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Sid Roth — Healing Problem Marriages

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God gave Chester Kylstra four keys to healing problem marriages and families. He says when you do them, there's no place for the enemy to operate in your life!

Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally, it is naturally supernatural. I'm kind of upset over something. I read statistics recently that say there's many divorces among Bible believers as people that don't believe in God.

There's many problems with their children as people that don't believe in God. Well I know better. And my guest had a revelation from God of four simple keys, that whether you're nine years old or 99 years old, most Bible believers have never covered these keys. And see, they're integrating.

If you do all of them you give no place for the problems in your life. And I can't wait for you to get those keys. Are you ready? Well Chester and Betsy, I heard the most wonderful compliment of what you teach. A young woman that works for me is about ready to get married, and she said when her parents got married they took your teaching and it dramatically changed their life, and she said, I'm not getting married until I learn these supernatural keys.

Now I want to let people know you a little bit. Chester, you are a trained doctor in nuclear engineering. And Betsy, you are a few hours in your doctorate in professional counseling. But you were sabotaged. You know what? I believe everyone was sabotaged. Both of them sabotaged. Briefly Chester, what happened to you? What was the sabotage?
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