Sid Roth - We Found The Nephilim

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Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I just love that rarified air of Heaven. I mean, I'm addicted to the rarified air of Heaven. I want more and more, and I want you to have more and more. My guest has uncovered an amazing cover-up by our government, by the Smithsonian Institution to hide the evidence that Darwinism is a phony, and he's going to expose it to you because it's about time this evidence is presented to our society. So L.A., who's your friend?

L.A.: Well Sid, this was a skull, a cast of a skull, which we got in Paracas, Peru. We saw literally hundreds of these down there.

Sid: But you know what's so amazing, we'll get to that in a minute. But this skull is not completely human. You see, many years ago God gave L.A. a mandate and He told him to study as the Days of Noah. Explain what that is and explain what you found out from your studies.

L.A.: Oh Jesus tells us it will be like the Days of Noah when he returns. Of course, that points to the angels coming down in Genesis 6, having sex with the women, and the offspring are the Nephilim. And I believe that this is...

Sid: The Nephilim means giants.

L.A.: Well that was one of the characteristics.

Sid: Ah, okay.

L.A.: Later on, I think they became different characteristics.

Sid: Okay. Now these Nephilim, these, and you know, I've always wondered, I don't know about you, when you study the Bible you see God says, destroy all the people in Canaan, destroy all the people in Sodom and Gomorrah. Why would God not have mercy on any of these people? There's a good reason. Explain.

L.A.: Well the reason simply is this. That we're dealing with a demonic hybrid known as the Nephilim. I believe there were many different encourage, if you will. Genesis you mentioned, of course, Sodom and Gomorrah. Later on when they push into Israel, the Land of Canaan, who were there? The Nephilim were there. And the mandate is always the same.

Sid: Now again, the Nephilim were the fallen angels had sex with human women and produced these giants and these hybrid, if you will. L.A. Hybrid, sure.

Sid: Okay. If God could not get rid of them, they'd take over the earth.

L.A.: Not only that, they would pollute the genome of the Messiah. That's really the end game, especially in Genesis 6 with the flood.

Sid: Okay. Now you have found some amazing research in newspaper articles from the 1800s and 1900s about these Nephilim. Tell me about it.

L.A.: Well I believe that the Nephilim, we know that 150 years ago as settlers pushed westward they found burial mounds. And at first, everyone thought these were Native Americans. Well they would dig into these mounds and they would 9-, 10-, 11-footers, sometimes with six fingers, double rows of teeth, copper ornaments. These were not, and red hair. These were not indigenous Native Americans. Then when you talk to a first nation Native American they'll tell you that, oh no, there was a race of giants that predated us. They were here when we arrived.

Sid: I've never heard that. I always heard it was the Native American. But this, even the Native American folklore and history talks, tell me one of the things you've heard about this from the Native Americans.

L.A.: Just one of the things, the Paiute tribe for instance, there was race of cannibal giants. They were very large and the Paiute would fight against these giants, and at one point in time, they herded them into a cave and the set the mouth of the cave on fire, and they wiped out that tribe of giants. Interestingly enough, that cave still exists today.

Sid: Tell me about the Smithsonian and the bones that they have found of what could be the Nephilim.

L.A.: Sure. We discovered that case after case, after case, 9-, 10-, 11-footers were found. And the Smithsonian shows up and they confiscate the bones, and they put them in crates, and they're carried away never to be seen again. We have case after case, after case.

Sid: But if I was the Smithsonian, that would be major exhibit. What could possibly be the reason that it's been taken from public sight?

L.A.: Well the reason is actually very simple. The Smithsonian adheres to a Darwinian paradigm, the Darwinian worldview. They believe in Darwinism. Anything that comes up against that, anything that comes up against it must be put aside, dumbed down, just completely cleared off the table. And this of course goes against the Darwinian theory, because where did these people come from? It's not the Beringia Land Bridge where the Ice Age when they came across the Behring Strait. That rules out that whole theory out of the water. These people came from something else. I believe the tribes in North American and in South American are the remnants of the Nephilim tribes that Joshua and Caleb pushed out of the Promised Land when they conquered IT about 3500 years ago.

