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Sid Roth - The Breaker Anointing

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Sid: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Could sinister invisible forces be blocking answers to our prayers, stopping loved ones from being saved, stopping your physical healing, fouling up your finances? Is it possible for God the Creator of the Universe to start running interference for you so that you have an open Heaven?

My guest has been taught for many, many years about what the Bible calls the breaker anointing. And when she speaks, the breaker starts running interference for you and you just walk along your merry way. Would you like to understand the breaker anointing? I'm here with Barbara Yoder. And Barbara thought she was a true intellectual. After all, she was an atheist. She was reading philosophers. And you came to one person you started reading, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He's a fascinating man and he made one statement that just stuck with you. What was that?

Barbara: He said that there comes a place where every single one of us has to take a leap of faith. And of course, I was going totally by my mind, totally intellectually, and I was trying to figure out if God existed or not. And that one line caused me to stop immediately and say, "God, if you exist, I have a few things to talk over with you".

Sid: She prayed that prayer. Did you expect an answer? Did you really expect an answer?

Barbara: No.

Sid: I'm sure. But what happened? What happened?

Barbara: Well I just, you know, what do you do? You take a leap of faith. I had no idea what faith was. I had no access to my emotions. But the minute I said that I felt down deep inside of me a door open up because Jesus walked into the room. And I mean, it was miraculous because I was as cold, as calculating, as analytical as you can be. I mean, you know what an intellectual is like and I was considered at the time an intellectual's intellectual. And I'll never forget it. It's marked my life ever since I was...

Sid: I don't think any logic, I don't think any rationale could have got you to that point that a personal revelation was able to do.

Barbara: No. I think God just over rode every thought, every emotion. And Jesus walked into the room. The minute he walked into the room a door opened. I don't even know. All I know is what I felt. And I didn't feel things, but I felt a door open way down deep inside here. And all of a sudden, all these emotions rushed out and I began to weep and weep, and weep, and I was overcome by absolute liquid love, and that love just began to wash and wash, wash all the anger, all the bitterness. I turned to my mind because of pain and suffering. But all that love just began to wash the depths of all the pain and the suffering.

Sid: The love that you're talking about right now, Barbara is talking about, people say I want to experience that love. But I can tell you as a fact, that love, just as she was speaking about it, that love just started gushing all over every one of you right now. What did God tell you just as you were coming on this set?

Barbara: Just as I came on the set, it was fascinating. All of a sudden I just saw in both heard that there is a massive angelic visitation that's right here in this room right now and it's going out across the television audience, and God is invading individual's lives who are in impossible situations. It may be health. I felt there were people who were going to get miraculously saved. There were people who were going get miraculously delivered right as they're watching you and I today, Sid. In fact, I saw a mother whose baby, there's somebody out there whose baby is in big trouble and the mother is just beside herself. And God is intervening and literally clearing up that issue, that health issue with that baby right now. I really believe that baby doesn't have a chance to live without God's intervention. And right now God is touching that baby and healing that situation.

Sid: What is the breaker anointing?

Barbara: The breaker anointing is Micah 2:13, where God literally goes before us. And we're so worried about the devil sometimes. I'm more worried about where God is. And you know, that God goes before us and leads us out of narrow, confined, constricted, difficult places. He finds the way. He leads us to the gate that literally leads us out into a broad unconfined space.

Sid: So the breaker is God. I want to read in the Message Bible a personalized version that will really make this clear. "God will burst all of my confinements and lead me out into the open. I will follow the king. He will be out in front leading me". That's Micah 2:13. How would you like God in front running interference for you? What can man do to you?

Barbara: That's right. That's right.

Sid: Barbara, you learned about this breaker anointing at a congregation you went to. You would call the pastor Mother Neil. It wasn't so popular for a woman to be a pastor back then.

Barbara: No. She broke through to an amazing revival, latter ring revival and had a congregation of 3500 people. And that's where God took me once I got saved, to train me. And I sat under that anointing. God knew what He wanted to release in me.

Sid: When was the first time you could remember seeing how the breaker anointing operated with her?

Barbara: It was probably in about 1971. When I first went there, because she was a woman, I wouldn't go to the service.

Sid: But you're a woman.

