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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Supernaturally Jumpstart Your Health

Sid Roth - Supernaturally Jumpstart Your Health

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Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I think about Adam and Eve. I think about what life was like not knowing fear, what life was like with such an intellect and brain, and memory, that they could name every animal and create the name themselves, all the animals on Earth, what it would be like to not experience sickness, what it would be like to hear God absolutely clear. Is it possible to recapture what the first men and women had, but lost? My guest wants to mentor you because he says there's more. There's so much more. So David, as long as I've known you, you have operated in what is called the Glory of God. You have seen, I know this is hard for some of you to believe, but David has seen people like his own father where there's no hair, the hair grows. David has seen, tell me about, your father is Jewish.

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: What happened to him?

David Herzog: Oh you know, he doesn't have a lot of hair. And during the meeting I had a word that someone is growing hair. He checked his hair and the bald spot starts to fill in.

Sid Roth: Now I have personally been at David's meetings sitting behind a woman with grey hair and I'm watching before my eyes, and the hair turns brown. I have personally, I can tell you, you know, I'm an investigative reporter. I've personally got to David's meetings and I have been to a couple in a row, and I've seen people come with their belt loops getting, their belts getting smaller and smaller until they run out of holes in their belt. I mean, they're like shrinking. David, now, you think that's interesting, that's a nice word. You think that's interesting, what is happening with people with metal in their bodies?

David Herzog: Yeah. We just got back from Finland, a national move of God in Finland and people with titanium plates in their chest and their bodies, and their back, starts to disappear right in the meeting.

Sid Roth: Now Finland, I don't think of Finland as much more than a religious country. Is this something new for Finland?

David Herzog: It's a new national move of God I've never seen in over 20 years of ministry like I'm seeing it right now. Amazing.

Sid Roth: Describe what was going on.

David Herzog: People from everywhere, six cities, people from all over the cities running in to be saved, to be healed, worshipping for hours, signs, wonders, miracles. It's like and the glory that we felt was over the top. The love of God, I've never felt and seen the love of God among God's people that I've seen in Finland.

Sid Roth: So why Finland? Any idea? I mean, what's wrong with the United States? I mean, what are we, Swiss cheese?

David Herzog: Well it seems like God specializes in countries that are little, not known and on the ends of the earth, kind of like Israel. Everyone thought, why Israel? Well Finland is a country that loves Israel. They bless Israel. Government officials and Christians really love Israel and I think because of that there's a connection and a favor for revival.

Sid Roth: I believe that the dividing line of the true believers in the true believers in the Messiah and the counterfeit will be, are you on God's side in reference to the Jew in Israel? I have to tell you this, there's something that is very, very puzzling. We'll talk a bit about the Glory later. But David has learned how to tap into the Glory, the manifest presence of God, and all these miracles take place. So why if this happens have you devoted the last 20 years of your life studying how the body operates in nutrition and what to eat, and what not to eat? Why would you even waste your time?

David Herzog: Because I found out a lot of people can get healed in a meeting, but they don't keep their healing. A lot of people work for God, they travel, they minister and then they die young, even miracle evangelists. And I started realizing there was a connection between keeping your healing and getting healed.

Sid Roth: Now you said to me, when people do not take care of their body naturally, they don't have energy, they can't think properly, they can't sleep properly, they're overweight, they can't fulfill their destiny. These are pretty good reasons to be interested in nutrition. I want to find out, because you see, I believe that everything on the earth came in its original state from God. And there are, although it's in the natural realm, supernatural ways of restoring the health our ancestors had.

Sid Roth: So my guest David Herzog, I've been out to his home, I've known him many years, and he's a pretty healthy guy. And not only is he a pretty healthy guy, he's married, he has three daughters and his family is pretty healthy. In fact, they're in the front row. Would you stand up for a moment. Thank you. There's the Herzog family. Now David, you're obviously doing something right. But tell me a bit about what I am holding in front of me. This is juice. It's just been juiced just a few minutes ago. You told me every morning when you wake up, what do you do as far as eating or drinking?

David Herzog: I make a different smoothie like you're drinking right there. That looks really good. How's that?

