Sid Roth - I Know My God

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Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest has tapped into a frequency from Heaven that causes demons of depression, demons of fear, demons of worry, demons of anxiety to flee as in terror. Now my guest is John Waller. You're probably familiar with John because he sang and wrote the lead song for the movie, "Fireproof". But what you don't know about John is when he was 12 years of age, he broke up with a girlfriend and it crushed him. And his mother and his grandmother suffered from horrific depression. I mean, your mom was in bed. You have memories of long periods of time she was so disabled by depression.

John Waller: Days at a time she'd be in bed. She was up and down, and that was the normal in our home.

Sid Roth: So he gets a little depressed. He breaks up with a girl and his mother ships him off to the doctor. In 30 minutes or less, the doctor gives him a lifetime diagnosis. He has to take medicines, four or five medicines. What was the diagnosis he gave you in 30 minutes or so?

John Waller: Bipolar disorder based on family history, based on just what I told him as to how I was feeling. Having experienced rejection for the first time from a girl obviously I was feeling a lot of natural things. But based on those feelings and family history he was quick to diagnose me.

Sid Roth: Okay. You have a desire to write songs, worship. You're married, you're 32 years of age and a deal, a record deal that was going to be, a man with a big cigar was going to make you a star, a movie star. What was his name, Colonel something or other. But it didn't quite work out that way and you went into a tailspin. You had been on medicine for most of your life now for this condition that was diagnosed. It was actually a word curse is what occurred, because his mother said, when she saw him depressed, what were her exact words?

John Waller: She said, "He's got it". She said, my father heard her in the other room. She said, "He's got it, I can just tell".

Sid Roth: That curse, 20 years of medication. So he doesn't get the deal. He goes into a tailspin and a couple sent by God comes into his house and prays for him. What happened?

John Waller: Well I had been prayed for before, but not like this. When this couple prayed over me, they anointed me, my head with oil. They said, "We want to pray for your deliverance". And so I had never even really heard that term before. People had said they wanted to pray for my healing before. But this was a different kind of thing. It was deliverance. When they prayed for me I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon me and I felt heat in my body. And when they were done praying I knew something had happened. I knew something had broken. I didn't even understand what had happened, but I knew something had changed.

Sid Roth: Twenty years of this addiction and something changed. But he continued with the medication. But five months later, funny thing, he ran out of medication and he just didn't buy any. So what happened, John?

John Waller: Well we had moved to Colorado. You know, my band, after the record deal fell through the band broke up. I didn't know where I was going to go with my life. But I got an opportunity to move to Colorado and we took it, and we moved to Colorado. That's where I ran out of medication. And I didn't tell my wife. I just stopped taking it. I weaned myself. And probably six months later I just all of a sudden realized, you know what, He really did set me free. I really am healed. I really am delivered. And I turned to my wife and I said, "Guess what, I'm delivered". She was like, what do you mean? I was like, "I'm delivered from depression. I haven't taken medication in six months". And she was like, you know. I think that isn't even an exaggeration of what his wife, but listen to this. He had five children. One year later, he had nine children. Do you know what that took? It took crazy faith. And John, I want you to go to the music set because I love this song, because there's another word for crazy faith. It's called normal, as defined by the Bible or there's a Hebrew word I like to use, meshugganah faith. John Waller, "Crazy Faith". John ♪: Oh God, I hear you. You really want me to walk up to that mountain and tell it just to move. This is crazy. But her face in that picture, I said that's our daughter. But we can't swim this ocean, but you're telling us to move. This is crazy, yeah. Lord, this scares me, yeah. But it's gonna take crazy faiths. So what if it calls everything. I'm stepping out. I'm taking the leap of crazy faith. Crazy faith. Wherever you may lead I'll go. Lead me Lord. I'll follow you. It's gonna take crazy faith. It's gonna take crazy faith. So what if it calls everything. I'm stepping out. I'm taking a leap of crazy faith.

