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Sid Roth - Today Is the Day for Your Miracle

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Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. You know, there are professional singers and then there are psalmists that are anointed by God. Now when a professional singer sings, sometimes they can even break a glass. When an anointed psalmist sings, stage 4 cancer cannot stand in their presence. You're about ready to hear someone that is anointed psalmist and God is the one that called her. Now Judy was the youngest of 12 children. And Judy it's hard for me to believe you were shy. And she was so shy until age 12 when the presence of God came on her in such a profound way, she was filled with the Holy Spirit. I want to take you back to that day, Judy. Tell me what was going on inside of you, what was happening.

Judy Jacobs: When the Holy Spirit came on me that night, on Sunday night, I remember my mom was with me, and he literally took over my body, Sid. I remember being just overwhelmed with the presence and the joy of the Holy Spirit. It was something that was almost like an out of body experience. I've never experienced anything like that. And of course, I was 12 years old. But I remember people picking me up, putting me in a car, taking me home.

Sid Roth: Why did they have to pick you up?

Judy Jacobs: I couldn't walk.

Sid Roth: That's a good reason. You couldn't walk.

Judy Jacobs: I couldn't walk, I couldn't talk.

Sid Roth: They had to pick you up. Okay.

Judy Jacobs: I couldn't walk. I couldn't do anything. I was just like, just so limp. And so they picked me up. They put me to bed. The next three days I could not talk in anything except the language of the Holy Spirit. Barely eat, just sleep. It was like I was overwhelmed with the presence of God as a 12-year-old. I remember even my parents and my family talking about what is going on here, what's happening. But my mom had had the same experience when she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For three days, she spoke in tongues and could not even communicate with my dad. Of course, me being the baby, she said every time that I would cry, I wouldn't say, "wah, wah"! I'd say, "Hallelujah! Hallelujah"!

Sid Roth: My goodness. That's my kind of baby. But let me tell you what happened. Fast forward. God speaks to Judy audibly and tells her to study voice. And she starts singing with a group and then God called her to sing by herself. Do you remember the first time you did your first solo? What was that like?

Judy Jacobs: I will never forget it. It was my very first service. I was in the service and I was introduced. And when I was introduced, I came up and I would begin to do what I would naturally do, and that is to sing. When I began to sing the power of God came into that room. It was the very first song. People started running to the altar and I just said, "If you have a need in your heart, just come on down. God is moving". There was one young lady that came down. She fell down right at the foot of the altar where I was standing. There was no pulpit at the time because I was going to speak later. When she fell down, the power of God was moving. I mean, people were just worshiping. People were filling the altar. All of a sudden, this young girl rose up and her face began to, I mean, just began to contort. I mean, it was just like I could see demonic spirits come over her. And then all of a sudden she starts screaming at me and I can see the demonic. And she's like, "I'm going to kill you, Judy Jacobs"! So she starts to

Sid Roth: Now wait a second. How would you like to be singing your first solo and a girl comes up and says, "I'm going to kill you". I mean, that's not the way Hollywood does it.

Judy Jacobs: No. And then the first thing I thought about is where is the back door. Where is the back door. And so she's trying to get to my feet. There's three ushers that are holding this young girl back. She looked like she weighed maybe a hundred pounds. And so now she can't get to me. So now she's beginning to spit at me. And I thought

Sid Roth: From bad to worse.

Judy Jacobs: Yes. And I'm up on the stage and I'm dodging. I'm trying to dodge this girl. And then all of a sudden, Sid, in my mind, in the natural, my mind says, turn the service over to the pastor. Go to the back of the choir and just start to pray. The devil says, "This is too big. You can't do this. Just give in. Let the pastor take care of this. This is too hard for you to handle". And then I heard the Holy Spirit say, "No. You were created for this. You were anointed to do this. You take authority over this spirit in the name of Jesus". So something came up the back of my legs, came up my back. My shoulders went back. My head went up and I said, "I want the church to stand up and we're going to begin to pray the spirit". The church began to pray the spirit. And I walked off that stage and I went down to where that was young girl, and I said, "Baby, I'm not talking to you". I began to talk to her. I said, "I'm not talking to you, but I'm talking to that spirit, demonic spirit that is in you and I tell you who I am. I am the anointed child of God. I've been called. I've been picked out. I've been chosen and I command you in the name of Jesus, come out of her"! Her body went limp, just went limp. I was able to lead her to Jesus. Several minutes later, she confessed to me that she had been involved in rock and roll, rock and roll music, and she had been involved in the occult. But that was my first experience being involved in taking authority in the name of the Lord.

