Sid Roth - Secrets of Healing

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I just love breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. You know, in the 1940s and 1950s, God touched men and women by the Spirit of God, and they had tent meetings all over the United States, major miracles happening. But they made a mistake. They did not teach their generation how they can do what these miracle ministries were doing. They were kind of on a pedestal. But you see, anything they can do if they had taught their generation, anyone could do, because it's God that does the miracles.

So my guest was a teenager and was mentored by some of the great healing evangelists of the '40s and '50s. And I can tell you he wants to mentor you so you can do anything these great miracle ministries did. Could you picture going into a restaurant and seeing a waitress limp a little bit and say, "Can I pray for you"? And seeing her leg straighten out and everyone in the restaurant is listening more than they listen to that advertisement for a stockbroker. And then you stand on the table, well maybe you might not, stand on the table and proclaim the Gospel. How would you like to be able to do that? Well you're going to be equipped.

My guest was born and raised in a home where his parents did not know God. But as a young man, he had an encounter with God. Then at 17, he had an all-night visitation from God in which he was called to proclaim the Gospel throughout the whole world. So he goes to his dad who's a non-believer, and he says, "Dad, have I got good news". Remember, his father doesn't believe in God. And he really put cold water on you, Don, and he said, "You can't preach the Gospel. You stutter". And Don found out, first of all, he knew God told him to do it. And so he stood on scriptures and God took the stuttering away from him. That was probably his first miracle. But what about his parents? Now your mom was an invalid. What was wrong with her?

Don: She had a series of terrible conditions that had gripped her body and she had surgery without success, and it released her into being what I call a semi-invalid, where she had limitations in walking and being free from pain and distress.

Sid: Okay. So Don convinces his mother to get healed because she heard about one of these men that had a great miracle ministry, William Freeman. As a matter of fact, Freeman had a visitation from an angel. Tell me about that.

Don: Yes he did. He was pastor of a church. He had a great hunger for God. He had worked on the railroad. He was a brakeman and he resigned that to become a full time pastor. And he made a commitment to God, "Lord, when I worked on the railroad eight hours a day I was there. But now that I'm not on the railroad, I want to devote those eight hours to prayer". And I've known very few people who ever had such a commitment. Now I don't know entirely how long he maintained that, but it was a very vital part of his life. And then one evening as he was in his church study, he just lay him on the floor meeting God and suddenly the room illumined. It was partly dark and illumined with bright light, and he looked up and there stood a man. And the man said, "I am an angel of the Lord sent by God to give you a gift of healing. You are to go and stretch forth your hands to bring healing to the people. If you can get them to only believe not one thing will stand before you, not even cancer. There's a great sweeping suffering in the land. There must be an awakening because Jesus is coming soon".

Sid: Okay. Your mother went to this meeting. What happened to her?

Don: When she saw what the Lord was doing and hearing the testimony of the people who had been healed, she received Christ of course as her savior. It was the first great miracle. And then she got in that prayer line and we waited for him to lay her hands on her, "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirits of infirmity that bind your life". My mother was instantaneously healed. It was a miracle of great delight. And when she came off the platform, I as an 18-year-old young man, I raced down the aisle to meet her and embraced her, and tears were pouring down her face. And she said, "Don, I'm healed. I'm free of pain". And that was a witness that was to affect, not only my alcoholic dad and all of my family. They saw the reality of Jesus. He's alive today. And one by one, every member of my family became a born-again Christian.

Sid: Well you know something? I believe, we Jewish people have a Hebrew word, mishpucha, means family. And I believe it's God's intent that the Passover blood is over the door post, and it says in Exodus, "A lamb for a house". Now Don was mentored by Freeman. He traveled with him and he said, "I wonder if I see God if maybe an angel will come to me and then I can have these great miracles". We'll find out what happened to him.

Sid: So my friend, young kid, is traveling with William Freeman. He's seeing miracles. Cancer you can't even stand in this man's presence. So he said, I'm going to do the same thing, "I'm going to seek God". And you spent hours seeking God and what happened?

Don: The initial action of bowing on my knees, praying after hours, nothing seen was happening. And I got up and sat on the altar, opened my Bible to Philippians, Chapter 2, where the Bible says, "God has highly exalted Jesus and given him the name of every name in Heaven, Earth and Hell". And I in the revelation of the power of Jesus' name became awesome to me. And it was the greatest name of things in Heaven and Earth and under the earth, and I was just ready and primed to meet someone who could fill that category.