Sid Roth: Well we Jews, gentiles are to provoke the jealousy. We're both in trouble. Someone from a non-Jewish background won't want to drink this. No, I'm just teasing.

David Herzog: You got in there living food. You got like what I do in the morning, I put like kale, berries like that's in there, avocados, all kind of living antioxidants, this coconut water as a base, I think is in there. So it's so tasty. It's like liquid energy going right in your body, heals your body, energies you. And then you go pray after that, watch out, you're going to have a good prayer time.

Sid Roth: Now let me ask you some practical questions. Organic food you recommend, it's more expensive.

David Herzog: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Why is organic food better than regular food?

David Herzog: Well they don't put all the toxins, all the sprays, all the pestilences, you don't want all that junk in your body. Really bad for you. And you get way more nutrients. When you buy an organic apple, for instance, or a pear, you get like ten times more the nutrients than a non-organic. So you actually get way more for your money.

Sid Roth: Now when you teach, you teach about something, frankly, I don't know much about and I don't see why it's so important. You talk about the need for every year to have a cleanse of your colon, of your liver. Explain why you say things like that.

David Herzog: Sure. Because every year as you get older, your body doesn't process the things like it used to, especially in our modern world. So you got meats that are sitting in your body from years and years.

Sid Roth: Wait. Really and truly?

David Herzog: Oh yeah.

Sid Roth: From years?

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: How gross.

David Herzog: Exactly.

Sid Roth: But not just gross. That's got to be awfully unhealthy.

David Herzog: Yeah. And so it creates a toxic environment. It creates really bad sludge in your colon, in your liver, which eventually leads to cancers and sickness. You get that out of your body then your body can function like it's supposed to.

Sid Roth: Well what about someone that doesn't sleep well at night? I know about how important sleep is. But if you're not sleeping, what do you do about it?

David Herzog: Well if you're not sleeping at night, first of all, see what you're doing that may be causing it. So an hour before you got to bed if you start to cut off all electronics that keeps you awake.

Sid Roth: Why would electronics?

David Herzog: Because electromagnetic frequencies are so fast on the technology we have today, it keeps you awake. TV, movies, cell phones, I-pads. And like your grandparents, I bet you when the sun went down on their day they just went to bed. A lot of people's grandparents, these days, people can't sleep and kids can't sleep. The mind gets too active. The body gets activated. So that's one thing they can to help them sleep.

Sid Roth: You know, I heard you teach and you said something I've never heard before. He said that if I went to bed earlier I would get better sleep. Now I'm thinking, no, I want to stay up late so the minute my head hits the pillow I'm going to fall asleep. But he says the opposite. He says, go to bed at 10 p.m. Why do you say that?

David Herzog: Well between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. your liver starts to detox. So if you consistently sleep really late at night, past one, two in the morning, your body doesn't have the chance to detox. So you take eight hours of sleep from 10 p.m. Or if you went to bed at 2 a.m., you will feel way more refreshed at 10 p.m. getting eight hours. Those who sleep late sometimes require more sleep because of that.

Sid Roth: Now there's a word that doctors like to use a lot. It's called "stress". And tell me about stress and tell me what can be done about it.

David Herzog: Sure. There are different kinds of stress. There's of course emotional stress, issues in your heart that you don't deal with. The Bible says, "Don't let the sun go down with anger, for instance, that's a stress. So relieving emotional issues. There's electromagnetic stress like your cell phone right next to your bedside, many people can't sleep. Until they put it away, suddenly they can sleep. So there's mental, there's spiritual stress, there physical stress on your body. There's not sleeping. And so all those create a perfect storm. And even people have stress at work. They think, oh my gosh, my boss wants to talk to me today. I'm so scared. Maybe he's going to fire me. They think the worse. Perception creates stress. So changing your mindset, your emotions, your heart, your spirit, and you can leave stress that way.

Sid Roth: Now I'm going to tell you a secret about David Herzog. I know that for some strange reason he started eating garlic one day like an apple. Why did you do that? You didn't think I'd tell them. Okay.

David Herzog: I knew he was going to pull one on me. I was in Indonesia and...

Sid Roth: This is very good, by the way. You know what? Wouldn't it help just if I took some berries and a banana, and some kale, and just munched it down rather than work with a blender?