Sid Roth: But you know what? It gets stronger and stronger. The Bible says, we go from glory to glory. If you're standing still, you're going backwards. You're deceived. You go from glory to glory. So one of my favorite songs by Judy Jacobs is "Days of Elijah". Do you like that song? And the first time she sang it was at a Benny Hinn campaign. What happened?

Judy Jacobs: The power of God came into that room. Pastor Benny had to be convinced for me to sing the song because he didn't know the song. So I had never sang the song. I took my words up, put them on the pulpit because I just recorded it. But it wasn't even released yet. But when I got up to sing, the track began, boom, I started singing. The place comes to their feet. The Glory of God begins. And I guess I sang that song that night eight or ten times in one night.

Sid Roth: You know what, Judy? We're going to sing that song in a little bit and the same thing is going to happen here. You want it to happen? You want that song here? I want that song. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: So I was saying in the last segment, you, what is normal is to go from glory to glory. Tell me about the women's retreat that you were teaching at and singing.

Judy Jacobs: You know, I love the Glory of God when it comes. It is the kavod. It is the heaviness.

Sid Roth: You know, a lot of people don't understand that. Is the word "kavod" means literally, in Hebrew, "the glory". It's the heaviness. And when it comes up on me, I don't know about you, Judy

Judy Jacobs: Me, too.

Sid Roth: But I bend over like this. It's an amazing phenomena.

Judy Jacobs: The natural can't take the super. And so I'm in this retreat and God speaks to me. People are in the alter. There's about 75 women there. It's just a nice little retreat. And God says, "I'm about to show you my glory". And He says, "Tell the women I'm about to show them my glory". So I said, "Ladies, bow your head, get your hands up. God just spoke to me and He said He's about to show you His glory". Well everybody hands went up. People just began to pray in the spirit. I kept my eyes open.

Sid Roth: Why?

Judy Jacobs: I wanted to see it. I am not going to close my eyes. And so as I'm watching, one by one, section by section, Sid, women began to drop like flies. God is going all the way around the room, and as He's going around the room, people are just falling so beautifully. I mean, it's just like so succinctly. It's like nobody is there to catch them. It was just girls were there, just girls. But they're falling and they're falling, and they're, ah, they're just falling. And as the Spirit of God is going around, the Glory of God is coming around, I said to God, "God, don't miss me". And so as the Glory is coming around it comes around to the stage and down I go. For 45 minutes, we are slain in the Spirit. Nobody is moving. After about what seemed like hours, people would begin to scream, "Oh my God, it's gone! Oh my God, I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm delivered"! There was one woman there who had a tumor on the side of her head that was the size of little tennis ball. She was a lawyer. She had that all of her live. She is pushing her hair all the way back screaming, "Look! Look! It's gone! It's gone"! And everybody around her were just absolutely amazed that at that instant, at that moment, those growths begin, oh I feel right now somebody's growths are disappearing. Somebody is happening, something is happening right now to somebody. In an instant, the Glory of God came into that room. People went to the restroom to check themselves. When they come back, the tumors were gone off their breasts. The tumors were gone off of their body. Things were happening. I mean, everything from tumors to headaches, to sinus infections. When the Glory came, everything changed.

Sid Roth: You know, the Anointing of God, the manifest presence of God.

Judy Jacobs: Oh my God.

Sid Roth: What does the Anointing do for people? Give me a description.

Judy Jacobs: The Anointing of God is something that comes in and absolutely transfers and absolutely transforms a person's life. They go from the natural to the supernatural. They go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Jesus said, "This power is for you and your children, and your children's children". He said, "I'm will go away, but if I go away, I'm going to send a comforter and he will not only be with you, he will be in you". And he said, "The same power that raised me from the dead is going to quicken your mortal body". And even so the point, Sid, where he said, "The works that I do, greater works shall you do because I go to my Father". The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in my 13-year-old, is in your eight-year-old. That same power, it is the Anointing that has the ability to change everything and everybody around you.

