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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth — Alive and Well with Juicing

Sid Roth — Alive and Well with Juicing

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As I travel throughout this world, I find something that is disturbing to me, shocking to me. Christians are as sick as non-Christians. It should not be. Under the old covenant, I come from a Jewish background, we were given dietary laws, and when Jewish people followed them, we were healthier than anyone else on Earth.

Under the new covenant we have even greater health that we're expected to have. It belongs to us. The Messiah died for all of our pain, died for all of our diseases. So how come there are as many sick Christians as non-Christians?

I believe it's because, number one, we're not eating properly. And my guest, although we talk about the supernatural arena, God has almost like a marriage between the natural and the supernatural, my guest was called by God to make you, to make me the healthiest people on earth.

Hello. Sid Roth here with Cherie Calbom. You know, I have noticed when someone has a destiny it's almost as if evil understands this and tries to snuff their life out before they can accomplish their destiny. I mean, Cherie, some of the things that happened to you, unbelievable.

As a young child, your father is a healing evangelist and your mother dies from cancer. In your s, you develop an incurable illness. The doctors say they have no cure, and you pray, and God does something wonderful. He directs her towards juicing.
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