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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Beyond the Shemitah

Sid Roth - Beyond the Shemitah

Sid Roth - Beyond the Shemitah

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Sid Roth - Beyond the Shemitah

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has really taken the world by storm because God has chosen him to reveal patterns, signs, blood moons, and jubilees, and things that God has put in the Bible so that his children would not caught unawares. He tells me there is more to it that God has revealed that he's never revealed publically. Would you like to hear what he's about to tell us? You know, the last time I had Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on this show I don't think he had a clue what was in store for his life. Jonathan, I am just so excited that God had you on our show before anyone ever heard of you... for your mother.

Jonathan Cahn: Not my mother. The very, it was the Lord that the first thing I ever did was here, was It's Supernatural, actually before "The Harbinger" came out, and that was what the Lord chose to launch everything.

Sid Roth: Well I'm very grateful and I believe that there is some insight that God wants you to release on this show. For those that aren't familiar with "The Harbinger", "harbinger" is a word that means warnings, signs, and there were nine harbingers that happened in ancient Israel, and Jonathan showed they not only have happened here in the United States, but they're still happening. And then tell me about the Shemitah. What is that word and what is the origin of it?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, the mystery of the Shemitah really lies behind everything from the rise and fall of the economy, the collapse of Wall Street, the rise of all the nations, I mean, affecting our lives, has affected it, I believe will affect. And this is an ancient mystery from Sinai that God gave this to Israel. We know about the seven day Sabbath.

Sid Roth: Right.

Jonathan Cahn: But people don't know that, many of them, every seventh year was a Sabbath year called the Shemitah, that's what the Shemitah is. And for the entire year there was no sowing, no reaping, now plowing. The land rests and on the last day something unique happens. On the last of the Shemitah is called Elul 29, all the nations' debts are wiped out, all its credit is wiped out, the financial cleaning of the slate, total financial nullification. Now on that day, Elul 29, this is supposed to be blessing.

Sid Roth: Yeah, well in fact, I was tell you at dinner last night that when I knew about it from reading the scriptures or being a Jew, I never even thought of the negativity. I thought that it was just a blessing.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, well that's, it is a blessing when you follow God. But when Israel turned away from God, the warning of the Shemitah was when you turn away, this is going to turn from a blessing to a judgment. So here is the big question is, could this still be in effect or could this seven-year pattern that God wove there, could it still be in effect and at times can it be a sign, warning a nation or civilization in danger of judgment? And the answer is yes.

Sid Roth: Okay. Well the only way we're going to really get an answer to that question is let's look at history. Let's look at the last seven-year cycles or the seven, the last seven Shemitahs.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Sid Roth: What can we learn from that?

Jonathan Cahn: Quite a lot. First of all, the last 40 years there have been five major financial collapses, long term collapses. Wall Street reaches its peak and then goes down. The years are 1973, 1980, '87, 2000 and 2007. Every single one of them happens on a seven-year cycle from the one before the one after, not just that, every single one of them happens during the year of the Shemitah.

Sid Roth: We can't call that coincidence.

Jonathan Cahn: It gets even more than that. I mean, it happens in the month of September. That's when it collapses. That's seven years to the month. 9/11 happens the second week of September. That's the week of 9/11. In fact, when America is commemorating 9/11, the second shaking is being set in motion on Wall Street to beget the greatest collapse in history. This is September 29, 2008, greatest stock market, wiping out financial accounts, ever to this day. So the two greatest collapses to those days, each happen on the day, the same biblical day, the day that God happened to appoint, warning of God, and they happen exactly seven biblical years apart down to the day, the hour, the minute, the second of the closing bell. Only the hand of God could do that.

Sid Roth: Okay. This begs the question. Tell me about the seventh Shemitah.

Jonathan Cahn: Okay. This is, the seventh Shemitah is this. It's not just a seven-year cycle. Every seventh Shemitah ushered in a super Shemitah, which is what we call the jubilee. The next seventh Shemitah is the year 2015 and the Shemitah, this period of the jubilee begins September 2015 to September 2016. Now not dogmatic what God has to do, but if it follows the pattern. Each time it means war, war in the Middle East, major war concerning Israel and ending up with a major, prophetic and time restoration, beginning on Yom Kippur. That's when it starts.

