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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - It Took 14 Men to Hold Back This Demon-Possessed Girl

Sid Roth - It Took 14 Men to Hold Back This Demon-Possessed Girl

Sid Roth - It Took 14 Men to Hold Back This Demon-Possessed Girl

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural. Speaking of naturally supernatural, my guest, Evangeline Weiner, from before you were even born, your parents were speaking about the invisible world and the supernatural to you. Tell me what happened when you were 5-years old in Ocala, Florida.

Evangeline Weiner: In Ocala, I was always, I went with my dad: he was speaking there. We were always trained that, no matter how old you are, whatever experience you have it doesn't matter, because we all have the same power in God. Anyway, in Ocala I had my own prayer line there. It's really the first time I remember praying for someone and really seeing them get healed. I prayed for this lady, and she had cancer, and you could visually see her lump under her arm. So I laid hands on her...

Sid Roth: Wait, you're a little 5-year old! You must've had to get on a little stepladder or something.

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah, probably. And I was really short too. I wasn't supposed to make it past 5 feet. But anyway, that's another miracle. Anyway, I prayed for her, and I literally saw the bump. She went to the restroom, and came back screaming, "I've been healed! I've been healed"! Literally, you could see under her arm that it was gone: the cancer had disappeared.

Sid Roth: What effect did this have on you?

Evangeline Weiner: I think it makes you, you're told a lot of things, you know. "This is true. This is truth". But when you begin to experience the power of God, the supernatural power of God, you begin to realize, really, that it's truth: that God is still a God who heals. And he can heal through a 5-year-old, he can heal through anyone. He doesn't need someone to have a degree or anything.

Sid Roth: Ok, but then bigger and better things. You go with your family to Russia. What did you see there with your own eyes?

Evangeline Weiner: In Russia, we went right after the Berlin wall fell down, so it was a time when there was so much transitioning happening in Russia. But when I was 9, I was playing in the playground, like a lot of kids do. I was by myself. I don't know why, but I'm a pretty independent kid. Or, I was. I'm not a kid anymore. Anyway, I saw this kid getting pushed in a wheelchair, and I asked his mom "What's wrong with your son"? And she said, "He's a paraplegic. He's never walked". I said "Alright. We've brought all these people from all over the world. We believe in the power of God, that he wants to heal your son". She said "Well, that's ok. My husband's a professor at the university of Moscow. He's atheist. But I'm desperate, so..."

Sid Roth: How old are you?

Evangeline Weiner: Like 8.

Sid Roth: 8 years old? How do you have such chutzpah? That's a Hebrew word: it means "Nerve". How do you have such chutzpah?!?!

Evangeline Weiner: I guess when you've seen the supernatural, you know that God can do it. I saw God do it. It says in the Bible that he does it, so why believe anything different?

Sid Roth: So you're telling the parent who has the child in the wheelchair...

Evangeline Weiner: The mother, yeah, that God can heal her son: that he wants to heal her son. She said, "My husband's an atheist". I said "Well that's ok, just come with us". So I looked everywhere for some people who had come, I wasn't thinking correctly, to pray for him, and I couldn't find anybody. So in my frustration, I said, "Alright, I'll have to pray for you myself". So I just took the kid, ripped him out of the wheelchair and said, "Alright, you've got to walk". Literally, he had never walked before, so I just took him by the hand and he started walking. Later that night, they came back to our meeting, because I'd said we were training students and I wanted to show what God did. So the little boy ran across the stage to me at that point, and the mom fell on her knees and gave her life to the Lord right there, and that family got saved because of the power of miracles.

Sid Roth: Speaking of the power of miracles, according to my notes, when you were 5-years old you were seeing people with blind eyes, the eyes opened, the deaf hearing. Tell me what you saw with your own eyes.

Evangeline Weiner: We would have our own prayer lines everywhere we went. Like in Russia, because I spent most of my childhood in Russia. So in Russia, we'd have lines of people, and they didn't have the same kind of medical help we have here. Basically all their choice is, is to get a healing.

