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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth — Maintain Your Miracles

Sid Roth — Maintain Your Miracles

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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, she's been a guest several times on It's Supernatural, is Joan Hunter. Now Joan, I have to tell you, we get more responses of people that have had miracles on her show than any other. But she tells me she is moving in some outrageous miracles. Now hold on to your seats. Put the seatbelt on. She tells me now it's eight breasts have grown back on women. You heard me. Eight breasts have grown back on women. All right. It's a perfect life, pastor's life, four beautiful daughters. Everything is going good. Her husband exposes himself. He's a homosexual. She finds this out for the first time. She is left homeless, penniless. And then a few days after the divorce she gets a death sentence from a doctor: breast cancer, two years to live. Here's what I want you to do, Joan. There are people watching us right now that have death sentences or have loved ones that have had death sentences. Walk me through what happened to you. Take me from the sonogram.

JOAN Well you're laying on the examining table, you know, laying flat. Well, all of a sudden you get that, you see, the cancer there on the screen.

SID: Did you really see it?

JOAN Oh yeah. I had him turn it so I could see it.

SID: I don't know if I'd like to look at it.

JOAN I didn't, we really didn't expect anything. And I'm like, oh, that's not good. I mean, it was just very dark and stuff. And I'm laying there like this and I'm like, I'm like in a coffin. I'm like in a position for the coffin, which is exactly what happens when people get diagnosed with cancer, because it's known as the "Big C". Christ is the Big C, not cancer. Yes. Hallelujah. So I'm laying there and I'm like, oh Lord, you know, and you know, all these things are flashing. It's like my girls have been through enough, they don't need to worry about planning my funeral. So I'm laying there and I'm envisioning what I'm going to wear, this, that and the other, etc.

SID: Whoa. You know too much.

JOAN I know that. I didn't last too long.

SID: You were raised by the Happy Hunters.

JOAN Right.

SID: But still, when that fear, and that's what it was.

JOAN It's reality, in the natural, our natural mind goes right to the grave.

SID: You know, it's one thing to teach it. It's another thing to live it.

JOAN And that's why I love writing and teaching about how I've lived it, walked it out and got healed, and everybody can get healed. And so I'm laying there because this is what the enemy will do. He'll try to, because of television, because of news articles, because friends that have died of cancer and different things, all this fear, you have an opportunity, all this fear comes on. And I'm sitting there and I'm like, what am I thinking? I'm like, boom, boom! I'm slapping myself while I'm laying there and I'm like, no, I'm gonna live and declare the works of the Lord. This day I choose life. I choose life, I choose life, I choose life. And I am going to live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord. And you know what? I am right here today still declaring the works of the Lord of my healing. Hallelujah.

SID: So let every man be a liar, but God's Word is true, and God just told me, and His Word is true, if you have a pain in your neck, at home, studio audience, move your head, you'll see that the pain is gone. Now while we're at it, if you'll stand up. If you have a backache, stand up in the studio audience. Stand up at home. Please do this right now. And so only the back row, they have backaches. What's the matter? Okay. Good. Now bend over. Touch your neck. Check your neck. Move your head. Touch your neck, everything, even if you don't have a problem. No, I'm just teasing. All right. Wave at me if the symptom is gone. Wave at me. Oh, I see one wave, two waves, three waves, four waves, five waves. I feel like an auctioneer. Five people got healed just now and how many thousands at home? Okay, Joan, take me back.

