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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video 2023

Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video 2023

Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video
Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video
TOPICS: Healing

My guest operates in the gift of miracles. At one of his meetings, a paraplegic got healed. But this will amaze you even more. When Brian spoke about this great miracle in another meeting, the healing glory hit a paraplegic in another state, and he was instantly healed! This proves God's miracle glory transcends time and space. Only imagine what will happen to those viewing that need miracles.

Sid Roth: Welcome! Our most important guest, Ruach Hakodesh, Holy Spirit, this is your platform, take over. My guest, Brian Starley, was raised in a broken home. He hated God. When he was a teenager, his mom and his stepdad got radically saved and radically delivered. I want to found out how Brian got from being a God-hater to a person that is so passionate for God. How'd that happen?

Brian Starley: Well, it was an amazing moment. And I'll tell you. I was not even sure that God existed. Maybe I had the most minute thought that He did, and if He did, I thought because of my circumstances, well, He must not have any care in the world for me. My mother was inviting me to come to church again and again and again, and one night she invited me to come not to the normal service, but to a Wednesday night youth meeting. And I jokingly when I'm teaching will often say, "The Lord might have given her a word of wisdom because she said, 'Brian, they're having all-you-can-eat pizza and wings.'" And I thought, "All right".

Sid Roth: Secret to your heart.

Brian Starley: The secret to my heart. So I got to the meeting and really hit it off with a couple of the guys there, and began going really just to sit back and watch everyone, and really just kind of mock what was going on. I didn't think it was real. I would say, "Oh, why do you think they're falling over? Look at them being pushed down. What's that funny language they're speaking in? Is it even real? Psychological suggestion". And eventually what happened is I was invited to a youth camp, and I go to this youth camp only because one of my friends after he heard that I turned it down again and again, he said, "Brian, you don't understand. There's so many beautiful girls here, more than I've seen anywhere else in the state". I said, "You're kidding me, John, at a Christian camp"? He said, "I'm not kidding". So I go to our youth pastor, and I said, "Pastor Mark, the Lord's tugging on my heart. I need to go to this camp". I end up at the camp and just a few nights in, as I'm completely checked out and disinterested, the Lord speaks in an audible voice and says, "What are you doing"? And I look back and think, that was a moment of revelation of "You're outside of My destiny for your life". And I tried to shut it down. I begged God to stop. I actually ran out of the meeting and eventually, later that night after trying to shut it down and suppress it, He spoke one more time audibly when I was in the top bunk of our beds in the log cabin. And he said, "Brian, you may not be choosing me, but I've chosen you". And I felt something begin to stir and bubble up on the inside of me. I can even feel it now when I'm thinking on it, makes me emotional. I sat up in the bed, and it was like floodgates opened. I just burst into tears, weeping and trembling. And I just said, "Lord, Jesus, this is you. This is real! I've never felt a love like this, and I just give You my life in full surrender".

Sid Roth: And that was key...

Brian Starley: That was key.

Sid Roth: your life because when he fully surrendered to God, God could use him. When you fully surrender to God, God will use you. Now, Brian and his friend, Matt, started praying for people on the streets. They went 2 years (get this) and they saw zero, no healings. What in the world made you continue working on the streets talking to people, praying for their sake and nothing?

Brian Starley: The element of compassion, we find this again and again and again as Jesus was tapped into the heartbeat of His Father through the Holy Spirit. Matthew's Gospel, in particular, has this on a number of occasions, and He was moved with compassion. It moved Him. It drove Him. It wasn't sympathy that was helpless. And I think that's a key component, because every time that I tried to quit, and I threw in the towel, would go back out to the car, get back home, and say, "God, that's it. I quit". And He would reel me back in with the compassion. And it's only because of that I think that I was able to keep going.

Sid Roth: I see many times when you're just talking, tears come to your eye. Is that compassion?

Brian Starley: It is. It's just the compassion of the Lord.

Sid Roth: Now, very quickly, you go to a meeting. You're filled with the Holy Spirit. A fellow by the name of Lonnie Frisbee, who I wish I had met, but I never met, prayed for a man by the name of Blaine Cook, who I did meet and interview. And Blaine prayed for you. The moment he prayed for you, describe what happened.

Brian Starley: He put one finger on my chest as I had my eyes closed and my hands out like this, and he said something that blew me away and really shocked me. His prayer was, "God, kill him"! And I lifted up off the ground. My friend Matt was standing behind me to catch me, and it was like a horse kicked me in the chest. I flew back 7 or 8 feet, hit the ground. Earlier in the meeting...

Sid Roth: Whoa, whoa, is that just expressions, or did that you really flew back that far?

