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Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I want to live in the presence of God 24/. And more important I want you to live. It's actually more important to me I want you to live in the supernatural of God 24/7. My guest went to Heaven and was taught by Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, the Word of God with the revelation of what they understood now that they're in Heaven. And he's been sent back here to teach you.

Can you imagine how quickly you're going to grow when you get these revelations? I can't wait because the more I hear him share this, the deeper and deeper it gets. And as I like to say, anything my guests can do, you can do better. So you're 18 years old. You're Catholic. You get a free trip to Disney. You want to go Orlando. You're 18. You want to go to the clubs. And so you need a room, not too expensive, and you rent a room, and the woman happens to be a very strong Christian that goes to a church that Benny Hinn is the pastor of, and she nags you to go. So you go to this church. What did you see?

Rich: You know, I thought it was going to be a traditional mass, you know, hour and a half.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Rich: Walk in the place. The worship was going on and there was a presence, an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, which I didn't know at that time. But I went up on the balcony, sat in there and instantly the presence of God came on me, and I started weeping and crying. But it was something I could not stop. So I forgot the message, I don't know what Benny Hinn preached about. All I know is the presence of the Holy Spirit came on me. I wept. I felt like tingling going throughout my body, and I was captured in the atmosphere of God.

Sid Roth: And I mean, God is so good. He's getting ready to go home and he hears the audible voice of God, "Do not go home. Stay in that church. Get mentored. Get discipled". And then after that he literally, tell me about when you heard God's voice, about the helmet.

Rich: Yes. Actually I never ended up going to Disney. I went to the church, Orlando Christian Center just about every single day, any event that was in church. Sunday night, Pastor Hinn used to have a healing service every Sunday night. I was in the healing service, touched by the presence of God. On the way back to the house a guys, "You want a ride"? I said, sure. I'm on motorcycle, wearing the helmet. I'm leaving the church. About two blocks away from the church I hear the voice of the Lord from inside of my helmet. It sounded like rain. And He said to me, "You're not going back". So I took the helmet out and I looked in the helmet, and I told my friend, "The Lord spoke to me". And he goes, "What do you mean"? And I go, "He's in the helmet".

So he stopped on the side, and he goes, "Dude, God is not inside the helmet". And I said, "God is inside the helmet". I had no idea how the Lord functioned. I was just saved days. And I knew right away that it was God talking to me. And the Lord says, "Don't go back". I stop at a pay phone and call my house and tell my father, "I'm not going back. I'm staying". Mother says, "What"? I said, "Dad, Jesus talked to me". And he goes, "Really"? And I said, "Yeah". "What did he say"? I go, "He says I need to stay here". And he goes, "Well if you don't get on the plane tomorrow I'm going to," and he said some really bad words, "and I'll go get you myself and drag you back to Hawaii". So I said to him, guess what, "I'm not going". Hang up the phone and I stay in Florida for the next nine years.

Sid Roth: You know what? He saw so many miracles. I mean, he had visitations and just so many things. It's hard for me to comprehend that he backslid. I guess his gifts were beyond his knowledge of how to use them and people talked, and he got hurt. And he went into business. How could you backslide after all that you saw?

Rich: You see, that's something that I was wondering myself. I went through some things, oppositions and some trials. And you know, it's interesting to see how little by little, you know, it's not something that you get up in the morning and say, I'm going back, I don't want God. You find yourself compromising. You find yourself hanging out with the people that don't carry that same fire and passion for God. You hang out with Christians that are churchgoers, but they live in the Word, living the church. And little by little, the devil is so sneaky, little by little down the road you find yourself completely backing the things that you say you'll never go back, you know. And that's what happened to me.

Sid Roth: And you know, he felt he was going to have a heart attack. I mean, to him, it was a heart attack And he had a visitation from Jesus, and he went to Heaven. And when he shares about his understanding of the Glory, his understanding of the Word that was downloaded to him in Heaven, you must get closer to God. You must grow. And even those that are backslidden and they're watching right now, come home. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now Rich Vera had six hours in Heaven. But he says, although it was six hours, there's no time in Heaven. And so it was unlimited teaching was downloaded into his spirit. Tell me about what happened when you went to Heaven.

