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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - We Are Entering a Season of Suddenlies (Prophetic Word)

Sid Roth - We Are Entering a Season of Suddenlies (Prophetic Word)

Sid Roth - We Are Entering a Season of Suddenlies (Prophetic Word)
Sid Roth - We Are Entering a Season of Suddenlies (Prophetic Word)
TOPICS: Prophetic

Sid Roth: I am so excited! The Holy Spirit is so strong in this studio right now. Oh, I plead the blood of the Messiah of Israel over everyone watching. I surrender this platform totally to You, Holy Spirit. God, take over. Show us Your glory! Robert Hotchkin had everything that the world says will make you happy. But what was really going on below the surface, Robert?

Robert Hotchkin: You know Sid, I'd grown up in a culture that I was raised to believe that if I achieved certain things, a certain level of status, a good enough job, a good enough income, had certain things, I should be happy. And I'd gotten all those things, like you said, and there was still something missing. It was like an up and down roller coaster ride of emotions. No matter what, there'd be good days. There'd be real good days, but there were always lows. There was this sense of how do I get off this emotional roller coaster? I'd done everything I'm supposed to do when I still don't have what I was promised.

Sid Roth: It reminds me when I was a kid, I, TV taught me if I was a millionaire, I'd be happy. The most important things in life money cannot buy.

Robert Hotchkin: That's right.

Sid Roth: So you're out in the woods one day?

Robert Hotchkin: Yeah. I had actually sort of semi-retired from my profession. I'm living in a cabin in the woods in Montana. Now, I had been searching because I knew there was something more, but I'd been searching in the new age and human potential movement and hallucinogenic drugs, and I'd have these peak experiences, but they'd always fade, Sid, it never, the satisfaction you felt for a moment, never maintained. So I was looking everywhere except in the church and accepting Christianity. I had dismissed Christianity, completely mocked Jesus completely. And yet this God that I mocked and dismissed for almost 40 years Sid, one day, I'm splitting wood in Montana, going through a very difficult time, very much that up and down. And the God that I mocked and made fun of manifested His presence and declared to me, enveloped me in His presence and declared to me, "I refuse not to love you". And for the first time in my entire life, this God that I dismissed as a con, a myth, a fairy tale, who I mocked. All He wanted me to know was how loved and accepted I was. And all of a sudden, I realized this is what I've been looking for. This this sense of love and acceptance and worth for nothing other than being, and being able to see myself as He sees me.

Sid Roth: You know, as a nonbeliever, look at the goodness of God! God came to him and, tell me again the words He said.

Robert Hotchkin: He said, "I refuse not to love you," and Sid, what was amazing is in this moment of His I am-ness, just His eternal wonderfulness, I brought before Him every wicked, arrogant, selfish, hurtful, hateful thing I'd ever done. And there had been a lot. And His response to every single one of them was, "I refuse not to love you".

Sid Roth: What? The next day, what happened?

Robert Hotchkin: So because of all the places I'd been searching, Sid, I knew something very real had happened. By, by that evening, though I'd sort of chalked it up to another trippy experience like I'd had in the New Age or whatever, and I thought, this isn't going to last. So the next day I'm going through, I get a phone call. It was very difficult. I slammed down the phone and I decided, I don't want to think about this. I don't want to feel this. I want to distract myself. So I was going to do the dishes, but I lived in a cabin in the woods by myself. There was like a spoon, a bowl and a plate. There wasn't much dishes to do. So I decided I'm going to turn the music up really loud and I take a couple of steps towards the stereo. But before I get there, I feel a physical jolt of electricity hit me in the stomach. I actually felt something pop out of my mouth, didn't see anything, but felt it. And in that moment I fell to my knees and I began to weep. And for almost three hours I wept almost uncontrollably. But when that finished, I came up off the floor. I was in my kitchen. I came up off the floor, snot and tears everywhere, trailing. But it was like coming out from under water. And I took this breath. And as soon as I took the breath, this voice, my voice from deep inside me, came out and said, "Jesus, if You are as real as You felt in the woods yesterday, I don't want to, I don't want to do this by myself anymore. I want You to come inside me. I want Your help"! And He came flooding into me. And nothing's been the same since.

