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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - He Came to Curse Me, But God EXPOSED Him

Sid Roth - He Came to Curse Me, But God EXPOSED Him

Sid Roth - He Came to Curse Me, But God EXPOSED Him
Sid Roth - He Came to Curse Me, But God EXPOSED Him

Sid Roth: Welcome, Holy Spirit. You are our most invited guest. Last month, my guest, Jerame Nelson, came back from a meeting where God's glory was so manifest, His presence so apparent. God showed up, and if he did not have a clear word from God, it would have become a complete disaster. Jerame, what happened?

Jerame Nelson: Well, we were in Malawi, Africa, doing a healing festival with about 80,000 people, most of them Muslims, and anyway, I got up to speak, and when I got up, it was like the Heavens opened. All these angels began to come down, and the Holy Spirit said to me, "Take authority over witchcraft"! And as I got up, it was instant because there was this tree that was on the side of the stage, and there was this bird, a crow, that was up there, and he was cawing away. And as I took authority over the witchcraft and I said the Name of Jesus, listen, this crow morphed into a man, fell out of the tree, and the man was naked and ran off into the woods. And what's wild about that is that there are shape-shifting witch doctors in that region, and most people were terrified of them, but because the Lord knocked that guy out of that shape-shifting appearance, over 50,000 Muslims gave their lives to Jesus that night.

Sid Roth: But you know what, Jerame? If the power had not been so strong, he could have sat there cursing a whole meeting and slowed down your progress, not stopped it but slowed it down, but because God said, "No, no, no," he fell out of the tree. Don't be a coconut and fall out of a tree. Know Jesus. So Jerame did not grow up in a Christian home but one day saw a verifiable, physical miracle happen to his own mother. What did you see?

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, so my family's introduction to Jesus was when I was 13 years old, and my mother got breast cancer, and it was bad, lost all of her hair. The chemotherapy wasn't working. My cousins and family were preparing me and my brother, saying, "Your mother might die. You guys need to be prepared," and one day a lady gave my mother a Bible. She opened it up. She read about blind Bartimaeus, and she saw that God healed him, and so in her bedroom all alone when no one was around, she just said, "God, if You're really real and You healed this guy, Bartimaeus, would You heal me"? And as she cried out to God, Jesus in an open vision walked into her room, and the hand of God touched her, and she was instantly healed of cancer.

Sid Roth: And you saw this occurring?

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, I saw my mom go from death to life, being bald and having her hair gone and drained of energy to all of a sudden now she was the Jesus freak.

Sid Roth: But at 16, what did you do with the family car?

Jerame Nelson: Well, at 16 I stole my dad's Corvette when they went out of town, took a friend joyriding with a couple of friends of mine, and the problem was, I wasn't used to that kind of horsepower. And so I ended up driving it right off the road at about 50 miles an hour, and, Sid, I wasn't even wearing my seatbelt. I got ejected out of the car, and what's wild is, I watched in slow motion the car fly over me. And as I was about to hit the ground, I was flying. I saw five flashes of light, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it was the angels of God, and I did a somersault roll, and all I got was a little tiny cut right here on my shoulder, and that was it. Psalm 34:7 says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him," and I believe even though I wasn't saved yet, but because my mom, the Jesus freak, was saved, I believe God protected my life.

Sid Roth: Okay, you're at junior college. You're home for a break. You're drinking, take me.

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, so I was living the lifestyle of partying and...

Sid Roth: Drugs?

Jerame Nelson: ...just drugs and a lot of stuff that people would do in college, and I went home for just a break in between Christmas, and when I was at home, I kind of just hit rock bottom with everything. I was tired of getting drunk, tired of chasing women, tired of all the stuff that everybody said would make you happy, but there was no peace or happiness in it. You felt more empty afterwards, and so it was amazing. I actually ended up giving my life to Jesus on that trip. I went into my bedroom. I didn't know how to get saved.

Sid Roth: You think your mom might have gone in and put hands on the pillow, anointed it with oil a little?

Jerame Nelson: She may have, and my salvation prayer was, "Okay, Lord, here I am, and as hard as I've run into darkness, I'm not going to be like the hypocrites that say they love You, and they're living just like the world". So I said, "As hard as I've ran into darkness, I'm going to run to light so come into my life," and that was it, and I woke up the next day, and I was on fire. I was reading the Word of God for 5 hours a day, and...