Sid Roth: You know, there is so many things that he's saying right now that your mind is pumped, it's spinning like my mind is. But I want to know at this particular Shemitah year, what's been going is prophetic signs. I want to know why Wall Street has come up with a seven-year cycle knowing nothing about the Shemitah and Wall Street people are calling Jonathan when they found out that he has it from the Bible. They have it from their numbers. I want to get these answers. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: This is absolutely fascinating to me that here Wall Street knows nothing about a word "Shemitah". In fact, most people as believers never heard of that word. But it's in the Bible. It's the Hebrew word. By the way, the word "shemitah", you said something that I've never seen before. One of the meanings of the Hebrew word "shemitah" means fall.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yeah. What is taken as word meaning "release". But it actually means not only release, it means the fall, the shaking or the collapse. It means to let fall. So that you see the double-edged sword right there. It can be a blessing or a judgment.

Sid Roth: Okay. Why is Wall Street coming up with the same patterns of seven years that the Bible is coming up with, and they don't know the Bible.

Jonathan Cahn: That shows it. It's a witness because it's true, because it's happening. I started getting contact from people on Wall Street saying, we've seen this pattern. The seven-year pattern is charted out by many Wall Street observers, not only that, not just a seven-year pattern, but seven years on the Shemitah and they had no idea what it was. So now there's a whole stir on Wall Street saying, what is this Shemitah? What is this thing?

Sid Roth: Now you talk about a word, "foreshadowing". What are the foreshadowings of the fall that we're seeing?

Jonathan Cahn: Well here's, yeah, the pattern of the Shemitah tends to be that it starts out mildly and then if it's going to manifest in the cycle, the last part is the dramatic part. That's when you head up to that Elul 29 wipeout time. So that is the dramatic part. And yet in the last one, 2007 and '08, there was actually foreshadows on the first day of the Shemitah and the beginning of the Shemitah of what would happen at the end, the collapse at the end. This Shemitah, very interesting what happened. First of all, at the end of September 2014, all of a sudden Wall Street started reeling violently for about a month. Nobody could explain it. It started the end of September. That was the start of the week that the Shemitah began. Number two, another thing, one of the signs of judgments in the Bible is pestilence or plague. We had a scare last September and it was that of Ebola. The day that the first signs of Ebola appeared in America was September 25th, that September 25th is the opening day of the Shemitah. Another sign of judgment, which would be the coming judgment, is shaking or natural disaster, earthquakes. In the Bible. Well one of the things that happened last September is an earthquake, struck America over 6 on the Richter scale. What day? September 25th, the same opening day of the Shemitah. All these things happen on the opening day. And not only that, there are signs I have warned for a while, Sid. You know this. We talked, that if America doesn't turn back to God its crown as the head of nations will be removed.

Sid Roth: You said that on the show.

Jonathan Cahn: Absolutely. And we have not turned back. In fact, we've gone farther.

Sid Roth: What do you mean by crown?

Jonathan Cahn: Well the head of nations. You know.

Sid Roth: They dethrone.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. In every age there is a head of nations. Well America has become the head of nations, but that is only by God. We cannot drive God out of everything. We cannot defy him and expect the blessings to continue. So one of the things that happened at the very opening part of the Shemitah, first few weeks, two things happened. One is America's crown as the head, the number one military nuclear power on Earth was removed. It passed to Russia at the very opening of the Shemitah. The next week something else happened. America has been the strongest economic power on Earth since 1871, when it over, surpassed the British Empire. That's the beginning of the American age. Well that came to an end. As the Shemitah began second week, America's crown as the strongest economic power, was removed and passed to, you can guess, China. That was just the very beginning. Now remember, the Shemitah means "the fall". One of the things about it is, it's not just about the rise and fall of economies, but the rise and fall of nations. America actually rose during a Shemitah and could it fall linked to a Shemitah as well. So here is the rise and fall of civilization, and we're already watching that thing about China, that's the end of the American, that's the beginning of the end of the American age.

