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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Lord Is Your Peace

Sid Roth - The Lord Is Your Peace


Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest is going to tell us about four supernatural events that have transpired, that signify the end of the world. I am so looking forward to you meeting my good friend, Jonathan Bernis. The reason that I'm looking forward to this is I've known Jonathan for 30-plus years. I remember the first time we met, I don't think we should talk about it.

Jonathan Bernis: Let's talk about it after the show.

Sid Roth: Okay. But I want to tell you this. God has used Jonathan in a way that in my opinion hasn't happened since Bible days, in my opinion. Let me tell you what happened. One day he comes to me. He says, "Sid, I have this thought that I can't shake that I'm supposed to go to the Soviet Union and reach Jewish people". And we talked about it and we prayed. And the next thing I know God supernaturally opened up the doors and Jonathan invited me to go with him to his first trip to the Soviet Union. And he rented a big theatre, and you may wonder how he lost his hair. He thought no one would show up. How many people would be seated there, Jonathan?

Jonathan Bernis: It was a 4000-seat hall. But my hair was already pretty much gone by then. But I would have lost it. I rented this 4000-seat hall.

Sid Roth: Do you think you lost enough?

Jonathan Bernis: And then I went home after renting that hall, and then realized what I had done. But it was inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And as a result stepping out in faith, that hall was filled every day.

Sid Roth: Excuse me. Filled with Jewish people that did not know Jesus. You got that? How many would you say?

Jonathan Bernis: And thousands turned away.

Sid Roth: Thousands were turned away. How many were seated there.

Jonathan Bernis: Almost 4000.

Sid Roth: Four thousand. Ye of little faith.

Jonathan Bernis: Ye of little faith. No one knew they were going to hear the Gospel. That's what was so amazing. No one knew they were going to hear about Jesus.

Sid Roth: And here's the best part. It's jammed packed, thousands of Jewish people can't get in. They're fighting to get in to hear the Gospel. And Jonathan shares his testimony, and he gives an invitation not knowing what's going to happen. What happened?

Jonathan Bernis: They just poured out of their seat, 80 percent of the hall, and rushed down to the front. Some were running, tears streaming down their faces. And they prayed that they followed to receive Jesus, Yeshua as their Messiah. Amazing.

Sid Roth: This hasn't happened since the Book of Acts, as far as I'm concerned. So but there is a reason this happened. Many reasons. But there were two keys that Jonathan and I were doing back in those days that made the difference. Jonathan and I used to get together for days of prayer and fasting, and speaking in supernatural languages. You remember those days?

Jonathan Bernis: I remember them very well, very well.

Sid Roth: And you and I, we did not know, Jonathan, that when we were speaking in supernatural languages, what you see on "It's Supernatural", what you see in Jewish voice, we prayed that in tongues into existence.

Jonathan Bernis: It was birthed those 20 years ago in Rochester, New York. As we prayed in other tongues, as the Anointing came on us, and we moved into travail, to groanings, we actually birthed things in the spirit that are just coming to pass today, Sid. And maybe some of those things are yet to come to pass. It's very exciting.

Sid Roth: I talked to a nephew a couple of days ago and I said to him, "Are you praying in supernatural languages"? And I knew he wasn't. I had challenged him previously. I knew he didn't for about a week and I think that was it. And I told him, "I want you to come to my studio in Charlotte. I want you to walk around". State-of-art. I mean ESPN News came by to look at our cameras because they're so state-of-the-art. The building is perfectly designed for us. The staff is the best staff I've ever had. And guess what? We don't owe anyone anything. So in addition to praying in tongues, there was one other thing we did back then. Explain.

Jonathan Bernis: There was, Sid. Romans 10, Verse 17 is so critical. It says, "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". There's two "hearings" in there. You want to know why?

Sid Roth: Why?

Jonathan Bernis: Because there is two ears that all of us have. We have the ear, the natural ear, but we also have an ear to our spirit, Sid. And the way that faith is released is by confessing the Word of God, hearing with our natural ear to the point that it finally drops into our spirit, makes it through that second hearing. And when that happens faith is built in our heart. And then when we speak forth from our spirit it's released into the atmosphere and it has creative force.

