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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Jesus Showed Me the Healing Secret Most Believers Miss

Sid Roth - Jesus Showed Me the Healing Secret Most Believers Miss

Sid Roth - Jesus Showed Me the Healing Secret Most Believers Miss
TOPICS: Healing

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world. Thank you for coming where it's naturally supernatural. I wouldn't want to be in any other word, world. I said "Word". You know what? Some of you might think that's a Freudian slip, but it's a spirit slip, because when I am in the Word of God I'm in the supernatural. When I am in the supernatural, I'm in the word. When the word is in me I'm in the supernatural. I love being in the supernatural, and the reason you're watching me is some of you are laughing, but some of you are so hungry for God. My guests, Christian and Robin Harfouche, their middle names should be "Miracle" because Robin had such a miracle. She was being groomed to be one of the spokesmen in the new age, in Hollywood. But she backed on off. On the worst day of her life, a 150-pound door came crashing on her. She became crippled. She was a television star, a dancer. She'd never dance again. Her life, she was ready to commit suicide. And somehow, a Jewish guy invited her to go to a church. And she went, her last hurrah before she'd commit suicide. And no one prays for her, but the presence of God comes on her and she literally becomes a new creation. And she goes into the church crippled, she walks out of the church totally whole, storybook Romance. She marries one of the pastors. They start a wonderful ministry. But about a year or so later, they get a prophetic word from someone they respect and that word had a devastating effect on Robin. Her world came crashing down again. What happened, Robin?

Robin Harfouche: Well I was in a prayer meeting and I got a word from this gentleman who I really respected. He had a very strong anointing on his life. But we went home together and then about 20 minutes later, I completely lost everything. I mean, I walked without pain for a year. I was able to use my arms, my legs, which I was not able to use before I got healed in 1985, so just one year later, I lost everything. So Christian took me to my main doctor, because I had 23 doctors before. He took me to Dr. Sutherland, my main doctor. They put me back into the intensive care neurological ward.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, hold that thought for one moment. I want to find out a bit about you, Christian. Now I understand you were born in Egypt, but your family moved to Lebanon. But just before all the destruction happened, major destruction in Lebanon, your brother has a dream. Tell me about it.

Christian Harfouche: We were already planning to come to America. My mother, it was a beautiful, Beirut was like the Switzerland of the Middle East.

Sid Roth: I've heard that.

Christian Harfouche: But we had a relative here. Both my mom and dad had a very strong feeling to come. So we were moving in that direction. But one morning, my brother woke up and he had seen Jesus in a dream. At the time, we were Mennonite Catholic Lebanese. Jesus told him, "Tell your family to get out of Lebanon". And he saw dead bodies everywhere.

Sid Roth: Had you stayed, what would have happened to your family?

Christian Harfouche: It would have been several years after, the neighborhood we were at, within three years was ambushed by radical terrorists, and many of my schoolmates were killed, and then others of course went into the resistance.

Sid Roth: Okay. So you go to l.A. And you go from one war zone to another war zone. You learn the gang life. You learn how to defend yourself with the martial arts. You get into drinking and drugs. And one day you are high on drugs. You're smoking dope and you're watching tv. What happened?

Christian Harfouche: I'm actually smoking a joint about two, three in the morning and flipping through television. And a preacher comes on, and I hear him say, "Christians serve God". And my name is Christian. And so I'm thinking, I'm used to watching TV, but I'm not used to TV watching me. And honestly, I repeated the prayer inviting Christ into my heart. We've always known that Jesus is the Son of God and all of that in church, but I never knew your nature can be changed. And so while I had, I just made an altar out of the carpet and asked the Lord to come in, and that's how I got saved.

Sid Roth: How long did it take for you to know that God had called you to serve him full time?

Christian Harfouche: Two years. I was born again in '77. In 1979, I read Luke 4:18, and I used to read the word a lot, but when I read Luke 4:18, the spirit of the Lord is upon me. He's anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, etc., the presence of the power of God came on me and went right into the inside of me, and I knew that I can preach. I didn't know how much material I could preach, but I knew the ability to stand before people had no anxiety about addressing them, and not even have to worry about the next sentence that came. I told my family that I could preach, they didn't believe me.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something and I'm going to tell you something. The presence of God has just come into this studio. Now the presence of God is here for a reason and one of the things I know about Christian and Robin is they had an encounter with God, both of them, in which now they move into such a high level of the miraculous and have moved others to move in miracles. Don't go away. We're going to be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here with Christian and Robin Harfouche. And Christian and Robin, what was happening to you was a nightmare. I mean, here Robin, you have a marvelous healing. You've got a ministry of healing. Your husband moves in miracles. You move in miracles and you're in the hospital. Christian, what happened next?