Sid Roth: It's God or die.

Evangeline Weiner: Exactly. So they would come forward.

Sid Roth: No vitamins, nothing.

Evangeline Weiner: Exactly. So they would come forward and literally, I remember being like "Ok, can you hear yet? Can you hear yet? Alright. Next person". Because when you start to really see it, it just builds your faith that much more. You see it, and you see it, and you see it, and it begins to build your faith to believe for the miraculous.

Sid Roth: What do you, having seen those kinds of miracles in other countries, in third world countries, here we are in America, and candidly speaking, I know you have as much faith in America as you do anywhere else, but we don't see as much. What is about ready to happen? What is God showing you?

Evangeline Weiner: I feel like we're entering a season of the greatest revival that we've ever seen. And not just revival of people getting saved, but also reformation of society, people realizing also who they are in God, walking in the miraculous, no matter if they're a plumber. You know, going into someone's house, seeing God move through them. I think we're about to really experience the supernatural like never before: experience salvation like never before. And we're entering into that era.

Sid Roth: Now you told me that's why you wrote your book, so that people could enter their destiny.

Evangeline Weiner: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: See, she understands faith like few people. How would you like to have, from actually even before being born, your parents speaking faith, living faith? That's the environment she was raised in. You're normal. And you want to make other people normal with your book. Don't go away, because the miracles get even hotter. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with Evangeline Weiner. Evangeline, you told me miracles are starting to break out even in the United States. Tell me one you've seen recently.

Evangeline Weiner: God's the same everywhere. In America, even recently I was at a university campus in the east coast, and we were speaking to students who were interested in the supernatural, who were interested in God. I just stood up there and began to speak to people. People weren't Christians or anything: they weren't believers. But at the end I said, "Is there anyone who needs to be healed here"? And this girl stood up, she was from an African nation. She was from Sierra Leone, and she had become paralyzed due to the noise from the war, civil war in the nation. Through her hearing or something, one side of her body had become paralyzed. It was crazy, because here we were, just coming in as a student club, sitting with people who were studying, and doing different things. People are trying to pretend like we're not even there: you know, the students. Anyway, we lay hands on her, and she literally began to get feeling in her arms, she walked around, she started moving her arms, she started moving her leg. We had all the family and all the aunts screaming and yelling, you know. I mean it happened right there in the middle of a campus, in the middle of a study hall basically. The power of God showed up.

Sid Roth: When you were 14, in Russia, you conducted your own seminar on faith, and you expected a few people to show up, just mostly pastors and people like that. How many came to your seminar?

Evangeline Weiner: I was 11 actually, but 350 came, and we experienced the power of God there too. I prayed for these two communist girls. I didn't know at the time that they were the daughters of the head of the communist party in that area. But I prayed for them, and they went home apparently speaking another language, because their parents were furious and called the governor's assistant of religion affairs. The next morning, my dad came to me and said "Come on Evangeline, you got us in trouble". He was just kidding, but he said, "This is pretty good. The first time you ever preach, you're already getting persecuted". So anyway, we went in there, met this big, bald...

Sid Roth: You'd have to know her father to appreciate that. I can picture him saying that. But can you imagine an 11-year-old going before the heads of the communist party? Were you nervous?

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah. Well, a little bit.

Sid Roth: Of course you were.

Evangeline Weiner: My dad was more nervous than me. He probably had more understanding that I could be sent to Siberia, or he could. No, I'm just kidding.

Sid Roth: Well they have good salmon in Siberia. No, I'm just teasing.

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah, it can't be that bad. Anyway, I sat there, and this big Russian bald guy is sitting there, and says, "Who's done this? Who's ruined all the peace of Russia"? He's furious. Anyway, God got us out of there, but it's just amazing what God can do through anyone who's willing to say "God, use me. Here I am".

Sid Roth: That's what I love about your book. For instance, Jennifer Toledo, you tell her story. Tell me about her.