Sid Roth: Give me of an example, say that woman with leukemia.

Jonathan Bernis: Well there was a woman with leukemia and she was within days of dying. She began to listen to and confess healing scriptures, scriptures that confessed healing, that promised healing. That's one of the natures of God, that God is our healer. He's our health. She began to hear these scriptures in English and in Hebrew. And eventually they got into her spirit, and within days of passing on, she was completely healed of leukemia. And according to this pastor's letter to us, the doctors couldn't even find any more leukemia in her body. Because God's Word works.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. These two keys, we were doing it and we didn't even know what we were doing. What would happen if you did it intentionally, you know. I have to tell you this, Jonathan. You know don't mind, do you? I have to tell you this. I have been praying in tongues approximately an hour every day. The last two days I haven't been praying in tongues. I have been laughing in supernatural languages the entire time. You know who I'm laughing at? The devil. You know who deserves to be laughed at? The devil.

Jonathan Bernis: That's right.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with Jonathan Bernis. And Jonathan and I were talking about sounds. You see, when you meditate on God's Word, when you confess God's Word you're speaking out loud. And sounds are like carriers of the presence of God. And I have heard Hebrew all my life. There's something so supernatural about Hebrew. Tell us some of the reasons it's a supernatural language.

Jonathan Bernis: Well Sid, Hebrew is the tongue of the prophets. The writers of the New Testament wrote and spoke in Hebrew. Jesus, Yeshua, which was his Hebrew name, that was his given name, spoke in Hebrew, taught, I believe, in Hebrew. And according to the rabbis, according to the ancient sages, when God spoke the world into existence, he spoke it the Hebrew language, "Let there be light". And so there's creative power in Hebrew. Also it's a restoration of the last days promises that are laid out in Scripture. The return to the Land of Israel and the restoration of the Hebrew language, it was prophesied thousands of years ago.

Sid Roth: Tell me one of the prophecies.

Jonathan Bernis: Well one of my favorites is in Jeremiah, Chapter 31, and there are several. But it says specifically, this is what the Lord Almighty, God of Israel says: "When I bring them back from captivity," and this is what ultimate happened in 1948, and has been happening since.

Sid Roth: By the way, when the Jewish people came back to captivity the Bible says, "We were scattered to the four corners of the earth". So when we came back we spoke the languages of wherever we were scattered. Go ahead.

Jonathan Bernis: Yes, all the different languages. And Hebrew as a spoken language really died out after Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. and we have the dispersion. But the promise that God makes concerning the last days, "When I bring you back from captivity, the people, the Land of Judah and its towns will once again use these words or this language". And it actually starts with what we call the Aaronic Benediction. The Lord bless you and the Lord keep you. It's a promise of the modern restoration of Hebrew, which began before the restoration of the State of Israel, by the way, Sid, in the 19th century.

Sid Roth: And you know what I find interesting. In the United States, the one country where the majority of the Jews have not gone back or a lot of Jews have not gone back to Israel from, in the United States because Hebrew was a dead language, but then was restored in Israel, we didn't know how to read Hebrew. So they invented an ingenious way that we could read Hebrew in the prayer books. Explain that.

Jonathan Bernis: Well in the late part of the 19th century, in the early 20th century, there was huge migrations of Jewish people from primarily from Eastern Europe. And over the decades that followed they began to lose Hebrew as a prayer language. It had already been lost as a spoken language. But as a prayer language. And what developed something called transliteration. And this is a method of using syllables in English to actually be able to read the Hebrew so it has the phonetic English. So the Jewish people that had lost the ability to read in Hebrew from the prayer books could use this method called transliteration and actually say the Shema and the Ve'ahavta, and all the different prayers in the synagogue.

Sid Roth: Now you tell me, how old is your daughter?

Jonathan Bernis: Eight years old.

Sid Roth: And can she read Hebrew with the transliteration?

Jonathan Bernis: She sure can. She can follow along on tapes and she actually read the Hebrew.

