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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Kingdom of Power

Sid Roth - The Kingdom of Power

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest heard the audible voice of God and this is what God told him: "Teach my people how to operate in the supernatural". And he has done this all over the world. But the last time I picked up the phone and I spoke with him there was an increase, I mean a tangible increase in the presence of God. And He said, "What is going on with you? Why has the presence of just so dramatically increased"? And he said, "I've been teaching a revelation that very few of God's people understand that will catapult you into doing the same things and even greater than what Jesus did".

Do you want to hear that? Now most people that have been taught of what the Bible says about Jesus' death understand the cross and they must understand the cross. Why? Because your sins were atoned for. But my guest has been emphasizing a different aspect and he's been seeing so many miracles happen. For instance, Apostle Maldonado, your wife heard the teaching, the revelation you received, and prayed for a woman that had her breast removed. Tell me about that.

Apostle Maldonado: This woman came to one of her conferences in Argentina and actually, my wife was coming out of the meeting. She was in a hurry and this woman, one of her breasts had been removed because of cancer. So the woman said, "Be healed in Jesus name" and left. And the woman said, "Well, I need a longer prayer".

Sid: Where's the religious?

Apostle Maldonado: As a matter of fact, she got mad. She got mad. She went home. Her husband was praying and saying, "God, I want my wife to have a new breast". And one time she got up, and she was changing her bra, and suddenly her husband saw it first. And her husband said, "Watch! You got a new breast"! So the Lord grew back her breast.

Sid: Listen, when you get this revelation, what Jesus said is going to be true in your life when you capture this revelation, there will be nothing impossible for you. Tell me the revelation that God explained to you.

Apostle Maldonado: This is what it is. The majority of the church has gone into the cross. The cross is where we receive forgiveness of sin. Now that's what the church is now, the majority of the church. Now they have not made the transition from the cross to the resurrection. And the resurrection, the cross is where you receive forgiveness of sin. The resurrection is where you enter into power. The cross is a historical fact. The cross is a historical fact. The resurrection must be revealed in the now. The cross...

Sid: The Gospel is not in word only, but in power. And he's giving you the revelation for the power.

Apostle Maldonado: The cross is the demonstration of love. The resurrection is the demonstration of his power. So we must go into demonstration of his power. So that explains why the church doesn't have power, because we got beautiful Christians. They love God. They have received forgiveness of sin. But what is the power if we talk about a risen Christ, we're taking about risen Christ, it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal that historical fact. It is a fact. Jesus died on the cross. Everybody knows that. Most of the religion understand and they know, oh yeah, Jesus died. They know that. But getting into the power we must have the revelation in the now.

And that is the Holy Spirit that wants to speak to those people that are watching right now. If you want to get into demonstration of the power of the resurrection, everything will come alive. Your dreams will come alive. Your vision will come alive. Your marriage will come alive. Everything what you do. In other words, the power of the resurrection is not only words, is not only something well for the physical body. Even though we see miracles, creative miracles where there's no organs, God will create one, but it's beyond that. It can be your marriage. It can be your business. Something will come alive when you give into that revelation. And what do I need? You need to be hungry. You need to be thirsty. God's power is here now and it can be demonstrated for any believer that believes.

Sid: Now why is the supernatural so important?

Apostle Maldonado: The supernatural is so important because there is impossible things that will come into our life.

Sid: Especially the age we're living in now.

Apostle Maldonado: Right. You know, one of these days I was praying and the Lord said, "I want you to tell the church to pray for national miracles". And I said, "God, why"? And He said, "The national crisis that is coming upon this nation will take national miracles". And supernatural in America we got many options. And when you got many options, you don't commit to anything to believe anything because you got different options. The supernatural is so important because there are so many things, impossible circumstances of men that will never overcome it. You will never overcome it by natural means. You need supernatural means. Second, the Bible says when you bring the Kingdom, the people of Israel was established in the land by supernatural means, every miracle. It took miracles to stay in the land. If you want to advance the Kingdom, if you want to expand the Kingdom, if you want to do something for God, we need to establish by supernatural means.