Sid: But wait a second, if they killed all the population, how could they migrate then?

L.A.: They didn't kill all the population. It would stand to reason as they begin to move in to the Promised Land, the giants see what's happening, that the Israelites, first of all the power of the most High God, and they are annihilating all the tribes. So the Amorites and perhaps maybe the Perrizzites over here, some of these guys go, we got to get out of here. Some flee northward and we have a trail that we believe follows that. Some flee across the Atlantic Ocean and the workings of... for instance prove that you could sail just on the currents from Egypt and wind up in South America.

Sid: But you know what? There's even greater documentation than that. You're going to find out about an entire communication system way before the Internet, about architecture that no one could have known back then. When we come back, we'll explain.

Sid: L.A., why do you say these skulls that you are finding out about, especially in Peru and the United States, are partially human?

L.A.: Well this skull here looks sort of human, except of course it's elongated. You can see the way, you know, the sides of the skull go up. A normal human skull consists of four plates: frontal plate, and by the way, these are sutures here, a frontal plate. Then you would see another suture that would go and split the parietal, which is the center plate, in two pieces. Well and then of course, the assembly of the rear plate. What you see here is a frontal plate, which has been greatly enlarged, and it's got the very strange ridge bone on top of it, and then where there should be two parietal plates, there is only one parietal plate. We saw many, many, many skulls down there with these characteristics. We also believe that this is a female skull. The male skulls are about like this, much, much larger, much more robust.

Sid: Now you did an amazing scientific study of different colors of hair. Tell me about that.

L.A.: Well the skull, the hair on many of these skulls are red, sort of a reddish auburn in color. That shouldn't be there.

Sid: Why?

L.A.: According to the Darwinian theory, all these people should have black hair because they came across the Behring Strait 10, 12, 20,000 years ago, whatever. And so these had red hair. But we wanted to see if the hair was dyed. So we took some hair samples, and there's a machine called Raman spectroscopy. What this does, it shows the molecular structure of each of these hairs. So we took a control sample of normal human hair. We took the red hair from a mummy and then we took a dyed hair, dyed human hair, and then we took a hair from a man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and forced to have sex with a hybrid.

So we have four hairs. The control sample went like this on a graph. Okay. The human hair just went like that. The dyed sample went like this, right through the roof. But here's where it really gets interesting. And in my opinion, it links with what happened in antiquity with what's going on today. The Days of Noah, presence of the fallen angels. The red hair and the hybrid hair tracked like this over the graph, the same way all over the graph to the very end, then it slid off. Now remember, this hair came off the skulls about 2500 years ago.

Sid: So what you're saying is it lines up with not being totally human.

L.A.: Correct.

Sid: Lines up with the Nephilim.

L.A.: Correct.

Sid: That the Bible talks about where the fallen angels had sex with the women and men. Now tell me about the research you're doing in Peru and especially what you found under the Catholic Church.

L.A.: Well there's these, in this one particular place called Waitara, which is about 9000 feet above sea level literally in the middle of nowhere. There are these ancient megalithic ruins. And on top of these ruins there's built a...

Sid: Help me out. What's a megalithic ruin?

L.A.: I'm sorry. Megalithic ruin is ancient stonework, very large blocks of stone. And we see them all over the world. What was fascinating about this, when you're in the church, it's the Catholic Church, icons and statutes, and all this. But at the base of the church about to the eight-foot level are these ancient stones which are laid without mortar, and the joinery is so precise you cannot fit a human hair between the stones, and they are polygonal shaped. What I mean by that, many different sided shapes, not one stone is the same. You'd be hard pressed to achieve that type of masonry in today's world. But you could do it, but at what expense. And the technology that was done thousands and thousands of years ago, it just, it defies imagination. Here is a people that really didn't have the wheel as far as we know. Yet they're taking these 4-ton, 10-ton, 20-ton and even greater blocks of stone, and when they join them, Sid, the sides are completely smooth.

Sid: How do you move 20-ton, 20-ton stones without a wheel? That will get you thinking a little bit.

