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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Invite Spirit of Death into Me and Something Crazy Happens

Sid Roth - I Invite Spirit of Death into Me and Something Crazy Happens

Sid Roth - I Invite Spirit of Death into Me and Something Crazy Happens
TOPICS: Occultism, Freedom, Communion, Blood of Jesus, Forgiveness, Salvation

Sid Roth: My guest, Ana Mendez Ferrell, instantly was given a foreign language which she could not speak before. And she spoke it fluently and was a translator, but it happened as she walked up to translate, she instantly knew this language. She knew English, this has happened with German, with French, with Portuguese. I want to find out more about her, because I can tell you, I struggled in high school when I studied a foreign language. I knew a few words. I can speak a couple of words, that's all I can remember. But to be a translator, oy vey! Anna, I want to take you back. At age 18, you had an unexpected guest. What happened?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: I was in my room when suddenly Yeshua, the Messiah, appeared before my eyes. And I saw his love and I was impacted with the goodness, the love, the glory of the Lord was all over my room. I fell on my face and was weeping and crying. And he said to me "You are going to be my servant, and you will know me in due time". And then he disappeared.

Sid Roth: So what did you do with this thing? Here you are in Mexico, I assume you're Catholic. What'd you do?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Instantly when you have seen the Lord, you fall in love with him. And every person who has seen such a vision, you have to fall in love with him. So I started to pursue and try to find this experience again, and I went to very different churches every single day, trying to find Yeshua again. And I couldn't find it inside of the Catholic church, at least he was not there for me. So I started to seek in other places. I became a new age follower, I became a yogi, I was doing meditation, seeking a Christ...

Sid Roth: You knew he was real, you knew of his love, and so you're passionate, but no one was showing you how.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: I didn't know, I had never heard about a Christian church, no one had ever spoke to me about Jesus, except for what I heard in the Catholic church when I was a kid. So I knew there was a reality, there was Jesus, Yeshua, which is a real name, who was real, who was there for me, and was not just a religion, there was a reality that I needed to pursue. So I was everywhere looking for this reality, in the Eastern religions with all the meditation, they all seek for this peace and these avatars.

Sid Roth: But you knew better. You knew the real thing. So when you're looking at the counterfeit, you knew they were counterfeit.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Yeah, it was void, it was void. They had like tiny little pieces of the truth, but they don't have the whole truth, and that makes the whole difference, because Yeshua is the truth. The entire truth is not just a tiny piece here that does not satisfy the heart. So after two years being there, and I'm a person that goes deep. When I want to do something, a research or something, I go deep into things. I'm not a light person.

Sid Roth: But you heard about a "Holy" man, and you went to his home. Tell me about that.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Yeah, when I totally lost hope to find him again, someone came to me and said you need an enlightened one. And I said where do I find an enlightened one? And this person said I happen to know one, and she took me to this man, which was a warlock. A major guy in the occult, very seductive in the way he talked. I mean he was very intellectual, he kind of knew the mysteries of the universe, so his conversation was very attractive. So I felt it was the real thing, and he said to me in order to know Jesus, or to enter the Kingdom of God, I needed to die in order to be born again. And I said what is that?

Sid Roth: He actually used the term born again?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Absolutely, and he opened the Bible and read John 3, when the Messiah is talking to Nicodemus and he's speaking about that it's necessary to be born again in order to see and to enter into the Kingdom of God. So when the Bible opened, inside of me I knew it was the truth. Even though I didn't know how to read it, I was never drawn to it, there's something about the Bible that tells you it's a sacred book. Something is real there even though you don't understand it. So I said yeah, I want to be born again, what do I need to do? And he said we need to give you into the hands of the spirit of death.

Sid Roth: Spirit of death?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: The spirit of death. And this is the tricky thing of the enemy, he will use part of the truth, and then he will twist that truth in order to hook your soul. This is why being in all these ways of the occult, divination, new age, it seems so attractive. It seems so seductive, because there's a wisdom that you and I don't have, but behind it there's a hook to grab your soul and take you to the pits of hell. Because entering those paths is not just curiosity.

Sid Roth: So you invited a spirit of death inside of you, which resulted in you going into a mental institution.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Actually there was a whole ceremony for me to be born again and die to this world's system, and after that ceremony I was totally demon possessed. Because when you play with the occult, and when you play with these things, there are occultic forces that are after you.

Sid Roth: Would you have stayed in that mental institution your whole life if something didn't happen to you?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Oh yes, because I had totally lost my mind. I could not talk one sentence properly. I would be talking to you, and suddenly my mind would slip up and I'd start seeing spiders and snakes and all kinds of things, and I would switch to another thing. You could not have a conversation with me.

