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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Four Keys to Freedom

Sid Roth - Four Keys to Freedom

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Sid: Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally, it is naturally supernatural! I'm kind of upset over something. I read statistics recently that say there's many divorces among Bible believers as people that don't believe in God. There's many problems with their children as people that don't believe in God. Well I know better. And my guest had a revelation from God of four simple keys, that whether you're nine years old or 99 years old, most Bible believers have never covered these keys. And see, they're integrating. If you do all of them you give no place for the problems in your life. And I can't wait for you to get those keys. Are you ready?

Well Chester and Betsy, I heard the most wonderful compliment of what you teach. A young woman that works for me is about ready to get married, and she said when her parents got married they took your teaching and it dramatically changed their life, and she said, I'm not getting married until I learn these supernatural keys. Now I want to let people know you a little bit. Chester, you are a trained doctor in nuclear engineering. And Betsy, you are a few hours in your doctorate in professional counseling. But you were sabotaged. You know what? I believe everyone was sabotaged. Both of them sabotaged. Briefly Chester, what happened to you? What was the sabotage?

Chester: Well I was sabotaged at age two. And of course, I was innocent and had nothing to do with that. But my dad died at age two, and that set up a chain of events that come out of abandonment. We now look back and explain, and understand.

Sid: What were some of the ways you reacted, not even knowing it, because of that abandonment? Tell me a few of the ways.

Chester: Well obviously the most important person in my life had just died. And so it was like what's going on? And I chose to deal with it by mistreating people. I somehow made this decision that people are dangerous. People are not safe. And I ended up playing in the back of the yard with the rabbits and my bulldozers, and stuff like that. Did my best to stay out of everybody else's way.

Sid: He had a lot of symptoms like anger, like rage. Now Chester, you were, you get married. You're in the back seat of a van. Betsy is driving and you had a visitation from God. Tell me about it.

Chester: Yes. Well God had begun to draw us. We were really doing serious things like going to church even. And I had been told I should pray. So I'm in the back seat of this van and I'm praying, whatever that is. And suddenly the God of the Universe came and visited. It was like He just came in my heart. I don't have words for me. But out of me came these wails. And I think what went on is He went into the deep recesses of my heart, bringing out all the anguish, all the pain, all the hurt I had carried all these years. Because I was the 98-pound weakling that all the kids chased, threw rocks at. I had a lot of years of stuff by the time God came and showed me.

Sid: But you know, you're not so unusual. Every one of us has stuff. The problem is most people live with this stuff and don't know if they get sick-free that all the promises of God are going to operate easily in your life. Betsy, you were betrayed before you were even born.

Betsy: Yes. I was conceived to an unmarried 16-year-old girl, and her father, in order to try to solve this problem decided to take her to get an abortion. And so they got there. This is 1940, and they get there very early in the morning to this abortion clinic. And the father gets out. And all of a sudden as this young terrified girl is there, this voice just fills the car and says, "Don't do it. Don't do it. Two wrongs don't make a right". And she knew in her heart it had to be God. And so she locked the car and refused to get out. And so I was born in the Salvation Army shelter in Durham, North Carolina, and the rest is history.

Sid: You know, that type of wounding led to what characteristics, Betsy?

Betsy: Well it led to a deep sense that I was a mistake, that I didn't belong, that no matter what I did it wasn't good enough. I was just going to be an outsider, and also this incredible fear of death that just paralyzed me. Sid, I would go to bed and I would just shake and have sweat running down me, feeling like tonight I'm just gonna die. And that was true for years, and I slept with the light on for years.

Sid: Chester, when you had the revelation what it was, was God loves you. That was your revelation. It began a journey for both of them, and step-by-step, God showed them keys to be normal, normal as defined by the Bible. And when we come back, not only are we going to show you the keys, but 20-some years ago he was teaching this. It was a process of revelation, step-by-step, an experimentation. But today he's learned how to streamline them. And by the way, do you use a lot of your psychology that you learned with your undergraduate, your Masters and almost your doctorate in what you do today?

Betsy: Well I don't regret having that because I had some very formative years in the mental health clinic where I just learned a lot that gave me a perspective. But then I found out that God could just go to the root of things.

Sid: Okay. You ready for God to go to your roots? I'm ready for God to go to these roots right here. And I'm going to tell you something. One supernatural key that you capture from God is going to unlock the promises, every promise of God in your life. We now return to "It's Supernatural"!

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with the Kylstras, and I know you came back. Tell me the keys that God has revealed to you.

Chester: It simple just like you said. But, and these four keys are already known, Sid. But what He showed us is they need to be dealt together. It's almost like putting all four keys in the locks at the same time.

Sid: Like's it's integrated would be the word.

Chester: That's the word we use. Integrated, interrelated. So the first one is very simple. It comes out of the second commandment where we pick up our family stuff. It just gets passed down through the generations until someone takes it to the cross. So I entered into the family sins of my family.