L.A.: Absolutely. And I think there's a supernatural component to all of this. And this is where I factor in fallen angels. It's like we see all through the spiritual the good angels and what they're able to do, the fallen angels have technology. They have powers. They have supernatural powers that defy we do here, defy our physics, defy our natural laws. And I think the stones there were shaped, in my opinion, they are fallen angel or what we call Nephilim architecture.

Sid: Now you see a tie-in with these Nephilim in the last days and the Mark of the Beast. I want you to hear about this.

Sid: Amazing. Between three and 10,000 years ago, our civilization had electricity. How, L.A., is this possible?

L.A.: These stones in my chart, that we just talked about, the stone base of the Catholic Church, had electric properties or highly polished surfaces. They were carved from a quarry, in some cases, granite, a number of cases, androcyte. These are just stones. And they're able to sort of like crystal radios in the 20s and the 30s. That's similar what they conduct electricity. What we believe is that there was an ancient grid system over this planet at one point with points of connectivity. This grid system may have been used not only as a communication, but perhaps to control the weather to bring rain in, all sorts of things.

Sid: How could they have all this sophistication? I mean, just sophistication without a wheel moving the blocks. What explanation do you have?

L.A.: Well you have two. You have one, which is the extraterrestrial that they came from Zeta Reticula, which of course, I don't believe in. The one I hold to and hold to very fast and diligently is we are looking at fallen angel technology. And we get some of this in the Book of Enoch, which tells us that they came and showed the secrets of Heaven to the men and women of Earth.

Sid: Tell me about in the United States, in Ohio, the great circle mound. First, explain what is.

L.A.: The circle henge is a hand. It's a very large circle, over 1,250 feet in diameter.

Sid: The word "henge" means...

L.A.: Henge means this. It's a circle, but it also has a waterway in the inside. And the construction of this is incredible because at least this particular henge dates about 3000, 3500 years ago, which again, fits the timeline of a diaspora when Joshua and Caleb were moving in to with the Israelites, into the Promised Land and the Nephilim scattered. They show up there about 3000, 3500 years ago in the Ohio Valley. They create this circle, this henge with a body of water in the middle of it. In the center of it, excavations prove that there was an altar and they found human remains on the altar. And that's huge.

Sid: Okay. Tell me about the American Stonehenge connection with the, we hear about the Stonehenge in England and then a third place. Explain.

L.A.: Sure. The American Stonehenge is in New Hampshire.

Sid: How come we haven't seen this? How come we haven't been told about this Stonehenge?

L.A.: Well things are coming to light. I believe because we're in the last days that all this stuff which has been hidden is now coming to light for those of us who are interested.

Sid: Well Daniel even says a sign of the last days is to be an information explosion. We always think, well that's the computer. But it's also other areas.

L.A.: Absolutely. The typical henge is a circle. And like many of these henges like Stonehenge, it charts astronomical events. What I mean by that, summer solstice, winter solstice, spring equinox, fall equinox. And the circle, when you stand in the center of the henge and you look out, there's a standing stone, and that standing stone, let's say is a hundred yards away. And so summer solstice, the longest day of the year, you watch the sunrise come up over that standing stone.

Well Kelsey Stone, a college student, was wondering, gee, I wonder if I extend the line from the center of my henge in New Hampshire out to the summer standing stone to see where it goes. So he begins to extend this line. He extends it further, extends it further across the Atlantic, and to his utter amazement it bisects dead center, the center Trilithon in Stonehenge, England. And you can't do that in antiquity. There's no way you can't take a long enough string and go across the Atlantic Ocean. It has to be done from the air.

Sid: Audience, do you think thousands of years ago they had anything remotely close to this kind of technology? Doesn't this show there was a super intelligent, and what the Bible talks about, the Nephilim?

L.A.: And what's amazing, I talked to a surveyor. There's no way to do anything like that unless you're in the air. Who is the principal power of the air? It's Satan. And this to me, once again, fallen angel technology. But it gets better. When you extend that line from New Hampshire and it intersects to the center trilithon in Stonehenge, when you continue that line, you wind up in Beirut, Lebanon. And Beirut, Lebanon is the home of the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians are the descendants of the Canaanites, and the Canaanites were a Nephilim tribe.