Sid Roth: So John, you have five children. That's enough, you know. But you have this desire in your heart to adopt. And so John and his wife prayed and fasted for seven days, and then some very supernatural things happened. He goes to a concert and he hears the name of the girl he's supposed to adopt. What happened?

John Waller: I did a concert in Michigan, and I was signing autographs at the table. And this little girl who had been adopted, this family had like six adopted kids, and this little girl came up to me and she asked me to sign her CD and I did. And she said her name was Anna. And I wrote the name on the CD, and as soon as I did, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "That's your daughter's name". And I was like, is that you? Lord, is that you speaking to me right now? And I knew that if really was God he would confirm it.

Sid Roth: What was it, the next day your wife is doing a Bible study about Anna in the Bible. But then the thing that is so amazing to me is the dream that you had. Wow.

John Waller: Yeah. You know, I never had supernatural prophetic dreams that I knew were actually prophetic dreams. But I went to sleep one night and I had this dream that I'm in an orphanage with all, surrounded by all these older kids, and they're all coming up to me and meeting me. And I see this little girl out of the corner of my eye and she's shy, she's not with the other kids. And I looked over at her and I said, "Hey, what's your name"? And she said, "My name is Anna". And I didn't think, I kind of, I knew I was dreaming. And that was not surprising that she would say "Anna" because the name was in my brain already. But what surprised me is what she said next. Because she looked seven years old, and I thought that was old from what we were considering adopting. I asked her how old she was, and she said, "I'm 10". And as soon as she said she was 10 I was stunned in the dream. Ten? Where does 10 come from? And then my mom, who had passed away a couple years ago, showed up in a dream. And my mom was the first one that I told about. I said, "Mom, I think I just my daughter. Her name is Anna. She's 10 years old". And then I embraced my mom, wept, woke up crying. My wife is like, what's going on. I said, "I think I met our daughter and she's not Chinese. She's Eastern European".

Sid Roth: But then even more amazing than that, he gets, he's going to have a little trial adoption. And so he gets a picture of Anna. How did she measure up to the dream you had?

John Waller: Well you know, two days after the dream, we found out about this hosting program. Our friends volunteer with this hosting program called Project 143, where you can host an orphan for the summer or sometimes during the winter break. And they were telling us about it, and we said we're interested in adoption. And they said, have you thought about hosting an orphan. And we were like, we didn't even know you can do that. I started thinking, are there any little girls around the age of 10 years old. And then I ended up getting a picture of her. And her name was spelled just like A-N-N-A. They called her Anya, which was her nickname and we found out that she was going to be turning 10 years old in October, you know. By time we had adopted he she was 10 years old. When I saw her picture, Sid, I knew she was the girl in my dream.

Sid Roth: Okay. He gets the name of the girl. He gets the age of the girl. He gets the picture of the girl. And then he finds out she has two siblings. Three. And in fact, you just had a son by the name of Israel, one week old. They're in the audience right now. Take a look. Stand up please. John, you wrote a song about orphans. If you would go to the set right now and sing this song. Because this is, it's not just on orphans as you might think. Many of us have orphan spirits. Why? Because we've never, many of us were raised without fathers. Many of us were raised with fathers that were really absent. And I believe that as John sings this song, that orphan spirit, it's going to vamoose. It's going to be gone. "Orphan". John ♪: Tearful faith and little eyes as best she could, she begged the skies for a dad and a mom. A forever home. A world away down on their knees, Jesus gives us eyes to see. If you were leading us to this, then you will make a way for us. Now she's here from halfway around the world. Because Jesus hears the orphan. He's moving Heaven and Earth all for one little girl. I heard Jesus coming. Will you go and rescue her all for one little girl. Little did she know, little did she know, we were coming because Jesus hears the orphan. Father of adoption you've adopted me. Father of compassion here I am. Father of adoption you've adopted me. Father of compassion here I am. Jesus hears the orphan. He is moving Heaven and Earth for little boys, little girls. We give Jesus calling. Will you go and rescue them, little boys, little girls. Little do they know, little do they know, we are coming. Little do they know mom and dad are coming.