Sid Roth: You know. Something that someone like Robert never forgets. He is such a thankful man. You have found there is a power in thanksgiving.

Robert Hotchkin: Absolutely. Thanksgiving brings multiplication. You know, one of the things I was so grateful for is God's love and His acceptance! So I thank Him for it all the time. And I would grow and experience this increase of His love and acceptance, not because it was increasing. He wasn't giving me more because I was being good and saying thank you. It increased my capacity to experience the fullness of what was already mine. Well, I have said, woe is me. I can tell you it's not as effective or it is effective but in the wrong direction. So I've learned that when I say thank you God, that, while I don't know what's going on, I know you're there and I know you're there. Thank you. First thing that happens is peace comes, peace multiplies, and then all of a sudden you come back into that place of faith. And then your faith triggers that belief. And I know you're there. And then that triggers the substance of your faith, that establishes Kingdom truth and Kingdom reality in this realm. So when we give thanks, it triggers increase. It brings forth an increase of all that's already ours in Christ. And it actually begins to manifest that all around us.

Sid Roth: Don't you forget that. Then God gave Robert a download from Heaven of the realms of power that are available to us. But most are not walking in that power that is available to us. But it's about to change! It's going to change for you. Be right back.

Sid Roth: I have never heard what you're about ready to hear. And I have heard a lot! When he was filled with the Holy Spirit, because he's so cerebral, it was hard for him to receive it. Tell us what happened.

Robert Hotchkin: Yes, so I get saved like we talked about outside a cabin in the woods in Montana. And then the next day in a cabin in the woods in Montana. And it was just me, my Bible and the Holy Spirit was there. And I'm reading all about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. And I want it. So I'm going after it every night in my, my prayers. I didn't know how to pray. I didn't grow up in any of this, but I saw it in the Word and believed it. So I'm going after it. And I used to do this thing every night, Sid, where because I didn't know how to pray, I'd seen a painting of a little boy with his hands on his bed kneeling. So every night as, as an almost 40-year-old man, I would kneel by my bed, put my hands like this, and I prayed. And at the end of my prayer I'd say, "Okay God, now I want that baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues". And because I didn't know anything, my understanding was I had to loosen my jaw enough that He could take over. So He must have been laughing in Heaven, because every night I'd end my prayer and say, "Okay! I'm ready, God"!

Sid Roth: You really did that?

Robert Hotchkin: I really did this exact thing where I'd try to get my jaw loose enough. "You take over God"! And nothing was happening and you can guess why. So one night in God's incredible mercy and grace, I was actually at a bed and breakfast somewhere else. But I'm doing, still doing this. And all of a sudden the Lord takes me into a vision because I'm doing this thing and it's not working, obviously. He takes me into a vision and in the vision Sid, I'm in a classroom, like first grade, like when I was a kid and you learn to read and there was the banner on the wall of the alphabet. And when I was little, obviously it was big A, little a, big B, little b, but it was different. It was- the first thing I saw was a big A, a little b, a little a. And I'm thinking, that's not right. But I hear this still small voice that I come to know as Holy Spirit say, speak to me and say, "Say it". So I'm thinking, okay, ABA and I read down the banner ABA key-no-say-waw. And I have no idea what that is. The next thing I know, He says, "Say it again". And now it turns into like a scrolling digital image. Like when I was investing in the nineties is what I look at for stock reports when the symbols would scroll by.

Sid Roth: Right.

Robert Hotchkin: So Sid, I'm thinking, are these companies you want me to invest in God, You said say it! And it was Aba-key-no-say-waw. Again, Aba-key-no-say-waw. Again! Aba-key-no-say-waw. and then all of a sudden, and this shows how personal our God is and how He knows exactly how to reach every one of us. I didn't grow up going to church or reading the Bible or any of that. I grew up reading every DC and Marvel superhero comic book I could get my hands on. And I loved superheroes. And one of my favorite characters was somebody called the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. And he would say, "Flame on," and burst into flames and go off on his adventures. So here I am, praying in tongues and not even knowing it. And all of a sudden, Holy Spirit whispers to me, "say, flame on". So Aba-key-no-say-waw, Aba-key-no-say-waw, flame on! And then in the Spirit, not in the natural, but in the Spirit, I see myself burst into flames. I said, "What is going on?"! And God spoke to me and He said, "You've been baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit and released in the gift of Tongues". And you said it. I was approaching it so cerebrally He had to get me beyond my mind so I could be led by Him into the thing I'd been seeking from Him for months.