Sid Roth: Five hours a day?

Jerame Nelson: ...I was spending time with the Lord in the limited capacity I understood, and so it was amazing.

Sid Roth: And a month later, you go to one of my good friends Heidi Baker's meeting.

Jerame Nelson: Yes.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Jerame Nelson: I got radically changed. I actually went to The Call in San Francisco. It's a big prayer gathering of about 40,000 young people that were there fasting and praying for America.

Sid Roth: Yeah, hey, Jerame, the presence of God just really descended strong...

Jerame Nelson: It is!

Sid Roth: ...right now.

Jerame Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: So be alert. God wants you to do something. Go ahead.

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, and so I was in this meeting, never seen the manifestations of the Holy Ghost, and this woman, Heidi Baker, comes up to speak, and she starts speaking, and, of course, in Mama Heidi fashion, she goes down on the ground and starts praying, and here was her prayer. If you want to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire, then hit your knees, and then when I got down on my knees, she began to pray, "Holy Spirit, blow," and that was her prayer for about 70 times. And as she began to pray, "Holy Spirit, blow," these winds started coming, and before I knew it, I felt fire all over my body, and I got baptized...

Sid Roth: Stop. I want to know what you mean, "I felt fires". A lot of people don't relate to what you mean. What do you mean?

Jerame Nelson: I literally felt like I was on fire. I mean stop, drop and roll on fire, and it lasted. I started to shake, and I started to tremble under the power of God. It lasted 3 days, and my...

Sid Roth: My goodness.

Jerame Nelson: ...pastor that brought me, and even in my college classes, I'm sitting in my school classes, and I'm shaking, and the teacher goes, "What's wrong with you"? And I was so scared. I didn't know what to tell her, so I said, "I've got a fever". And they said, "Go home"! And when I went to my pastor, I said, "Pastor, what did you do to me? What happened"? And all he did was lay his hands on me and go, "More". And after a couple of days of that, I realized God had done an amazing baptism of the Spirit. My eyes opened to the Spirit. I began to have dreams. I began to have visions. I began to see physical miracles. I'd pray for people to get touched by God, and that was the beginning for me.

Sid Roth: So in other words, when you had such an encounter with the presence of God, you were able to do what the Bible says rather than read just what the Bible says.

Jerame Nelson: That's exactly right.

Sid Roth: One quick miracle that happened in the early days.

Jerame Nelson: In the early days, the very first person that I prayed for, and this is amazing. When I got an opportunity to share at a church, I'd see many miracles and healings in the streets, but the first person I ever prayed for had AIDS, full-blown AIDS, and when we laid hands on him and we prayed for him, they went back to the doctors, and they had a clear bill of health.

Sid Roth: God gave Jerame on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur this year prophetic words that prove God is about to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now my guest, Jerame Nelson, for some reason, God speaks to him on Biblical holidays. For instance, what did God show you on Rosh Hashanah?

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, on Rosh Hashanah, I was in Zimbabwe. We were doing some outreaches there, and it was interesting. I was praying in the car, and as I was praying in the car waiting for our team... They were doing street evangelism and going places. After about 45 minutes, the whole car filled with light, and it was like everything disappeared, and all of a sudden I could hear the angels of God praising the King, and then I saw Jesus step out of a cloud, and He came up to me and walked up to me in this experience and handed me a scroll. And when I looked at the scroll, I opened it, and it was Isaiah chapter 60. It said, "Arise, shine, for your light has come"! And as I had this encounter, the Lord began to speak to me, and He said, "Jerame, the next season for the church and even in the world is going to be a season of greater glory". He said, "It's going to be a season of Isaiah 60". Isaiah 60 says, "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. When deep darkness covers the Earth and the people, God's glory will be seen upon the church," and as God spoke this to me, He said, "Get ready. There is about to be a greater dimension of the Chabad glory," which is the weight of God's presence, and He said, "There's also going to be the Shekhinah glory," which is the visible splendor of God. It's the miracles of God, the signs and wonders of God, and one of the things He told me is, "Get ready. You're about to see revival that is coming forth out of riots". He said, "There will be riots to revival and demonstrations to reformations," and that there's going to be a tension between gross darkness but at the same time powerful glory and powerful encounters from the Lord.