Rich: You know, I was grilling fish in Hawaii with friends and I passed out. And so instantly when I fell to the ground I was taken out of my body and it was right in the presence of the Lord. Now I always have the idea when I see Jesus and when I jump on him, kiss and love him. But because I wasn't living up to his expectations to what I knew was best, there was a sense of failure on the inside. There was a sense of so much to do for God. I'm calling God. I'm here. I'm wasting my time being selfish allowing bitterness and what people did to me, keep me away from the living God. I spent what it seemed to me 45 minutes or more begging the Lord for his mercy. I felt that at any time something could open and I would go right to Hell. And I begged the Lord from my whole being asking, "Lord have mercy. Please send me back. And if you send me back I'll do anything you want me to do. I'll preach for you. I'll live my life for you".

Was about a time when begging with such a force that I heard at a distance, way at a distance that the sound of the ambulance pulling over to the house. And I began to see way down there, opening the door, coming out, coming down the driveway. And when I saw them I opened my eyes back on the backyard. And I told my friends, "This is not a sickness". I said, "I'm not dying". I said, "This is a visitation from God". They had no idea what I was talking about. They told the paramedics that I was okay, that it was a visitation from God. I don't know how they took it.

So when they were gone, I told them, "Pull me in the house," because I was in the backyard. Neighbors heard me screaming. They were coming out the windows. They dragged me in the house, threw me on the couch. The moment I hit the couch I was taken up my body again, and this time I was in the presence of the Lord. But I wasn't begging for mercy. Now I knew that the Lord gave me a chance. I knew that the Lord allowed me to return, and that I wasn't going to die and go to Hell. Now walking with the Lord, the funny thing is my mind that I have down here, it works perfectly up there. So I remember everything down here and I always say if I see Jesus, I'm going to ask him every question I can ask. I'm going throw a thousand questions.

Sid Roth: How would you like to ask Jesus some questions? I have an idea you would. I have an idea you would, too.

Rich: And I began to ask him questions. I said, "God, tell me about the healing ministry and the prophetic ministry, and the working of miracles". Because these are the gifts that God has given me as a minister. And the Lord answer my questions. And I go, "Lord, am I going to raise the dead? What's going to be this? Am I going to preach? How big is going to be my audience"? And the Lord was not paying attention. So I got frustrated and I said, "Fine". And I thought to myself, somehow, I'm going to get the answer from you.

And the Lord says, "I want you to see something and meet some people". And He's walking me down, and suddenly the Lord, before He walks me down, He looks at me and says, "Why did you allow what people said about you and things that happened, and the accusations, how mean people, why did you let this turn you away from me? Don't you know that I'm the one". And he took me back since I was little boy, incidents that in my life that He was with me and I had no idea. Now when the Lord is telling me this, I'm listening to his voice, but I'm having a visual like a TV screen of the events.

And as the Lord is talking to me, up to the say I was 18 years old when I got born again, and the Lord says, "I was with you this event and I'm the one that visited you and saved you". When He's talking to me His voice and His words are coming to me with such a force that they started cleansing me from all the bitterness and all the anger. And instantly, by Him talking to me, I was filled with His love and I was delivered from the hatred, the bitterness and all my rescindments. And I was filled with the love of God to the point that I wanted to go to every person that did me wrong and hug them and kiss them. It was a love that it was beyond my way of expressing love. And I learned one thing. The voice of the Lord carries power to deliver us, to change us, to heal us, just His voice.

Sid Roth: You know, here in America, we have, what, maybe eight Bibles per Christian. We're fat with Bibles. And we've heard the stories since we were in Sunday school, little kids. And we kind of take it for granted. We forget how powerful every word of the Word of God is.