Christian Harfouche: We're in the hospital because we don't know why the prayer is not working. There is a confusion because of that word. And all of a sudden, the presence of God began to come into the hospital room. Nurses were coming in every five or ten minutes, but when this happened, miraculously, for about 45 minutes, we were alone. It's when Robin was caught up to heaven. And as she was going through this experience tears were just freely flowing from her eyes. Her eyes were shut. I was writing down, asking her questions, what are you seeing. And of course, she began to describe.

Sid Roth: You were the scribe.

Christian Harfouche: I was the scribe and she was describing her visit to the city, Jesus walking her through it and some of the things the Lord personally took her by the hand and told her about what's coming to planet earth in the time that we're living in.

Sid Roth: Before we even find that out, you asked him, why am I in this bed? Lord, what's going on?

Robin Harfouche: When I got healed a year earlier, I gave, you stop your lifestyle. I walked away from every single friend. I walked away from the party lifestyle. I left everything. And so I was laying there in bed saying, "God, I have done everything that you wanted me to do. Why am I here"? And it was my lack of understanding of the scriptures, because I was only one year old in the Lord, and Christian was already a preacher when we married, six years. And so it takes some time to understand. But the Lord, he's so gracious and his mercy is just beyond imagination. And he caught me up in a vision. He said, "I'm going to take you in a vision. I want you to tell Christian that you're going to go into a vision". And he literally caught me up. And what I mean by that is sometimes you see things in your heart and it's like inside. And but this was all around me, like underneath my feet, above my head. It was I actually left planet earth and went to heaven.

Sid Roth: It's like Paul said, I know a man caught up to the third heaven, whether he was in the body or not in the body. I don't know even know. I just know he did it. And most people think he was talking about himself.

Robin Harfouche: Yes. But it's not really a question you ask. You're just kind of there. Jesus kept me by the hand the whole time. We walked through heaven and I believe that the part of the vision, because it was very intricate, I was there 45 minutes and in heaven, you can learn a lot in 45 minutes. And but the part that I believe that God wants us to share today for the people that are listening has to deal with the spirit of pain. And what had attacked my body, when Jesus began to speak to me in what looked like a throne room, he told me, he said, "A lot of my people," he said, "Are sick. They have cancer. They have diabetes. The have crohn's disease. They have all these diseases, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder". I mean, they're putting all kinds of names. There's new ones coming out every single day. And he said, "But in reality they have none of those things". He said, "What they have is called the spirit of pain". And we didn't speak. It's hard to explain how we were communicating. But it was I guess thought, at the speed of thought. But he explained to me that what is sent to a person first is a spirit of pain. Then the pain comes upon the body and then once the pain comes, then that pain is like drives them to the doctor because they can't handle the pain, so they think there must be something wrong with me. And then they start saying, well my dad had heart problems, my mom had breast cancer.

Sid Roth: Because the doctor asks you whether your, about your parents, what did they have.

Robin Harfouche: Yes. And then he gives you a list to fill out and it's really long of what runs in your family. And then that spirit of pain is what Jesus told me is an open door to the spirit of cancer. Cancer is a demon and any other disease that comes in. So pain opens the door. The person says, yes, I have pain.

Sid Roth: So therefore, I must have x disease.

Robin Harfouche: Therefore, I must have x disease and so pain opens the door. Now what I had encountered was completely and totally a spirit of pain and the proof of that is, is that what happened to me was an accident. I was hit with a 150-pound utility door. I didn't have cancer. I didn't have any disease. So what came upon me suddenly, and it was very sudden, was pain all over my body, excruciating pain. It made my body shake. It made the ataxia come back. It made the symptoms come back and all of a sudden I thought I lost my healing, but how you lose that healing when it's an accident.

Sid Roth: It's an interesting concept.

Robin Harfouche: And so Jesus said, "I want you to go back into the earth, be my eyes, be my ears". He said, "I want you to tell the people about a creative, miraculous move of God that's going to come before the final catching away". And he began to tell me about eardrums and body parts will be recreated and limbs that would grow out, and he said that it would all be done in front of the entire world. He said there was a medium coming, and this was in 1986. He said, "There's a medium of communication that it's going to make it possible for the entire world to see things all at the same time, all at one time".

Sid Roth: I read about that in the Book of Revelation, but not for good. But you're saying this will be good.

Robin Harfouche: Yes, for good.