Sid: You know, you made a statement that God, when He looks at us, and it's very profound, He doesn't look at us, He looks at our whole family line. I've never thought about that before.

Chester: That's right. Well He's the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Right?

Sid: Right.

Chester: He's the family father of our family line also. So anyway, that sets us up. We enter in the sins of our fathers. We don't have to, but we all do that. And then out of that we grow up in families. And we found out that all of us think our families are normal. But the reality is that they're all dysfunctional, normally dysfunctional. How about that. Some a lot, some a little.

Sid: Well with me, that's an understatement, Chester. How about you guys? How about you?

Chester: Normally dysfunctional. So we get wounds to our heart. That's why Jesus said, "I came to heal the broken hearted". And we sin out of those wounds. People touch our tender points. But then out of those wounds we've learned the human mind is always trying to make sense out of what's going on around us and what's happening to us. And so most of the time we make sense by coming to the conclusion, there must be something the matter with me or these things wouldn't be happening to me. And so we buy ungodly beliefs, which is what we like call the lies we believe. Because my dad died and left me there must be something out of me and important people will leave. So the safe way to deal with that was to avoid other people. And we could go on with lots more. So these are lies based on God's Word. God doesn't say I'm a loner. He doesn't say important people are going to leave. He just says I'm His dearly beloved. That was a huge revelation.

Sid: So you replace the lie with the truth.

Chester: Yes.

Sid: The truth is God's promise.

Chester: And will set you free. And God has given us a very good process to go through to deal with converting lies into His truth. So those three areas, ancestral sins, the lies we believe, the hurts of our heart, all provide legal access to the demonic oppression. Some of them come down the family line. We open up the doors ourselves and invite them in. And so the devil does his job, which is to steal, kill and destroy, until we learn to not let him do that anymore, until we learn to begin to shut those doors. God gave Betsy a key vision one time as we were looking at these four areas.

Betsy: I was locking up the house to go on a vacation and there were four doors. And so as I was locking each one, the Lord said, "Why are you locking those doors"? And I said, "Because there are precious things inside I don't want stolen". And He said, "It's just like locking four ministry doors, the doors of the four ministry areas. If you close and lock them then the enemy won't be able to come in and steal the precious things that are inside".

Sid: Chester said, when you close those three doors the demonic doesn't even want to stay, and it's so easy to get free. It's not a big deal.

Chester: That's true. We find deliverance in restoring the foundations of ministry. It's almost a non-event. Let's say boring. And we've all heard stories of deliverance from the old days where people get bounced off the walls and stuff. It's because they did not take back the legal rights that the first three areas provide. And each one is related to the other three. Because the demons, they keep all this going on down the family line.

Sid: Okay. Give me an example of the generational family line that someone could be dealing with today.

Chester: Well alcoholism is very common. So there's an addiction issue, but also probably some major abandonment, victimization, things such as that. So that would be the ancestral sins and curses. So the child grows up, let's say in an alcoholic family, probably makes a vowed judgment against his parents, whichever one is the alcoholic, I will never be like that. So then they set themselves up to reap what they've just vowed. Or I won't treat my children that way. I'm not going to holler, yell or scream, and they find themselves, years later, hollering, yelling and screaming at their children, and hating it at the very same time they're doing it. And why am I doing this? So ancestral sins are at work there. They enter into him and made them their own.

Sid: Alright Betsy, tell me about an ungodly belief that you had.

Betsy: Well I had an ungodly belief that I was just always going to be left out. And what I found out later is the enemy has a strategy to reinforce an ungodly belief, setting up situations over and over, and over to reinforce the power of that. So I had that ungodly belief, I'm a mistake, I'll be left out.

Sid: And Chester, tell me what was the biggest soul wound you had.

Chester: Well I guess it was the abandonment by my father. Of course, he didn't intend to abandon me.

Sid: But you didn't know that. That's the problem.

Chester: A two-year-old doesn't figure these things out. We just live it. But I expected to be abandoned by everybody else. That was the ungodly believe I got. So I found myself being abandoned lots of times. And abandonment can take a lot of different forms. It can be, you know, as I said

Sid: You known what I'm reminded of? As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Chester thought he would be abandoned. Betsy had this terrific fear of death. Do you have a fear of death now?

Betsy: No sir.

Sid: I can tell. That's with an attitude.

Betsy: Jumping across the table.

Sid: Okay. I'm going to turn them loose in the next segment to pray for you? You want them to? I thought so. I thought so.

Sid: Now Chester, God revealed to you a super stronghold, and I can't wait for you to explain it.