Rich: Well Jesus said, "The words that I speak, they're spirit and they carry life". So words are not just noise, you know, like you hear a voice and go, you're just making noise. But when Jesus talks, there's two elements to his voice. His voice is an audio and his voice is visual. And my experience is because everything He will talk to me, I will see it. That's why you hear prophetic people say, I see this and I see that. You're hearing something from the Lord. So when God talks to us, and actually words that are spirit born, spirit led, are words that will carry vision and will carry audio. And this is the power of God. Because the Bible says, without vision that people perish. But the Word of God brings vision to us. There's a need for us to hear the voice of God, not just through a prophet. One word of the Lord can carry you for a whole life, one single word.

Sid Roth: Now God told you, when you came back and He taught you about the gift of prophecy, but what did he tell you, you would be able to see?

Rich: You know, He showed me some people. And He says, "Look up". And He told me, "What do you see"? And I see, "Well I see," and I described people. He says, "Look again. Tell me what you see". And I see, "Well I see," and I described different bodies. He says, "Look again". So I began to describe blue tie, red this. And then suddenly an angel turned the group of people around, and an angel came and peeled in from the back like if it wore a banana. So when he peeled them instead of seeing their brain or their body organs, I could see them what happened to them when they were children, things in their lives, what they were thinking, incidents in their lives. And the Lord says, "Look now". And when I saw it, something right away was downloading in my spirit. And the Lord says, "From this time on when you see people, you will know. And as you speak by my spirit I will heal them, I will deliver them, not only physical, but from things that are happening in their lives". So that's really what released me to another level of the prophetic in my life.

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something, I was with him and I just talked a bit about backsliding, and I don't understand someone backsliding, I said, because I had such an experience, I could never even fathom that. And he began to tell me the experience that I had. He said, "I see it". And he began to say the words, but he had no knowledge of this before the fact. So I've already tested this gift. But what excites me even more than that gift, I have to tell you, is the revelation you got from Isaiah, from Peter, from Elijah, from Moses. Oy vey. I wish I had those revelations. I want to hear it in the next segment. Be right back.

Sid Roth: My guest Rich Vera went to Heaven and had so much revelation downloaded to the Word of God. One of my favorite passages of all the Bible is the prophet Isaiah, the 53rd Chapter. Why? Because it is a perfect description of the Messiah, Jesus. And it was written eight to 900 years before Jesus came to Earth. What did Isaiah teach you about that, Isaiah 53?

Rich: You see, I was able to see in a vision. You know, when Isaiah talked to me it was the voice of the Lord talking, but it was him talking. And that's when I realized that when we read the Word of God it's not just somebody's opinion. It is literally the Lord talking through the prophets. And when I saw Isaiah 53, I saw the cross, and I saw Jesus' crucifixion. And the power of that event that Jesus did not die just to forgive our sins, even though that's a main thing. But there's wholeness. There's the healing of the spirit of the soul and the body that happened on that cross, that happened to shed the blood of Jesus. You know, many times we have forgotten about the cross and we have forgotten about the blood. But really, it was on the cross, in the Old Testament when they looked at the serpents on the pole. You know, Moses said, "Whosoever looks shall live". Well there was a shadow of the crucifixion, and in the cross our sins were there, our sicknesses. So when he spoke this to me his voice came out with such a power. And I realized, we emphasize on the cure of the body. Most people that talk about healing talk about cures. But in reality when you get the spirit inside of a person well and whole, then the healing of the body will following automatically.

Sid Roth: And that's the missing link. That's why a lot of people even, they get healed and then it seems like the symptoms come back so easily. It's because those same wounds are still there.

Rich: Exactly. There are some that have not dealt with that we spoke about inequity. You know, there are so many things that we don't allow, and then we want things from God. And then when they don't work the enemy comes to deceive us. Well maybe God don't want to heal, it's not your time or so many things. But I found that in the presence of the Glory of God there's wholeness. You see, Heaven was all about the Glory. Heaven, there is not an ounce of anointing in Heaven. There is no anointing in Heaven. The anointing is for the Earth. But Heaven is all about the Glory because Heaven is all about God. In Heaven, no one is insignificant.

