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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - General of the Faith

Sid Roth - General of the Faith

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Sid: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Our show has one of the true generals of faith, Dr. Norvel Hayes, 86 years young. And the doctors say that when they examine him they can't imagine how someone can be that healthy. And not only that, at one point, Norvel had 14 business corporations of which many were million-dollar corporations. So how did a man have such favor at 86 to have health like that? How did a man have such favor to have all these corporations? He found out in Heaven and he's going to teach you.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Norvel Hayes. He is going to answer a question that I believe every single one of you have asked at one time or another. You see, Norvel was just a young boy, 10 years of age, and his mother who was a faithful Baptist, went around witnessing to people, she gets cancer and age 37, she dies. And Norvel, that crushed you. You were, what, about 10 years of age. Your mother dies.

Norvel: I cried for four years.

Sid: Four years you cried.

Norvel: Yeah. I cried for four years. My mother died. Every time I thought about my mother I'd have to leave the room and went out the house and cried my eyes out.

Sid: And you got to the point where you said, okay God, I need an answer.

Norvel: Yes I did.

Sid: Tell me the question you asked God.

Norvel: I asked God why didn't He heal her. I said, "Because I know you're a healer, Jesus, but I don't understand why you didn't heal her. She has a soul in her and you say that one soul is worth more than the whole world. Well if you let my mother died than live, she could save a number of souls for you, worth more than the world. And you are a healer. Now why didn't you heal her"? He said, "I didn't kill your mother with cancer". God said, "I had nothing to do with it. Nothing". He said, "I couldn't heal her". I said, "That makes no sense to me for you to say that because I read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and you healed everybody in town on this earth. You're the same as you were then".

Sid: So why couldn't He heal her?

Norvel: He said, "The church she went to, they failed to teach her about my divine healing power. So therefore, she didn't know a thing about it. If they had taught her correctly she could have got healed.:"

Sid: You know what comes to me Norvel, the scripture that says, "My people die for the lack of knowledge".

Norvel: That's exactly right. He said, "My people," that's Christians, "my people for the lack of knowledge. You have a church out here. But just because you have a church with a bunch of people, that's no sign you're doing anything much.

Sid: You know Norvel, even today most churches fail to teach about the divine healing power. But Norvel has a passion for people to understand Bible faith, for people to be healed. And cancer and heart conditions, forget it. You stand no chance when Dr. Norvel stands up. Now Norvel was a successful businessman. He had 14 businesses at one time.

Norvel: And 14 secretaries.

Sid: And 14 secretaries.

Norvel: One for each business.

Sid: Many of them were million-dollar businesses. And all of a sudden, as he likes to say, he was mind his own business and God speaks to him. What did God tell you?

Norvel: I was saying a little prayer in my heart one night. And I couldn't understand and I began to weep. And He said, "You're killing yourself. You're working so hard. You're killing yourself and you're not doing anything for me".

Sid: Okay. I want to jump forward now. You go to a dump and you see a little girl there that had a major, profound impact on your life. Tell me about that.

Norvel: Yeah I did. This little girl walked up to me, just quart milk a glass bottle, she said, "This is all the milk I've got". Well when she said that, the Holy Ghost jumped in me and rose up like this, and I couldn't even talk. I turned my face toward Heaven and I said, "God, is this the kind of ministry you've given me for leaving the church"? And the Lord said to me just as plain, "My son, be faithful to me here and I will promote you. I am going to set you on a high hill and the light of God will shine to you to many men. Now you go in peace in Jesus' name. Go in peace. Go in peace and trust me. Go in peace. Love thy neighbor as thyself".

Sid: I want to find out what Norvel Hayes saw in Heaven. He's been there several times. I've never been there. I've read about it in the Bible. But I want to find out why it was so wonderful he didn't even want to come back. But you come back.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Norvel Hayes. And I'm on the edge of my seat because he's been to Heaven and I want him to tell me what he saw. But before that, Norvel, I'm reminded of May Stafford. You said, "God, I want to see some miracles like I read in the Bible". And according to my notes, May had six deadly diseases.

Norvel: That's right.

Sid: Tell me what was wrong with her and what happened.

Norvel: She was blind. Her mind was gone. She had been in an old people's home for 11 years with palsy.

Sid: She was in a wheelchair.

Norvel: Yes. She would go to church in a wheelchair. She would sit in a wheelchair. She couldn't walk. The Lord said to me, "Pray for that lady. Go lay your hands on that lady. Lay your hands on that lady".

Sid: So you laid hands on May Stafford and what happens?