Sid Roth: You know, it's so easy once you are a child of God and born again. In fact, would you lead people in a prayer to know the Messiah like you know Him?

Robert Hotchkin: Absolutely. I declare right now the Messiah Jesus who loved me so much to not only forgive me of all my sins but show up and declare His love. May you be engulfed by His love right now, drawn into the fullness of His heart right now, so that you come into a saving knowledge of this God who loves us, knows exactly how to meet us, knows exactly how to speak to us. May you have that experience too. And when you do, all you have to do is what I did. You simply have to say, "Messiah Jesus, I receive You".

Sid Roth: It's that easy.

Robert Hotchkin: It's that easy.

Sid Roth: Take that first step. You know what I said? "Jesus. Help"! That's what I said! And then ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You may not see a tickertape of all those symbols, but I'll tell you what. If you'll just proceed with childlike faith- and see- if you don't speak it out loud, No one else will speak for you. You have a free will. If you don't make sounds in English from your brain, you won't speak anything. If you don't make sounds from your spirit, which is in your belly, you won't speak anything. Just by faith. Speak, release your language. Robert, tell me about the revelation you had of these realms of fire.

Robert Hotchkin: The amazing things about the realms of power, Sid, is God started to mentor me in it at one of my least powerful moments. I was overcome. I was in the midst of a 12 year long, really significant, really debilitating health battle. I was withering and wasting away. I was so weak I couldn't stand up and shower off, and I couldn't lift my head up off the pillow. And yet this is when Holy Spirit started to come to me and wanted to teach me and mentor me in how to live in the realms of power available to us in Christ.

Sid Roth: God's given you a word. "We're in this season of the burning bush". When I hear burning bush, I think of Moses, and he saw a bush that was burning, but it just was like an eternal fire in that bush. And it wasn't destroying. It just kept burning. That's what you're talking about?

Robert Hotchkin: Yeah. What God showed me, Sid, is the reason the fire burned, the bush burned but wasn't consumed is because it was the I Am of God. The present tense now power of our God. So why does a, why does a campfire burn down in the natural? Because time passes, right? So what Moses encountered, he'd seen fires in the desert before. But something was different about this. It was the present tense now power of God. And think about what happened for Moses, 40 years on the backside of nowhere. Nothing to show for it. Even the flock he was tending wasn't his. It was his father-in-law's. And yet, at the burning bush moment, God reminded Moses who God is. God reminded Moses who he was and what he was called to. And then God supernaturally empowered Moses to go out and walk in it, to launch out into it. That's what happens and that's what God is doing amongst his people in this burning bush season. He's reminding you who God is. He's reminding you who you are. And He's dealing with any block hindrance, delay, interference that has caused you to miss out or even if you messed up. It's all getting burned up in the burning bush breakthrough fire power of God.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. When we return, Robert is going to- only if you at, you at home and you in the studio audience want this. I'm going to ask him to release the burning bush experience and all the realms of power you'll need in your life. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Robert, we've been talking about realms of power and there are so many different ones. Pick one and tell us about it and maybe an experience you had.

Robert Hotchkin: Yeah, I think one of my favorites Sid, the power of working miracles, because we tend to think it's really complicated or it's super-spiritual. It's not. And that's the Kingdom. The Kingdom's simple. And the key to stepping into this realm of power, the power of working miracles, is right there in the name, right there in the title. It's not the power of miracles that we're given according to the Apostle Paul, it's the power of the working of miracles. And that word Sid for working is "Energeo". And it has two distinct meanings. To be mighty, but also to be active. And the key to unlocking the realm of the power of working miracles, to grow mighty in working miracles is simply to be active in the working of miracles. To go out and do it. To simply step out and pray for that healing, pray for that breakthrough.