Sid Roth: You won't believe what happened in the mental institution, to her and many of the other patients. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: She actually thought she was going to find God. She goes to this man that is involved in witchcraft and new age, and he disguises himself as a holy man, and even reads from the Bible. And asked for the spirit of death to go inside of Ana, and she thinks she's going to find the Jesus that she had an encounter with when she was 18 years of age. Instead she lost her mind. She was institutionalized with no hope of release, no future, in a mental institution. And Ana, a man came to visit you. Tell me about that.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: I was in this place of total hopelessness. I could not have a normal conversation. It was not like someone would come with a nice opinion or Philosophy, he came with Jesus, he came with Yeshua, he came with the Messiah. And the Messiah is the light and the Messiah is the life. And that's the only way my mind was totally cleared to hear what he was saying. And hope just came to me. I said I want what you're saying. I've been wanting this for so much, for so long. Right now I'm in front of you and you're talking to me and there's no way I can come to the Messiah. And he said you're wrong. The blood of Jesus breaks every yoke. The blood of Jesus breaks every covenant with the devil. And when he said that, I said what do I need to come to the Messiah. He said only one word, he said repent. And this word repent created an earthquake in my life. It was like this was a real moment, this was not a Philosophy, this was not someone teaching me an opinion he had. I was in front of something that was so powerful. And when I repented and I started to see my life and I started to see, literally I saw the condition of my soul. I saw the filthiness of my soul. I saw the importance of sin. Because many times we think sin something we just do. No, sin brought Jesus to the cross. It brought our Messiah to the cross to die for us.

Sid Roth: Now when you repented, what happened?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: When I repented, I saw Jesus on the cross, and his eyes were almost closed so much, he was being beaten up and smitten and blood all over him. He was looking at me with so much mercy, and I felt his love just penetrating my heart and forgiving me. And this scene has never left me. And when I said, "Lord please forgive me for my sins and please, if you have some mercy for me, come and save me", I felt his light and his glory touching my heart and I literally felt the reality of Yeshua entering my life, entering my spirit. Because this is the true gospel and this is what is so different from any other religion, is that Jesus literally comes and joins your spirit, and then you become truly a new person.

Sid Roth: But what happened to your mind?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: I was instantly healed.

Sid Roth: Instantly?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Instantly healed from my mental condition, from my physical condition, because when you're in a mental condition like that, your body acts accordingly, so I had all kinds of illnesses.

Sid Roth: But I understand that there was such a power that came on you, what happened to the other patients in the hospital?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: There was so much power, it stayed for 12 hours, and that power hit the entire hospital, and in the next 15 days, the glory was coming out of my life, just hitting every single patient, and they were being healed and delivered. A person was in a wheelchair and just stood up. She'd had a stroke, she couldn't talk, she was in that wheelchair, and the power of the Lord just hit her. I was a believer for one day, and that miracle happened. Sometimes we think we need to go a Bible institute or get a lot of training, no, when the life of the Messiah enters your spirit, and it's a real seed of life, that life manifests through you and brings...

Sid Roth: And guess what happens? After that life manifested through her, her sister hears from God, and an evangelist is coming into town by the name of Morris Cerullo, and her sister tells Ana that you're supposed to be a translator. One problem. You don't know English. So you walk up there to translate, you know you can't speak English fluently. What happens?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Well the truth is, this is not an imagination, when she spoke, I felt God was speaking to me, and I said Lord I bow to this. And I took the step to stand on that platform without knowing English. I mean I knew little words here and there like everyone, but I was unable to have a conversation at all. And when I stood on that platform, suddenly heaven opened up and it was downloading down into my spirit the English language, and ever since, I speak fluent English.

Sid Roth: How many other languages did you get instantly?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: This happened to me also in Switzerland and France. Swiss, and I supernaturally also received the French language. This happened to me I Brazil, I received the Portuguese language also on the platform. And last month I preached my first sermon in German.

Sid Roth: Let me ask you something. We struggle to learn a language. Can others walk into that gift?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Oh, absolutely, because we serve a God who speaks. God is not in a cloud, God is not a supernatural mind that nobody has access to him. He is through the Messiah a God who speaks to us. And because he speaks, we can speak. And every language is spiritual, and you can receive it.

Sid Roth: As exciting as that is, she's literally prayed for dead people that have come back to life. Don't go away, because there is going to be an explosion of miracles. Explosion. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with Ana Mendez Ferrell. Ana, you know what I think is so fascinating is the head of psychiatry from Mexico, because of what he knew happened to you and the other people in the institution, what does he do when he has someone just before, perhaps he's going to perform a lobotomy...

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Oh he used to call me and say can you do your prayer that you did to these patients, because I don't want to do this to them. And they got delivered and that was totally unnecessary to do.

Sid Roth: But it's not just mental problems. Her own daughter fell, broke her neck, and died. Ana, what did you do?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Well, I know Jesus the Messiah, Yeshua, is the resurrection. And I prayed and I believed Jesus is the resurrection, and the power of resurrection hit my daughter, and she came back to life.

Sid Roth: But you know what else is interesting, Ana's grandfather is Jewish, and you went to Auschwitz, one of the worst of Hitler's concentration camps. Why did you go there?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Because it's a very important place, and the curse of having killed all the Jewish people that Hitler did was causing a tremendous blockage to bring the Messiah to Europe. So it was necessary to lift up that curse, and we went to pray and ask forgiveness. And after that we went to Jerusalem to ask forgiveness in Yom Kippur for all the Jewish people for what has happened: ask for forgiveness so we can bring the gospel of the Messiah to all Europe.