Sid Roth: You know, and it's quite a miracle story how Hebrew was restored in Israel because it just wasn't a spoken language outside of the scriptures. How was it if it hadn't been restored we'd be Tower of Babel in Israel, you know, all these different languages.

Jonathan Bernis: Sid, it had to be rebuilt, the language of Hebrew actually had to be rebuilt because in biblical Hebrew you don't have Hebrew words for all these modern things that came about in the 2000 years that followed, or 2500 years that followed the Hebrew Scriptures. And so a man named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who I believe was prophetically called of God, moved to, at the time, Palestine, and actually created multiple volumes of what became the modern Hebrew dictionary. And now they're all united with one language in direct fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy.

Sid Roth: Is that amazing what our God has done. But let me, I want to take you back to the importance of meditation. Give me one reason from Scripture why meditating is important.

Jonathan Bernis: Well I have to first define meditation. In Hebrew, the idea of meditation is not to reflect with the mind, but to mutter. The word is "haggah", which we derive Haggadah, "to tell". When we read the Haggadah at Passover we're actually telling, reciting the Passover story. So meditation is to be have on our mouths, to mutter, to confess the Word of God. When God spoke to Joshua to prepare him to bring the children of Israel into the Promised Land, He said, "If you want to succeed, meditate on my word. Keep it in your mouth, not in your heart". Not just in your heart or in your mind, but on your mouth. Mutter it. "Speak it forth and you will prosper in all that you do". So this word "haggah" is to confess, to mutter, and that's because the power of God, of Scripture comes alive when it's vocalized, when it's confessed, because there's creative force in speaking, in speech.

Sid Roth: And so many people are getting healed when they read the promises of God in this ancient language that God gave all of humanity, called Hebrew, that the Old Covenant was written in. When they speak God's promises with their understanding and in Hebrew, it's a frequency that gets right through to Heaven. I want to find out more about this.

Sid Roth: Four supernatural events that spell the end of the world. What are they, Jonathan?

Jonathan Bernis: Sid, there's many. But four that I really want to focus on are, number one, the restoration of Israel in 1948 and Jerusalem in 1967 started the End Time prophetic clock. So that's the first one. Until Israel was back in the land, the people of Israel were back in their own land, we could not say biblically we're in the last days. That was the first event. The second is similar, but it's still continuing today, and it's miraculous, and that's communities of Jewish people, the Russian Jewish community, over a million from the north country returning to their land.

Sid Roth: It other words, it was actually prophesied and exactly north of Israel is the former Soviet Union.

Jonathan Bernis: Exactly. Over a million Russian-speaking Jews in Israel today. But Sid, I'm seeing tribes, lost tribes that I believe were connected to the lost tribes of Israel, which were never lost because God always knew where they were, the Lemba in Zimbabwe, in the bush of Zimbabwe, the Ethiopian Jews, the Beta Israel, over 130,000 living in Israel now. All of these lost tribes are now coming back to Israel. The Bnei Menashe in India that have claimed for years, for centuries that they were the offspring of Menashe are no going back to Israel.

Sid Roth: And you know what's interesting, the rabbis went to investigate them to make sure that they are really Jews. And they did a blood test on one of these tribes in Africa and they found that the DNA goes back to the high priests of Israel.

Jonathan Bernis: That's right. That's the Lemba. And Sid, 70 percent of the males tested and the Cohen gene, which is higher than the Sephardic and the Ashkenazi. They had the highest percentage of the Cohen gene in the middle of Zimbabwe, in the bush of Zimbabwe. We're working there now.

Sid Roth: And God said He would preserve the Jewish people.

Jonathan Bernis: He did.

Sid Roth: Are you getting this?

Jonathan Bernis: Amazing.

Sid Roth: Two thousand years, scattered to the four corners of the earth and Jews preserved. You and I went to China.

Jonathan Bernis: We did.

Sid Roth: And we saw the Chinese Jews. Now you've often wondered why Jewish people love Chinese food. Now you know.