Isaiah, all these people that I saw and I was able to converse, they had one message to me. I asked them a thousand questions and their message was the Glory, and the Glory is God. So Heaven is full of His glory. God fills Heaven. Worship is directed. Everything is directed towards a person of God. I was able to see up on a hill the palace of God, and I said a palace because it looked to me like a palace covered by a shot, by a cloud. But it was a dark cloud like a cloud that's about to pour rain. And that dark cloud, it covered half of the palace. And the palace was up on the mountain. I was trying to run up to catch it, because my mind is still at work.

So I'm thinking, I'm going to go up there real quick and just touch it a little bit. And the more I ran up, the higher it went. I understood when it says, "I saw the Lord and He was high and lifted up". So not only He is high, but He's in a continuous state of going higher. And the worship of the people is what exalts, the word "exalt" is to bring high. So God is on continuous exultation. And the way we connect with God, really I learned, is to worship, is to finding that connection. And then I saw suddenly that a door opened up and this river came down from the palace. When this river came down it looked like if it was as thick as liquid chocolate. But it was the water that came out, it was gold, it was like gold liquid. And the water would curl and would come down. It looks almost like a cartoon. And suddenly I hear a voice as the water is coming down, that that was the river of life, and anything that it touches it turns it back into life. And I could see the grass and some of the flowers that it would go right through, and it would come alive. They were alive.

Sid Roth: So that river is available today. And I'm going to ask you to pray, especially people that have these inequities, these wounds in their souls that are preventing them from activating the promises of God. I believe if you pray for them right now there is going to be a supernatural river of life.

Rich: I believe that. You know, most of us we deal with transgressions. You know, transgressions is the act of what we do wrong. You know, but there's a thing in the Bible that's called inequity, which is that inner cause that makes you do the other sins. Most of us, we're clean. We say we don't do smoke, we don't drink, we don't do this. But yet if we don't deal with what's in our heart, the wickedness of our heart, the things that was inherited, then eventually that scene will come back again causing you to fall. And that's why so many good people, maybe you're watching us and you are a good believer, and you don't know why you fell into a sin, into a thing, it is because you never dealt with the issue of the heart.

And I pray right now in the name of Jesus there are many ministers, people called to minister right now and you fell away, and you felt God is done with me. But no, the Lord wants to restore your life. He did it for me, and it was His presence, it was His voice, His word that completely delivered me. And I know God wants to restore you. And I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus that this will be the day and the hour where the Lord restores your life, heals you, remove every generation or curse out of your life and brings the presence of the Holy Spirit into every compartment of your heart and of your soul, and heals you in the name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: You know, I feel, as you're talking right now I am hearing words of knowledge. I am hearing that people with arthritis in their fingers, if you will move your fingers the arthritis is gone. And others, right there, I'm speaking to you. If you have a pain in your neck or your back, if you'll just stand up, stretch, touch the ceiling, you know what I'm saying, move your head, you'll see that that pain is totally gone, is very strong, and fingers. Is God showing you anything?

Rich: Yeah. You know, definitely arthritis. There is somebody with a back problem and you had an accident, and you have been in extreme pain for many years because of your back. Some of your discs were damaged. The Lord is healing you right now. There's a great healing in your body. There's also somebody else with a blockage on your ear, on your hearing right now that the Lord is delivering you from that stuff. There is people with depression, heavy depression, and the Lord is lifting that veil of depression out of your life and you're being free right now by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sid Roth: And I can say this to you right now. This show was designed for you. Remember when I said, come home? That was for you. God is not angry with you. He sent his son to die for you. And I tell you, you would not be watching this show if there wasn't time to come home. Turn from your sin, turn to God, believe Jesus died and is your Lord and lives inside of you, and rose from the dead.
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