. That's all I need". She said, "I don't fall down and I don't speak in tongues, but can you pray for me". And I said, "Sure". And I went to pray for her and the Holy Spirit touched her, and she fell on the floor. You don't have to fall on the floor, but some people just have weak wiring, I think, when it comes to the power of God and me, particularly. And while she was on the floor she said she felt the hand of God go into her belly four times. And when she got up, I went away overseas for a few weeks, I came back. They had done a battery of tests and I found out that prior to her coming to have prayer, she had an operation to try and remove a six-inch tumor wrapped around her pancreas, and she had cirrhosis of the liver, and the doctors had discovered that it was inoperable. So she came to the meeting in that state. But when she had gone back for all the tests, they discovered that there was no tumor. There was not a trace of cancer and she had a brand new liver.

Sid Roth: Now that is normal, normal as defined by the Bible. Now tell me, you mentor especially young kids. Are they doing similar things that you are?

Katherine: Oh and greater things.

Sid Roth: Tell me one.

Katherine: They've seen the dead raise. We had a young man go into a local pharmacy just to get something and an elderly gentleman had a heart attack and died in the shop. And the Holy Spirit just said to this young man, he said, "What are you going to do about it"? So the paramedics had come and they were working on him, didn't have a pulse. He wasn't breathing. And so this young man just went and he laid his hand, got hold of his feet and just began to prophesy life and rebuke death, and prophesy life. And the man began to cough and came back to life. And the paramedic came to church that weekend to testify he had never seen anything like it.

Sid Roth: Now one of the keys that you talk about is you're aware of how much needs you have. Normally, I hear people going around saying, "Oh, because of Jesus, I'm just self-sufficient at everything. I've got money, I've got health, I got family". But need, being, recognizing your need is so important to capturing the heart of God.

Katherine: To me, it's the key really, because it's as we present our weakness, in our weakness He is strong. And the more that I can present to him, the more ashes I can bring, the more faith, the beauty I can receive by faith. If I bring my sin, He brings his forgiveness. If I bring my weakness and my fears, He brings the answer to all my needs. And the Bible says, "The Holy Spirit is our ever present help in time of need". And I've discovered my time of need is all the time. I am so needy. I'm so needy for love. You know, I have a wonderful husband. We've been married 23 years. But there isn't a man on the planet that could meet the need that I have. In fact, there isn't anybody that can meet anybody's love, needs because we were created to need to the perfect love of God. And when we present that need to Him on a daily basis, the more we open, the more we need, the more we need Him, the more we receive. I remember having a vision once of a big jagged piece cut out of my life, and I was just complaining to God saying, Lord, I'm so needy. And I saw a picture of that same piece cut in exactly the same shape as my hole in my life come down and fit right down to the level of the deepest cut. And I believe every day if we present our need to God, He wants to fill us to overflowing.

Sid Roth: When we come back, tell me about the great miracle that happened with that prostitute. Don't go away because I'm going to have her pray for you, too, and miracles are going to erupt.

Sid Roth: Tell me about this former prostitute.

Katherine: Well I was doing a series of meetings in Australia and a lady came to the meetings and she was listening to the message, but she didn't feel worthy to come forward. I didn't know about this until on the last night, she came forward for prayer and gave her heart to Jesus. And the Lord just did a huge work of deliverance. I was on the floor praying for her and I found out later, she wrote me a letter a few days later, to say that she had been a heroin addict and a prostitute since she was very, very young. And the next morning, she had woken up and tried to have a cigarette and choked on it, couldn't have the cigarette. And so she brang up all her supplies and said, "Stay away from me. I'm a born-again believer now. I am, I'm a Christian. Stay away from me. I don't need that stuff anymore". And then went out on the street and met another heroin addict and just began to share her testimony. She said, "Guess what, I don't even have a shake. I don't have, I haven't had no withdrawal symptoms. I'm free. Jesus has set me free". And this man said, "Well you know, I'd believe that if God would heal my stomach, because he had terrible stomach issues. And she, not even 24 hours saved, said, "Well I'll pray for you". And right there, she laid her hands on his belly just as she had seen me do, laid hands on his belly, and he was slain in the Spirit, fell out under the power of the Holy Ghost on the sidewalk. And when he got up...