Sid Roth: Judy, I want you to go to the music set and I want Judy to sing Isaiah 61, "The spirit of the Lord God is upon me". Jesus read that in Nazareth right from the scriptures, from the Torah. And I'm telling you, when she sings that, that is going to happen to you. The Spirit of the Lord God is going to be upon you. Judy Jacobs.

Judy Jacobs: Spirit of the Lord is upon you, for the Lord has anointed you. Bless your name. Hallelujah! Hey Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. He's placed His anointing on me to encourage, release the power, the recovery of sight to the blind. So in His name, this is the day for the miracle. Hallelujah! This is your day. Spirit of the Lord God. Hey Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. He's placed His anointing on me to encourage, release the power, the recovery of sight to the blind. So in His name, this is the day for the miracle. Open the heavens. This is my cry that the angelic hosts be among us. Wake every stronghold. Open our eyes. See the miraculous glorious power. This is the power. Spirit of the Lord God is upon you. He's placed His anointing on you be encouraged, be released. Open your eyes and see. We declare this is the day for your miracle. Open the heavens. This is my cry that the angelic hosts be among us. Wake every stronghold. Open our eyes. See the miraculous glorious power. We're in position. This is the power. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon you. This is the last day. You will be anointed...

Sid Roth: Now Judy Jacobs had a vision in which she saw a tsunami coming to the United States of America. Tell me about that.

Judy Jacobs: I had this vision I was on the beach. My husband was standing beside me and as I'm looking out into the water, Sid, I see this wall of water as tall as the sky. This water is coming toward the beach. It's coming toward where we are, where we're standing. And I said to my husband, "Look, it's a tsunami". And my husband, he said, he started walking toward the water and I said, "What is that? What is that? It's a tsunami". He says, "No, no, Judy". He says, "Look. That's not water. That's glory". And as we're walking, in the tsunami, I'm seeing people from every people groups, any people groups you can imagine. They're in the water and they're swimming, and they're speaking in tongues, they're speaking in the language of the Holy Spirit. And they are swimming in this water. And the Glory of God is on their faces. And I'm thinking, and I said, "God, what is going on"? He said, "That's my Glory that's coming to this nation and the nations of the earth".

Sid Roth: Judy, I want you to describe to me what you see happening when the tsunami hits.

Judy Jacobs: In my mind, I'm seeing people healed. I'm seeing people going into hospitals and laying hands on people, and then getting up and going out and about, going home that day. I'm seeing revival breakout in schools. I didn't tell you that on the very top of this tsunami were my two daughters, and they're up there, and they're surfing. I'm seeing the Glory of God break out in schools. I'm seeing the Glory of God break out in Walmart. I'm seeing the Glory. I'm believing before too long we're going to hear, there's a healing line in Isle 9 at Walmart. I believe there's coming a revival that's going to come and hit our churches, our schools, our malls. I believe it's going to hit like a tsunami that we've never seen where people will be healed, delivered, set free in moments.

Sid Roth: And what I see is we are in what the rabbis tell us, what Malachi tells us, the days of Elijah just before the Messiah returns, Judy Jacobs singing, "The Days of Elijah".

Judy Jacobs: Oh my God. Behold He comes riding on a cloud shining, shining, shining. Yes he will. I know he will. I'm expecting him any time. Oh let your voice come out. Jubilee! Jubilee. Salvation comes. Father, I thank you for your presence. I thank you for your anointing. I thank you for Jesus. There is nobody like him. Oh hallelujah. Bless the name of the Lord. Yeah, yeah. These are the days of Elijah declaring the Word of the Lord and these are the days of the spirit Moses, righteousness being restored. And thou these are days of great triumph of darkness and souls, we are lost in the desert crying, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord". Behold He comes riding on a cloud, shining like the sun. Oh let your voice come out. Jubilee! Jubilee. Salvation comes. Hallelujah, I believe it. These are the days of Ezekiel, the triumph is coming, glory to God. And these are the days of service, rebutting the temple of grace. Praise Him now. These are the days of the hearts, the... And we are the labor of... declaring Lord of Lords"!
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