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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth — New Realm of Mysteries

Sid Roth — New Realm of Mysteries

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. We had the high privilege, before the book "The Harbinger" even came out, of interviewing, we were the first ones in the country. We had the CD series of "The Harbinger" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, which has gone on to be a New York Times bestseller, over two million of these books have been distributed.

But Jonathan called me the other day and he said, "Sid, God has given me a revelation. I call it the Mystery of the Shmitah and it's so big that it affects everything we as a people are personally doing and will affect the rise and fall of the United States of America.

You know, the bestselling book, "The Harbinger," which heeds a warning of judgments, they're reappearing again. There's nine of them. But one of the ones that is reappearing is the understanding and the revelation of a biblical term called the Shmitah. Now Rabbi Jonathan, what is the Shmitah?

JONATHAN: The Shmitah is an ancient mystery. It goes back over 3000 years to Moses, Mount Sinai. Yet is affecting everything from 9-11 to the rise and fall of the economy, to the crashing of the stock market, to the rise and fall of nations, everything from World War I, World War II, what is happening right now and what will happen. It is the most precise mind-boggling, biblical mystery and it's coming true now.

SID: Now when you talked about it in your book "The Harbinger,” did have any idea that this would so affect us today in our everyday life, I mean, and how big it is?

JONATHAN: I knew it was happening, I mean, at least in a certain period, but I had no idea that it didn't just happen then. It's been affecting us, every single one who's watching right now, it's affecting every life since the day we were born and the future. I had no idea until very recently how big it was. It just, it's really mind-boggling.

SID: Okay. Let's just start with basics.


SID: What does the Shmitah mean? What does the word mean?

JONATHAN: The Shmitah means the release but, or it could also mean, literally, it could also mean the fall or the collapse, in Hebrew. It could also mean the shaking. And what it is, is this. In Mount Sinai, God gave this law to Israel. Every seventh year you would have a Sabbath year, a year of rest. That rest was called the Shmitah. There was no sowing, no reaping of the land. And on the last day of the Shmitah, the day is called Elul 29 on the biblical Hebrew calendar. On that last day, something unique happens. All credit is wiped away, all debt is wiped away. The financial accounts of the nation are wiped clean. Now this was to be a blessing. But when Israel turned against God, the Shmitah comes back as a sign of judgment on a nation that is driving God out of its life. So this is where it affects us particularly today. So the thing is that the Shmitah affects, as you can see, the economy right away. Today it would be a recession or a depression, I mean. And the Wall Street literally is the collapse of our financial realm. So what we're going to see—

SID: So we're going to have a collapse that's not a blessing.


SID: We're going to have the judgment type of collapse.

JONATHAN: We have already seen it happen and it's actually getting more specific. The last two Shmitahs have been so exact, so precise since 9-11, and we're coming up to another one as well. So what we're going to see, and this is what blew me away, is it has been affecting everything in our lives from really, there's no end to it. It's amazing and it's precise down to the days, the hours, even the seconds.

SID: Okay. Give us some background. Explain every seven years.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Yeah. Every seventh year, so you have this rest and here's the keys to know, because we're going to see what's happening right now. The keys are, number one, you have a seven-year cycle. So the seven-year cycle, everything stops and then you have this financial wipeout.

SID: Okay. According to the Bible, every seventh year…


SID: We have just a blessing from God or if we haven't done what God has asked, it becomes a judgment.

JONATHAN: It became a judgment. Actually, 586 B.C., wiped out Jerusalem. They were in battle for 70 years and the Bible says it was because it was time according to how many Shmitahs they broke. So it becomes an amazing thing. It not only wipes away accounts, it can wipe away cities and nations.

SID: You know, if someone is a non-believer in the Bible, as being from God, just looking at these patterns that are affecting us today, that have affected historically, nations being rising and falling, economies rising and falling, I mean, it's just, how could anyone not be a believer in the Bible?

