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Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I have been so looking forward to this show, because my guest is from England. She's a businesswoman. She opens up shops, but they're very unusual shops. They have signs in the window: "We pray for miracles. We interpret dreams". Who's ever heard of such a shop like this? And large numbers of non-believers of the Messiah go into her shop. And God must be so pleased. For the first time we got down to the four walls and we're doing what we're created to do. Better than 90 percent of these non-believers get miracles and healings when they walk into the shop and then they are open to a presentation that there's only way to know God, and that's through the Jewish rabbi, Jesus. So Alice, I love what God is doing in your life. I love the fact that you're in the marketplace, you're starting businesses. And I've the picture of the sign in one of your businesses, and the sign says, it's like in chalkboard, and it says: "Free! Healings, miracles, dream interpretation". Do many non-believers take advantage of this?

Alice Cresswell: I'm surprised by the number of people that come in that just walking down the street, they're doing their shopping, they're coming as tourists, they're visiting Chester, and they see the sign. They come in asking about free miracles.

Sid Roth: Well you know, it didn't just happen. What I find is many that operated in the gift of miracles, there was a price to pay. Alice, you tell me that you cried out for 12 years. What do you mean by that?

Alice Cresswell: Well I read the scriptures. I read the miracles that Jesus did. I read that he told us that we could do the same and even greater things. And I read about past revivalists that were doing this stuff, and I thought, I want to do that. I just believe the Bible and I want to do it. But I would pray for people and I didn't see miracles happening. And people would say, just give up, you've been trying too long.

Sid Roth: Not just people. There's a little voice in your head that says, not for me. I identify that voice right now. It's the devil. Go ahead.

Alice Cresswell: Yeah. But I just said, no, I believe what the Word of God says. So I'm going to continue.

Sid Roth: But 12 years is a long time.

Alice Cresswell: Twelve long years. I would be up in the night. I was praying. I was crying, I was fasting. I mean, people, you know, I prayed. People would get worse. Some people died. I mean, it was a nightmare.

Sid Roth: Okay. You open your shop. You have that nice sign in the window. Tell me one of the first miracles that happened.

Alice Cresswell: Well, to start with, we opened a café and it was in a housing estate with lots of crime and drugs. And this teenager comes in and the police have warned us about him. Out of the whole neighborhood of 18,000 people, we're warned about this one young guy. And he comes in. He gives a false name.

Sid Roth: Can you picture that? The one person they're warned about, she's warned by the police about, wanders into their shop. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Alice Cresswell: Yeah. You know, it was just as soon as we opened our café. He comes in and we just happen to be talking about words of knowledge. So we say, "Would you like a word of knowledge"? So we tell him something that he was doing the day before where he got into trouble. And he's like, "How do you know that"? And I said to him, "Well..".

Sid Roth: If I was the police department, I'd hire her.

Alice Cresswell: So I said to him, I said, "Because God was there and God just told me what you did". And he was like, "God was there"! I mean, he was so scared. The color drained from his face. But he had a broken ankle because he had been climbing onto a roof of a house.

Sid Roth: Why was he climbing on the roof?

Alice Cresswell: Well you know, he was trying to break in the house.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Alice Cresswell: And he fell off the roof, broke his ankle. And a lot of these people, they work at hospital because the police would find out. So he said, we said to him, "Can we pray for your ankle and Jesus will heal it". He says, "Yeah, whatever". So we pray for his ankle. Instantly, the bones reconstructed and went back together and he was healed, and that was the first of the many miracles that we've had.

Sid Roth: Tell me, because this is outrageous what you're about ready, totally outrageous. I want Alice to tell me about a man by the name of Terry .

Alice Cresswell: That's one of my favorite stories. This guy comes into our café and we're talking to him about miracles. And he says, "Oh, I need a miracle". So he explained. He said, "Five years ago," he said, "I was climbing through a broken window". And I would like to say, "What were you doing climbing through a broken window".

Sid Roth: You get a lot of people like that. Have you noticed?

Alice Cresswell: We do. But we love them. God loves them so much. And he was climbing through the window and the bits of glass on the frame of the windowpane, you know, the frame, went into his fingers. And he didn't go to hospital. So all these years later, the glass was still there. I could see marks. It was hard. His friend said, "I've tried with a stony knife to get the glass out," it sounds disgusting, "and it wouldn't come out" So I said to him, I said, "Jesus will get the glass out". So I grabbed his hands.

Sid Roth: Now when you said that, did you really believe that?

