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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Do This Shocking Act Over America

Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Do This Shocking Act Over America

Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Do This Shocking Act Over America
Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Do This Shocking Act Over America

If God can use a busy homeschool mom of five to release His Glory into the atmosphere, I mean wherever she goes, and miracles burst forth, He can and wants to use you. God's shofar blast is all hands on deck.

Sid Roth: Oh, our most important guest, Holy Spirit, I know You're here, and Your presence is getting stronger every second. Miriam Evans, there is so much going on here, right now, and in your meetings. For those that aren't familiar, what type of things happen in your meetings?

Miriam Evans: Yeah. So a lot of people are being physically healed. The miraculous is breaking out in my meetings because of the Glory, the presence of the Holy Spirit. It's coming and touching people, and as He does that, I feel led a lot of times in services to look at the audience and say, "You have permission to be healed at any time in the service," and a lot of times when I do that, I also give people permission to interrupt me, and I tell them, "If you feel a breakthrough in your body in any way, even if it's a 10 percent increase, I want you to wave both of your hands up over your head, and I will know that the power of the Holy Spirit is healing your body".

Sid Roth: So by faith, if you have, at home, a 10 percent improvement or more, you just wave to God. We'll get it, and, studio audience, you wave to God when you get your increase. We're watching you.

Miriam Evans: Yes. Yes, I believe it, and even now, we do. We give you permission. I feel by the Holy Spirit right now that the Glory of God is already going through the airwaves, and we say in the Name of Jesus, be healed, and I even feel that God is healing someone right now watching with cancer. You've been riddled with fear, and I just felt fear leave right now, as Sid was giving you permission. So we just declare, in the Name of Jesus, be healed, and we command cancer to leave your body right now, in Jesus' mighty Name. Glory, Lord.

Sid Roth: And while you're at it, there are still many people who have a pain in their neck and maybe migraines. You're being healed right now too. Tell me a few types of things of people that have been healed in your meetings. I know every meeting, you have so many, but tell me a few.

Miriam Evans: It's been great. I'll give you an illustration, a story. Recently, there was a woman that was deaf in the meeting. She had been deaf for 15 years. She lost her hearing when she was in high school. And so I gave the announcement, "As I said earlier, you have permission to be healed at any time of the service". I gave them permission to interrupt me, so sure enough, as I just begin to pray and minister, the worship team was worshipping, she began to wave her hands in the air, and the pastor's wife helped her up to the front, and I said, "What's happening? What is God doing"? And she said, "My ears have just popped open". And so she began to share with the room what was happening. There was a woman in the audience that had severe tinnitus. The ringing in her ears was so loud that she had a hard time hearing low-conversation sounds, and as she was listening to the testimony of the woman that was just healed of deafness, she said, "God, if You did it for her, You can do it for me," and God healed her of her tinnitus.

Sid Roth: Mm.

Miriam Evans: And it didn't end there. The women that was healed of tinnitus went to a birthday party that afternoon at a restaurant, and she happened to be sitting next to another woman who was complaining of tinnitus, and she said, "I'm sorry. I can't really hear what you're saying. I suffer from tinnitus, and the ringing is so loud". She goes, "I've got good news. I just got healed from tinnitus, so let me pray for you right now". She laid hands on her and prayed in the Name of Jesus, be healed. The Glory of God fell on this woman. She fell over in her plate of food. The waitress comes over and says, "Ma'am, are you okay? What's happening"? And she says, "Everybody is fine. This is a demonstration of the Gospel," and she shared the good news of Jesus with the waitress that day.

Sid Roth: What do you mean, we are gateways to God's Glory?

Miriam Evans: Well, Psalm 24:7 tells us to lift up our heads and open up your living gateways and let the King of Glory come in, and if we continue to read, it says," Who is this King of Glory? The Lord, who is strong and mighty in battle". Jesus is the King of Glory, and when we receive Him to be our Lord and Savior, we actually have His Holy Spirit to partner with Him to be a bridge from Heaven to Earth so that we can see the Glory, the atmosphere of Heaven invade Earth. And I believe that as we yield to the person of the Holy Spirit, and we partner with Him, we can see the Glory of God invade Earth wherever we are.

Sid Roth: She goes into the mall, and people are healed all around her. I want it. Don't you? I tell you what. Tell me a couple of ways from your brand-new book, "Glory Miracles," to be a living gateway, just a couple.

Miriam Evans: Number one, I would say hunger because hunger actually pulls on Heaven. There's nothing that we could ever do to earn healing or to earn the ability to heal others. It's by the finished work of the Cross, and so hunger actually qualifies us to receive from God, and so I would definitely say hunger is a gateway to experiencing the Glory of the Holy Spirit.

