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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Supernatural Mentoring

Sid Roth - Supernatural Mentoring

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Sid Roth: Shalom. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I love the rarified air of Heaven, and I'm surrounded with it. This air is inside of me. But I have news for you. You are not called to be a spectator. You are not called to just be entertained every Sunday. You are called to be a participant in the last act of the last play of the history of Planet Earth. I have two guests that started watching "It's Supernatural"! and got hooked.

And today they're doing the same things and the people they're teaching are doing the same things that my guests are doing. I was talking to one of them a little bit early and he said, "Anything I see on your show God is showing me I can do". But I'll go a step further. Anything my guest can do, you can do better. Hello. Sid Roth here with Pastor Williams. And Pastor, you have a large church. How do I know it? You have 5000 members in Memphis. I was there speaking at your congregation. But there was a point in your life where you needed to get in touch with God. You did and a major miracle happened for your daughter.

Pastor Williams: My daughter was six months old, Brother Sid, and she contracted a very serious case of atopic dermatitis, and it was a skin disease where just scratched until she bled. Many nights my wife had to change the sheets because of the blood that was on the bed the night before. We went to doctor after doctor, to the best doctors in Memphis where we were located, and tried some of the best creams and medication. Nothing worked at all. Not one thing worked. And going before God and praying somebody laid in my hand a book from Kenneth Hagen about healing. Now I'm a Baptist pastor at this time. I'm not spirit filled, don't know anything about it, and I want to stay in my traditions and nowhere ready to step out at all in that.

So I began to read the book. But when you're desperate, there's something about when you're desperate you begin to step outside of your traditions. And my wife and I were desperate for a miracle for our child. Couldn't understand why she was afflicted or what have you. But I read that book and from there went to Weymouth and got trained, and then the Lord gave us a word of deliverance about somebody else's daughter was going through a similar situation in the book. We read that and went and ministered deliverance to our child. One night when she was about three years old, my wife and I ministered deliverance, and we saw boils just begin to break out all over her body, and that was toxin that was coming out of her body. From that night on, she never had the problem with the scratching and the itching again.

Sid Roth: Now that's our God. But, I feel like a motor boat, but he goes to Weymouth Bible College. He's filled with the spirit. He's seen a miracle in his own daughter, but he doesn't see many miracles happen in his congregation with all of that training. Then he starts watching "It's Supernatural"! Now if you had seen "It's Supernatural"! maybe five years earlier, what would you have done?

Pastor Williams: You know, I would have, let me go back and give you this. Primarily I had laid hands on people from what we had been taught and I could teach people how to take the Word of God and be healed. That may have been four months a year down the road, maybe even a couple of years of them just standing and waiting. But after watching "It's Supernatural"! and seeing some of the people that you had on your program, and Charles Ndfion was one, and seeing how they just immediately took the Word of God and gave instruction to people to do, to act on their word, there were immediate results and immediate manifestations.

And so having watched that, one particular night there was a young lady who's best friends with my daughter. She wanted to come by the office to meet us. She had been in a car wreck two years prior, was in pain for two years. Her back was twisted. And so I'm in the office and I'm going, God, this is my time. And I had to step out. And so it was my daughter, my wife and her friend were there. And so I prayed for her, gave her the instruction to bend over. When she bent over, okay, she was a little afraid at first because she knew there was going to be pain. When she bent over and came back up all the pain was gone. That was my initial step of faith into miracles as a result of watching the TV program.

Sid Roth: But had you seen it a few years earlier would you have watched it?

Pastor Williams: No. Listen, based on what has been on this program, can I really be honest with you?

Sid Roth: Please.

Pastor Williams: If I had seen the things that were on this show going back five, 10 years ago, instead of it being the glory zone, I would have thought it was the twilight zone. I just want to be honest with you. I mean, when I'm hearing about on programs people's hair growing back and people losing weight, and all these different things happening I was just amazed at what I saw. People losing weight and all of this, and all these people being translated. Man, if I had heard that five, 10 years ago I would have thought you all were crazy.

Sid Roth: Okay. Now listen. We have a Hebrew word we use for that. It's meshuggah.

Pastor Williams: Yeah.

Sid Roth: It means crazy.

Pastor Williams: Well I would have thought you were meshuggah.

Sid Roth: I didn't know you were Jewish.

Pastor Williams: I'm learning how to be one.

Sid Roth: Good for you. Okay. So I go to his congregation to speak and I tell him about my friend Tony Kemp, how Tony went on to our radio archives, our television archives. They're all free right on the Internet. Spent six, eight hours a day and came out doing the same thing and a light bulb went off in his brain. And he said, "Well I am going to do that for my congregation". What did you do, briefly?