Alice Cresswell: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Alice Cresswell: Why not? The thing is, you see, Jesus, when he died on the cross 2000 years ago, he's done it all, so we just got to take it. So I just grabbed his hands and I said, "In the name of Jesus, I command all the glass to come out of his body". Well he goes home. He comes back into the café the next day. He says, "You'll never guess what happened in the night. I've been up all night," he said. "Bits of glass have been coming out of my fingers on their own". He didn't even go to bed. He just pulled them out. It didn't hurt. The glass was coming out. But he said, "The funny thing is," he said, "for 30 years I've had a problem with my foot". And he'd had this pain is foot. Couldn't walk properly. There was a hole like that in the sole of every pair of shoes he had for 30 years. And he said, "As the glass is coming out of my fingers in the night," he thinks, "what is going on with my foot"? He looks down. He sees a tiny piece of glass.

Sid Roth: Is that what was making the hole in his shoes?

Alice Cresswell: Yeah. Nobody knew. You see, he didn't know. I didn't know. But the glass comes out of his foot. What I didn't know is that there was glass there. But said, "In the name of Jesus, every bit of glass come out of his body". I didn't say his fingers. And "At the name of Jesus, every knee is going to bow," including glass in somebody's foot. It had to come out.

Sid Roth: Do you know what that reminds me of? Do you remember when Jesus said, "Lazarus, come forth," and Lazarus rose from the dead? If Jesus had said, "Dead, come forth," oy vey. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: All right. I just found some outrageous miracles from Alice. But the purpose of a miracle is to wrap someone's undivided attention to hear the good news that God loves them and God sent His son to die for them. So these two people that you talked about in the previous segment, did they receive the Lord?

Alice Cresswell: Yeah, they both gave their lives to Jesus.

Sid Roth: Now you did a little survey in 2009, when you opened one of your shops, and how many miracles occurred in that time?

Alice Cresswell: Well it worked out one every single day for almost a year.

Sid Roth: Can you imagine if every business in your country, in your city had a shop like that? There would be, do you realize that every shopkeeper that did this would be declared a saint by the Catholic church? You do know that. But Alice, now you thought it was outrageous before. You know what? Eye has not seen nor ear heard all that God has in store for us, for you. Tell me about the Glory cloud showing up. I mean, this isn't in some church service. This is in the streets. Tell me about it.

Alice Cresswell: What happened was I was going to work in the café that day and the Holy Spirit told me that a drug dealer was going to get saved, was going to give his life to Jesus in the café. So I'm sitting in the café that day, I'm chatting to a lady and in walks this young guy that I know is a drug dealer. And I thought, it's going to be him. So he gets his food, but then he goes outside and sits on the grass with his friends outside the café. And I didn't want to go and talk to him outside with his friends there. So I said, "Father, would you send one of your angels to go and to get him to come back into the café". And as soon as I said it, we watched him stand up and come back into the café. So we went just to the door of the café and we just started prophesying to him, telling how much God loved him. He had some issues, some health issues. He had them a long time. We prayed and he was instantly healed. So we called his three friends over and we started prophesying and praying over them, too. And then suddenly, one of them says, "What is that? Is that something to do with God"? And I look up, and right in front of our café, you know, in the middle of this big housing estate with the crime and the drugs, and everything, it's the biggest, hugest cloud. And it was so thick I couldn't see through it. I don't know how high it was.

Sid Roth: Were you the only one that saw it?

Alice Cresswell: No. These guys said, "What is that? Is that to do with God"? And it was about a hundred feet from, you know, wide.

Sid Roth: These drug dealers are saying, what is that? That's the type of signs we need. Do you agree? What is that?

Alice Cresswell: And I so wish I had taken a photo. But I just, I said, "I think that is the Glory cloud. It's the presence of God". And the first thought in my head, I just said it out, I said, "Who wants to get saved? Who wants to give their life to Jesus"? And they all said, "Yeah, we want to get saved"! So I said, "Well, I don't know how to explain what it means". I said, "Do you know your life is going to change. Your life will no longer be your own". And I said, "Who wants to get saved now"? "Yeah, yeah, we really want that. We want a new life". So they came right into the center of the café, people all around eating their food, you know, my mother-in-law sitting there, watching it all. They get on their knees, all of them, and me and this other woman, we hold hands in a circle right in the middle of the café, and they confess their sins. They give their lives to Jesus. The Holy Spirit comes. They get down on the floor. I say, "Father, by the presence of God". Isn't that amazing?

Sid Roth: Listen Alice, everything you tell me makes me sound like I'm reading the Bible. But that is normal. I want you to be normal, normal as defined by the Bible. What about the woman that had MS and could not walk for 24 years?