Sid Roth: Can everyone be a gateway to the same presence you're a gateway to?

Miriam Evans: If they believe in Jesus, the Messiah, yes, absolutely. I believe that we become living gateways just as Psalm 24:7 says.

Sid Roth: Tell me one more thing from the book.

Miriam Evans: Yeah. I would say risk. Risk is a major gateway. That has been something that... The culture of risk in my life has changed my life. If I can just step out and obey what the Bible says that I can do, I never know if someone else's breakthrough is on the other side of my risk. On the other side of my obedience, I believe that there can be breakthrough for someone.

Sid Roth: Yeah, but what if you take a risk, and nothing happens?

Miriam Evans: That's a good question because that has happened to me before. I have taken risks, and nothing has happened, but because I'm rooted in the love of Jesus, I can feel Him almost tell me, "Daughter, good job. Keep contending and pressing so that I see that I get the reward that I paid for on the Cross," and I believe that's why I'm seeing greater levels of breakthrough, and there's more. There's more that I'm believing and contending for, and I am very intentful on doing it through the gateway of risk.

Sid Roth: Okay. People that have wrists, not risk, wrist problems are being healed. Now, Miriam, at 17, was pregnant, and her only option seemed to be a certain death for her and an abortion or the murder of her baby. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now, it took a miracle for a 17-year-old pregnant girl with a lifestyle of reckless relationships, destructive habits, experimenting with drugs to transition to being a living gateway of God's presence. Miriam, what was going on?

Miriam Evans: Yeah. I was 17, found out I was pregnant. At the time, I was very focused on athletics. I had a volleyball scholarship, so many things that I thought I was going to do. Unfortunately, Jesus was not Lord of my life, and that's where the mess came in. I found out I was pregnant, and I was fearful. I knew I had a decision to make. Was I going to choose life or death? And unfortunately, there were many others around me that had chosen death. So I remember going to bed one particular night, and I thought that was my only way out, was to have an abortion. That was the only answer that I had, and as I begin to lay down for bed, I immediately, just as soon as my head hit the pillow, I immediately went into this vision, and I was no longer in my bed. I begin to look around, and in fact, I was laying in a bed, but it was in a hospital room, and when I looked down, I saw that there was a demon at the foot of my bed, standing at my feet and holding its hands out, as if it was waiting for the baby, and I looked around the room, and my room began to fill up with demons all throughout the room, and I felt lifeless. I felt like I was dying, and as soon as I saw the other demons come into the room, I looked down again, and my stomach and legs were covered in blood, and I was hemorrhaging, and I could feel the life just leaving me. I felt so afraid. I felt death in the room, and just as I began to give up and like, "I'm going to die here," all of a sudden, there was a man. I could barely see Him because of the blinding light crashed into the room, thew the door open with His hand, and with a sound, a voice, He said, "They're mine". And when He made that declaration, every demon in the room completely disintegrated. They were just gone. They didn't stand a chance, and as I saw this man enter the room, I could not see His face. I could not make out every part of His body because of the blinding light that was exuding from Him.

Sid Roth: Hmm.

Miriam Evans: And at that very moment, I knew it was Jesus, and I came up out of the vision. I was just drenched with sweat. I was like, "What in the world just happened"? I woke up. It was morning, and it happened to be a Sunday morning, and I ran into the kitchen. My mom was there. I greeted her, and I said, "Mom, I really feel like we need to go to church this morning," and she looked at me very shocked because that's not something that I would normally suggest, and she said, "Listen. Is everything going okay with you"? And I said, "Yeah. Why do you ask"? She said, "Well, I had a horrible dream of you last night. I had a dream that I was given a phone call from the ER, and they told me that you were in the hospital, and they didn't know you were going to make it, and when I arrived to the ER, they allowed me to look through the window, and when I saw you, your stomach and legs were covered in blood, and they said you were hemorrhaging," and I knew that God was giving me a warning and that He was literally saving my life, and when I realized how important my life was to me and I didn't want to lose it, that's when I realized the importance of the life of my unborn child, and I knew that God was giving us another chance for life.

Sid Roth: Tell me just very briefly about the child this life was spared.

Miriam Evans: Yes. My daughter Catherine is alive and well today. She's a worship leader. She carries such breakthroughs. She just recently moved to California, and she's leading revival, and I'm so thankful. I'm so thankful for her, and I feel right now that there are Gen-Z watchers, people viewers that you're considered in the Gen-Z generation, and I believe that you are watching this program for such a time as this, and God is calling you out. The Holy Spirit is actually nudging you right now, through my story, and I just want to prophesy and declare over the Gen-Z generation that God is raising you up in purity and power, and we are going to see Glory carriers rise up out of the Gen-Z generation, and I believe many of you that are watching, God hard marked your life for the miraculous. He's marked your life to be a voice of revival for your generation, and I just speak to every dark power that is holding you captive, and I say, be set free in the Name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: The fire, you say, prepares us to be a Glory carrier. Explain.