Sid: What has the church substituted for the supernatural?

Apostle Maldonado: There is substitution. Entertainment substituted worship, charisma substituting the anointing. And I can give you a list. Faith has been supplanted by reason. Today we don't do anything unless we have understanding. If you go to the scripture, every act of miracle of God, it cannot be explained. That's what supernatural means, something that cannot be explained. It is beyond your head. It is beyond your reason. If you want to receive your miracle now you need to disconnect your head. And your reason has its place. I'm not saying you're stupid, we have to be stupid. That's not what I'm saying. But you can't get into the supernatural, you cannot move in the supernatural by the reason.

Sid: Okay. I am going to turn Apostle Maldonado loose to teach you the revelation of the resurrection. Do you want that?

Sid: Now Apostle Maldonado told me that early this morning he was praying, and God gave him instructions on great miracles that are going to happen. But before that, we hear a phrase, "The Kingdom of God". Tell me what that means.

Apostle Maldonado: You know, when Jesus taught about the Our Father prayer, at the end of that prayer he said, "Yours is the Kingdom and the power, and the glory". I call it the three realms of God. Well the Kingdom is the government of Heaven. The power is the ability of Heaven and the Glory is the atmosphere of Heaven, like what we feel now. So every time we preach the government, God has to confirm it with power. Anyway you see it power is in the middle.

The question is if we preach the kingdom, where is the power? If we preach the kingdom, where is the atmosphere of Heaven? When Jesus, I want you to pray this way, and let they said, "Let your kingdom come and let your will be done as it is in Heaven". In Heaven, there's no recession. In Heaven, there's no sickness. In other words, our moral, our pattern here, any believer can bring Heaven on Earth now. So Kingdom is the government of God that we have delegated by Jesus. When Jesus came, he brought the Kingdom. He said, the Kingdom is within you, is in you. Any believer can bring the Kingdom here on Earth. If you go to pray for a person with cancer, you go in Jesus' name. There's no cancer in Heaven. That is my pattern. I will bring Heaven on Earth right now. If you believe it, it will happen.

Sid: Well let's, I want you to give me an example of that. There was this youth pastor that got the revelation of the resurrection, and he had a small youth group, and it grew. You're telling me it grew to something like 4000 once he got this revelation.

Apostle Maldonado: Well that's the pattern, Sid. And every minister that comes in contact with our minister, that's the pattern. This youth pastor came. He was activated through watching my teaching and reading my books. So he was so touched, and he went back into his church, and started activating the young people. He went to 4000 kids.

Sid: Now one of the kids, a 12-year-old, his mother dies.

Apostle Maldonado: Yes.

Sid: The first thing a 12-year-old should think when their mother dies is not, God, I want my mother to come back to life. But he did. So he calls the wife of the youth pastor. And what happens?

Apostle Maldonado: And she was in the movie, as a matter of fact. She was not in prayer. She was watching a movie. And she got the call, and said, "Who's this"? "My mother just died. The doctors came. They checked. She's dead". And she said, "Well let me apply what I learned with Apostle Maldonado". So she rebuked the spirit of death and the mother came back to life.

Sid: Now that is normal. I pray that the whole world would become normal. For instance, you have verified miracles of people that have died and come back to life. But what's more exciting to me than those verified miracles that you've had is your most recent School in the Supernatural. Tell me how many.

Apostle Maldonado: We got 2500 people came into the School of Supernatural, foreign countries, large churches, small churches, big churches, business people, normal regular believers came into the school. And I took testimony. I said, "I've been teaching you how to walk in the supernatural". I bring testimony. And 25 of those people came to testify. They got 25 people raised from the dead. And I'm very careful when I say that. I say, well, give me the documents. Where are the papers? And they brought out the documents saying, we have seen it in India, we saw it in South America, we've seen it in America. I mean, this should be normal.