JOAN Okay. So here I am laying there. Been through a horrendous time two days before with the divorce, not knowing what to do and I'm like, I can't tell my girls. They've just been devastated. So I call my parents and I say, "This is what's been diagnosed. I need you to come into agreement with me. Let's pray on the phone." So I lay hands. They agree with me on the phone and then at that point, a little bit later on in the evening I go, I take a shower and I say, "God, you know, I can live without a breast. I can live with different things, you know, and so forth and so on, but I can't live with this broken heart." And I said, "God, you know, I'll serve you, I'll declare your words, but," I said, "I need help." And I said, "God, I need you to heal my heart." And long story, short, He healed me of depression, He healed me of a broken heart, of trauma and all these other things, and betrayal, unforgiveness, you know, a whole list of things. Worry was the main thing that I believe opens the door for breast cancer. And I'm just, and I was like, okay God, and praying and thinking, and I could feel the heaviness of the trauma leaving the heaviness of the betrayal and unforgiveness, and different things like that leaving. And so you know, I'm going back. We're doing, you know, the final step before surgery, chemo, radiation, whatever, and talked to him about it. And so we go and they're like, "Something happened in here. This is your x-ray from before. This is your x-ray today. Your social security numbers match up, but the pictures don't match up at all." But God supernaturally healed me. And the thing that's so neat, hallelujah.

SID: I mean, remember, she saw that darkness of the x-ray. She was given two years to live. Go ahead.

JOAN And then at that point I realized that I got the greater revelation of dealing with the root causes, not just with the cancer, but what brings on, what opens the door for sickness.

SID: You know what I want to find out? I want to find out how you heal a broken heart. Okay. Joan Hunter, death sentence, cancer, two years to live. They can't understand it. It disappeared, the cancer. How many years has that been now?

JOAN It's been over 14 years. Praise God.

SID: Okay. There are a lot of people with broken hearts. I think, Joan, to be human is to live in a human world with imperfect people. Of course, we're perfect. Just to be married is enough to get a broken heart. But what do you do about it? What did you do about it?

JOAN What happened to me is that I got rid of all the junk in my heart and I told him, I said, I felt like that somebody, that he had taken my heart. My heart was literally shredded, taken it out, run through a meat grinder and then stomped on, and then handed back to me, of which it obviously, metaphorically, I received the heart back. I gave it to God and I said, "God, you're the only one who can heal the heart." I went to doctors, counselors. They said seven to eight years you might feel a little better, but you will never, ever get over this. You will never, ever get over it. I'm so over it, I teach about how people can get healed and over it, and then forget about it. Praise God. Hallelujah. Have it completely wiped from your memory. And then my teaching of this, 14 years ago, they have just recently over the last couple of years, a broken heart syndrome.

SID: It's a medical term.

JOAN It's a medical term, a broken heart syndrome. And what they do is they've gone in and looked at the actual physical heart and the x-rays in like the camera that goes in, oh, you have broken heart syndrome. It's actually shredded. I think that is so amazing. And literally, a couple of months ago, I had my heart examined, you know, and they said, "You have the most amazing heart. I wish I had your heart." My doctor is 40 years old and I'm 61. So yeah.

SID: A 40-year-old cardiologist said, was he a cardiologist?

JOAN A regular GP.

SID: Okay. He wants her heart, 61.

JOAN That's pretty good. I have a new heart. I have a brand new heart, totally not shredded, totally healed.

SID: You know what I'd like? You did something for a number of members of my staff.

JOAN We're having a revival here.

SID: I know, but they're not working. They're just so ecstatic. What did you do for them?

JOAN They're healed and whole, and working better now because they do not have to think about the past.

SID: I'm teasing.

JOAN I know you are. But it was so amazing, some of the different things. Several of them, I ministered to them yesterday, they slept through the night for the first time in years. One person, every night their father would come at the same time, take the covers off and beat them. And every night for probably 30 years, waking up at the same time, same time every night going [breathe].

SID: What causes that, by the way?

JOAN Oh, it's trauma, trauma and cellular memory. So I prayed for her yesterday to break that clock of that memory and she slept through the night for the first time last night with no waking up going [breathe], it's my father coming in. Hallelujah. That's just one of the miracles.

SID: Tell me a little bit about this thing called cellular memory. What is that?