Sid Roth: One thing I find is when people bump into the Glory of God, It's happening more and more often now to many believers that are friends of ours. There's something that seems to accompany it, and I'm wondering if this happened to you. It's something called a tangible fear of God accompany with the glory. Did this happen to you?

Jerame Nelson: Absolutely, and oftentimes, Sid, when I have encounters, especially with the Lord, the fear of the Lord comes so strong...

Sid Roth: What does that mean, fear of the Lord?

Jerame Nelson: I think it's worshipful awe of who He is.

Sid Roth: Awe.

Jerame Nelson: But also it's the knowledge of the fact that He's God, and we're not, and when He shows up, listen, the majesty of Heaven shows up, and your physical flesh sometimes can't handle it. And I literally find myself shaking under the power at times. In fact, I can feel this coming through the screen right now. Listen, if you want an encounter with the fear of the Lord, those of you that are in this audience and those who watching, listen, we release right now the supernatural realm of visitation. We thank You, Lord, that many others are going to encounter Jesus and the King and that, Lord, you would mark a generation with the fear of the Lord that would unlock a greater dimension of Your glory and Your power.

Sid Roth: Now the most holy day in my Jewish calendar is Yom Kippur.

Jerame Nelson: Yep.

Sid Roth: Day of atonement, what did God show you on Yom Kippur?

Jerame Nelson: On Yom Kippur I was preaching at the Fire & Glory Outpouring in San Diego, the revival that we've been hosting for around 8 years, and as I was preaching, we had given an altar call, and when I was speaking, all of a sudden I went into an open vision. It was like the roof of the building disappeared, and I saw coming out of Heaven thousands of angels, and these angels were all carrying mantles from the throne of God. And these mantles were very interesting, Sid, they...

Sid Roth: For those that don't know what a mantle is, what is a mantle?

Jerame Nelson: So a mantle signifies the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit that would rest on someone or a grace that...

Sid Roth: For a specific purpose.

Jerame Nelson: ...has been given by God for a specific purpose or task, and so I saw these mantles that were being released from the throne, and on the outside of the mantles were blueprints, and on the inside of the mantle there was a scripture. It was John 5:19. Now that scripture is where Jesus prayed for the man at the Pool of Bethesda who got healed, and the Pharisees said, "By whose authority do you do these miracles"? In John 5:19, He said, "I only do what I see My Father doing". And so I believe what these mantles are is a grace that's about to come on the church because this tension that we were just talking about between darkness and light, between wars and crazy things that are happening and protests and even revivals and reformation that wants to break out. We are going to need divine intelligence. We're going to need strategies. We're going to need blueprints from Heaven. We're going to need to hear the voice of the Father because, as we do, it's going to usher in what God wants to release, and that's what these mantles are for that God is releasing in this hour that He showed me on Rosh Hashanah.

Sid Roth: Now one of the things you brought out, and I want you to do that right now is those that have relied on the old ways will find they're not going to work. You need the new for the new.

Jerame Nelson: That's right. We're not going back to pre-COVID days, and we're not going back to what it was. In fact, we're in a season now where there's a greater glory. There's going to be more manifestations of God's power, His presence, resurrections. We've seen over eight people resurrected from the dead in the last year, and it's part of that new wave of revival and glory that's coming.

Sid Roth: After all these visitations you've had, things have changed in your life. It's like the Bible says. You go from glory to glory. You were in Pakistan, and you know what? I want you to see... How long ago was this, Jerame?

Jerame Nelson: Two weekends ago.

Sid Roth: Two weekends ago, see what happened 2 weeks ago in Pakistan. These are mostly Muslims, would you say?

Jerame Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Okay, let's take a look.

Sid Roth: Amen.

Jerame Nelson: Amen.

Sid Roth: Okay. Jerame, how many people would you say received glory just then?

Jerame Nelson: Well, over that week we saw over a million decisions for Christ in those campaigns.

Sid Roth: Now you tell me we're not in the last days, and I'll tell you what, time is running short, your time, my time, Jerame's time, the world's time, but I said your time. I want you to repeat this prayer, mean it to the best of your ability. The whole reason you're watching this show is to make Jesus not just your Savior but your Savior and Lord. Repeat after me out loud. "Dear God. I've made many mistakes for which I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away all my mistakes. And I'm clean. It's so good to be clean".