Norvel: My hands touched her like this and it was so strong. And when I touched her like this and all of a sudden, I never saw this before. All of a sudden, like that, and I liked down and she's not in the wheelchair. The wheelchair is empty. And about a thousand people screamed out all at once. I looked around and this woman came walking, blind and everything. She's on the other side of the church. I turned to her on the other side of the church. She's running around in a circle screaming, "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus"! And all of a sudden, there she was, 20/20 vision. All of a sudden, her mind came back to her.

Sid: Her mind was totally gone.

Norvel: Totally gone. She took to her wheelchair. She needed help getting this wheelchair and she pushed it around. I mean, the healing just about took the church over.

Sid: Well, I mean, you provoke me to jealousy. You tell me about all the people that get new hearts and all the people that get healed of cancer when you pray. And God has blessed your health. God has blessed you, everything about you, your finances, your family. Tell me what you saw in Heaven. What did it look like? What did you experience?

Norvel: This world came from Heaven. You understand that? They have lakes. They have grass. They have flowers. They have fruit trees. The difference here, you go over to a peach tree, you pull a peach off. That's it, you know, and you peel it and it falls on the ground. Where in Heaven, you go over to a peach tree or apple tree, you pull a rotten peach off and the moment you pull it off, another ripe peach comes on the tree all ready to eat. The thing that impressed me was everything in the world in Heaven was my breathing. In Heaven, every time you breathe, you feel the presence of God. Every breath I take here I breathe in the presence of God. Oh, it feels so good going all the way down to body to my feet. It feels so good. The next breath feels better.

Sid: Heaven sounds perfect.

Norvel: And the main thing I saw was a big building. And He let me walk through the building and in all the different rooms. And all the different rooms had little furniture, small furniture. And I couldn't figure, what is this? Is this a dollhouse or what?

Sid: Okay. Then many years later after that experience in Heaven, you're in a car and all of a sudden the drive disappears and you have a vision about your life work.

Norvel: That's right.

Sid: Tell me the vision.

Norvel: I was riding a car, you know. All of a sudden, God came in real strong and everything disappeared. I couldn't see the driver. I couldn't see the palm trees West Florida. I couldn't see nothing. And then it's just like, whoosh. And I was taken up to a higher level. And I looked down like this and the only thing I could see, I could see the palm trees, I could see little bitty, teeny kids that needed help. That's all I could see. A whole circle around like this, you know, and I'm in the middle of them. And I looked around me and they're all looking at me. All of them are looking at me like this right here. Help me. Help me. Help me, please help me. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. Help me! Help me! Help me! And so God said to me, "I haven't forgotten about the little children and what you saw in Heaven, would they live. I haven't forgotten about them". He said, "And I want you to get me a building. Help me, son," God said to me, "help me, son. Help me save the little children".

Sid: What did it do to your children when you saw those little children going like this, help, help, help! I could just picture these aborted babies going, help, help, help! What did it to you?

Norvel: It made me want to take every one of them into my arms and find them a place to live and give them food. That was probably some 35 years ago. Now the older I got, I'm 86 now, and I've never lost the vision, seeing, trying to do what God wants you to do. The older you get, the Sweeter it gets.

Sid: The two things that Norvel learned in Heaven, one, help people that are in need. You see, God is love and He's concerned about the homeless. He's concerned about the aborted babies. He's concerned about the hungry. And the second thing is worship God, not just for a few minutes on a Sunday morning, but as a lifestyle. And I'm going to ask Norvel to worship God the way he does in his home. But most people, they don't do this in their home. They just do it for a few minutes on a Sunday morning. And I tell you, the favor that Norvel operates under, you are going to operate on because this is a change in your destiny.

Sid: The Spirit of God came into this studio just now. And I asked Norvel to worship God, and he said, "Sid, God is in this studio. God has something to say people. God wants to change your life".

Norvel: The two main things I learned. I learned to feed the poor. I learned to worship Him, which the church I went to, they didn't worship God. They just simply sung songs and loved the Lord. They sung songs, but we had no worshiping classes. Nobody would worship. Nobody lifted their hands to worship the Lord. And God says, God says, "If you return to me, bow down before me, lift up your hands and worship me," God says, "I will heal your land. You can have anything you want. You're supposed to living all the time, you and all other Christians in the abundant life. Jesus paid the price, that my son paid the price that you live an abundant life".

Sid: Norvel, I want you to worship God the way you normally worship Him at home. Would you do that right now.

