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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - An Angel Snuck Up Behind Me, Then This Happens

Sid Roth - An Angel Snuck Up Behind Me, Then This Happens

Sid Roth - An Angel Snuck Up Behind Me, Then This Happens
TOPICS: Angels, Healing

Sid Roth: My guest was confronted by a huge angel and ever since then miracles have been breaking out to such a proportion I mean like 90%, you heard me correctly, 90% of the people he prays for are healed. 50% instantly healed! Others gradually healed! I like those percentages! David, as I understand it when you were, your mother was pregnant and a voice came to her and a wind and this voice, and she isn't even a believer that knows God and this voice warned her about you. And two weeks later what happened?

David Cordeau: Yeah. She heard a wind blow in the room and a voice told her to get out of the house. The second time it happened she said get away, leave me alone. Two weeks later she was thrown out of a car through the windshield.

Sid Roth: And she was pregnant how many months?

David Cordeau: Seven months pregnant.

Sid Roth: With you?

David Cordeau: Yes. And she broke 7 ribs and in her own way she told the Lord let this child be born healthy. I'll raise him to serve you. As a young child I saw the ribs, like my knuckles huge calcium deposits and at 7 years old we came into a relationship with the Lord.

Sid Roth: Now, now was that a painful condition for your mom?

David Cordeau: Very painful! Very painful!

Sid Roth: Like someone that perhaps would have the arthritis in the hands would be painful?

David Cordeau: Yes. There were not able to set the ribs and it had huge calcium deposits on it.

Sid Roth: So I guess she was worried that you were going to die in that auto crash and that's why she bargained with God, if you will?

David Cordeau: Right.

Sid Roth: So and then you had another close call with death. A car on a railroad track and you were stuck. How does that happen?

David Cordeau: Right. We were in a vehicle and we were crossing over the tracks with a large hump and the car just died. And there's a train from my right at a high rate speed. Just before he hit us unseen hands pushed it off. And then also my mother on her ribs we went to a healing revival, a tent revival in a nearby city and people were jumping out of wheelchairs. The blind were seeing. We were in the back seat. She jumped and screamed. No man even touched her and all 7 ribs was set! And she's 85 years old. Still with us today.

Sid Roth: Now what about those big calcium deposits?

David Cordeau: Yes. Totally gone. Everything. Totally 100% healed!

Sid Roth: Did they x-ray her at all?

David Cordeau: I really don't know.

Sid Roth: Okay, but it was all the pain was gone?

David Cordeau: Yeah. They're set. They were totally set. They were all bulged out. They were totally set. Totally perfect.

Sid Roth: With all of those experiences you would think you would be putting God first but you get married and you go into the army and you immediately out to Vietnam and your whole life was transformed. You became for lack of better words a 'killing machine'.

David Cordeau: Yes. My wife and I had been married since we were 18 between basic and infantry training. I went to Vietnam. I'd been 19 for 6 weeks before I went into combat. I was far from God but he kept his hand on me. One time, Sid, I Tripped a booby-trapped hand grenade two feet from my right leg. It never exploded. Another time a mortar round landed in front of me. It bounced around. Did not explode. Another time my helmet was tore totally off my head with a large piece of shrapnel from our own jet planes. It come before a flip. Not a scratch on me. Then another time I walked into an enemy base camp. I went to one side by myself. I walked up on a kitchen bunker. There was 7 chickens walking in front. And they carried their food in the jungle with 'em. I kept walkin' up 15 feet away. It turned out there was 7 men in the bunker. Five of the seven stood up. The one at the door actually smiled at me. I thought he saw the horror on my face. I jumped behind a termite hill and began to fire. My weapon jammed. I began to throw grenades. Finally two other men got close enough to throw grenades to me. I was on the other side. And God let me live!

Sid Roth: But it sounds to me, how close were they to you?

David Cordeau: 15 feet!

Sid Roth: Well with all those men with weapons how did you survive?

David Cordeau: I dove behind a termite hill. I know it was God because they were firein' automatic weapons. My hill was gradually leavin' me! Dirt flyin' everywhere. It's just God let me live!

Sid Roth: Well what was going on in you as a person? I understand a lot of people that are in that type of an environment they get in a rush, a high from this.