Sid Roth: Jerame, I want you to pray what God wants you to pray for all the people that said that prayer previously or said it right now, and even you that didn't say it, you're going to get zapped. Go ahead.

Jerame Nelson: Come on. Father, I just thank You that in this season of greater glory that, Lord, You would release that Chabad, the weight of Your presence to people, that You would release the visible splendor of God, miracles, signs and wonders, and, Lord, I thank You for the divine intelligence, for the wisdom, Lord, for those mantles that You showed me that You want to release on the Earth so that there will be a revival that cannot be stopped that would happen. Lord, release that now over everyone in this room and watching this online in Jesus' mighty Name.

Sid Roth: And there are many people watching right now, and you write about this, words of knowledge, words of wisdom. Exactly what's the difference between those two?

Jerame Nelson: Well, a word of knowledge is past tense, so it's something that's already happened or is happening, and so it can have to do with a place or a person, but words of wisdom are future tense, which means that when you get a word of knowledge, don't stop there. You've got supernatural information. That gets people's attention, but we need to also call forth that which is not as of its prophecy.

Sid Roth: Now you do this quite often. Can I get you to press into the spirit and pray as God tells you?

Jerame Nelson: Yes.

Sid Roth: Right now.

Jerame Nelson: Yeah, so, Father, we just thank You for words of knowledge, words of wisdom. Listen, right now I see eyesight being restored. Cataracts are being dissolved. God is doing miracles where there's been blindness and even blurred vision, sun spots. God is healing that, and I also see the Lord is healing lungs right now, some that have been dealing with long COVID. All the issue of the fluid in the lungs be healed in Jesus' Name.

Sid Roth: What should someone do that's watching it in the studio audience or on television and say, "That's me"? What should the reaction be to have it manifest?

Jerame Nelson: Well, I think you just say, "I take it," and...

Sid Roth: You mean it's that simple?

Jerame Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I take it! I like it.

Jerame Nelson: I take it.

Sid Roth: Any of you take it? Jerame, not only do you work in words of wisdom and words of knowledge, mass meetings, but you're a prophet. We had lunch yesterday. You looked at someone, and you literally, as they say, read their mail. There's just a... And then he goes back to eat his lunch, but it was almost natural for you. What do you see coming to the world?

Jerame Nelson: What I see is, I see the clashing between light and darkness and especially in the United States and then even in the west. I believe that even though there's turbulent times... There's all these riots. There's all these protests. There's all those demonstrations and all the talk of war and everything that's happening. I think God is setting the stage for one of the greatest revivals that we've ever seen. I remember having an open vision where I saw the throne of God. Jesus was on the throne, and I was standing next to the throne, and I looked down from the mountain of God, and I saw a valley filled with people, and they were all being led astray by a spirit of deception.

Sid Roth: Hmm.

Jerame Nelson: And as they're being led astray, they're being led to a cliff, and people were falling off into hell, but in a moment of time, Jesus let out a shout, and all of a sudden hearts began to change, and I knew that it was talking about the book of Joel, the valley of decision, that many are in the valley of decisions, and that the Lord was going to release a clarion call to a generation, and that many would be set free from deception, from lies, and that there would be a revival that would happen that would cause people to turn away from the darkness and come to the light, and where they had previously been led away by doctrines of demons being political agendas or sexual confusion or even this thing and that thing. The Lord was going to release such a move of His voice and His heart that we are going to see a generation turn, and I believe that is about to happen.

Sid Roth: Yeah...

Sid Roth: You spoke about a spirit of deception, and the only thing to counteract a spirit of deception is the Holy Spirit.

Jerame Nelson: That's right.

Sid Roth: We are so blessed, we that know the Messiah and have said, "Welcome, Holy Spirit, I need You more than ever". We're going to have a presence all around us as individuals. It'll be almost like a field around us that nothing, no weapon formed against us can prosper. And I'm going to tell you something. If you will believe, if you will believe that field of God's presence, His glory, his goodness is surrounding you right now, and you should be aware of that. That you are protected by the Most High God.
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