Sid Roth: I'm reminded of the scripture, "Faith without corresponding action is dead". So the result is the opposite. Faith with a biblical corresponding action is the life of God! I like that better.

Robert Hotchkin: Yeah!

Sid Roth: Go ahead.

Robert Hotchkin: You know, and the great thing is, we talked about this already. You don't have to feel powerful or supernatural to be it. You are it. So I can speak for myself. I often feel nothing, but I'm active in the working of miracles. So I've grown mighty in the working of miracles. Some of the most significant miracles I've seen, including creative miracles in the womb with twin babies that were so significantly malformed. The doctors told the parents don't even name them. They won't survive birth. They were Baby A and Baby B. I felt nothing other than knowing that God in me and what God can do through me. I prayed for the babies a very simple prayer and Sid, within a month I got an email from the parents saying, "We just got the new sonogram. The babies are perfectly whole and healthy in the womb". And in my Bible, I have a picture of them as healthy five-year-old girls.

Sid Roth: Yeah. Now are you saying, Yeah, you're gifted! Are you saying everyone born again that says, has been filled with the Spirit of God, can operate in this realm? The gift of miracles?

Robert Hotchkin: Absolutely. You said I'm gifted. The only way I'm gifted is I've been, I've received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and so has every one of you. So every one of us can move in this. Part of my ministry is to put on display that everything God said is true. But also He can do it in, with, and through anyone. Because truly, there's nothing special about me.

Sid Roth: I'm going to put you on the spot. I want you to release the realms of glory. I want you to, I want everyone that is viewing or in the studio audience, viewing or at home or wherever you are. I want them to feel the presence of God. I want them to operate in gifting they never, they only thought the people on TV could do. Would you pray? Right now.

Robert Hotchkin: Amen. Lord God, I thank You that Your plan since day six has been to have a people willing to be in relationship with You who would put You on display in notable and remarkable ways. And right now I release the fullness of Your goodness that is Your glory. I release the fullness of Your love, wave after wave after wave to touch and impact every single person watching that, they'll be reminded of who You are and what You're capable of. But even more, they'll be stirred to step out into who they are in You, with You and for You and what they're capable of to the glory of Your Name. God wrap them in that glory. Wrap them in that love. Inspire them and even more, ignite them to go out and work miracles to the glory of Your Name!

Sid Roth: God has given you three prophetic warnings. Could you very briefly share that?

Robert Hotchkin: Absolutely. God has issued these three prophetic warnings because we're in such epic days and He wants to keep us on track and productive for the Kingdom. The first prophetic warning, Sid, is to watch over our heart towards God because the enemy's after our faith and He's trying to release a move of apostasy and He doesn't want us to make the mistakes the disciples did when in the midst of all these storms. We come to Him and say, "Do you not care that we're drowning"? He wants us to know He's there, that He cares. He's going to use us in great ways. The second warning, Sid, is for us to watch over our hearts towards one another because the enemy is more aware of the power of unity, another great realm of power, than we are. And if you notice through social media and everything else, Christians and believers in Messiah Jesus, they're turning on one another and they're biting and sniping at one another. Why? Because while one man or woman in God is in the majority, when there's unity, this logarithmic progression of Kingdom impact happens. The Bible says one sets 1000 to flight to 10,000, geometric progression. Unity creates a landing spot for God. Look at Acts Two. So God is saying watch over your heart towards other believers. And then Sid, The final warning, He said, is in this season of warfare, and we're in a season of warfare. to stay on track and effective, we must learn how to process loss without seeing it as defeat. And I'll use the example of the cross. At the cross there was genuine loss. Mary lost having her son in her life every single day. The disciples lost their understanding of what was going on, so much so that they either ran away or fell away. But there was no defeat at the cross. It was the greatest victory that's ever been seen. We will have loss in this season of warfare, but we must learn not to deny it or ignore it, because then that will build up into bitterness and apathy and other things. We must process it, but we must be careful when we process it. We don't see it as defeat because the enemy wants us to see it as defeat. So we pull away from God, we stop believing, we stop praying, we stop decreeing, we stop declaring because the enemy is terrified of what the Body of Messiah Jesus is about to do in the earth.

Sid Roth: That's you! You're about to do great and mighty things for our King and God!
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