Sid Roth: Here is what I'd like to see. I would like to see Rabbi Jonathan Cahn address senators and congressmen. Would you like to see that? And tell these, he did it. Let's take a look at it.
Jonathan: When the leaders of ancient Israel turned away from God, when the abolished his precepts and broke his covenant, they did so with a shadow of Moses, whose voice cried out to them in warning. Mr. President, when you address the nation from this house, look up, look up above the senators and the representatives, above the Supreme Court justices that are above the invited guests, and you will see a face, the only bold visage in that wall looking back at you. It is the face of Moses. And if that face could speak it would say this, "No man can overrule the laws of God, no order can annul the order of God and no judgment a man can stand against the judgments of God. Invoke not his judgment, but choose life. Lead in the way of repentance in both the grace of God that he might have mercy on this land". We've come to a most critical moment. Tonight America stands at the crossroads. We will trust in the name of the Lord our God, in the name above all names, above all kings, above all powers. We will trust in the only name given by which we can be saved. We will trust in the name of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah, the king of all kings, the Lord of all Lords, the judge of all judges, the light of the world, the glory of Israel, the foundations built upon which this nation came into existence, and the only answer, the only chance, and the only hope that America has that it might once again shine with a light of the fire of the presence of the Glory of the Living God and not go to hell for all time.

Sid Roth: I'm excited. Jonathan, what is the significance of you being able, the privilege of speaking before these people?

Jonathan Cahn: Well in the Bible, God always sends a word to the thrones and to powers. And I believe God warns before he judges. And so I believe God wants the Word to go forth to the highest thrones of the land, just as he did again and again in the Bible. So he's opening these doors that I would have never have imagined when we started here. That is to get the Word to the thrones of America, to the power that it warns.

Sid Roth: Before judgment there is always a specific event and this event Jonathan is going to share with you when we come back.

Sid Roth: I want to find out what is the specific biblical event that often happens before judgment comes on a nation.

Jonathan Cahn: One of the patterns of the Bible before judgment, one act often precedes that, that's the act of desecration. What happens is Ezekiel is taken to the Temple of Jerusalem, shown idols and desecration of the Temple, the holy place and then he's shown the judgment that's coming. Daniel is in Babylon and they, the king calls for the cups of Jerusalem, the Temple of Jerusalem, the holy cups of God to be taken out, partied with. They pour wine, they drink to the gods. They are desecrating God's holy vessels. Now desecration is when you take something that's of God and you turn it against his purpose. Then the handwriting appears on the wall, "This night is going to be judgment". Okay, so here's the act of desecration. Has there been an act of desecration linked to this? Well there is another vessel of God that is just as holy as those vessels of the Temple. That is the vessel of marriage. And here, something made by God, what America did, what America did is it struck the biblical order of God, and what it did is take this holy vessel and turned it against his purpose. That's an act of desecration, number one. Then it was celebrated throughout the land with the sign of the rainbow. The rainbow doesn't belong to anything but God, anyone but God. The rainbow belongs to God. And the rainbow is a holy vessel. And so here you've got two desecrations. You're turning two holy things against the purposes of God.

Sid Roth: They had like the rainbow at the White House.

Jonathan Cahn: Well this is the last thing. You have a third desecration. You had, when this appeared, when this thing in Babylon appeared it was palace of the land. It represents the whole land. Well the White House represents the entire land. What happens? The final act of desecration, the White House becomes an act of desecration. You have a triple desecration, Sid. And here is the rainbow, sign of God linked to judgment and mercy, and it's being twisted. I mean, we could not do more in God's face than this. And this is the template of the harbinger, because what happens is that the nation, instead of coming back to God, becomes more defiant in God. And so we've got a dangerous convergence here. All these things are coming together and America crossed that line. Things are not going to be the same. This is a key act of desecration that in the Bible precedes judgment.

Sid Roth: What Jonathan says, he calls it a perfect storm. Briefly, what is the ingredients that are going on?

Jonathan Cahn: Well every, there is, I've never, I don't know about you Sid, I've never seen so many things converge at this time. On one hand, you have America's apostasy. On the other hand, you have the harbingers continuing, which are indication of a progression to judgment. On the other hand, you also have America and Israel. Here is the saving grace, that America was blessed because it blessed Israel. At the same time we're turning away from God, it's turning away from Israel. Dangerous combination. The president has given, you know, said we're going to pass this treaty, which Israel says is putting us in danger and all in the same period. You also have, and by the way, the tower, this harbinger, the last of the harbingers is being completed this year, this year. It just, they just opened up the top. Two days later, a storm came and struck that tower three times with lightning on top of it. We are watching everything converge: the Shemitah, blood moons, the super Shemitah, all these things. It's a dangerous period.