JOAN It's really amazing with cellular memory. Like I prophesied, I had a word of knowledge, which you know, you did earlier today. I had a word of knowledge that this person had been beaten by a baseball bat by their mother when they were younger. And he's now, he came to me later, he's now 35, had had 30 years of pain every place where his mother beat him. And I spoke that out. He went home that night, slept through the night, no pain. Came back the next day. He says, "Every place that was bruised because of cellular memory was completely healed and all the pain of those beatings and the memory of it was completely gone." It's amazing.

SID: It is. You know what? Joan was teaching yesterday and she explained when someone has an organ transplant, like a heart transplant, explain the cellular memory there.

JOAN It depends on how the person died. Like I'll give you an easy one. The person dies and they died in a falling accident. Well this person gets the new heart and they're going, they wake up and they're going, I feel like I'm falling. I don't know what, I can't stop. I just keep falling. Well it's because that's how this person died. And then their hearts have been transplanted because of murder and they're being bludgeoned to death or being, you know, the murder is happening again to them, even though it's not physically. They're able to see the murderer's face, even though it happened to this person. They're able to identify, get a composite sketch.

SID: So the heart actually has a memory.

JOAN Has memory.

SID: When it comes from one body to another, the memory travels.

JOAN Yes. And between that, blood transfusions, body part transplants, any of that kind of stuff. I'm not against that, but you make sure that that heart has been prayed over, trauma out of it, cellular memory out of it to go before it comes in. And once that person got arrested, you know, that had murdered the other one, then she had no more nightmares.

SID: All right. What if I ask Joan, when we come back to pray for you, to pray for that shredded heart and to pray a very supernatural prayer that those memories, your memories of every day. I mean, let me tell you how traumatic it was for Joan. Her husband, after the divorce, would take her daughters to a gay bar. I mean, can you picture that? What about those memories?

JOAN Well he took two of the daughters there, and it's a long involved story where that's concerned. I learned how to really pray for my kids and give them to God. But what happened is all of those, I know that that happened. I know his lifestyle. But all the other things, God has totally wiped it away, totally wiped it away. All I have is awesome great memories of him, which that's got to be God.

SID: It's got to be God. It's got to be supernatural, Joan, for God to remove those memories. Not that you're not aware of what occurred, but those emotions connected with the memories, they're gone. That's such a supernatural thing. Tell me someone you've prayed for that the same things happened for.

JOAN Oh there are so many hundreds, but I'm going to give you a couple specific ones. One lady I prayed for yesterday and there's somebody here with her husband's name and she heard him calling his name to the person here. For the first time since the divorce, it didn't go "ugh" in her spirit today. She was like, this is awesome. All that pain of that is gone after prayer yesterday. And then somebody was listening yesterday to the mentoring sessions and so forth and took it home, woke up this morning at three o'clock in the morning just crying and weeping at the Lord, and spent time with God as God cleansed her heart. And it was just, she came, was giving me testimony of how clean her heart was and so forth. She was describing how God had healed her of the pain of the grief of her husband's death and whatever, she had to take care of him and it was kind of messy and bloody, and that type of thing. And I could see in my spirit her nursing those wounds, and it wasn't nice. It was just not a good sight. And so as I'm praying, I said, "May I pray for you?" And I prayed for God to wipe out every memory of every single wound that she took care, no matter how gross it was, and for God to wipe all that out. And so, did that, went away. Thirty minutes later, she came back. She says, "I'm trying to in my mind go, and just try to picture it again." She says, "It's not there anymore. It's just not there anymore."

SID: Only God.

JOAN Only God, yes.

SID: Only God. Now Joan, there are, you touched on so many areas. I want you to pray. There are so many hurting people. I mean, lots of us look good on the outside. On the inside, our hearts are shredded. We have traumas we're dealing with, memories. I want you to minister to them.