Sid Roth: I know. I understand. I'll tell you what. Let's find out when the two of them agreed, you already know, you see Robin right now when they agreed against the spirit of pain, what happened. Someone's neck was just healed. We'll be right back in a moment. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here with Christian and Robin Harfouche. And Robin had a 150-pound door fall on her, and she was totally, I mean, she was ready for suicide. Nothing, was it 23 doctors couldn't help you. She goes into this church service. The power of God comes on her. No one touches her. No one prays. She is instantly healed from top to bottom. She marries one of the pastors, supposed to live happily ever after. But she has a false prophecy and as a result, all the symptoms came back. She's in the hospital. Nothing in the natural can be done for her. Her husband is there. They're praying together. All of a sudden, she finds herself in the spirit in heaven. She asks Jesus what happened and Jesus said it was the spirit of pain. When you entertained that first pain, you gave a foothold to the enemy. So what did you two do about it? What did you do? You're the head of the house, Christian? What did you do?

Christian Harfouche: We just simply rebuked it. He said, Jesus said, "If you will rebuke it, it will leave". And by doing that we were able to come in agreement, both arriving that prophecy that had brought confusion, instantly Robin was out of the hospital bed, dancing around the room, completely healed. We left that day and never had another problem since. And what has been so phenomenal, because of the type of ministry we have and the message we preach, we're seeing the creative miracles that Jesus spoke about from eardrums being recreated to degenerate bone conditions reversing to regenerate supernaturally.

Sid Roth: You have supernatural faith. That's why I so love this book because I think from your heavenly revelations and the miracles, so many miracles you've seen, you wrote this book, "How to receive your miracle". It's what God has taught you over this period of time. Tell me about that asian girl that was deaf.

Christian Harfouche: Well you know, there are certain cures, certain areas of ailments that we get a lot of success in. One of them is deafness. It's not the only one. But when the gift is flowing, and I sense the anointing here on the set, there are nine out of ten deaf people will be healed. Recently in a meeting that I was at, about 14 people just started seeing the deaf hear. So nine of them, or eight of them just ran up, took their hearing aids off without any prayer, and just said, I'm tired of being deaf, and began to hear. And so this young lady, jo, I believe it is.

Robin Harfouche: Joelle.

Christian Harfouche: Joelle in Singapore, I believe she was born deaf in one of her ears.

Sid Roth: Let's take a look at Joelle right now.

Christian Harfouche: What ear is it? Joelle: this one.

Christian Harfouche: What is your name? Joelle: Joelle.

Christian Harfouche: Joelle, Joelle, Joelle. Open her ear in the name of Jesus and thank you for healing her from asthma.

Sid Roth: Christian, tell me about this person. This sounds phenomenal, this lady without a spine.

Christian Harfouche: Mary Hearns in Richmond, Virginia. We were there two weeks in crusade with our crusade band. And the first evening, I believe it was of the meeting, the news media was out, and Mary Hearns was there in a wheelchair. I had no idea what was wrong with her. But I preached the Word of God and all of a sudden this tangible created anointing came and the gift of faith rose up. So I walked up and asked, "What's wrong with you"? She said, "I have no spine".

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's take a look at that.

Christian Harfouche: Hi, what's wrong? Let! There! Be a knew spine! A knew knee cap! Let there be no more arthritis in this body! God's doing something here! Mary, you were here in that wheelchair two nights ago. How long had you been in that wheelchair? And what was wrong with you? She's saying she had no spine. Who told you, you didn't have a spine?

Sid Roth: Christian, if you thought that the presence of God was strong before that clip, go for it, right now, pray for people.

Christian Harfouche: There is a wave of the creative anointing of God in the studio. And master, I thank you right now, every kind of skeletal condition, degenerative bone disease, any kind of cancers, bone problem or marrow problem, I take authority over you. I loose this wave of glory that we have a sense right here on it's supernatural. I release also the opening of the deaf ears and the healing of jaw conditions. Torn rotator cuff, be healed in the name of Jesus. We thank you right now that the arthritis and rheumatism, bursitis and any other kind of skeletal bone condition is being made whole right now. In the name of the Lord, I thank you for straightening out that back from scoliosis and healing those hips, in Jesus' mighty name. We give you praise, master. You're the Creator and we thank you right now. Your anointing is healing people all over right in their homes, right where they're at in Jesus' mighty name.

Robin Harfouche: And right now, right where you're at, you've been experiencing pain. You don't know what it is. You don't know what's going on with you, but you're in pain constantly. Right now, right where you're at, Jesus has given you the power, has given you the authority over the spirit of pain. I will agree with you right now, we take authority over the spirit of pain in your body. He is cast out. He can't go to anyone else in your family. He can't go anyone else in your house, anyone else you know, he's cast out. He cannot touch you any longer. And just begin to move, move those arms around, move those legs around. Don't sit down. Get up and begin to move. Dance in your kitchen. Dance in your living room. Just praise God right where you're at because the spirit of pain has left you. Right now you are free indeed. You are free in Jesus. Hallelujah.

Sid Roth: And let me tell you something. It is actually essential you do something.

Robin Harfouche: Yes.

Sid Roth: Do something. Get up. Jump up and down. Why don't you run like these people right now are running to the altar.
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