David Herzog: Well what you just did there, you just saved about an hour, a couple hours actually of your body digesting it, of you chewing it. So it goes right into your blood stream as opposed to the same ingredients. First of all, you wouldn't be able to eat it all. A lot of times you'll get full. Secondly, that goes straight into your bloodstream. You don't have to break it down. You get instant energy, instant nutrients.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want to know about eating garlic like an apple.

David Herzog: Well basically I had an abscessed tooth. I was in Indonesia doing some very large meetings. And for two nights, I couldn't sleep. My tooth was just hurting me so bad. So I said, what am I going to do? And I started researching and asking God to help me and show me. Usually He heals me, but this time, He told me, "I want you to be healed naturally". He told me, and I found it on the Internet after praying, garlic. Chew on a clove of garlic on that part of your tooth where it's abscessed. I started doing that for about half an hour and it was gone. It has never come back since. Because garlic acts like an antibiotic, but better with no side effects.

Sid Roth: Now why do you say, have food that isn't processed or isn't cooked, to have just raw, organic food.

David Herzog: Sure.

Sid Roth: Frankly, that doesn't sound real tasty to me.

David Herzog: Oh if you think that's good, you'll love our dishes that we do. They're wonderful.

Sid Roth: This is great.

David Herzog: Well you can make really healthy tasting, really tasty raw foods: raw ice cream, raw pizzas. Raw is good because all the enzymes are in there.

Sid Roth: What do enzymes do?

David Herzog: Well when you're young, you can go eat all the pizza you want and you don't gain weight. After a certain age, you eat a little cake, you gain weight. You eat pizza, you gain weight. You can't get it off. So because of enzymes your body isn't producing. Raw food has all the enzymes in it. So as you age you want raw foods so all the things in your body come out quickly. Basically whatever you eat, if it doesn't come out, it's still there.

Sid Roth: On that, we'll be right back. But trust me, there is going to be an eruption of miracles, I promise you.

Sid Roth: You know when we started the show we were talking about a move of God's spirit in Finland. This would not have happened if Finland wasn't such a friend of the Jew in Israel. This would not have happened unless someone who understands the Glory of God was sent to Finland. David, what is the Glory of God?

David Herzog: The Glory of God is how you would feel if you were in Heaven. It's the atmosphere, the air of Heaven. That's the Glory of God. And having that on the earth as it is in Heaven. How is it in Heaven? No sickness, no sorry, no pain, no lack, joy, peace, love, ecstasy of God, intimacy with God, all that that we hope to get when we die and go to Heaven now on the earth. That's the Glory.

Sid Roth: Okay. What is the difference between someone having the Messiah of Israel living inside of them, their sins forgiven, the presence of God inside of them, praying for the sick, or having the Glory of God all around? You know, I almost believe that Adam and Eve who had the Glory of God around them, that was their clothing.

David Herzog: Exactly.

Sid Roth: Was the Glory of God.

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: So why do we need the Glory of God if we're born from above, our sins are forgiven and the presence of God is inside of us?

David Herzog: I meet a lot of Christians that are frustrated, even ministers, they're doing the stuff, they're praying for the sick, they're seeing some results, but deep down inside they say something is missing. They're saved, they love God, they're not living in sin, but they're missing something. And they get so desperate to tap into God they press in and they come into this Glory of God, and they say, that's what I've been looking for. Because the Bible says, "All that sin come short of the Glory of God". So when we find that glory it is like a cloak around us, and in the Glory, things are different. Like you can just speak someone's name and say, "Bob, be healed of cancer," who is like 3000 miles away, and they're instantly healed. No distance in the Glory. No time in the Glory. And just the gifting and anointing, a lot of times people think, I have to go pray for someone, drive three hours, lay hands on my mother-in-law. But in the Glory, it expands and there's no distance, there's no time. God bends the time continuum in the Glory.

Sid Roth: Tell me one instance that comes to mind when you operated in the Glory, one true instance.