David Cordeau: Yes.

Sid Roth: And they almost have to do this to keep that high. And a lot become alcoholics. How about you?

David Cordeau: Yeah. The adrenalin in the jungle and stuff would keep you goin' and a lot of hate and bitterness. And then when we would go back in base camp I was drinkin' and drinkin' and drinkin' and I became totally bound by alcohol and at 30 years old God set me free in one moment! People say how many what-step program you go through? One-step to Jesus and I was free! Totally free.

Sid Roth: Hmm! Let me take you back just a little bit though. When you came back to the United States from Vietnam I mean one moment you're this killing machine and the next moment you're a civilian. How did you handle that?

David Cordeau: It was very, very hard. I really desired to go back and fight again but would I put my wife through that again? And so it was very, very hard. I was still bound by alcohol. Later I calmed down a little bit and went into law enforcement where I was a legally fightin'.

Sid Roth: And you probably went into it because you needed that adrenalin rush.

David Cordeau: Yes. Certainly. I was able to legally fight. And I loved the excitement and stuff.

Sid Roth: But there was a moment when you would go to a church with some beer and the reason you had the beer is in case you didn't go all the way with God at least you'd have the beer?

David Cordeau: Yes.

Sid Roth: Was that, I mean was that really your logic? That's pretty messed up logic!

David Cordeau: Yes. I was, I was up hunting. And I'd take my jeep to the church with beer iced down in back of the jeep and right on the church lot. I said if I don't get right with God tonight I'll drink on my way home and I would do that.

Sid Roth: But you know what happened? One night he hunts deer. And while he was hunting deer something amazing happened to him! Don't go away! We'll be right back after this word!

Sid Roth: So what happens? David Cordeau. He's in Vietnam. He's trained to be a human killing machine. He saw the reality of God as a child. He saw his mother healed. But i, I guess, how could you get so far away, David?

David Cordeau: Well really I was never really grounded. All I knew growing up was going in and out of church. And so I did not, I wasn't really grounded in the word.

Sid Roth: Okay. So one night you are hunting deer and you repent! What causes someone to repent of sin?

David Cordeau: God was dealing with my heart very, very strong and I was on a deer stand. And I had been dropped off by my father. I laid my gun to the side and begin to weep. And I asked the Lord what's wrong with this, what I was doin'. And it just flooded into my soul what was coming between you and your God. I said I'll never touch it again and instantly he set me free! I went to my wife and we got children. Went 50 miles back to where I lived in beaumont Texas at that time. Go 50 miles back. Took all the junk out of my house, all the booze. Threw it in a pizza place dumpster. Headed back to the church. Hit the altar that night and the same night when I got to the altar the evangelist said thank the Lord for this man. A moment later he said thank you Lord for this woman! I didn't have to look up. It was my wife. We came to God together.

Sid Roth: Now the thing that is so amazing to me is someone that's gone through experiences like that where his enemy was trying to kill him and short of the hand of God he would have died. You go back to Vietnam. You go back to those areas. And what do you feel when you see these people that were trying to kill you?

David Cordeau: My first 4 trips was very, very hard. I would see someone maimed. I'd see someone with a leg missin'. I'd begin to grieve. Wonderin' did I fire that shot? Did I throw that grenade? But yet God had put such a love for the Vietnamese people in my life that I used to hate everyone we fought against and everyone we fought for, which is common for Vietnam veterans today even. And he put a love for the Vietnamese, a tremendous love and I love everybody now. Totally changed! Only God can do that!

Sid Roth: So there's hope for you. You that have been in any war. Or you that have been in the war called life. There's hope for a change. But the miracles that David has seen! The miracles really started, David, when a man spoke on behalf of God a prophecy to you. Tell me about that.

David Cordeau: Yes. Yes. A prophet had came out to where we were meeting at and he told me that the next trip into Vietnam which I was just getting ready to go back in that my whole ministry would change. I was at the airport in Hong Kong. My son was there and he went over to another side and a huge angel came up behind me. It felt to me, I did not see him but it felt like about 20-foot wide and like a furnace behind me and I knew that it had to do with an angel commissioning me into a new area of ministry. On that trip I began to see tumors disappear in my hands. It says then we'd see miracles.