JONATHAN: Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. And here, Sid, if you look, here's an example. If you look at the last 40 years of our financial history, you look for, there's five great turning points or longterm collapses combined from the recessions. When did they take place? I'll give you an example. 1973, first one. Second one, 1980. Third, 1987. Fourth, 2000, and fifth, 2007, great recession. What do you notice about all them? Every one of them is separated by a seven-year period. I mean, '73 to '80, seven years. '80 to '87, seven years. 2000, seven years. Are any of them linked specifically to the year of the Shmitah? 1973, year of the Shmitah. 1980, Shmitah. '87, Shmitah. 2000, Shmitah. 2007, the Shmitah. Every single, a hundred percent of them happened according to the appointed time in the Bible. Some of these things went down to the second. Sid, if you go, listen, take it larger. Go to the greatest crashes in history and you'll find, do any of them take place linked to the year of the Shmitah? The majority of them do. I'm going to give you an example. This is the third greatest crash in history. 1937 to '38, when did the Shmitah happen? 1937 to '38, same year. In fact, when the Shmitah begins, the next day Wall Street collapses. Here's another one. The great recession, when does that happen? It is 2007 and '08. When does the Shmitah happen? 2007 to '08, and on the exact day of the Shmitah appointed to wipe away the financial accounts, Elul 29, the whole stock market collapses. The Great Depression is even linked to this. When you have this peak day of the Depression, of the Shmitah, right after that comes the greatest month collapse in American history. It is mindboggling.

SID: You know, Jonathan, I used to be a stockbroker on Wall Street. If I had only understood these biblical principles, if I was a mutual fund manager I could be to the top mutual fund in the world. I don't understand. Maybe that's why there's going to be a great wealth transfer. The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. But we have to understand these biblical principles. When we come back, I'd like to find out the future of America based on the Shmitah. How about you?

SID: I am amazed, Rabbi Jonathan, how big this is. This isn't some little principle. This affects everything. Explain.

JONATHAN: Yeah. The Shmitah has so many facets. It's not only, now we just touched on how it's affected the economy, Wall Street, everything. But it actually affects even physical realities. And the first thing, one of the mysteries, it's called the Mystery of the Towers. And the Bible word for tower is "migdal". It comes from the Hebrew word "gadal,” which means greatness. So there's a link between towers being built and greatness or, you know, a nation's greatness or it's pride, it's glory were great.

SID: You know what that reminds of? The Tower of Babel.

JONATHAN: Exactly.

SID: That's what they were trying to do. We're going to make a name of ourselves.

JONATHAN: That's exactly it.

SID: We're going to build a tower up to Heaven.

JONATHAN: That's exactly it. Now could there be, now there's a mystery here, could it be that the rising of the highest towers in the world actually mark the rising of nations and powers. And we're going to see, it's linked to the Shmitah. It's amazing. For instance, up from the Middle Ages the highest towers were in Europe, the center of power was Europe. But a change took place in about 1870, there's the greatest tower rises up in a new land. It's America, 1870. The next year, America becomes the strongest economic power on Earth. The mantel goes from Britain to America. So the rise of the tower actually marks it. From then on, America builds the highest towers on Earth as its power keeps growing and growing, and growing, and growing. But we're going to see there's a link with the Shmitah. Because in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, height of American power, there's a plan to build a new tower that's going to represent America's greatness. It's the World Trade Center. 1945 is the year of the Shmitah. The tower is conceived, the World Trade Center, the year of the Shmitah. It's begun, they start building it in 1966, year of the Shmitah. It's built for a seven-year cycle, the exact cycle of the Shmitah, seven years of the Shmitah. Finished in 1973, year of the Shmitah. And then finally, 2001, it's destroyed in the year of the Shmitah. Now here's a link. Now what's the link? The towers. Tower is about rising. The Shmitah is about falling. It actually means "let it fall". The tower is about the glory of man. The Shmitah is about humbling the pride of man or the pride of a nation. So here we see in the Bible, you know, the Shmitah wipes out accounts, we saw, that are built up. It also wipes out realities that are built up, too. And so here in the year of the Shmitah, actually as the Shmitah gets to its peak, that's when 9-11 happens. 9-11 happens at the peak of the Shmitah. Last week, when it's getting ready for the day of nullifying, wiping things out, and actually the collapse of the tower causes the collapse of Wall Street. You have the greatest, the collapse of a tower, I mean, pride of a nation, and you have the collapse of Wall Street the same time on the day of the Shmitah, which means that even the timing of 9-11 was to term, had to be determined exactly by the ancient mystery of the Shmitah. And what, here's the prophetic thing with this, Sid. This is just one of the things. That if the rise of a tower speaks of the rise of a nation, what does the fall of a tower speak of? It speaks, it's a warning of the future of America.

SID: So as you point out, the harbinger was 9-11.


