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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sid Roth - Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sid Roth - Super Bowl Halftime Show

As a young boy, I had a goal. My goal was to become a millionaire before I was 30. Out of the blue, I had a thought. It was like a question, really. And a young kid shouldn't have a question like this. What happens when you die? And I thought, well, you no longer can exist if you die. And then I thought, what would it be like if I ceased to exist? And the more I thought about it, the more objectionable it became. So I did the only intelligent thing. I blocked it from my mind for many, many years. So I graduated college. Blinked my eyes a few times, I got married. Blinked my eyes a few more times, I had a daughter. Blinked my eyes a few more times, and I wasn't happy. I didn't know what would bring me happiness, but I just wasn't happy. And so I did something I'm not proud of.

I left my wife, I left my daughter, I left my job, and I went searching for happiness. And, you know, it's a pretty big world out there, if you're looking for something and you don't even know what you're looking for. I'd had a good job at the time. I was in investments, and one of my salesmen came to me and said, Sid, a friend of mine just took a meditation course and he can do amazing things with his mind. I said, well, what can he do? He could get information from the invisible world. And I thought, oh, I was a stockbroker. If I knew what's going to happen in the stock market, I could make $1 million, and then I would be happy. I took this course, this New Age meditation course, and I got more than what these people told me I could do.

I knew things in the invisible world. But then the power started growing. I knew more and more and more, and I got happier and happier and happier. And so I took advanced courses, and I got into something called Astro Projection. You know, that's where your spirit leaves your body. I know it sounds kind of spooky, but this is true. And and then someone said to me, you know, Sid, once you break into that realm, your spirit goes for a little walk every time you go to sleep at night. And then I began to think, what would happen if this happens to me? And they say, it happens every night now, and I don't make it back in time to my body. I got to the point I didn't want to go to sleep, because I was afraid this horrible thing would happen to me, and I went so long without sleep, and finally I was exhausted and I said, look, I don't want to die, but life is too hard. I'm going to sleep. And if I don't wake up, I don't wake up. I have no choice.

And I went to sleep. The most fearful individual, the most fearful night of my life. And when I woke up, there was something that transpired that I had no paradigm for. I had no, no. It wasn't even in my realm of imagination. There was a presence in my room. This presence was the most peaceful presence I'd ever experienced. It was like I went from darkness to light instantly. I was so peaceful, that if you'd said, Sid, I'll give you that million dollars you wanted as a kid. If you don't have that peace, I'll say money can't buy this. Well, you and I know that the most important things in life, money can't buy. Can't buy a good marriage. It can't buy a good relationship with your family. It can't buy good health. It can't buy peace. Shalom peace. Peace in your heart.

I was raised in a traditional Jewish home. We weren't that traditional in home, but we went to what's known as a traditional synagogue. I was very proud of being a Jew. I was very comfortable of being Jewish, but it wasn't the religious side that made me comfortable being Jewish. It was you're born a Jew and you die a Jew. That's what made me comfortable. I was very comfortable with that until age 13. At 13, I had my bar mitzvah. I became a man, and I became a man. I wasn't that interested in going to synagogue, but I still went. And the reason that I went was because I loved my parents and I wanted to honor them. And when I found out that a lot of the tradition I believed in was in contradiction to the words of the living God, I only had two choices between religion and tradition, and truth.

What is truth? And so I had bumped into some friends that said to me, Sid, you know your own Jewish scriptures say that Jesus is your Messiah. There's only one God for the whole world, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And there's only one Messiah for the whole world, the Jew Jesus. And I say, well, we Jews don't believe in the Messiah. I didn't know that. We Jews, of course we believe in a messiah. I just had never heard any talk about Messiah. But I figured that if the Christians have Jesus, we Jews have Moses. And so I gave it no thought. But then he said, in your own Jewish scriptures, God describes the Messiah. And so I started reading the Tanakh to find the truth about the Messiah. I mean, I didn't even know why I would need a Messiah, and evidently we Jewish people always needed a sacrifice to cover up our sins, and we would take unblemished lambs and unblemished animals and sacrifice them in the temple.

Because the Torah said, without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. And so when the temple was destroyed, we couldn't have the animal sacrifices, so we were stuck. Around the year 70 AD, and no Jew could have the blood of atonement. And without the blood of atonement, there's no forgiveness of sin. And no Jew, according to the Torah, could have their sins forgiven, unless what the Christian said to me is true. But I want to see what my own Jewish scriptures had to say. And so I found out this Messiah would live a sinless life. This is all in Torah. That most Jewish people wouldn't believe in him. Few would believe the report of the prophets. That's what it actually says in Isaiah 53. I found out he'd be born in only one city in all of the world, Bethlehem.

And there were five Bethlehem's at the time he was born. But then it says in Micah, Bethlehem of Judea, he would be born. And that's exactly where he was born. It said his whole genealogy, and his whole genealogy was the same as the Messiah of Israel, Jesus. I remember going to my Orthodox Jewish father and I said, dad, let me read Isaiah chapter 53 to you. Tell me who this prophet is talking about. And so I started reading the 53rd chapter to my Orthodox Jewish father, and he said, stop. I said, why? He said, you're reading from a Christian Bible. I said, no, dad, this is the Tanakh that our Orthodox rabbi gave me, and I showed it to him. It was even inscribed to me. And he said I only had two choices. Either Jesus was the Messiah or the one he came up with. He said, I always thought there was something wrong with the rabbi.