Jonathan Bernis: But the Chinese don't like Jewish food. I'm telling you, tribes of Jewish people are being restored to Israel. The Bible says all throughout the prophets and every prophet but Jonah, Isaiah 11, "In the last days I will re-gather the outcasts of Israel". It's happening now, today before our very eyes. The third is a movement to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem, not a rebuilt temple yet, but a movement that's growing in popularity, growing in stature to rebuild the Temple. It's happening. And some of the temple artifacts are being rebuilt, are being refashioned.

Sid Roth: So when Ezekiel talks about restoring a temple, they're really doing it. This Bible is like no other book we've ever seen. I mean, Edgar Cayce and all these psychics, they have predictions and some work out, and some don't, and some you have to read it into. But there are thousands of these predictions written thousands of years ago, verified by the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls. No one has tampered with book, the Bible and they're coming true in this generation.

Jonathan Bernis: Sid, we are watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled. The things that the prophets of old long to see, wrote about, we're seeing it. You're seeing, I'm seeing, you're seeing. It's absolutely amazing. It's miraculous, supernatural.

Sid Roth: Okay. Let's go back to those two keys, speaking in tongues and meditating.

Jonathan Bernis: I've got to mention the fourth because it's the best of all.

Sid Roth: No, no, no, let's leaving them. Do you want to hear the fourth?

Jonathan Bernis: The fourth is the best. You've got to hear the fourth. The fourth is the rise of Messianic expectation. Orthodox Jews in Israel that are singing, we want the Messiah now. They're having dreams, they're having visions. Yeshua is being revealed to them. This is the appointed time to favor Zion. It's happening.

Sid Roth: I am so sure that the orthodox Jewish rabbis are right when they say we are in the footsteps of Messiah. They don't say "return". I say, we're in the footsteps. We can hear them. Can you hear them? We're in the footsteps of the Messiah's return. Now you were a Messianic rabbi in a congregation for a while. And in the congregation you taught people how to meditate. Tell me on case of someone that meditated on God's Word.

Jonathan Bernis: Well let me give you one example of the power of God to heal, to deliver, to set people free from anxiety, to bring Divine provision. All of these things are promised in the Word of God. And just as doctors have prescriptions in the natural, God has prescriptions for healing, for deliverance, for provision, for miracles, for salvation. It's all found in the Word of God. His prescription is to get the Word of God into our hearts, into our spirits, release it through confession and it becomes a reality in the natural realm. That's God's prescription. Life and death, Sid, are in the power of the tongue. And the reason I'm talking about this wherever I go is because faith is absolutely critical in the last days. We are in the last days. And the only people that are going to make it and in fact prosper during this time are the people that have the Word of God hidden in their hearts, that hear the voice of God, that know how to walk in faith and receive in faith, and that comes through praying in other tongues, building up our spirit. And secondly, by confession of the Word of God, by releasing life and power, and provision, and miracles through the Word of God being released through our confession.

Sid Roth: All right. Give me an example of someone that has meditated.

Jonathan Bernis: I had a woman in my congregation, over 20 years in severe depression. Just like the woman with the issue of blood, had been to doctors, spent thousands of dollars. She was overwhelmed with depression. You could feel it all over her. And Sid, I'm a young pastor. I'm meeting with her for an hour, week after week, getting nowhere, and I'm really frustrated. This is going nowhere. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, actually while I was praying in tongues and said, have her confess the Word of God. So I didn't meet with her for an hour. I just met with her for 10 minutes and I said, "I'm giving you a homework assignment. I'm giving you these scriptures: 'Greater is He that is me than He that is in the world. I'm more than a conqueror through Him that loves me and gave himself for me.'" I gave her five scriptures. I said, "Go home, confess these 20 times a day in the mirror, and come back in a week". She came back in a week. A week later, a week later, she was a new person, completely delivered of depression. Why? Because instead of counseling her with my mind, the Word of God got into her spirit and released life.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. That is your prescription to be the head and not the tail. But the most important thing is to believe that Jesus died for your sins, that you tell him you're sorry, believe the blood washed it away, and say, Jesus, come inside, be my Lord now.
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