David Herzog: Okay. I was driving my car one time to from across the country of France. It was an eight-hour drive with my wife, and my friend driving us. And we were late, and it was eight hours, and we just worshipped God, praising the Lord, and we started feeling lighter, and lighter, and lighter, and two hours into the drive we were already there on the border of Belgium, the complete other side of the country. That's impossible in the natural. Even going as fast as you can go, that was the Glory. The Glory bends time.

Sid Roth: That sounds pretty exciting. I mean, because time, that's important on this side of Heaven. But David, how can I move in that Glory? How can those that are watching us right now move in that Glory? I mean, it sounds so wonderful. I experience the Glory from time to time. But I want it to be with me 24/7. How did you move into this realm?

David Herzog: Well number one, I was just desperate. I just said, God, I have to have it. You have that desperateness, too, and I know people watching have that. Just, God, I so desire to be in your presence, in your Glory 24/7. If you desire it, the hungry will be filled. If you're hungry and desperate you'll get it. And then there's other things you can do. When I wake up in the morning I praise and worship God because "we'll enter His court with praise, the Bible says. So I praise, worship Him and His presence begins to come. And then there's the blood. I say, "Lord, cleanse me of everything that is wrong that you know conscious or unconscious". And blood is the access into the supernatural. It's the access to the throne. "Come boldly to the throne". Where's the throne? In Heaven. So in the Glory you can actually go into your heavenly place. We're seated in heavenly places. And you begin to pray from your heavenly seat and things start to happen on the earth.

Sid Roth: Now can you pray for a release of the Glory that we can be clothed in the Glory of God. Could you pray for us right now?

David Herzog: We lift our hands to you, Father, in the name of Jesus. We thank you for your Glory, Lord. Cleanse us in your blood and give us access to your throne. You said we're seated in heavenly places. Open the realm of Glory right now and put people in a presence of God that you've never had before. And I can Heaven. I see a door. I see the throne of God. I see the myriads of angels. I see Yeshua on the throne. And just go into that realm right now and then present your case before the Lord. Worship Him, love on Him. Live in that heavenly realm. I just decree glory to come on everyone watching and everyone in the studio audience, in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: Now I feel the presence of God, David. But you told me you experienced a greater quantity of this Glory when you were in Finland.

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: Than you've ever done in your life. I believe that that same glory has followed you here.

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: And I believe there are people that doctors have said, you have a short while to live because you have cancer. There are people here that need a new heart. There are people here that need a new kidney. There are people here that have diabetes. There are people here with pain all over their body. There are people here so depressed they're crying on the inside, but smiling on the outside. Would you pray for them right now.

David Herzog: Sure, I'll pray right now. Father, in Jesus' name I thank you right now for those who are watching and those in the studio audience that you would do the same glory, the same miracles as we saw in Finland just recently, where blind eyes were opened, deaf ears were opening, so many souls were being saved. That same glory that we just experienced days ago to come on people watching right now. Let your Glory come, Lord. I decree cancers are gone in Jesus' name. Weight loss miracles are happening right here on the studio and on television right now. I see deaf ears opening up in Yeshua's mighty name. I see those with metals in their body, metals, go right now. Skin diseases being healed, back conditions that they've had for years, the bones, the ligaments, the sciatic nerves, the tailbone, everything to line up and the discs right now in Jesus' name. Spots in your eyes, cataracts, floaters, go. Someone on medication and the medication is really causing side effects, I command your body to be healed right now. Insomnia being healed right now. Depression, breaks, paralysis, you can't walk or you can't move your arm. Body parts, paralysis be healed in Jesus' name. A lady name Mary that's watching right now and you have a major issue with your throat and you're immune system, and Mary, be healed now in Jesus' mighty name. And there are so many others. If you're sick in your body just lay hands on the part of your body that's sick right in Jesus' name. And I decree right through the television and in the studio audience you're being healed. Even someone missing hair, hair is growing, thickening. Bald spots start to grow. That fuzzy little hair begin to grow right now. Teeth miracles are happening. Missing teeth, crooked teeth, teeth with holes in them, I declare them all heal now in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: David, the greatest miracle is about ready to happen. If you believe Jesus died for your sins and you've told him you're sorry for your sins, and ask him to live inside of you and say, "Jesus, you are my Lord, it is done in Heaven as on Earth.
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