Brian Starley: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Earlier in this meeting, which Randy Clark was speaking at, I was hearing about these different manifestations of the Spirit. And when it got to peace, I was incredibly introverted. I wanted no attention, no eyes on me. I had pleaded with God, "Don't make me cry. Don't make me shake. Don't make me... I don't want to do ab workouts. I don't want to do crunches". But we said, "Peace". I said, "Bingo! Just peace, no manifestation". And he whacked me and gave me the exact opposite. It was shaking, fire.

Sid Roth: Well, and then someone walks up to you and says, "Pray for my son". What happened?

Brian Starley: His son was 12 years old, and he had a very severe muscular skeletal condition that was, caused a lot of degeneration in his spine. In particular, he had very pronounced scoliosis and a number of other physical conditions, and I really didn't feel any faith because prior to that, we had not seen any fruit. But when we began the praise, suddenly when we were about to finish, he said something that caused the gift of faith to come and fall on me. He said, "Dad, my legs are getting hot". I had just learned that heat was a connection to the presence of God and healing. So I began to decree and declare and speak life and wholeness and just reversal of this condition over his body. And the moment we started to shift and pray in declaration and in partnership with what God is doing in the gift of faith, the Lord just completely healed him. We helped him up out of the chair and watched him walk back and forth in the basement of the hotel.

Sid Roth: You know, I am told from his mentor, Randy Clark, he walks in the most extraordinary miracles, and this... He went from nothing to miracles because of an impartation. He tells me when he prays, people at home or in his studio audience, not even laying hands on people, they get that same impartation. Are you ready to hear about the paraplegic who got healed in Texas when Brian was speaking in Hawaii? Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now, I want to know about the paraplegic in Texas that was healed and the angel that showed up when you were ministering to children.

Brian Starley: Yeah, both of those were so incredible, Sid. I had just finished up a trip in Brazil, one of our Global Awakening Ministry trips, where in this atmosphere of glory that just broke out spontaneously when I was supposed to teach, and the Lord said, "You're not giving your sermon. I am giving the sermon". The glory of God fell, and in that glory atmosphere, myself and my translator and a few others prayed for a paraplegic, and it was the first time I had seen that condition healed. He was working in construction 7 years ago, fell three stories down and hit his spine on a steel beam, which severed his spinal cord.

Sid Roth: Oh!

Brian Starley: And the Lord just completely restored him, and I wish I could say more, but it was incredible to see that even after that, going just a few days later to minister with YWAM in Kona, Hawaii, I shared that testimony on day one. I talked for 7 days. On day seven, one of the students looks at her phone. Her eyes get big like a deer in headlights, and she looks shocked like something is wrong. She runs out of the classroom on the phone, and I'm thinking to myself while continuing to teach, oh, I hope nothing, it's not a family emergency. Well, she comes back in just weeping and telling me that her friend, who is not a believer... He is now, that she used to talk to all the time, called her, testified of being healed of the exact same condition, injured the same way 5 or 6 years ago, and her friend was in Dallas, Texas while we were speaking there in Kona. She said, "When did you get healed? When did this happen"? He said, "Seven days ago". So the moment that, that came out of my mouth, just in the power of the testimony, the Holy Spirit, I love this because it wasn't my faith. I didn't know he existed. It couldn't have been his faith. He didn't know I existed, and faith is amazing, but I also think of things like, how much faith did Lazarus have?

Sid Roth: Not too much.

Brian Starley: And the glory of God just... There's no distance in the realm of the Spirit. All right. I was ministering to a group of very young kids, probably about 100 or so last year in Oklahoma City, and as I was, all of a sudden the Holy Spirit fell like we invited His presence to come and fall upon these kids, and while a lot was happening, weeping, etc., shaking, I stepped over to my left, about 15 feet or so, and as I did, all of a sudden I just felt like I've stepped into something or someone, some being, and I had the innate sense this is an angel. And what I saw was as I would go and grab the children and pull them into this space where this angelic being was present, they were all going out under the power of God and intensely travailing. And almost all of them were either having third Heaven visitations or direct face-to-face encounters with Jesus. It was beautiful!

Sid Roth: Real quick, you told me that you have had supernatural rain come on you, quickly

Brian Starley: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Brian Starley: Well, it was actually leading up to ministering to those children and then to seeing many other miracles later that evening during the healing meeting. I was on my way to minister to the kids, and as I was, I was walking through the convention center, and out of nowhere this enormous, just burst of water splashed into my face. And we had a parallel conference going on with a lot of businessmen, and I was looking around to see, "Did someone... Were they offended? Did someone throw a water bottle at me"? And I looked up, and there was no natural explanation. And I was soaked, and as I was going to dry my face off in the bathroom, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Unexpected rain". And I think the beginning of that unexpected rain manifested in ministering to those kids.