Pastor Williams: When we met for breakfast that morning, you shared that. I went home to find in the archives Brother Kemp's story and how he did that. I began to go back and see some of the archives. When I got to about the third show, I knew then my congregation had to begin to see it, and I started showing it. But with that the Lord laid on my heart to make out a curriculum, to make out a workbook. So each show that you had I went down the line, poured out about points that was discussed in the program, made a question, drew a line under each question where the people could watch it, go back and do it, and they give them application in the end for things for them to do.

And Brother Sid, as a result when the people were watching the program some of them got healed during the program, some of them got healed when they prayed and applied it after the program was over with. We had one lady who was getting ready to go to surgery because she need breast reduction. Her back had been hurting, and she was scheduled for surgery. Saw one of the programs. It was either Joni Hunter or it could have been Ron White, I can't quite remember which one, saw the program, went home and prayed a quiet prayer of faith. The next morning she noticed that her breasts had begun to reduce.

Sid Roth: She didn't need surgery.

Pastor Williams: She didn't have to go to surgery as a result, absolutely.

Sid Roth: Turnabout is fair play. He called meshuggah. You're meshuggah. Alright. Listen, we're going to be right back, and I'm going to have Tony Kemp on. You might think that's outrageous, wait until you hear the miracles happening with Tony. And these outrageous miracles are happening to all the people taking the "It's Supernatural"! course in his congregation. And God's not respecter of persons. He wants that to happen to you. To you!

Pastor Williams: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid here with Tony Kemp. Tony is a friend. He's a board member. He's a graduate of school of theology. He's a man who is in ministry for something like 26 years. How many miracles did you see in that 26 years?

Tony Kemp: I saw maybe 10 healings in that entire time, Sid. In fact, I gave up praying for people that were sick because nothing happened.

Sid Roth: You're very pragmatic, practical.

Tony Kemp: That's exactly the truth.

Sid Roth: Okay. So he gets so frustrated he "accidentally" finds "It's Supernatural"! What happened?

Tony Kemp: Well I began to study the program and listen to the words of God, the keys, the revelations that were coming through you and through the guests, and I began to learn how to move in the supernatural. And this is what I want to say, Sid. Anyone who knows Jesus and loves Jesus, and pursues Jesus can move in the supernatural.

Sid Roth: So you spent six to eight hours a day on our TV show, on the archives of our radio, all these archives all of this time. And you come out actually believing that God is not a respecter of persons, actually believing what God does for any of our guests He would do for you. And there were a bunch of deaf people at this first meeting. Tell me about it.

Tony Kemp: Well I had never seen the death healed up until that moment. You see, Sid, when I watched the program there were several things that I saw. Number one, I saw that somebody cried out to God. Number two, I saw that somebody heard God. Number three, I saw that somebody obeyed God and then the miracles happened. So I decided to take a risk. And faith is spelled R-I-S-K. And I thought if it worked for these other people, your guests, maybe it might work for me. And so I just stepped out by faith. I prayed for each deaf person, there were seven of them, and every single one of them heard.

Sid Roth: Did you hear that? Seven deaf people and every single person heard. Well I've got a report of pages of just your last three meetings. These must have been unusual. There were so many people healed. Tell me some of the things that people are healed of your meetings.

Tony Kemp: Oh my. We see the deaf hear, the blind see. People get up out of wheelchairs and walk. There are dental miracles. Teeth are removed so they don't have to go to the dentist. People grow teeth. People get gold fillings, silver feelings, regular feelings, cancer is healed, sugar diabetes is healed, supernatural weight loss. We even have persons who have metal or plastic or titanium in their body where it disappears and pain is gone. And we have cases where even the doctor couldn't find the metal.

Sid Roth: Now does this type of thing happen just at the last few meetings or every meeting?

Tony Kemp: These kinds of things happen all the time, Sid. I mean, all the time. It is regular.

Sid Roth: How about he went to Heaven and he met some angels that may be here right now. When we come back, I want to hear about his visit to Heaven. How about you?

Sid Roth: My guest went to Heaven. Tony Kemp, tell me about that.

Tony Kemp: Well among other things, I met with two angels that God assigned to me. One angel was the angel that would give me revelation by the Holy Spirit, word of knowledge, word of wisdom and prophecy, and the other angel would stand beside me and help me minister to the people in certain gifts of the spirit, gifts of healings, working of miracles and the gift of faith. And whenever I'm going to minister in all specific areas those angels come to assist me.

Sid Roth: Now do you know if either of those two angels are here now?

Tony Kemp: Yes. The angel of revelation is here now, and when we get to the part where it comes to minister healing the angel of healing will come in.