Sid: In other words, what happened is God was beginning to show him that he didn't need a visitation from an angel. He just needed to believe God's Word. So he began believing God's Word. And you pray for a nine-year-old boy who had a brain tumor.

Don: Right. Yes, this happened in Joplin, Missouri, where Grandma Davis called me. She said, "I know you have been with Brother Freeman and I believe you can come and pray for my grandson. He's coming this weekend. He'll be with us and all my father is gathering in. And we want you to come and pray for this boy. He's given up to die, no hope". And it was just like a fire in my belly. We say to go and minister to that boy, to use His authority that I received this revelation. And I laid my hands on the boy, cursed the brain tumor in Jesus' name and commanded it to depart. There was no obvious or immediate change by any appearance. But when the parents took their son back to the Barnes Hospital in St. Louis for a new examination, they found out that the brain tumors were all gone. And that was a testimony that stood the test of time, for the boy grew up and became a father and a wonderful result. Well that was just the beginning of my ministering.

Sid: Tell me about the man. Now get this, he prayed for a man that had kneecap removed. Tell me about him.

Don: Yes. His name, he came up in the prayer line, hobbling, and I asked him, "What do you want"? He said he want to prayed for. And I said, "What's your name"? He said, "Lucky Metz". And I said, "Lucky, you haven't been very lucky, have you"? And he explained to me, 22 years before he had been in an accident and his kneecap had to be removed surgically. For 22 years, he had no kneecap. And so I said, "Well the first thing to take care of, are you a born-again Christian"? And he said, "No, I'm not". And I said, "I'd like to encourage you to receive Jesus". I said, "You can go to Heaven without a kneecap, but you can never enter there without a relationship to Jesus Christ". And he responded. And I led him a sinners prayer and her received Christ by faith. And I said, "Now the same Lord who has saved your soul and been your great physician". So I laid hands upon that place where the kneecap had been and in Jesus' name spoke what I call a created miracle on my name, the wonderful name of Jesus. And when he lifted up his left leg he had a new kneecap, totally created a kneecap.

Sid: Now that is normal. That is what it's supposed to be. Now Don, do you believe that anyone that understands the Word of God in reference to healing can do the same things that you do?

Don: I think anyone who will have confidence in the authority of Jesus' name, just like Peter and John did at the gate, and the scripture says, "In his name through faith in his name has made this man strong whom you see and know. Yea the faith which is by him has given this perfect soundness in the presence of you all". If anyone will embrace the six specific scriptures in John 14, 15, 16, where Jesus gave authority for us to speak his name, and thank God, that name itself is the great healer and the device of God, as it were, to minister miracles. And he said these signs shall follow, not just the apostles or the preachers, the evangelists, but these signs shall follow the believers. In my name they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover".

And I've seen that demonstrated many times for years over and over, thousands of times, I'm sure over the span of all these years. But any believer who will simply take the authority. And the disciples prayed when they met together, "Lord, grant to us your service that with all boldness we make speak your word by stretching forth to heal and the signs and wonders may be done in Jesus' name". What an awesome prayer I prayed almost every day of my life since that time the revelation came. And what was the result of that? The Bible says that, "When they had prayed they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to speak the Word of God with boldness". That is what I believe any person who will let the Lord give them that holy boldness and dare to speak the name of Jesus with authority. It's the authority of his name is what brings the healings and miracles.

Sid: What caused you to realize this truth? Something, it's exploded in you. You believe that more than anything else. What caused that belief in you?

Don: It was just the working of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the great teacher of the body, and I embraced that truth and it just burned in my spirit now. I've gone to India 24 times, as well as God has sent me to 56 nations. And every nation I've gone it's been the same result. I always prepare my heart by the Word of God in the name of Jesus. And I know that when I step out and minister to the masses of people, usually the crowds are tens of thousands in India and the mass crowds impossible to lay hands on them all. So I simply speak the authority of Jesus' name. I mean, it's with such confidence. It's his name above every name.

Sid: You know the authority of the name of Jesus is not only so you can pray for other people, but it's also so you can be totally whole. And God spoke to me that, two things. Number one, when we come back I'm going to have Don Gossett pray a prayer of faith for you. You've never heard a prayer of faith like he's going to pray for me, and you're going to be healed. But he also told me the second thing that many of you that have pains in your bones, arthritis, any type of pain in your bones throughout your whole body, the healing river of Jesus is moving on you right now.

