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Sid Roth — Psalmist with a Special Gift

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Julie True is a psalmist with a special gift. Through song and music she transmits supernatural peace. As you listen, anxiety and fear vanish, replaced with the shalom of God!

Now in the natural realm, we deal with specialists. Someone has a heart problem, they go to a cardiologist. Well in the supernatural there are specialists. Most people don't realize this, but there are. For instance, there are certain people that operate in gifts of healings that if you have a tumor they pray for that to go.

If you have a friend, that if you're deaf, almost everyone he prays for gets their hearing back. Well in the psalmist and the singing, the same is true. There are specialists. It's as if when you're turning on the radio, you can go to one type of station or another type of station in the natural. It's called the frequency.

Well my guest has got a frequency for relieving stress and transmitting supernatural peace. It's like her voice is at that frequency. And you'll see what I know, because I've been listening to her worship, stress can't stand in the presence of that frequency.
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