Chester: It was amazing. We had been ministering, applying the integrated approach we had been talking about. One day we're ministering to this lady and I said, "You've got these three different things, shame, fear and control, and they're working together in a very major way, and I don't understand it, but I know it's really important". And says to me, "How does it work"? And I said, "I just told you, I don't understand". And then I heard come out of my mouth, "Because of abandonment we get ashamed, shamed and rejected, and we think there's something the matter with me". That's the basics of shame. And then out of the shame we get fearful. Well what if other people find out about my inadequacies, stuff like that. And we get a place to control them that I'm not going to let them find out. And so we put up walls. We get aggressive. We turn inward. Lots of ways.

Sid: When you have a group and you're teaching this, and you say, how many think that this is affecting you? What percentage would say that?

Chester: Well I usually don't ask them that way because it's shaming to admit that you have shame.

Sid: Sorry.

Chester: So it's an issue. But as we minister to people, we estimate over 80 percent in the United States are what we call shame-based.

Sid: And if someone doesn't get rid of it, what's going to happen with their destiny from God?

Chester: Well certainly hindered, may be preventive. I mean, it's really serious stuff. And as we see people get free of that super stronghold of shame, fear and control, and get released to where they can be led by the Holy Spirit and no longer in fear, you know, I'm afraid to take a risk, did you notice the Christian life requires taking a risk?

Sid: That's my middle name.

Chester: Yeah. And what if we can't do it, you know? If we're held back we're not going to fully fulfill our destiny.

Sid: Well tell me, actually, I got an email today and I believe that God has an answer for this from the two of you. Here it says, "I watch Sid regularly. I often times hear him saying, 'someone with a back pain is being healed, someone struggling with depression is being healed, etc., etc.' Has Sid ever felt anyone being healed from homosexuality? Is that even possible? I have never seen a single anointed person or pastor ever even mention a healing from it. Is that because no one wants to talk about it or does it not happen? I know many people, including myself, who have prayed about it and gotten not even a hint of a response from God. I'm not asking for resources. I'm asking if you have a clear understanding and message for me, maybe from a past experience". Well I can tell you, we have interviewed people that have spent a lifetime in homosexuality and a lifetime being married, happily, to a woman, a man married to a woman with children. What is your experience?

Betsy: Well we have experience of helping people come out of homosexuality.

Sid: Tell me one.

Betsy: Okay. I want to tell you one that really was supernatural. Sometimes they're a process. Sometimes they just happen. This was a young, attractive man in his probably 30s who had been gay as long as he could remember. He had prostituted himself many years and he was in the middle stages of HIV positive. So he was not looking at a very bright future. And we were ministering to him, and first he recommitted his life to the Lord.

Chester: And we helped him get really serious about his healing. This is not a game of playing with God. This is serious business. So we took him to the integrated approach and did everything we knew to do.

Betsy: And God had begun to heal his heart of a lot of deep rejection, wounds by his father and some sexual abuse wounds. And then Chester, remember that day that we just stood there with our hands on his shoulders and just cried out to the Lord and said, "Lord, we don't have anything else. Please come and just touch this man". And we were just praying in our prayer language. And all of a sudden we saw these tears rolling down his face, and we saw him kind of expand his chest. Do you remember what he said?

Chester: Yeah. He said, "I feel fuller, solider and I want to go be with the guys, but not like the past. I want to just be with the guys". And in that instance God changed his spirit from the feminine demonic influence he had to masculine.

Sid: What happened to his HIV?

Chester: He got worse.

Betsy: He got worse.

Chester: He kept getting worse.

Betsy: A year later, we went down in the city that he lived. He was at a AIDS patient home preparing to die, and we went to say goodbye and pray for him one last time. And he said, "You know something. I'm going to declare the goodness of the Lord every breath to my last breath". And we said, "Go for it. You know, we have a good God". And he did. And little by little, God healed him. And he is alive today. Hallelujah.

Sid: Chester, there are many people dealing with shame. Please pray for people to be free of shame right now.

Chester: Just pray with me. And the first step is, Lord, I acknowledge that I've allowed shame to control my life and that I have a shame-based personality.

Sid: Lord, I acknowledge that I've allowed, say this with me, Lord, I acknowledge that I have had a shame-life and that I have allowed the enemy to access me.

Together: Lord, I confess all the sins of my ancestors. Parents. All the authority figures in my life. Everybody that has sinned against me. That would cause me to give place to this shame. I forgive them all, Lord. Lord, I ask you to forgive me now. As I have forgiven them. Lord, I choose to forgive myself. For all the stupid things I've done. To enhance this same. And give it place in my life. I break my covenant with shame. With fear and with control. I dismiss all demons I've given legal rights to. I command you to leave me and my family line. Lord, renew my mind now. Let me see myself as you see me. Lord, I trust in the coming days. You'll come and heal all the hurts in my heart. That's given place to shame. Lord, tonight. I declare on shame. I will not stop the war. Until I'm totally free. In Jesus' name. Amen.
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