One of the believers, 30 days, have been saved for 30 days, and per his boss fell from 16-20 feet, fell on the floor and he's dead. Paramedics came, checked him out, and they said, "Don't touch him. He's dead". So he goes, "Can you allow me to pray". And just 30 days in my church. But he said, Pastor was teaching about rebuking the death of the people," and he said, "Let me pray for him". He rebuked the spirit of death and the man came back to life. Now the man got saved, went last week into baptism, water baptism, and both came and are being trained now to do miracles.

Sid: That's the way it supposed to be. Now we're coming into a time in the history of Planet Earth where money isn't going to be worth anything, where fear is going to be ramped. People, you think there is unemployment now, you haven't seen anything yet. But that is not the government of God. Tell me about Dr. Gamel.

Apostle Maldonado: Dr. Gamel, what I'm saying, when you walk in the power of the Kingdom and the resurrection you will see all kinds of miracles. Dr. Gamel is one of my Cuban doctors that came from Cuba, and he went me to Argentina. And being there the Lord said to me, "I will do a supernatural provision. I will bring supernatural provision now". So I just declared it. And there's some crazy people in the audience and they said, I got it, I receive it, you know. There's some people that say, let me analyze it, let me. And there are some crazy people like you. We got some people that believe. We got the miracle. If you're watching right now.

So the doctor said, I believe he took some money from his house, took some out from the box in the house and paid the ticket to go to Argentina. But he said, "This is the rent. I need to pay my rent with this money". So when I declared the supernatural provision, so he said, "Lord, you know, I did an effort to come here, because I didn't have the money". So he said, "Lord, you do something". So he called his wife and said, "Let's believe". When he came back from Argentina, he told his wife, "Go over there and check". So when they went back to the little box they found $11,200.

Sid: Now I have to repent. I have to repent. I said I would turn him loose to teach. Next segment he will teach and you will receive the revelation.

Sid: Now I promise you I will turn Apostle Maldonado loose. But just during the commercial break, he tells me about the Kingdom of God controls nature. You were in an arena, I think, in Argentina, and it was raining. Tell me about that.

Apostle Maldonado: Yeah. It was raining and the pastor gave me the microphone, and the pastor said, "Please hurry up because, you know, it's raining. We lost the instruments that we have, machines that we have". And he, as it was pouring, people were waiting, like 50,000 people waiting. And suddenly I got up in the pulpit and the Lord said, "Just speak in the rain". And it was a very simple prayer. It wasn't any mystical superstitious prayer. He just said, close to Heaven, the natural Heaven. Then suddenly at the moment, the rain stopped. And the thing is around the whole arena it as pouring and continuing.

Sid: Now this was a bull-fighting arena.

Apostle Maldonado: Yes. So what happened after that, and I knew the Lord was going to do something. So after that we saw there was a man that he was missing one of his kidney. And the Lord started doing creative miracles, and that was the man that received a new kidney.

Sid: You know, this is normal for you. It's normal for those that listen to his teaching. But I want you to teach right now and make the whole world normal.

Apostle Maldonado: Okay. There's people watching right now, and you've been hungry for the supernatural. You're thirsty for the supernatural. And how can we bring Kingdom on Earth? For so many people, kingdom is just a theological concept. It's just a historical thing. And I can tell you, the Kingdom of God, first of all the Kingdom of God is the government of God, and the Kingdom, the first characteristic of the Kingdom is that the Kingdom is supernatural. What do you mean supernatural? It is above and beyond, beyond your circumstances, beyond sickness, beyond diseases, the beyond demons, beyond any natural impossibility that you have. Number two, the Kingdom of God is an unshakable kingdom. In other words, if we're in it, nothing, nothing can shake your life.

Number three, the Kingdom of God is not only an unshakable kingdom of supernatural, the Kingdom of God also is a kingdom, not in words, but in power. In other words, we must demonstrate that kingdom. That's why Jesus was risen from the dead, because he demonstrated, if he had not risen, where's the kingdom of what? Of nothing. But he was raised from the dead. He's saying, "I established my Kingdom over the kingdom of darkness". So it's not only words, but also in power. And number four, this is what I like, the Kingdom of God is a kingdom that holds reality we can experience here and now. Can we bring Heaven on Earth now. Can we do it now.