Sid Roth: So that begs the question again.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I want to know your sanctified, I mean, God has raised you up. The way you explained all these things coming on you to be able to present this, it's all supernatural. I want to know your sanctified opinion as to what is next.

Jonathan Cahn: Okay. I believe a great shaking is coming to this nation and the world, but this nation. It will involve the financial realm, the economic realm and it will be a shaking even greater than that and not just one shaking. I believe that, you know, in the Bible the way these things happen, judgment can come through natural disaster, through financial collapse, through man-made disaster like terrorism, all those things. And the thing is that when people say the timing, you know, I'm very cautious. I give the caveat. God doesn't have to do anything according to our schedule. But whether the shaking happens at this time or not, I believe we are entering a dangerous time when it could happen, and that is the time of the Shemitah, all these things coming, the Shemitah's wake at the autumn period. And we have also another dangerous period, which is 2015 to '16, according to all these things.

Sid Roth: Wait. How come you call this the wake of the Shemitah. Explain that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Really, the high point, the climax of the Shemitah comes at the end and that's when the wipeout comes, and that ushers in the next period that manifests all that. If you look at the greatest collapses in American history, the period is right after this because it happens after Elul 29. So this whole autumn period, I believe we need to watch, not that God has to do it, but we need to ready. One of the reasons why I've given these teachings is that God's people be ready, that we be prepared for that.

Sid Roth: Okay. We've heard a lot of, I'll call it for what it is, gloom and doom. No one wants to hear gloom and doom. Not me, not Jonathan. Is there any good news?

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Sid Roth: Oh good.

Jonathan Cahn: If I walked out now it wouldn't be good. Wherever there is God there is good news. Wherever there is God there is hope. Now here's the thing. God has always reaped for redemption. I believe this. I believe the purpose of the shaking is not for, the purpose of the shaking is to bring revival. Meaning if there was no shaking I believe there wouldn't be hope, because America has grown so deafened to God it's going to take a shaking. Most of us came to the Lord because of a shaking. Same with nations. I believe that the shaking that's coming can, if we are ready and according to the sovereignty of God, can lead to the greatest revival we have ever seen, ever, End Time revival. There can be judgment and revival at the same time.

Sid Roth: Is there a strategy for us? Tell me.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. I would say one of the things we talk about is the Elijah paradigm and the teachings of that. That is, one, we have to be, more and more God's people have to be unplugged from the world now, more weaned from being dependent on the world when this happens. Number two, we have be more plugged into God just like Elijah was, a man of prayer, man of power. We have to be bold. We have to be committed. There's a, this is the End Times, and Sid, I believe the End Times is not just about things getting darker, but there's a polarization. The dark gets darker, but the lights have to get brighter. That's what God is calling us to do. We're to shine. This could be our greatest moment. If these are the days of Elijah we must become the Elijah's of the day.

Sid Roth: Jonathan, final word.

Jonathan Cahn: Listen, people are saying, how do I be safe, you know. Where should I be? Where should I go?

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Jonathan Cahn: Well the safest place, let me tell you, be one Hebrew word. The word for "safety" in Hebrew is Yeshua, and Yeshua is Jesus. Outside of him there's no safety. Inside of him there is no fear. Don't fear, just get every, get your life in Yeshua, Jesus. If you're in him, get more in him and you will not fear. You will stand because the Lord will be your safety.

Sid Roth: Okay. There are two types of people that are watching us right now. There are people that believe in God. But I have to tell you, the seeker sensitive, sloppy, do anything you want, oh God's grace will take care of it. No. Without repentance you won't even see God. This is the time for you to repent, tell God you're sorry for your sins and the good news is the Lamb of God has been slain for the sins of the world. The Messiah Jesus, this is your time to be right with God. This is your time to get rid of those little sins. You don't want any openings in your armor. You want to be clear and clean before God, a vessel of God. We're coming into the greatest move of God's spirit in history. I mean, we're going to see limbs grow out right before our very eyes. This is the moment that you've been created for. This is the moment you've been called to the Kingdom for. The choice is yours. You're either going to make God, God or you're going to play games. Choose this day whom you shall serve. But as for me and my house, we are serving the Living God.
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