Evangeline Weiner: Jennifer Toledo was a girl who lived in California. Really, her life came to a focal point when she was sitting in taco bell one day and she felt the Lord say "You choose today who you're going to serve". She always thought she could serve God or serve the devil, but she never thought, "I can serve myself". She had this dream school she always wanted to go to, and she was feeling the Lord tell her to go to Africa. Originally to Canada, then to Africa. He said, "If you do this, I'm going to use you to change this nation". So she began to step out, lay one thing down after another of her heart's dream. Even marriage. At the time, she was wanting to get married, and the Lord told her "Why don't you lay that down"? She didn't want to, but it had to do with her getting to where God called her to go. So anyway, she went to Africa. When she went in, they had AK-47s. The world vision trucks for food were there, because of the desolation of the nation she went to. She went there, and basically through a series of events there was a curse that was on that nation. Every time that same year all these witch doctors got together on what was called goat mountain and made sacrifices to the devil for their nation, or the firstborn children that were babies would bleed out of their nose. In the city, everybody knew that this happened because of the curse that was on their nation. Even the pastors there.

Sid Roth: How could this young girl go there by herself? She reminds me of you.

Evangeline Weiner: I think she just realized who God was, that he was still the same God who uses Davids to take out Goliaths. That's even the term she uses.

Sid Roth: She ended up in the hospital dying, and she had a mysterious visitor. Tell me about that.

Evangeline Weiner: She was dying in the hospital. While she was there, there was no explanation, but they said she was going to die. She was laying in bed, and she saw Jesus. He came in and he literally took his hand. She saw him cut her open, so to speak, and clean everything off, put it back together, and the next day she woke up and goes "I'm hungry. Bring me something to eat". She hadn't eaten in weeks, and she was on the verge of dying. So Jesus himself came and healed her.

Sid Roth: What did the doctors have to say about that?

Evangeline Weiner: Oh, they couldn't believe it. They were saying it was a miracle that she was healed, that she was alive, that she was hungry. All of it.

Sid Roth: But even greater than that miracle, this one girl fulfilled her destiny, and that's what Evangeline is talking about in her book. This one girl. One person to fulfill your destiny. What effect did she have on, I believe it was Kenya?

Evangeline Weiner: By the time she left, or the last time she was there, there was no more world vision trucks, they didn't have to be escorted by AK-47s, the land actually grows crops now. Before, it was in famine. And, the curse is no more. So it literally changed the whole atmosphere of a nation.

Sid Roth: We're going to be back in a moment, and you're going to find out about a Jewish Indian woman that moves in such extraordinary signs and wonders, people with aids are being healed. If you know someone with hiv or aids, this is your moment. Don't go away. We'll be right back after this word. We'll be right back to it's supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with Evangeline Weiner. When you were 14-years old, you go to Indonesia and someone tries to choke you! I mean you can't say you're not living an exciting life, an adventurous life.

Evangeline Weiner: That's right, it's the greatest adventure. I was 14, I was doing a seminar there at a conference, and all of a sudden people started screaming. They said, "This girl, she's dying! She's dying"! In the middle, they interrupted me, and I was like "Oh man, someone can't die on my watch". In the middle of a meeting, no doubt. So anyway, so I got up, I ran over there, everyone's circling around this little girl who was actually smaller than me. She was very petite. She was lying on the ground, and she looked just lifeless. So I joined the circle and began to pray for her, and as I said "In the name of Jesus..." Because I believed it was just for healing, I said, "In the name of Jesus, we command this sickness to go", and all of a sudden, her eyes went one way and popped the other way, and literally, I saw a spirit come over her eyes, and she started getting up and trying to choke me. And literally it took ten, fifteen people to hold her down, and she's smaller than me.

Sid Roth: It shows me that, if it took that many people to hold her down, how strong is Jesus inside of you? That's the thing.

Evangeline Weiner: That's right, that's right.

Sid Roth: Some people talk about, "Oh, the strength of these ten men trying to hold her down", but you did it yourself.