Sid Roth: You know what is so amazing is John and his wife are being dealt with by God to adopt a little girl in Ukraine, this little girl was praying something in Ukraine. What was she praying?

John Waller: She was praying for a forever family.

Sid Roth: I don't know about you, but God, you are amazing. God, you are amazing. And you know, when you adopt, sometimes they come with a lot of baggage. But John was taught the power of blessing his children. And what do you do with that big family of yours?

John Waller: Well all my children have come to expect one thing from me, and that is to be blessed. And they won't go to bed until I bless them at night. And what's really cool is to adopt these three children and now be able to impart that same blessing, to impart to them the equal rights as though they were a biological child.

Sid Roth: You know, there is a scripture in which Moses is instructed by God that if he would bless the children of Israel a certain way that God's name would be inscribed on that. I believe that you can bless everyone. Some of you have never been blessed by your father. Just the way you bless your children, but sing it. Would you do that right now.

John Waller: Absolutely. ♪ May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face to shine upon you and raise his countenance on you and give you peace. And may the Lord make like you a crying man in.... forgetting the troubles of your past and having a fruitful future. ♪

Sid Roth: Wow. John, when you have a concert and you share people get set free from anxiety, depression, addiction. Tell me about someone who was set free from addiction.

John Waller: Well a couple years ago I was doing an event and a guy came up to me and he said, "I saw you in concert with my wife about a year ago". He said, "My marriage was on the rocks". He said, "I've been struggling with an addiction with pornography that I had struggled with since I was young". And he said, "I had never been blessed before, not by my father or by anybody". He said, "But when you sang those blessings over me that night, God set me free, my marriage is doing very well. I'm walking in victory from this". And he said, "I just wanted to thank you".

Sid Roth: You wrote a song called, "I Know My God". Because I have to tell you something. If you don't know your God, the devil is around there like a roaring lion, and he will feed you lies. Even after you've been physically healed, the symptoms will come back. You've got to resist the devil and he'll flee as in terror. But you had that happen to you. Is that how you got the song, "I Know My God"?

John Waller: You know, the enemy is always looking for an opportune time to come back. If you've been set free from something he's always going to try to come back and convince you otherwise. And he's tried to do that with me for years. I remember when we were about to adopt the kids, I was like, how in the world am I to take care of all these children? What if I lose my voice tomorrow? What if the depression comes back? And so I battled with the enemy one night, and just extreme fear came upon me. And I battled the best way I knew how. I finally went to sleep and I woke up the next morning with this thought in my head. I don’t know what the future holds. I don't know if I'll be able to sing for the rest of my life. But I do know my God. I do know that He will take care of me. I do know that He supplies all my needs. I do know that He set me free. He's my deliverer. He's my healer. So I do know that.

Sid Roth: John, if you would go to the music set right now. And that's the whole purpose of life. Do you know your God? John Waller, he knows his God. He wants you to know his God. John ♪: When it seems like I am done, when it looks like there's no way and the lies come like a flood, oh I know my God. So I set my eyes above and I realign my heart. Where my hell comes from, I trust 'cause I know my God. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God, come heal me. I know my God, do not delay. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God will hold me up 'cause my rock and will not judge. I know my God. I know my savior. I will look into the mountains when my strength is gone. When my enemy surrounds me I will sing my song. I know my God and He will say, I know my God will not delay. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God will hold me up 'cause He's my rock. I know my God. I know my savior. ♪

Sid Roth: Remember the little orphan in Ukraine, Anna, is praying to God, "I want a forever family". Well God is praying for you right now. He's saying, "I have my arms open to you. I want you to be in my forever family". If you make Jesus your Messiah and Lord, believe he forgave you of your sins, rose from the dead, and ask him to live inside of you, he will right now.
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