Alice Cresswell: She was in a tri-wheelchair. Her neighbor brought her into the café. She believed in God, but didn't believe that He wanted to heal her. So I gave her a couple of scriptures. We were busy. Were just finishing up. I prayed for her and I said, "In two days' time you're going to be healed". Two days later, I get a phone call to say that she stood up out of her wheelchair. I mean, she had no feeling, no movement from the waist down. She stands up out of her wheelchair and she sits back in it. A few days later, they bring her back into the café and we move her wheelchair out of the way. And she was scared. She had not used her legs for 24 years. And we held on to her. And she gets up out of the wheelchair and she begins to move her legs. I mean, her muscles have come back. The miracle is just happening. People are sitting there watching this. They start cheering, ... sitting there. They're applauding here. She walks. She lets go of us and she walks all the way across and back again, and comes and sits in a normal chair. She said, "I never knew that God wanted to heal me, but now I do". She was so blessed. We were crying.

Sid Roth: But you know, have you read about in the Bible, Phillip, and he found himself in another city. He got actually transported. Now I can see Phillip being transported, but a non-believer? Tell me.

Alice Cresswell: There's this lady who knew nothing about Jesus. She comes into our café. She got a son in prison and another in trouble with police. "Please pray for me," she says. "My family are about to go on vacation. It's a two-hour drive, but I've been there before, if you can just pray a blessing on me and my family". So we prayed a blessing. She gets into her car. She's heading for Hafan Holiday Park Pwllheli in Wales, on the coast. Five hours later, she realizes she's in the middle of Wales. All she could see are mountains and sheep, no sign of any people at all. It must be hours away from Hafan Holiday Park Pwllheli. She said, "God, please help me to get to Hafan Holiday Pwllheli. She said, "If you can get me there, I will give my life to you and I will be a good person for the rest of my life". Well she's driving along, and suddenly, it's getting dark. Her headlights switch off. Her GPS switches off. Her phone switches off. All of a sudden at the same time, she screams. She slams her foot on the break. She looks out of the window and there is Hafan Holiday Park Pwllheli.

Sid Roth: How long did this whole thing take?

Alice Cresswell: I don't know. It's just instant. Instantly, she got there.

Sid Roth: So who worries about not having enough gasoline? I mean, that is normal.

Alice Cresswell: I've got to say, you know, she comes back into our café after this two-week vacation. She comes back. She was kind of a bit reticent to tell us what had happened. She felt really stupid. I said, "You know, it's just like Phillip in Samaria. She said, "I want to give my life to God like I promised Him. What do I need to do"? So there and then, she confessed and she gave her life to Jesus, and her two sons gave their lives to Jesus, too.

Sid Roth: Now Alice told me that she saw angels in our studio digging wells. And there's going to be an explosion of healing. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Now Alice Cresswell has what the world would call, outrageous faith. Now when you pray for someone and they're not healed, what goes on inside of you?

Alice Cresswell: It really happens. If someone is not healed, I will pray again. I will say, "Well it's got to go. Let's pray again". So sometimes it takes two or three times, but it's got to go.

Sid Roth: That is, although the world would call that outrageous faith, I call that normal faith. Speaking of normal faith, tell me about the man that, these gifts operate not just in her shops, they operate wherever she is. Tell me about the man with the hearing aids.

Alice Cresswell: Okay. Well that's a great. I love that story.

Sid Roth: You like every story.

Alice Cresswell: I do, actually. They're all amazing. God's amazing, isn't He. But I was in the supermarket one day and this lady was walking towards me, first of all, with, she had a, she had broken her foot.

Sid Roth: By the way, can anyone do what you're doing as a believer.

Alice Cresswell: Oh yeah. If I can do, anybody else can do it. We all have the same Holy Spirit living in us that raised Jesus from the dead. So yeah, we just got use that power that we have through Jesus.

Sid Roth: Have you taught people to do everything you can do?

Alice Cresswell: Yeah. There's many people that they want to see miracles and I would just teach them how to do it, and then they're doing it. I mean, it took, me 12 years of praying. But now what you find is you get a breakthrough for other people, too. So others, I just teach them and they start doing it, and the miracles happen for them.

Sid Roth: Okay. Take me back to the store.