Sid Roth: Have you heard from God things He wants to do right now? Would you look into the camera and speak to them?

Brian Starley: Absolutely, actually, before this interview even started, when I was back in the green room, I began to feel this burning sensation about right here on the bottom cartilage of my ear, and then I actually felt either fingers or more accurately pincers were just grabbing a hold of my ear right about here. And so I think someone has been injured either from a faulty piercing where there was an infection or something to do with the pinching of the ear. The Lord right now in your home, and it is probably several of you, due to the severity of the pain that I felt in my body in this word of knowledge. So when we release healing to this ear condition in the Name of Jesus, I also believe strongly right now that someone is being healed of spinal stenosis as well as spina bifida. And this is not a word of knowledge, but I have a level of faith for this due to how often I've seen the Lord come and heal this condition. I believe God is touching people right now with autism and neurological and mental disorders. In the Name of Jesus, Father, we speak healing and wholeness over them right now, amen.

Sid Roth: And before they show, I heard that God wants you to do a major job on teeth.

Brian Starley: Hmm.

Sid Roth: Whatever you need in the gum and the teeth there in the mouth, sores, receive your healing now, in Jesus' Name. And also, people with wrist problems, just test it, even you in the studio audience, test your wrist to see if God... Don't test it if there's nothing wrong. Test it if there's something wrong. Okay. And also, I'm wondering if there's some old people that have back or neck aches in this studio audience that would stand and test it. I'm just wondering if you are bold enough that you'd want to get rid of the pain in the neck or back, bend over, or your neck. Move your head. I want you to test it, test it, come on, now. You at home! What are you, Swiss cheese? You stand up and test your back, bend over. That's how you test it. Move your head, your shoulder. It might hurt, just raise it. You raise it. Is there anyone that has manifestation of a healing that's occurred, raise your hand.

I've had an issue with my neck muscles being so tight that they don't release, and I go to the chiropractor every week, and she can't get it to release, or it will be just temporary. And so I just live in constant pain, and the pain is gone. I can move it.

Sid Roth: Thank you, Jesus.

I've had scoliosis from, I think, polio, from when I was 10 years old. And I'm an identical twin. My twin does not have that, so, anyway, she does have scoliosis, but it's not from the same cause. And we are identical, and she is... I just found out that I've lost 4 inches from this, and I had a fall and had an injury to my neck and shoulder. The shoulder's better, but the neck is not until just now.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. Don't look for the spectacular and miss the supernatural.

Brian Starley: Hmm.

Sid Roth: Many of you at home that it didn't manifest, go to sleep tonight. You'll wake up totally healed. Keep the plug of faith in the socket. Don't pull it out and expect electricity to work. Now, when we come back, Brian is going to impart the same gift that was imparted over him that is... I could feel the Kabod, the heaviness of that gift radiating from him, and it'll radiate right through to your TV, right into you, studio audience. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Before Brian imparts, freely he's received. Freely he's going to give. I imagine all the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be activated in certain people when you pray in a moment. Before that, very, very important, You must be holy. God says, "Be holy because I am holy". You can't get holy by yourself. You can't do it. But God sent His Son to pay the ultimate price for your sins, and by His blood you were healed. Repeat this prayer after me, mean it to the best of your ability, let today be the start of the best of your life, the best! Repeat after me. "Dear Jesus. I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe your blood. Washes away my sins. And I'm clean. And now that I'm clean. Jesus, come live inside of me. Be my Savior. And my Lord. Amen". Brian, pray.

Brian Starley: Yes, Lord. In the Name of Your Holy Son, the Lord Jesus, we invite that raw presence and power of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, we feel You so intensely in the studio right now. In the Name of Jesus, for every person that is watching or listening to this, we release more. We release more. We thank You that there is always more in You. That You're an infinite well. You're an infinite well. So, God, let us drink deeper. Let us drink deeper of the well, of the river of the Spirit of God. Lord, we pray for more of Your fire, more electricity, more of Your peace, Lord, that all of the nine gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 that would begin to be activated in those who are listening to this, in the Name of Jesus, I pray for increases especially in the working of miracles, the gift of faith, gifts of healings, and the word of knowledge. Lord, those who have never moved in this, let it begin. Let it be stirred up. As Paul exhorted Timothy, God, let there be a fanning in the flames of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in Your Name, amen.

Sid Roth: If you said that prayer, then I want you to be like Brian. He prayed for anyone that crossed his path, and because he said, "Let every experience, every man, be a liar but God's Word is true! And the people are going to be healed". And look what God did with him. Your called. Go! And flow!
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