Sid Roth: No catcher.

Katherine: No catcher. When he got up out of the bushes, he was speechless. He had been healed. And he reached in to his pocket, pulled out $800, gave her 500 and gave his girlfriend 300 and said, "That's what I would have spent on heroin this week. I'm not going to need it now".

Sid Roth: Wait until you hear about the chair in the air.

Katherine: Well I had a vision, actually, it was a dream. And I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to us in dreams and visions. And one day I was, the Lord had promised me that He was going to open doors to the U.K. and I had very dear friends now in the U.K, that at that stage I didn't know anybody, and I had these prophetic words. And so in faith, I felt the Lord just tell me to pencil a couple of weeks that I would go to the U.K. But I didn't have any invitations. I hadn't heard anything and I wasn't going to knock on a door. So as I got a bit closer, I started to think, oh Lord, maybe I've missed it. And I went to sleep that night thinking about this. And during the night I had a dream, and in the dream, I saw myself being brought into sit in this chair, and we were about to watch something wonderful unfold. And then as I was sitting there, I began to think, this is great seats. This is a great seat. And it was suspended in mid-air, until I finally started to try and figure out how I was suspended in this chair. And then I wobbled and I woke up, and I said to the Lord, "Are you trying to speak to me or was I just too hot under the covers? You know, Holy Spirit, you are the revealer of mysteries". And then the Lord began to speak to me. He said, "Katherine, have any of these miracles happened because of you"? I said, "No Lord, you've done them". And He said, "Any of the doors that have opened, have you done that"? And I said, "No Lord". And then He said, "Well why are you worried about England"? And then that morning, my secretary came in, she looked at my calendar and went, "What's this about the U.K". And I said, "God's got it". And then that night I received an email. Someone had been watching us and on the Internet, and it was an invitation from a pastor in the U.K. He said, "We live five, six miles from where Wigglesworth used to minister. We were wondering if there was any chance that you might be able to come and release that anointing for miracles in our region. Would you have any space to do that"? And I said, "Well I've got this two-week gap". And I began to understand since then God has opened up.

Sid Roth: What did you learn from this? What would you say the bottom line is?

Katherine: Well you know, I really believe we've got to learn how to settle back in back to the strength of Jesus. I've been praying for people at times in meetings and feeling the anointing bounce back on me. But you know, I believe that even as that's been happening, I thought, what do I do Lord, and heard the Holy Spirit behind me saying, "Just lean back. Lean back into me". And as I've done that, suddenly the power of God has come.

Sid Roth: Would you lean back right now and pray for miracles.

Katherine: Absolutely. Father, I thank you for your power. I thank you Holy Spirit for your healing and anointing. Father, for everyone watching right now, Lord, I decree I thank you that you are hovering over them right now in the room, as they are listening, as they are watching. Lord, I thank you, Spirit of God, that you are touching, you're healing cancer, you're healing MS. Lord, you're healing all kinds of diseases because it's your power. Just reach out now and lay a hold of the power of the Holy Spirit as he's touching and healing you in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for that tangible power of God touching and healing bodies right now. I thank you Spirit of God that even as they cry out to you, you are manifesting yourself as the answer, because you are the same yesterday, today and forever. And I thank you Lord that you will meet their need as they expose their vulnerability, as they expose their need in their weakness to you. I thank the rush of the Holy Spirit. You come and you touch, and you feel the now in Jesus' name. I look forward to hearing the testimonies.

Sid Roth: I know that that presence of God is on you. It's in you, right now. Now for the few of you, there's actually a lot of you that have not made Jesus your Messiah. Such a wonderful God. He died for your sins before you even knew him. Just ask him to forgive you. Believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins. Ask him to come inside of you and be your Lord, your own words. Make that peace with God and watch how He makes His peace with you. But I tell you this, everything that Katherine said is about ready to happen to you. The healing is ready to erupt. I see ears open. I see arthritis leaving fingers right now. You are going to be a walking miracle in Jesus' name.
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