Hard to believe, but that's what he said to me and then dismissed that whole topic. If we don't have an absolute, then whatever you want to believe is fine. And in Judaism, we think as long as you believe what your fathers believed, then, that's tradition. You know, it just evolves. So for centuries, multiple centuries, and all this tradition, the Messiah of Israel was asked a question, that same question. And he says your tradition has made void the word of God. The Messiah of Israel came into my bedroom that night when I went to sleep. So fearful, I didn't want to live that way anymore. And when he came, his peace came with him. And he said to me, I heard the audible voice of God said to me at that time, I hate divorce. I didn't realize he was quoting from one of our own Jewish prophets, in which in Malachi God says, I hate divorce.

The same voice said to me, return to your wife and daughter. And I said, yes, sir. But I have to tell you, I didn't even know as a Jew, I could know God. I knew Abraham and Moses. They knew God. But I didn't know any Jews that knew God. Am I meshuggah? No, because guess what? I read in the Torah the Messiah would do signs and wonders. I remember talking to an Orthodox rabbi about Yeshua, and he said, after I finished talking to him and telling him all my God experiences and all the prophecies that proved conclusively irrefutable proof that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. He said, it's too late for you. Oh, thank God, it's too late for me to be blocked from knowing the truth. It's too late for me to be blocked from being set free. No, it's too late for you. Because I've already know, I already know the truth. I'm already set free.

I thought for myself. I wish they'd all, Israel. I'm not saying all Israel should believe in Jesus. I'm saying all Israel should think for themselves. Every Jewish person. It's the most important thing. Why? I'll tell you why. If you don't know God before you die, I guarantee you, you won't know God after you die. But if you know God before you die, of course you're going to go to Heaven. And I believe that only people that are sinless and according to the Torah, there's not one person sinless. Not one. No, not one. So how do we get there? We don't have our animal sacrifice. So how do we have our sins atoned for so we can be in Heaven? We can spend eternity with God. There's only one way.

The reason the temple was allowed to be destroyed in 70 AD is because 40 years earlier, Yeshua fulfilled all the prophecies about the Jewish Messiah. Came and lived as a man. The Torah called him Emmanuel, God with us. And he lived a perfect life, according to Isaiah chapter 53. Totally perfect life, the only one to ever do that. The only sinless life to ever exist. And Isaiah chapter 53 says, by his stripes, his wounding, his death, blood flowed and we were healed. All we, like sheep, have gone astray. Everyone to his own way. But the Lord has put upon him, the Messiah, the iniquity of us all. And when I believed in him, I knew that every bad thing I'd ever done was remitted, not just covered. The blood of an animal was just a temporary fix. It covered our sins. Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement. It just covered our sins.

But Jeremiah chapter 31:31 says, behold, the days come in which I'll make a new covenant with the house of Israel, the house of Judah, a better covenant. And this is the covenant that I will make with them. I, God, will not just cover their sins. I, God, will remit, remove their sins. As if they've never been committed. That's why it's called a new covenant, a better covenant. And I'll tell you this. There's nothing I can do as a human to have my sins removed. I used to believe my good deeds outnumbered my bad deeds. If there is a place called Heaven, I'll end up there. But if, if, if. How about, I know, I know. And when I said this prayer originally, nothing happened and I figured it didn't take. But then, on the worst day of my life. The worst day, which became the best day of my life, I prayed a two word prayer.

When I was going to sleep, I didn't care whether I lived or died. I said, Jesus, help! And when I woke up, the presence of God poured into me. And I'm going to make you a promise. If you'll open the door, God will show up. It may not be the minute you pray, but God will show up in a way that no one can ever talk you out of the fact that God is real. Tell you this, that if you know God, you have everything. And if you have everything and don't know God, you have nothing. He's knocking at the door of your heart. Just that one two-word prayer: Yeshua, help. Because once you know God, you can't be fearful of anything.

And I'll tell you what. In the situation that you're in, or I've been in at certain times in my life, what a difference it makes to know: God is for me. Not because someone says it, but because I know it. Just do what I did. Say a prayer. I was desperate. Don't have to be desperate to say a prayer. But I knocked, and the door opened. I want you to knock with that two-word prayer: Yeshua, help. You don't know when your end will come. Smart as you are, as prosperous as you might be. You don't know when your end will come. It could be the next minute, especially in Israel.

If you wait, and your end comes, you have to stand before a holy God with all the mistakes you've made. You say, hey, that sounds too good to be true. But it's in our Torah. When you read my story, There Must Be Something More, and you'll get the free download, you will see these scriptures and be able to think for yourself. When you read these scriptures, then look it up in your own Tanakh, you'll see that God gave us more than enough evidence to prove: one God. His name: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One Messiah: the Jew Yeshua. You don't know when your end will come.
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