Sid Roth — Operate in Miracles

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Guillermo Maldonado has trained thousands to operate in miracles worldwide. Now he has fresh revelation to help YOU do the things that Jesus said, and even greater.

My guest heard the audible voice of God and this is what God told him: "Teach my people how to operate in the supernatural." And he has done this all over the world. But the last time I picked up the phone and I spoke with him there was an increase, I mean a tangible increase in the presence of God.

And I said, "What is going on with you? Why has the presence of God just so dramatically increased?" And he said, "I've been teaching a revelation that very few of God's people understand that will catapult you into doing the same things and even greater than what Jesus did." Do you want to hear that?

Now most people that have been taught of what the Bible says about Jesus' death understand the cross and they must understand the cross. Why?
Because yoursins were atoned for. But my guest has been emphasizing a different aspect and he's been seeing so many miracles happen.

For instance, Apostle Maldonado, your wife heard the teaching, the revelation you received, and prayed for a woman that had her breast removed. Tell me about that.
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