SID: It's a warning. How many warnings do we get before judgment? What's the pattern?

JONATHAN: God is merciful. With the harbinger, exactly right. This follows, the harbinger, not only was that a harbinger, but then we are, there's a tower going up right now at Ground Zero, which, it's the fourth harbinger. Well that's linked to the Shmitah as well. There are things happening, since the book "The Harbinger" came out, it's becoming true and it's linked to the Shmitah. That there are signs appearing, we can't get into it, but the signs have to do with that tower about what is rising up at Ground Zero, which is linked to defiance. Because remember, you know, this tower also, the tower that's rising now, was conceived in the year of the Shmitah at the same time, with that vow about defiance that was made on Capitol Hill. And it's probably going to be completed most likely in the year of the Shmitah that's coming. So that's just a little bit of the Shmitah and the tower. But this also is about the rise and fall of nations. The Shmitah gives the key about when nations rise and fall, has to do with America. Let me give you an example how this mystery is so big it's affected everything. Shmitah, it actually can be taken, as I said, shaking or falling, or collapsing. 1917, you have the year of the Shmitah. You have a collapse on Wall Street, but you also have a shaking of the nations called the First World War. The Shmitah is about collapsing. In that war, you have the collapse of powers, collapse of four empires. The German empire, the Hungarian, the Russian, the Ottoman all collapse in the year linked to the Shmitah. And you also have, it's linked to the Shmitah, which is linked to the rise of nations. 1917 is the year that begins America's rise of world power on the stage. It enters the First World War. Consider that. And so you have the beginning of this rise. But if you take four Shmitahs later, which is 28 years. Interesting, "4" in the Bible is the number of kingdoms. It takes you to 1945, and you have another global cataclysm. You have the shaking of the world, shaking, World War II coming. You have literally, actually, you know, Hitler's attacks began in 1938. That was the year of the Shmitah. Go seven years to 1945, until it's over, Shmitah. The Holocaust, Kristallnacht, it's noted as 1938, as the faithful year, year of the Shmitah, ends 1945, year of the Shmitah. When you reach the peak of the Shmitah, you also get the peak of World War II, summer of 1945. You're approach the Shmitah's day of nullifying things, the day of wiping out. Unleashed on the world is the greatest power of wiping out ever, the atomic, nuclear warfare comes on at the end of the war. It's like this crescendo. The war ends in the last week of the Shmitah, this whole seven-year period. And when, actually in Berlin, the allies have a victory parade. It's on the day of the end of the Shmitah. And so world history, this launches America as the super power of the world. Even the Cold War, in the year of the Shmitah. Now if you go one more period, you go four Shmitahs later, 28 years, Shmitah can mean also the fall of a nation. It gets you to 1973. Key point. 1973, America decides to legalize the killing of unborn children, same sin, ancient Israel was judged for. And that same year, also is the year America loses its first war. Vietnam collapses on the same day, August 15, that America won the war before in the other Shmitah. And so you have this thing of the fall now. And the same year of that fall, you have the World Trade Center, which marks the same year that America legalized the killing of its children.

SID: Okay. Now with the amazing precision we've just seen in the past, what does that tell us about now and the future?

SID: So Rabbi Jonathan has pointed out when we have the Shmitahs, that's every seven years, meant for blessing by God. But if we're not following God's laws, it turns into a curse. Horrible things have happened in the history of Israel. Well we're coming into a Shmitah right now. When does it start?

JONATHAN: The Shmitah begins September 25th . I can remember. It's my birthday, so it's easy. September 25th and then it goes until September 13, 2015. Now let me tell you, now, a few things. One is, two cautions, God does not do anything. It doesn't necessarily have to happen every time. However, other cautions, He can. And the thing is that, what the pattern is, is generally this. At the beginning of the Shmitah, you don't necessarily notice it.

SID: Listen. I am, if I was God, I wouldn’t even be waiting for Shmitah. I mean what we're doing is we're poking our finger in God's eyes as a nation, here in the United States. I'm glad that I'm not God. God's got so much more mercy than me. But if you study the Bible, He does have a point of judgment.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Yeah. And that's the dangerous thing. Because when you combine this altogether where America is going, when you combine the harbingers appearing and continuing, when you combine the Shmitah, that's the thing. The thing is this. In the last two Shmitahs, this is 2001 and then it's 2007 and '08, you had, the mystery is getting more and more precise and intense. It's a build-up, because in 2001, you have the greatest stock market collapse in history happens on the exact day appointed in the Bible, Elul 29, to wipe out the financial accounts. Seven years later, 2008, you have the other greatest crash in American history, bigger, and it happens on the exact same day appointed in the Bible. The two greatest crashes happen exactly seven Hebrew years apart down to the days, the hours, to the seconds. So the mystery is getting more intense.