Sid: I'm here with Don Gossett. And what happens when you're traveling with your daughter to go speak and you're on the airplane, and your daughter starts hemorrhaging through every opening of her body. Tell me about that.

Don: My daughter Judy and I had been in Africa ministry in crusades in Nairobi and Mombasa, and our journey was over. We were on the way back home. We had this flight to London. And on the flight, Judy saw empty seats where she could go back and lay down. And so I went back to speak with her in mid-flight, and she said, "Dad, I've been vomiting repeatedly". And I just said, "You'll be fine". So I kind of laid my casual hand on her forehead and spoke a fatherly prayer. I wasn't with umpsion I should have had. I thought it too would pass. But about half an hour before the flight landed in London, a flight attendant came and said, "Mr. Gossett, your daughter has been very ill. She's been hemorrhaging from literally every opening in her body. We have called Heathrow Airport to have her a wheelchair available and then to take her into the emergency hospital there".

And that's what happened. But after about an hour the doctor came out and said, "It's something more severe than just a light affliction. It's, we don't know exactly what it is, but we feel it's very critical. And we are sending her to the special hospital here in London that specializes in tropical infectious diseases". And so the ambulance came and he gave me permission to accompany my daughter. And when we arrived at the hospital she was met by a group of hospital people, doctors and people, and they took her to an isolation room. And after considerable time they came out to tell me that she was so critically ill that they didn't know whether she'd make it through the night or not. And they said, "We don't know right now how to treat her, but," they said, "we'll ask you to leave and we'll let you know when she comes back". They said, "We'll give you 20 minutes to be with your daughter".

And I went in to speak to her in 26 alphabetic scriptures. And I told her, "Judy, we haven't time for intercession prayer. I'm going to speak this healing word". I came to the scripture, "O, what not this woman being an adult of Abraham whom Satan has bound, should be loose now in Jesus' name". And I said, "Judy, that's for you. You're this woman. You're a daughter of Abraham. You ought to be loose". And in Jesus' name that giving word penetrated her body. Then I had to leave her and go to a hotel. And I kept calling the next morning, how was she. I got no information. And they finally said, "Don't call us any more, we'll call you". And the chief physician, Dr. Clark, called me and said, "This is amazing. It's like we've had two women in that bed. Last night she was so critically ill that we gave her no medication because we didn't know how to medicate her. We were just fighting to keep her alive. They said, "This morning, it's totally different. All the conditions that we saw last night are gone. Your daughter is healed".

Sid: And here's the good news. God is not irrespective of persons. Don received a revelation about worship that when you worship God and pray the scriptures, and pray a prayer of faith, that all things are possible, not just physical healing, any area of your life. Take just two minutes, that's all, and I want you to worship God, and I want you at home and in the studio audience to worship God, and then you pray the prayer of faith strongly right now.

Don: The Bible says in Psalm 100, to "Come to his gate for thanksgiving and court with praise". Praise is the forerunner of God's intervention. And I would invite you of this audience to join me as we simply say, "Praise the Lord, Amen". And let's say it 10 times. It would be helpful to hold up your left hand and with your right index finger touch each finger. And when you do say a joyful, whole heartedly, "Praise the Lord, Amen"! Join me. "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! "Praise the Lord, Amen"! Give the glory. Praise Him. Hallelujah.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for every person of this visible audience, as well as, Lord, those throughout the area where this program is reaching all over the world. You see those who are sick and suffering, and oppressed. And now Lord, in your authority I speak in Jesus' name for diabolical diseases to depart, cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, blindness, deafness, arthritis, all kinds of infirmity. In Jesus' name, loose your hold. The power of sickness, disease, infirmity is broken. Receive it now in Jesus' name. Amen.

Sid: And now, wait a second. Now the greatest miracle about ready to happen. If you, with your mouth, will proclaim that Jesus is your Lord, you will believe in your heart that he rose from the dead and ask him to forgive you of all of your sins. He'll wash them away and God, the Creator of the Universe, Jesus the Son of God, the Spirit of God will live inside of you. Say this out loud, studio audience, you too, you at home, too: "Jesus is my Lord. He died for my sins. I ask him to live inside of me. And take over my life. Praise the Lord. Amen".
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