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Sid Roth — Outpouring of Miracles

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Robert Gay had a revelation from God about the coming great outpouring of miracles about to invade planet Earth. This could be the last and greatest outpouring before Jesus returns. You don't want to miss what Robert shares.

I love the rarified air of Heaven. Well my guest heard from God. He heard about the last next outpouring of miracles that could very well be not just the next, but the greatest, and not just the next and the greatest, but the last outpouring of miracles before Jesus comes. And he heard, well I just heard something.

I just heard that someone's neck has been healed and someone's back has just been healed. And pain in the hip area around here, you've just been healed. And he from God that many, if they don't do what God is going to explain to you, will miss this great outpouring of miracles.

You know, when my guest, Robert Gay, was age 11, you provoke me to such jealousy. I mean, when I was , I didn't know my left hand from my right hand. He was raised in a Pentecostal home. And at age 11, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, but way beyond filled with the Holy Spirit.
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