JOAN I have horrific memories from, had, I should I say, of being abandoned by my father and a lot of different abuse in my life. And God has wiped away all of that, and He wants to do it for you now. What I want you to do is put your hand over your heart. And even if you felt like a little bit of a trauma or even irregularity of your heart, it could be because of the trauma. So Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I send the word of healing and I speak brand new hearts. Father, hearts that doctors longed to have, but Father, hearts that we long to have ourselves, healing and whole. Father, I thank you for mending all the broken hearts and Father, I curse any form of trauma that we have experienced in our life, the effect that that trauma has had on our heart, on our body, on our digestive system. Father, I speak health and wholeness in Jesus' name from the top of their head to the soles of your feet, in Jesus' name. Now place your hand over your forehead and your eye area. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I command all of those bad memories to be erased from their mind, from their eyes, just from different torments and different things that they have experienced. Father, wipe it away. Wipe it away. And Father, right now as I, in the spirit realm, putting my hands on their head all the way down their body, take out all the cellular memory of the pain. Only let the good remain. And Father, I speak peace from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. I see waterfalls of peace just coming over you and flowing over you, and consuming you with peace, that you have an experience, possibly even in your time of your life that you can remember. And so Father, I speak peace in Jesus' name. I speak health. I speak restoration. Father, right now let us no longer feed our diseases with our pain, our heartache, our worry, the trauma and the stress. We give all of that to you in Jesus' name. In Jesus' name. Amen.

SID: Now you also teach on once you're healed, how to keep it. I mean, there were many tremendous healing evangelists that people would actually be healed and they walk out the door, and they, somehow, the healing would disappear. What would you say to them?

JOAN Well sometimes, what happens is you walk out the door and, you know, it's like oh that pain came back the following morning, I guess I wasn't healed.

SID: Right.

JOAN No. The enemy is coming and going, you didn't get healed, you didn't get healed. Here's a little pinch to show it. And it's like, you need to understand you have the authority to get that pinch out of there, you know. And like thus far and no more, I got healed last night. You are not stealing this. Because too many Christians allow the enemy to steal from us body, mind, soul, spirit and finances. They said I would never, ever get over this. I'm over it, man. I am so over it. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. But they said I would never recover from the breast cancer. I would never recover from financial ruin. Planned on filing bankruptcy. Quit tithing. Quit giving all those offerings. I didn't quit that and I changed CPAs. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I found a CPA that lined up with the Word of God. And these things are spoken over us, we need to cut those words off because there's power in the words spoken over us.

SID: How do you cut it off?

JOAN And there's power spoken in the words that we speak. And just say, Father, in the name of Jesus, I got diagnosed with breast cancer. They said I wasn't gonna live. I left that office, number one thing, I'm gonna live and not die through the will of the Lord. I was like a little helicopter, you know, running out of the office going, I cut those words in Jesus' name. The doctor said, "At your age," this is several years ago, "you're going to go through menopause." Man, I heard about menopause. I didn't want to go through menopause, you know. It's horrible. And—

SID: Yeah, but all women do.

JOAN No they don't

SID: Why?

JOAN Because I didn't. Hallelujah. I walked out and I said, I cut those words off in Jesus' name. I'm not gonna be forgetting stuff. I'm not gonna have hot flashes. I'm not gonna do this and this whole list of things that they tell you. And then you know how your face just goes wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle if you don't have enough estrogen. I don't take estrogen supplements. I have supernatural estrogen. I pray over my abdominal area, in the name of Jesus, my hormones will be perfect in harmony and balance in Jesus' name. My skin has remained young. Praise God.

SID: I tell you what. That is normal

JOAN That is normal. That is normal.

SID: Normal as defined by the Bible. And I'm going to tell you something else. The people with arthritis or pain in your fingers, go like this, you'll see the pain is gone. There are people with knee problems, you just start bending your knee. Someone is about ready to go into surgery. You do not need surgery. But the greatest surgery is a heart transplant. Ezekiel says, I want to give you a new heart. Repent of your sins. Tell God you're sorry. Believe Jesus died for your sins. Make him your Lord with your mouth and come and live inside of you right now.
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