Sid Roth: Well when that curse was broken, and the curse was because of Genesis 12:3, God says "I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I God will curse those who curse them". So the curse was broken, what happened in Europe then?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Oh, revivals have started everywhere, everywhere. But what happened, which is so interesting, and this is what I wanted to go into, is when I came back to Mexico, the devil was so angry for what happened in Auschwitz that he literally appeared to me in my room to try to kill me. And there I had a very strong relationship with the sacrifice of Yeshua, and the relationship with the blood of Yeshua in my spirit. And when this happened, the Holy Spirit said to me, "Just manifest the power of the blood". And I literally saw my body in the spirit, how light came out of the blood of Jesus that is inside of me and totally destroyed the power of darkness, the devil that was in front of me.

Sid Roth: You know, it was at the last Passover Seder of Yeshua the Christians get communion from, and the Messiah said do this often. And Ana, you believe that when you do what the Messiah did at Passover often, it literally is progressive. And what you saw when the devil came, when the devil saw you almost being red from the blood, how did he react? How did the devil react?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Oh, he totally vanished, he disappeared right away.

Sid Roth: He couldn't take the heat.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: He couldn't take the power of the Messiah. He overcame all evil on the cross of Calvary.

Sid Roth: So do you take Passover communion every day?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Every day. Actually when the disciples talked to Jesus, they said "What do we need to do to do the works of God"? And it's in that particular chapter that he started to explain the power of communion, and what happens, and how eternal life enters your life through drinking the symbol of his blood, which is the fruit of the vine, and the symbol of his flesh, which is the bread. And then the life in the spirit that is in the blood of Yeshua and the power of his strips comes and joins your spirit so we can live in total health.

Sid Roth: You had a tumor in your uterus. What happened?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Yeah. I don't take one aspirin, because I believe the best medicine on earth was given on the cross of Calvary by Yeshua, so this is the best medicine. And I discovered this growth in my uterus, and I just took the power of communion, and I saw that growth totally dissolving inside of my body. Because here there's true power. Here this is the inheritance the Lord gave us. He said the same way I was sent by my father, the same way that I live by my father, you will live if you partake of my flesh, if you partake of my blood, spiritually, obviously.

Sid Roth: You know, I've observed Passover my whole life, and this is the way Yeshua prayed over the matzo: "Baruch atah Adonai Elohaynu melach haolam ha-motzi le-chem min ha-aretz" amen. Ana, would you pray over it?

Ana Mendez Ferrell: And they broke the bread. The breaking of bread. You feel in your own spirit the breaking of Yeshua for our sins. And when you feel the breaking, you're compelled not to sin again, because this is so important. This becomes life inside of you, so let us partake of his flesh. So then Yeshua took the wine. Interesting, the rabbis tell us it must be red wine, which signifies the blood of Yeshua. "Baruch atah Adonai Elohanu melach hoalam boray pree hagafen". Amen.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: And here is the victory over all our enemies, over all sickness, over all unforgiveness, over all oppression, over everything the devil wants to do in our life. Here is the victory. To Yeshua.

Sid Roth: I have found, just as Ana has found, by observing Passover communion every day, it's progressive. It's sort of like a doctor tells you... And by the way, I believe in medicine, I believe in vitamins, I believe in all of that. However, there's something higher, and that's what Ana's talking about. And progressively, what I find, just as someone might take medicine and they start getting better gradually, I find that I'm getting healthier and healthier as I take communion. And I'll never forget the experience you had. Remember where the devil looked at her and she was all red from the blood of Yeshua? Most people that believe in God, believe in Jesus, have a little bit of fear of the devil. But what you've told me is the devil is afraid of you.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: The devil is afraid of us, because when your spirit joins together with Yeshua, what the devil sees is Yeshua. What any bacteria sees is the power of Yeshua. What every attack of the devil sees in you is the power of Yeshua. And I have seen in my life, we just came back from Bolivia in a very infected area of yellow fever, and we refused to take the vaccination, because I have a vaccination worth much better. And I don't condemn any person that takes medicine...

Sid Roth: Ana, pray right now, very quickly, for people with mental problems.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: Father, in the name of Jesus, you have given me the authority to break the power of the enemy over people who are bound by the devil, and I break that power in the name of Jesus, and I declare that thousands of people who have mental problems in this very hour are being set free by the power of Yeshua Hamashicah! Hallelujah!

Sid Roth: You know what makes sense to me is Christianity is Jewish. I don't believe God ever wanted to start two different religions. True Judaism is true Christianity. True Christianity is true Judaism. Not a Messiah for the Jews and a Messiah for the gentiles. One God, one Messiah, one spirit. It makes so much sense that you need help to be confused. So say "God, tell me about this Jesus. Is he our Mashiach"? Ask, ask, and he's going to answer. You'll know the truth.
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