SID: You know, he's going so fast, I want you to catch it. It is so precise what he's saying, it's the year, the day, the second. I mean, what an awesome God we serve.

JONATHAN: Yeah. And the thing is, what this indicates, Sid, is there's intensifying. That means that the nation we are progressing towards judgment and that's exactly what's happening. It's in America. So now, again, God doesn't have to do anything when we say, but I'd be aware.

SID: All right. Tell me the exact date it starts and it ends.

JONATHAN: September 25th, and that's the start, this year. And usually, again, at the beginning it's not necessarily so noticeable. But if something is chosen for this year, then it's usually, it gets, it builds up to its peak. That's usually when things happen. Okay. Which is September 13th of 2015. Now there's also, you know, we've talked about this before, it happens to be the blood moon period as well. Because the blood moon period is a year and a half. Well we're in that half part. But the year, what's left is totally Shmitah. So it's all happening at the same time, the Shmitah.

SID: It's like a convergence of warnings.

JONATHAN: It seems. And the other thing is that, here's another thing, Sid. In the Bible, one of the signs of judgment is the darkening of the sun. Now we're not saying every eclipse is. However, it's, there's something there. Here's the thing. Get this. When that big, that peak day comes Elud 29, it's going to be a solar eclipse on marking that day, the great day of nullification. At the end of the Shmitah there's going to be a solar eclipse the same day. When that, we talked about the tower, putting this all together. When that tower, they just recently put the spire to make it the tallest in America, the day they put it up was another solar eclipse. And you know, when the last time, Sid, when a solar eclipse happened on Elud 29, it was 1987, you had the greatest wipe out of Wall Street in history right after that. So I'm not saying things have to—

SID: All right. This begs the question. You have been studying this, but not just studying as a scholar, which you are, but by revelation, I want you to tell me what you think is going to happen.

JONATHAN: I believe, whether it happens in this period or not, and I'd be ready, I believe without any question a great shaking is coming to America. And the shaking will affect the economy, will affect the financial realm and could be very well more than either of those realms. But it will affect that. Something like a famine in the land. I believe even services and infrastructure will stop. So I believe in a great warning and it's in God's mercy. Because at this point without shaking, I don't believe there can be revival. God's heart is revival. But we have to be ready. Anything that can be shaken will be shaken.

SID: Okay. We only have two minutes left. What is this—

JONATHAN: Seven Shmitahs.

SID: Seven Shmitah?

JONATHAN: Okay. There's so much and there's so many. So just to touch on this. Okay. When you get to the seventh Shmitah, that's seven times seven years, 49 years, it leads to the Jubilee. So even the Jubilee is linked to the mystery of the Shmitah. Jubilee is about restoring, getting back your land, getting back your home, you're restored to your inheritance. Well 2000 years ago, Israel lost its inheritance, lost the land. Well what happened is, remember the Jubilee only comes, starts at the year after a Shmitah. Well the restoration of Israel begins 1917 with a vow for declaration when they give the land back to Israel, written. 1917 follows the year of the Shmitah. It's the next thing. It's like Jubilee. It's restoration of the land. If you go seven Shmitahs later from 1917, it brings you to 1967, the restoration of Jerusalem, right after the year of the Shmitah, the restoration. And the next one is coming, the next, you go seven more Shmitahs, it comes to, the next Shmitah is 2015. The year after is 2016. I'm not saying God has to. But it's amazing what He's done. It's amazing. He's in charge of everything.

SID: So this seventh Shmitah that is coming up could be, could be the wrap up, not just for America, but everything.

JONATHAN: It could be prophetic. And again, we can't put it on a box, but isn't it amazing. The Shmitah holds mystery, really, of everything.

SID: But the mystery of everything has to be simple. It's in Yeshua, Jesus…


SID: The Jewish Messiah.


SID: Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to be your Lord, live inside of you. Start reading the Bible. And I'm telling you, if you walk in the same peace that I'll train you to walk in that God has given me, nothing will bother you. Nothing.
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