And just to give you an example. There's a woman that came into the church, one of the services. I call people from the audience and I said, "I want you to come and pray for the sick". And this person, she was deaf from birth. And I said, "I want you to pray for her". And they prayed for her, and right there the person was completely healed. And I was trying to teach the people, you can bring the Kingdom, you can have that experience now, here and now if you believe it. So now that you're watching, let me impart to you, knowing that we can bring Heaven on Earth. If you have an impossibility, the definition of a miracle is this. The definition is a supernatural intervention of God in the impossibilities of men now. Which impossibility do you have in your life right now? Which impossibility in your marriage, in your dreams, in your vision, in your house, in your business, any area right now, let me release it to you.

And there's people watching that need a creative miracle. Sometimes we just stay in healing. We say, well God will do it. Well God wants to do it now. God is the God of the now, not a god of the past or god of the future. His name is the great I AM, and the great I AM wants to be manifested and demonstrated right now. So I want you to stretch your hands. If you need a healing, if you've been oppressing your mind, if you a creative miracle, I want to release it to you. Father, in the name of Jesus, and I want the audience to pray with me. There are thousands and thousands watching, and if you're watching right now, I want you to stretch your hands and let, bring the Kingdom of God here now. Let's not wait tomorrow. God is the God of the now.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you and I give you praise. And there's a woman that your breasts have been removed because of cancer. God has created a new breast now. Right now. Father, there's someone watching, I think you're a man, you're a truck driver, and you're a truck driver, and you got metals in your body, a bunch of metals. God is changing metals into bones and into flesh. Receive it now. If you have bones, metals in your body, I see that miracles everywhere I go. And God is creating you flesh and bones in your body right now in Jesus' name. Blindness, I want you to lay hands on your eyes. Father, in Jesus' name, blindness go in Jesus' name.

There's somebody that suffered a heart attack, and right now God is healing your heart. Something jump into your heart right now. And that's the power of the Holy Ghost. There's a pastor watching and you walked in the supernatural for a while. And because you couldn't stand the pressure to move in the supernatural and the criticism, God is releasing a new fire in you right now. In Jesus' name, back conditions, back conditions are being healed right now. There's a businessman, there's a businessman watching, you lost a big, big amount of money. And the Lord said, I will restore that in three days, meaning the resurrection, power is being released in finances right now.

In Jesus' name, if your dreams, your visions, something has been dead, Father, I release the power of the resurrection. One, two, three, now in Jesus', there you go, power is coming out. My God, there is fire. When I feel the fire in my right hand that's creative miracles going on, creative miracles going on. There is somebody, there is somebody, there is somebody that you're missing a bone in your left hip right now. You felt like a heat in your body. In Jesus' name, my God, something is happening. There are people taking pills, depression, afflicted. In Jesus' name, I command every oppression in your mind be delivered, be healed in Jesus' mighty name right now, right now, right now.

And there's people right now that are saying, Pastor, I need creative miracles, even hair is growing, hair, hair, hair. People are being, something is happening right there. Father, in Jesus' name, I rebuke every sickness, I rebuke every disease. Go from the people of God. Be healed. Be delivered. Creative miracles. And I release the power of the resurrection. There's people right now that say, Pastor, I want to be activated in the power of God, I want to bring the Kingdom wherever I go. Stretch your hands, both hands right now.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I activate those people to do miracles, signs and wonders, and I am asking your Holy Spirit to open their eyes and the power of the resurrection being revealed in their heart right now. Father, wherever they go the will bring Heaven on Earth right now in the name of Jesus. Right now, receive!

Sid: And the most important thing is you must believe the blood of Jesus and your repentance washes away your sins. And as you're clean, you boldly say with your mouth, Jesus is my Messiah and Lord. Live inside of me. Take over my life. I love you, Lord Jesus. Say it right now. Now.

Apostle Maldonado: Repeat it.
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