Sid: My goodness. So then you can see where some of them came to America.

L.A.: Absolutely.

Sid: And that's why they're finding these skulls and these bones. Some of these bones they're finding show that the people were how tall?

L.A.: Well there's 9-footers, 10-footers and 11-footers, and even pushing the border up to 12 feet in some of these burial mounts. And again, going back to the Smithsonian, we have report after report from newspapers telling about once a town would exhume the bones and a doctor, a man of letters, would measure the articulator, this articulated skeleton and this articulated skeleton where the bones are just laying all around. But the doctor, a man of letters, a hundred years ago, can read a tape measure. And yet when you talk to archeologist he will tell you they didn't know how to measure, which is, in my opinion, a bunch of nonsense. So the Smithsonian would come in, they would confiscate the bones and crate them up, and you would never see them again. They were just gone.

Sid: What a cover-up.

L.A.: Absolutely.

Sid: Now how does this tie in based on all these years of research, and I might add, he heard from God to research the Days of Noah. Because of all the times in the Old Testament, Jesus said, it will be like the Days of Noah. Explain to me with all this research how it ties in with the Mark of the Beast.

L.A.: Well the Mark of the Beast has four characteristics. If anyone takes it or receives the mark on the hand or the forehead, you can't buy, sell or trade without it. That's the one we all know. The second one is men and women will seek death in those days but not find it. Well what days? The days of the mark, which coincides back to or points back to the Days of Noah, that lifespan seems to be extended.

The third one is you take the mark, grievous sores appear on the body. The fourth one, which is the most telling in my opinion, anyone who takes the mark winds up in the lake of fire. There's no grace, no mercy. You're in the lake of fire. And the same judgment that we see with the Nephilim in Genesis 6, Sodom and Gomorrah and what happens in Israel, the Promised Land when Joshua and Caleb came into the Promised Land, it's always the same ending. If Nephilim is there the judgment is always the same. It's total annihilation. There's never a shred of grace and mercy.

Sid: That's my question. Why would someone in their right mind that knows what the Bible says even consider taking the Mark of the Beast?

L.A.: Because what is coming, this coming great deception, hinges on Darwinism, Darwinism tells us that there is no God, that we just evolved over billions of years. When Ben Stein sits down with Richard Dawkins, one of the premier evolutionists of the 20th and 21st centuries, and he says, "Where did life come from"? Dawkins says, "Maybe millions of years ago in another galaxy a race of highly evolved aliens created us and then seeded us here through the galaxy".

That's what he believes. I call that the alien gospel. This is what's coming, and it dovetails into Darwinism. Scientists and the masses, when they show up, the coming great deception, and they will show up, they will have two things for us: free energy, which power the crafts. The second thing is they'll have this DNA upgrade. And if a person takes this DNA upgrade his DNA will become altered. Yes, he will have no diseases for 500 years or more. Yes, he or she will live and all this, but the problem is you are no longer human. You become Nephilim and that's why the Judgment in the Book of Revelation is exactly the same as Genesis 6. There's a correlation between the two.

Sid: Tell me about that recent press conference of the UFOs.

L.A.: That was in Washington, D.C. Senators, congressman, governors, Air Force pilots, people with top secret clearances all came on the record basically stating that the UFO phenomena is real. It's burgeoning. It's not going to go away. It's increasing in numbers. This is the coming great deception. One event can change everyone's worldview in a second. You see a mile-wide craft over your city, unless you know what you're looking at, you will be deceived. And Jesus warns us that even the elect will be deceived if that were possible.

Sid: Well you know, you started out talking about the Days of Noah. Well Jesus says, it will be like the Days of Noah and you will not, he will come at an hour you do not expect. So the issue is not what we've been talking about. The issue is are you ready. That's the issue. You can only get ready with God's supernatural change of DNA, and that is make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Ask him to forgive you of your sins because he died for them, and ask him to live inside of you. It's not complex. And I tell you, your DNA will be changed to be the way God created you to be. If you like the way things are right now then don't change. But if you believe there's something better, make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Do you agree?

L.A.: Amen.
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