Miriam Evans: Yes. I believe that, John the Baptist said, "Hey, I baptize you in water for repentance, but there's one coming after me who will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire". That fire actually will begin to purge the depression, the demonic oppression of the sickness, bondage and addiction. The Fire of God will consume our enemies, but that same fire will also refine us. It will begin to bring out the gold that was put within us in our mother's womb, and that fire actually brings up every good thing that God has placed on the inside of us so that we can walk in purity and power and in Holiness.

Sid Roth: One of the things that I see in your life is, you are a carrier of the fire, which means you're a carrier of the Glory, and wherever you go, people receive this fire. Now, a five-word message from an angel changed Miriam's future, and it's going to change yours, also will change the future of America. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Miriam, I can't wait to hear the message that you got that will so impact us and impact America and impact the world that the angel gave you. Tell me about it.

Miriam Evans: Yes. So one morning, I woke up, and I saw a very large angel in my room, and he had a book in his hand, and he very simply told me, "Do not neglect the power of the testimony," and as I saw the book in his hand, I knew that there were miracle testimonies in that book, and as I began to ask the Holy Spirit, "What does this mean"? he led me and reminded me of the Scripture in Revelation 19 that says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, and so I knew that another Gateway of Glory was to share the testimony of Jesus, and it would actually open up an opportunity for those listening to the testimony to receive the healing power of Jesus.

Sid Roth: Well, I'm going to tell you, my experience is: When I share what Jesus has done, it ripples throughout whosoever wants to believe. Now, tell me about the vision you had for America.

Miriam Evans: Yeah. So recently, a few months ago, I saw... I was on a plane going to my next meeting, and I saw Jesus hovered over the nation of America, and He had resuscitation paddles in His hand, and I saw that He was shocking the nation back to life, which is the essence of revival because Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and so I saw Him shocking the nation of America back to life, and I heard Him tell me, "The resurrection power of Jesus will be restored to the church once again". And I truly believe that it's already begun. It's already begun, and we've seen this in our meetings, but one day, God told me, He took it a step further, and He asked me a question. It was very provoking. He said, "Will you give Me your life"? and I said, "Sure, Jesus! I've done that. Absolutely". He said, "Will you give Me your life on a daily basis where I can take your life, and you become the paddles in My hand to shock dead things back to life"? And I believe that he's asking the Body of Christ once again, the Church of Jesus, "Will you be the resuscitation paddles in My hand that will raise dead things back to life"? Dead bodies, spiritually dead people, dead marriages, dead families, and we're seeing the waves of revival rise in our nation.

Sid Roth: I feel like... I heard there are people that have had abortions. They regret it, and they're still troubled over it. I want to say a prayer with you right now, not just for those people but anyone that the Holy Spirit has come upon in their sin, reoccurring sin, even, in your life, or you've never really made Jesus your Lord. Repeat this prayer out loud, and mean it to the best of your ability, out loud with me right now. "Dear God, I've made so many mistakes. I'm ashamed. And I don't want to do them anymore. I believe that Your blood washes away my mistakes. And I'm clean. And now that I'm clean Jesus, come and live inside of me. I make You my Lord and Savior. Amen". Miriam, very important.

Miriam Evans: Yes.

Sid Roth: I want you to pray the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of fire and whatever God shows you right now.

Miriam Evans: Absolutely. In the Name of Jesus, you guys just raise your hand right where you're at, and, Lord, I pray that the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire will come upon them. Lord, would You raise every dead thing right now in their bodies, in marriages, in families? God, I pray right now, I feel that some of you, the Lord is saying with this baptism of fire, call your loved ones home that are away from Jesus. We've seen this happen. I've seen this happen in my meeting. I released that word, and a woman who hadn't heard from her child in 3 months suddenly called her. May the prodigals come home right now in the Name of Jesus and just receive the Holy Spirit. Take it right now in the name of Jesus, receive the fire. Receive the fire that consumes every enemy. Receive the fire that consumes infirmity and pain and sickness in the mighty Name of Jesus. We thank You, Lord. We thank You, Holy Spirit. You are able. You are able to do exceedingly and abundantly all they can ask or think according to the power that is inside of them. We thank You, Father, in Jesus' mighty Name.
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