Alice Cresswell: Yeah. So I'm in the supermarket. There's this lady, she obviously needs healing. So I approach her. I feel, I hope nobody is watching me. And I said to her, "Can I pray for your foot and Jesus will heal it". And she's like, "Oh, I've got to go, I've got to go". And she just races off, like tries to hobble down the supermarket aisle with all the groceries everywhere. So and I'm just feeling a bit rejected when this elderly gentleman comes up to me, and he said, "Excuse me," he said, "I love your hair". And I thought, isn't God good. You know, He sent somebody, you know, to try and cheer me up. And I was like, "Thank you so much". And then I noticed he had hearing aids in both of his ears. So I said, "Can I pray for your ears and Jesus will heal them". Well he was so deaf he couldn't hear a word I was saying with his hearing aids turned up full. So I thought, right, I'm going to go for it. So I went like that with my hands on his ears, and I said, "In the name of Jesus, ears open". And he said to me, "What's going on"? He pulls out the hearing aids and he realizes he can every single word that I'm saying. And then I notice he's got a walking stick. So he tells me he's got muscle wastage. He hasn't got many muscles in his legs. So I said, "Put your hand on your leg where the problem is". So he kind of puts his hand there. Then I put my hand on top. And imagine we're in the supermarket. I've got my hand on this guy's leg. We're standing there, you know, and then who should come around the corner, but his wife.

Sid Roth: Oh no.

Alice Cresswell: "What's going on here"? she says. And I'm like, I said, "Oh, I'm a Christian minister," trying to look like a Christian minister, not doing a very good job of it. "No, no, no, it's fine". So I just grabbed his stick and I said, "Walk in the name of Jesus". So he starts like tentatively walking and he gets faster, and he's like jogging up and down. And then his wife realizes he can hear every word that she's saying. So they're crying, they're hugging. I'm joining in. We're crying and hugging in the middle of the supermarket. And I said, "You know, Jesus makes it". "We do actually know Jesus, but we didn't know he's heal today".

Sid Roth: Speaking of healing, you told me about those healing angels that are here.

Alice Cresswell: Yes.

Sid Roth: I want you to speak what they're showing you to speak right now.

Alice Cresswell: Well there's somebody watching us right now and I believe that there's somebody with multiple sclerosis. You know we mentioned that already. But the person with multiple sclerosis, I believe God is healing you right now. I really have a sense of the presence of God.

Sid Roth: Me, too.

Alice Cresswell: In this place. Real strong anointing healing right now. So we just release that healing anointing. And just, you know, I speak to the person with multiple sclerosis, but also anybody who has any kind of illness or infirmity, anything wrong with you, just put your hand now on the part of your body that you'd like healing. If it's all over you, just put your hand on your head. And we just pray, actually release that now. In the name of Jesus, I speak to every infirmity. I speak to multiple sclerosis and I command it to go now in the name of Jesus. Everybody be healed now. Receive that into your body because it's from Jesus. Just let him touch you and receive it by faith And then just start to test out what is going on in your body. Try and do something that you couldn't do before.

Sid Roth: Studio audience, you do that. You at home, you think I don't see you. Have I got a surprise. No. But come on, do something. Shake it off. Shake that spirit off. Stand up. Jump. Do whatever it takes. Give me one quick key that you've learned over the years to be healed.

Alice Cresswell: Oh wow.

Sid Roth: I know that's hard with just one thing. Give me one.

Alice Cresswell: A major one is your life is not your own. Once you decide to follow Jesus, you've been crucified with Christ. You just got to just do whatever it takes and do not give up. I guess that's two keys, isn't it. But do not give up. Just keep contending for what God has put in your heart, and just do it and believe in Him.

Sid Roth: Was there a point in the 12 years that were contending that you almost gave up?

Alice Cresswell: A few times, I just thought, I would be crying and I would just say, I can't do this anymore. But then I'd think

Sid Roth: Especially when you pray for someone that dies.

Alice Cresswell: Oh, it's tough. You know, and I would see people were grieving and I had some awful times that I just, and people say, well don't raise people's hopes up, they might get disappointed. But I thought, no, I'm going to do what the Bible says, what God has called me to do and what He's called us to do. He said for us all to go and raise the dead and cast out demons, and heal the sick. So I just, I would just keeping going, and I just said, I know one say it's going to happen, and one day it did.

Sid Roth: Okay. What's the lesson for you? Don't you dare give up. Just before, see, the reason the devil is hitting you and hammering you, and things aren't happening, is because you're about ready to have the biggest release, the biggest explosion of God's spirit in history. So I mean, the devil has overplayed his hand with you. If you are one of the few people that do not know Jesus, get right with God right now. You just tell God you're sorry for all the mistakes. You believe that his blood washes them away. You're clean and Jesus come inside, be my Lord, use your words. He'll understand your heart and just open yourself up to the love of God. It's about time. He's been waiting.
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