Barbara: I know. And I was a feminist but I didn't think a woman should be in the pulpit. So I would only go in the evening when her son spoke. But when I finally got up the nerve to go in the morning, she would just move powerfully, never talk longer than 15, 20 minutes was a long message. But 450 alcoholics got delivered. This one man, I'll never forget him, powerful, he'd lay hands on people and God would just work miracles. But he had been a hopeless alcoholic who sold his baby shoes just to get money to buy a bottle of alcohol, liquor to drink. And it was man after man like that, mostly men who were just marvelously, miraculously delivered just like that. They didn't go through 12-step.

Sid: Did you say 450?

Barbara: Over 450.

Sid: But you were telling me that like when an oppression would try to come into the congregation, what would she do?

Barbara: She was amazing. She was in a wheelchair by this time. She's in her later years. She would have somebody roll her up to the platform. You could feel a visible oppression and she would just take her right arm, I remember this so well, and she would just lift it up in the air, and as she lifted it up in the air she'd let out this "haroosh"! And it's like you could feel every oppression. You can feel every constriction. You could feel everything that kept people in captivity leave the room and it was like a cool, fresh breeze of just the peace of God invaded that room when she would do that. I mean, it was amazing. I've practiced since then, "haroosh".

Sid: I'm going to have you pray that at the end of the show.

Barbara: It was amazing.

Sid: But tell me about yourself when you need the breakers to show up for physical healing for yourself.

Barbara: A remarkable one was my husband died in 1999, in February. And in July of that year, I developed, I woke up that morning with excruciating pain in my back. I couldn't even move and I was like paralyzed in position, not because of the paralysis, but because of the pain. Found out there was a hole in my spine, in my vertebrae. The spinal cord was bulging out. And after five days of this I said, I can't take it. And I knew at that point, I taught in the medical school so I understood what was going on. And I said, I understand why people want to commit suicide with pain.

And so I said, okay, I've got to do something immediately. I had a medical diagnosis. They wanted to do surgery, but I couldn't take the pain. So I drove to the office and told my staff if they knew God then they could lay hands on me and make this go away. And I said, if they didn't know God well enough to lay their hands on my back and make that pain go away I'd fire them all. And I said, either Jesus the healer is in you or he's not in you. That's how desperate I was. And do you know, Sid, they prayed for me. It might have been half an hour. But do you know that I was totally healed.

Sid: That's the breaker.

Barbara: That was the breaker. That was the breaker.

Sid: Okay. In the last 18 months, you have seen more miracles than in your entire ministry of walking with the Lord.

Barbara: Absolutely.

Sid: How many years have you known the Lord?

Barbara: I became a believer in '69.

Sid: Okay. Why are you seeing more miracles now? What's going on?

Barbara: Well I got tricked. I got tricked. That's how I got into it. Well two prophets came and one said that, was very specific, the next one was even more specific, and said, "You are going to Lake Michigan and you're going to begin to hold healing services, healing and deliverance services, and people are going get miraculous healed". And I thought, oh brother, that's pretty specific. And he said, "You're going to do it now". I thought, now? And you know, I had seen a miracle here, a miracle there. I had even seen somebody, I had one marvelous cancer healing in all my years of ministry. And so but I had to believe the prophet. Either I believed him and would prosper or I'd let that analytical mind take over.

So I just did it. And I happened to go over to a church. A pastor was in very bad shape. They had given him three years, three weeks, not three years, three weeks to live. And I thought, oh brother, what am I going to do. I remember when my husband was dying, we were pastoring. I thought, I got to get the congregation calmed down, all of that. And on the way over to preach for him that Sunday, I said, "I'll do anything I want you to do". He said, "I want you to preach". And the Lord said, "I want you to hold a healing service". I thought, a healing service? He's dying of cancer. I thought, then I'm going to have to do something about this cancer. And then I was hoping, he was so sick he wouldn't be able to come to the service.

Sid: You think you're the only one who thinks like this.

Barbara: I mean, I'm just telling you the truth, yeah. So I thought, he's so sick, three weeks. He had a stomach tube in. He couldn't eat, had lost weight. It had now spread to his lungs and the guy had the nerve to show up in the Sunday morning service. I know it was his church, but believe me, it was one time I wish the person was sicker than they were. So he showed up in the service and I thought, God, what am I supposed to do with this guy? I'm teaching on healing. So at the very end I finished my teaching and went into healing the sick. I didn't know what to tell him. It was so serious I knew I needed to hear from God. The only thing I heard, Sid, this is incredible, he couldn't even walk as fast as a turtle. That's how sick he was. So I just looked at him and I said, "Larry, run. Run around the church". And he got up.

Sid: Slow motion.