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah, the power is in Jesus. It's funny, because even this pastor's wife with us, she stepped back and was freaking out, hiding behind all these people, and I'm like "Hey, I'm 14". No, it was cool. So anyway, I prayed for the lady, and she threw up actually three drops of blood, and she got up and she was normal. She came up to me after and said, "Do you know what happened to me"? And she began to talk about how, when she was little, her grandfather was a witch doctor and had dedicated her to satan with three drops of animal blood, from a fox, a cat, and a snake. So when she got delivered, she literally threw up three evenly placed spots of blood.

Sid Roth: Look how her life was transformed.

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah, absolutely. She was healed too, of that lung problem, because that lung problem had come in with being dedicated to satan.

Sid Roth: Ok. Tell me about someone else in the book. For instance, there's a Jewish woman. I believe her mother was Jewish and her father was Indian. Tell me about her.

Evangeline Weiner: Yeah, Shara is her name. Her mom was Jewish, her dad was Indian. They were atheists, and basically they always taught her to be a good person, have a heart for the poor. They always were raised that way. They took her to see mother Theresa in India to get a heart for orphans and different people. One day someone in school asked her "Do you believe in God"? And she never even thought about it before, "Do I believe in God"? So she started to question: is there a God? Is God real? And she started to evaluate every role of religion. She would study privately in her own closet of her house because she didn't want her parents to know. Buddhism, all the different religions. Finally it came time for Christianity, or for Jesus, and she began to say "I don't believe you're real, I don't think you exist. But if you do, show me you are". She went to this meeting with some friends, and all of a sudden the power of God hit her, and she literally flew across the room. At that moment, she knew that Jesus was real, and that he was the real one she'd been searching for.

Sid Roth: When you say, "Literally flew across the room," what do you mean?

Evangeline Weiner: Well, the presence of God hit her and she literally flew into the wall. And this was at something conservative where this kind of stuff does not happen, and everyone was like "What's going on? What's going on"?

Sid Roth: What's going on with her today?

Evangeline Weiner: Today she works in Africa with heidi baker, and she sees the presence of God on a daily basis there. They see provision for orphans, they see miracles of, even as you mentioned, aids, people walking, the blind seeing. Even today, if you're out there and you need a miracle, I believe today God wants to heal you. Even yesterday as I was praying for today, I saw that there was someone who's crippled by fear and hopelessness, and God wants to give you faith again. He wants to renew your dreams, your vision, and really remove you from just filling off life's checklist of all the things that we have to do in life and start igniting your heart to begin to fulfill your dreams. So if that's you, right now there's going to be supernatural "Peace that surpasses all understanding" that's coming on you right now, in the name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: You know, I can feel that peace right now. Can you feel that peace?

Evangeline Weiner: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: You've gone out on the campus of Yale University, and miracles have happened there. Tell me about one.

Evangeline Weiner: One time we were walking with Jason W., who you've had on the show before, and we were walking throughout Yale's Campus. We were close to the bookstore there, and this guy pulls up and gets out of his car. Right before he pulled up, Jason said, "There's a miracle about to happen here. God's about to do something". So I was like, "Ok, totally. Whatever". So we're walking and this guy pulls up in his van and walks out and he's got crutches and a cast. So he comes over and Jason and I walk up to him and we say, "Hey, can we pray for you? We believe God wants to heal you". And he said "It's the weirdest thing. I wasn't even supposed to come by here, but I literally felt like I was supposed to pull over and come to this bookstore. I never come here". And so anyway, we began to pray for him, and afterwards he just said "Thank you". And he looked at me and goes "What are you thinking"? And I said, "Well, I'm wondering if you can walk". He said "Alright". So he took off his cast and began to walk. He was healed. And then all of a sudden, I just started seeing this vision of this guy, of his life, and I began to pray it over him. He began to weep. He told me "It's a vision that I had ten years ago in a dream". And I don't even think he was a believer, but that he had ten years ago in a dream of the purpose of his life, and he had never told anyone.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm thinking about that young girl that spoke for mostly pastors, 350 pastors. How old were you?