Norvel: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. I worship you, Lord. I praise you. I worship you, Jesus. Oh God, there is no other. Thank you, Jesus. I hold your name above all names on the earth, Jesus. I hold your name above all names on Earth. Thank you Jesus for loving us. Oh God, thank you for loving us, Jesus. He was so good to us. So good to us. I worship you, Lord and praise you. Thank you Lord for loving us in Heaven. Thank you for saving me. Thank you Lord for my being in your presence. Someday I want to be in your presence all the time. Oh God, in Jesus' name. Worship me, son, worship. You worship me and I'll show you how God, blessed be His holy name. Lord, I worship you forever and I promise you, Lord, I will never serve any other God. I'll never worship any other God because I believe and I know that you are the true and living God, and there is no other. He suffered so long on the cross for me.

Sid: Norvel, I'm seeing something right now. Norvel, I want you to pray for people with cancer and heart trouble. Would you do that?

Norvel: Thank you Jesus. Lord, you know the gift that you put in my ministry for people that had bad hearts, everybody that's looking on the screen, Lord, stretch your hands out to the screen. And pray this prayer, Lord, thank you, Lord. I remember the first time in Illinois that you did this and you said, "I want to pump a new heart in the chest right now in different parts of the world. As they stretch their hand out to the TV screen, if they're watching you, I ask you Heavenly Father in Jesus' name to pump a new heart into the chest of everyone who has bad hearts. Thousands of them, pump a new heart in their chest that have a bad heart. Now Lord, those, there are hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of people that have cancer and don't know what to do. They think they have to die. Those that don't know any better, they don't have to die young. But Lord, you know better and I know better. I curse. I know what you taught me in Heaven. You talked to me. I curse the roots of every cancer in Jesus' name. The person that has cancer looking in on this TV program, I curse the roots of that cancer and I command the roots of it to die. Die, I said, in Jesus' name. Just like the fig tree did when Jesus cursed it, die, roots. I command every cancer cell to die and disappear from that body. Thank you, Lord, for your Divine healing power flowing through the body from the top of the head to the soles of their feet, in Jesus' name. Thank you, Lord.

Sid: Now Norvel, you said that you have no down days. And if depression tries to hit you, what do you do?

Norvel: Oh, I throw my hands up like this and say, thank you, Jesus, take a hold of me, Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Oh, how I love Jesus because he first loved me.

Sid: Do you force yourself to dance, too?

Norvel: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I get up and dance a little bit and I sit back down and I'll sing some more, sing some more until all depression leaves. Because the devil, the devil is not dead. He'll try and put all kinds of things on you. But you'll have to accept nothing he puts. You or me, nobody else knows the power, the love that Jesus does. We don't have to accept evil things that destroy us from the devil. We don't have to accept that.

Sid: I have an invitation for you and that is don't you ever forget that God says, you have to help people that are less fortunate than you. God says, worship me. Worship Him, not just for a few minutes on Sunday morning, but make it a lifestyle, because anything God has done for Norvel, He'll do for you.

Norvel: That's right.

Sid: He'll even do it better, Norvel. I believe that. Don't you.

Norvel: Yeah. And Sid, there's a third part to that while we're on that subject.

Sid: What's that?

Norvel: Make sure you pray for people because God says, if you pray for people you'll be healed yourself. That's in the scripture. Pray for people so you'll be healed yourself. God likes for you to pray for people. Pray for people. Lord, I pray for people all over the world to be shown that your holy presence, Lord, that your healing power, Lord is... to cause all afflictions to disappear, bones straighten out, everything, blind eyes, mind, total mind, Jesus, you give it to them. I ask you to give it to them, Father, in Jesus' name. Thank you, Lord, for doing it for them, because they need you, Lord. They're just like me. You know I need you every day. Every day. I'd like for you to bless me every day. Thank you, Lord, for doing it for those that need help, look in the screen right now in Jesus' name. I thank you for it, Lord. I praise you for it all the days I shall live. I praise you for it. Thank you, Lord, for letting me live. I'm 86 years old. I've told you I'd like to come home now, but I don't have to come home now because you remember Jesus, I tell you all the time, I haven't forgotten what you did for me on the cross. Why would I want to go home now? If I can get a few more people to you, Lord, if I can get a few more people healed.

Sid: Let me tell you a reason you don't want to go home right now, Norvel. I can tell you a good reason. We're about ready to see the greatest move of God's spirit on Planet Earth and I want to see Norvel involved. I want to see him mentoring you and discipling you, and I want to see you involved. It's time to get out of the chair in the entertainment sport called church and go out in the highways of highways, and compel them to come in. I compel you in Jesus' name to make Jesus your Lord.
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