Barbara: Slower than a turtle he walked. He couldn't run. So then he got around to the first corner in the front of the church and he began to run. Well running was going as fast as a turtle. And so he did three circles around the church, the speed of a turtle. That was what running was to him. That's all he could do. Somehow, he developed strength. He asked me to stay on. We had lunch together. They asked me back. Their church was one mile from Lake Michigan. And I had that prophetic word about go to Lake Michigan. I was in his office. He said, "Would you come back and do healing services in the fall". And in the meantime, I notice this was February, the end of February, last in 2011. And by May of that year, he was jogging. I noticed him on Facebook. I was checking him up on Facebook. He was jogging a mile. He has never gone back to the doctor. He says, "I won't go back. I don't want to hear any bad news. I am healed".

Sid: When Barbara teaches about the breaker anointing the revelation hits us. When the revelation hits us the breaker manifests themselves. Teach about the Hebrew word "parats".

Barbara: The word "parats" means to break out, to break through, to increase, to advance. It always implies increase and going from a confined space to an enlarged space. So it can have to do with the anointing on your life and increase it. It can have to do with finances. It can have to do with emotional wholeness or physical wholeness and increase.

Sid: Give me an example of someone that broke through that sat under your teaching.

Barbara: I can tell you about this guy just this last year who had hepatitis C and he had a liver transplant. And the liver transplant, he had it for 10 years, it failed. And he was going to have to have a new liver transplant and I prayed for him, and didn't even know. He just said, pray for me. He wanted to keep everything confidential. So I didn't even know what I was praying for. I just prayed for him. He went to the University of Chicago and the doctors were getting ready to do the prep for the new liver transplant, and they noticed the liver was functioning fine. He didn't even know it had been healed. And then, so then they tested him for hepatitis C because hepatitis C never goes away, and they couldn't find the hepatitis C. Well they didn't believe. They thought the blood had gotten mixed up. And so they drew it again and it still came back negative for hepatitis C. So they were really puzzled and they were sure he had hepatitis C. They did it a third time. Well after the third one came back negative, they finally said, he now has a normal liver and no hepatitis C.

Sid: Now that's the way it's supposed to be. Barbara has seen that not only is she walking in a greater anointing of the miraculous, but it's God's will for you to be walking in a greater anointing of the miraculous. And I'm going to believe that when she prays for the breaker to manifest himself in your life that doors that have been shut are going to open in every arena of your life, in healing, having to do with salvation of loved ones, having to do with your family, having to do with your income.

Sid: When Barbara teaches about the breaker anointing, literally the breaker, he shows up. I mean, it's just the most amazing thing with the increase with the tangible presence of the Living God. Barbara, if you will over to the teaching set. And I'm going to tell you something, the whole room is going to rock when she teaches and so will the room that you're in right now.

Barbara: We have breed big institutions and made them holding pens for believers when really the pattern of the New Testament church was they didn't get everybody to go back in the upper room, put a steeple on it. And then because there were 2000 people crowding into what fit 120, they built a bigger upper room, we have been trying to get everybody in the church when we need to get everybody out of the church to where the people are. You are filled with waters. But until you let those rivers out, you are a dammed up place. And one of the words for breakthrough is "veiled parism". But veiled parism is like the Hoover Dam. And the Hoover Dam being loosed out, that's what God wants to loose.

Can you imagine when the church gets loosed? I don't know about you, but you need to just shout to God. You need to shout. The word says that the shout shatters. The power of the enemy, if you look up the word "shout" in the Hebrew it literally means shatters what's in the second heaven that's standing against you. Some of you need to stand up and begin to shout because it shatters what's in the second heaven that's standing against you. Oh yes. Oh yes. There's things coming out many of you right now.

Now keep standing. But what did He say? He said, "Clap your hands all you people. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph". When you clap your hands you're destroying the enemy. Don't just clap your hands. Clap your hands with intention. Clap your hands with purpose. Clap your hands with determination because you are coming into a victory that you have never had. You are on the verge of breaking in to a ground you've never broken into before. Hallelujah! I want you to just lift both your hands. Just lift them up. When you lift up both your hands, what is that? That's the sign of surrender and you're surrendering to the God of gods, the King of kings, the Lord of lords.

And I want you to say, "You reside inside of me. You are the power inside of me. Today I declare: I will no longer think as a natural man, because a natural mind is an enmity with God. But I will begin to think spiritually. The lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring inside of me in the power of the name of Jesus, and I am becoming as a lion".
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