Evangeline Weiner: 11.

Sid Roth: And you were teaching on faith. Why would pastors come to hear you, at 11?

Evangeline Weiner: I know. That was the wonder. But I think it's because they want to see the power of God. And a lot of times, if we see someone who we think is qualified, then we can say "Oh, but that's that person. Oh, that's Billy Graham. Oh, that's this person or that person". But when you see an 11-year old, there's nothing that they have except for the power of God. It's just supernatural.

Sid Roth: Well it comes so natural for you to understand faith. I wonder if you would tell us some nuggets about walking in faith.

Evangeline Weiner: Absolutely. I think, number one, you just have to step out in faith. One of the hardest things to do is just to step out. Even with Jason, I asked him. You might be thinking "How can I pray for people"? Or "How is there miracles"? But in reality, he even told me "I don't even get a word for someone before I talk to them. I just begin to talk to them, and just step out, and God gives me the words as I step out in faith". I think one of the biggest things is, it's like a muscle. A lot of us have heard these terms before, but it's like building your muscle in a gym. With faith, you just begin to step out, and every time...

Sid Roth: The opposite of faith is fear, which you were talking about a little bit earlier, and that's what's bound most people, so they're not operating in faith. Because as you were saying, Jason said "Sometimes I don't have anything, but I see someone that's hurting, I see someone crippled, and I just walk up to them, and that's when it happens".

Evangeline Weiner: And you know, faith can be for anything. It can be for your finances, it can be for fear, intimidation, for your dreams, health, family. Faith goes into everything that you do. God wants to do miracles in every area of your life. I felt like I was supposed to buy a house, and the crazy part is I saw it, and I knew this was supposed to be my house. I wasn't qualified for it, nothing happened like that in the logistical terms. But literally I went in there, and the guy was into new age, the real estate agent, and said "We've had seven offers on this house, but we just see this aura about you. We see this aura, and there's something about you, and we really want you to have this house". The person who had the next highest offer was $60,000 to mine, and the owners and the realtor were like "We want you to have our house. We want you to buy it".

Sid Roth: That's extraordinary favor.

Evangeline Weiner: Absolutely, absolutely. And that's part of the supernatural power of God.

Sid Roth: So with the economic times we're coming in to, are you fearful at all?

Evangeline Weiner: I think at times you fight with a fear, and just have to go back to the peace that is there. There's such a supernatural peace that comes when you realize God provides all of my needs. God's never failed me, ever. You see even in the Bible that, even when a sparrow falls, he knows. So I think sometimes you feel that way, I feel that way, but then I give it to God and I rest in the peace that he has.

Sid Roth: Are you excited about the future? Your future, the future of the world?

Evangeline Weiner: Absolutely I am. I see the light getting brighter and brighter, and I see the glory of God coming more and more to earth. I don't see it getting, there are certain things getting darker, but I see that his redemption is near, and it's exciting.

Sid Roth: There's going to be a contrast between light and darkness. Remember the favor that Evangeline had? How would you like to walk in that same favor? It's available to you. The light of God is getting brighter and brighter upon you. You know something's going on. You've cried out "All I want is peace". Well there's only one way you can have peace, and that's to know God for yourself, not because someone else knows God. Know God for yourself. Take a little baby step, and he's going to run and put his arms around you and kiss you and tell you that he loves you and you're so important and there's a destiny on your life. If you'll ask God to forgive you in Jesus' name of everything you've ever done wrong, and believe he does it, and he will, then you're clean. And then when you're clean, you say with your mouth, out loud, "Jesus, I make you my Lord. Come inside of me". You say "Sid, that's so simple". Well, he made it simple. So guess what? He gets all the glory. That light that Evangeline was talking about that radiates from her, you saw it. You were "Provoked to jealousy". The light of God is getting brighter, and brighter, and brighter, and brighter. You know, you could raise your hands, they're holy right now, and say "Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your goodness to me. Thank you".
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