Sid Roth: I know. But I just wanted you to know those angels are here right now. So tell me about this person that had a glass grey eye. I'm just stretching right now.

Tony Kemp: I was in Missouri. I was doing a ministers' meeting. A woman comes up. She has a glass eye that's grey. Her real eye is blue. And when she comes up to me for prayer, I say to her, Sid, "Oh you're blind" and she rebukes me. She says, "No, I'm not blind. I just can't see". And when she says that to me, Sid, I knew then that she believed something was going to happen. When we prayed with her, Sid, her glass eye becomes a real eye in her socket. It turns blue like the other eye and she sees out of it perfectly.

Sid Roth: If that doesn't blow you out of the water I don't know what will. What was going on inside of you when that happened?

Tony Kemp: Pure joy. Because I remember the heavenly experience I had in the body parts room and seeing the body parts, and that was one of those cases where the body part, the angel of the Lord that does miracles, goes gets the body part, brings it, puts in the person's body and it becomes physical in that person's body.

Sid Roth: Tell me about people that have metal in their body and it turns to bone. I'm telling you, this is called stretch night on "It's Supernatural"!

Tony Kemp: I was in Detroit, Michigan. I was at a Baptist church. A man there in his 50s that had a knee replacement, and he had pain in his knee. When he walked through any place that had security the metal in his knee would set off the alarm, the metal detector.

Sid Roth: I know. I've got an artificial hip. It takes me a lot of time through airport security.

Tony Kemp: So he comes up for prayer. He's in pain. God touches him. His pain disappears and he actually starts hitting his knee, which he couldn't do before. He drops to his knees. He crawls on his knees. He's happy because now he says now I can put my grandchild on my back. Well the next time he goes through security the metal detector does not go off.

Sid Roth: I'm waiting for that day for me. Now I'm going to believe that day is today is the day of salvation. How about you? You believe today is the day of your healing. Okay. You met Rennie McClain, you told me, and he prayed for you to lose weight, and you dropped how many pounds?

Tony Kemp: About 40, 50 pounds.

Sid Roth: Okay. And ever since he did that you prayed for people. How many people lose weight, the most that you know that lost weight in one meeting?

Tony Kemp: I was in Syracuse, New York and 27 people experienced supernatural weight loss, and we've seen people, I usually give this instruction, Sid. I say, "Listen, repent of the way you've been eating. Do the best you can. Eat right. And when you do what's right in the natural, God will do the supernatural". I mean, we have seen people, oh my goodness, we had a case, cases, a person would come up and their stomach would be out here and it would literally shrink on the spot. Other people would lose two or three dress sizes, and then everyday they would lose weight. We had a case in New York, a woman had COPD, she's in a wheelchair, she's in pain, she has kidney failure. She's gained 80-something pounds. God heals her of her COPD. Her breathing becomes normal, and then in 28 days, Sid, she loses 80 pounds, gets up out of the wheelchair and becomes completely healthy.

Sid Roth: This is a man that only 10 miracles in all of those years, and he watches "It's Supernatural"! and this is normal. What is normal for him is going to be normal for you. Tony, pray for people right now. People are going, I even hear someone's spine has just been restored in Jesus' name, and someone's whole back is restored. Go ahead.

Tony Kemp: The Father is ministering to you right now. There is someone right now, you're a woman, you have a kidney disease. You're being healed right now in the name of Jesus the Messiah. There's someone else watching me right now, you have terrible migraine headaches. You're being healed right now in the name of Jesus. Someone else, you are deaf in your right ear. That ear is popping open and you're being healed right now. Someone else, you have ringing in the ears and now it's coming to silence. There is one other person, you have a problem with your knee and that knee is being healed, that pain is disappearing and you're healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Messiah.

Sid Roth: My heart's desire is that you would be normal, normal as defined by the Bible. That means you can do, and because this is what our Master said, the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus, "You can the same works that I have done and even greater". As he is, so are we on this earth. I believe as we go out if you pray for supernatural weight loss at this moment and dental miracles, those two things people are going to receive them.

Tony Kemp: I want you to bow your head right where you are. In the name of Jesus, Father, let angels go forth, and Father, let angels touch people. Let them get dental miracles. Lord, those that don't have the money, let teeth that need to be removed be supernaturally removed. Let people who need fillings, let them have silver feelings, regular fillings and gold fillings. And Lord, those that need to grow teeth, I command you to grow teeth by the power of the Holy Spirit. And Father, I pray for supernatural weight loss right now, begin losing weight in the mighty name of Jesus for the Father's glory.

Sid Roth: I can tell you this. An angel is here and all things, sinuses, you can breathe clearly in Jesus' name. All things are possible.
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