Sid Roth: Help me out. I hear your words. When you say tumors disappear. Tell me about one. Tell me about a specific person.

David Cordeau: Yeah. Okay. Okay. There's many, many of them. The first one was a lady I just laid my hand on and I actually felt like it was wiggling in my hand. The spirit in that thing and it just went totally down!

Sid Roth: You believe sometimes cancer is a spirit or every time?

David Cordeau: Yes. A spirit of death.

Sid Roth: A spirit of death?

David Cordeau: Yeah. A spirit of death.

Sid Roth: And you could feel when you put your hand on the tumor the tumor was wiggling with the spirit in it?

David Cordeau: Yeah, I've actually felt like a mouse was in my hand.

Sid Roth: Huh!

David Cordeau: It was weird. And it went down. I don't feel that every time but I did the first time there and I have since. But then we had, I worked in Cambodia also and the Philippines. But in Cambodia they brought a 6-year old Vietnamese boy to me and he had a cancer on his left buttocks the size of a cantaloupe. Several plum-sized cancers down his leg. Could not even stand up. They carried him. He was leanin' against a chair. We commanded the spirit of death to come out! Commanded it to be healed. Through the translator he said he felt a little stronger but they carried him out. Three days later he jumped up and took off running! When I went back nearly a year later they told me. I said bring him to me. And I have a picture of me standing with this boy a year later and he's now a teenager in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A Vietnamese boy.

Sid Roth: You know what I find interesting you were a pastor for a while and for over 20 years no one in your church died from a disease!

David Cordeau: Right. I pastored for 22 years before I turned it over to my son and we never had a single person die of a disease. We had several get cancer but they all got healed.

Sid Roth: But you know another thing that intrigues me about David is this arthritis business. So many people have arthritis it's become the all-American cop-out, so to speak. Oh you have a pain in your hand. Arthritis. You have a pain in your knee. Arthritis. Tell me about someone with a pain in their knee with arthritis.

David Cordeau: Okay. We had a man in the Philippines that came up to be prayed for. His right knee was totally crippled with arthritis. I prayed and God healed his knee. And then he went back and later they brought him up to testify. He began to testify about his knee being healed. But what I did not know he said my right eye was totally blind and it popped open. Hallelujah!

Sid Roth: So David, you must have an unbelievable faith for people to be healed.

David Cordeau: Yes. We see over 90% healed. Over 50% is instant miracle as I call it. And then the other part is usually within 2 weeks. Sometimes we'll pray for a huge cancer and it'll disappear in my hand! Other times we pray it looks like nothin' happened but usually before 2 weeks is up it's totally gone!

Sid Roth: So if you pray for the people that are watching us right now, or perhaps when we come back from the break, what do you think's gonna happen?

David Cordeau: I believe they will be healed!

Sid Roth: I don't, I don't even, I used the word wrong. I said 'think'. I don't think, I know. I absolutely know! I tell you I know that if you agree in the name of Yeshua it is finished! Don't go away. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: The presence of God! There is nothing, nothing in this world to compare to experiencing the presence of God! And David Cordeau and myself we're in the glory, the presence of God! And all things are possible! Now David, you, you, you almost so nonchAlantly say it's almost automatic for people to have arthritis to be healed.

David Cordeau: Yes.

Sid Roth: How about hearing? What goes on there?

David Cordeau: Yes. We see many, many deaf healed that, that like I go into Cambodia and Vietnam we have many deaf healed also in the U.S. Blind see in the U.S. But awhile back I was in Cambodia and, and where just deaf ears one after the other are popping open and many, many times that we'll have 10 or 12 children lined up we'll say in Jesus' name and go through pop, pop, pop! Everyone is 100%! I try not to let them leave unless they're 100% healed and I'll have my translators check 'em. How are they doin'? Check 'em. If they're not 100% send 'em back over here and he opens because the deaf will hear!

Sid Roth: David had a dream and in this dream he saw what's about ready to happen on planet earth. And it's actually starting now. David, tell us this dream.

David Cordeau: Yes. God gave me a dream and in the dream I walked into this huge auditorium that one of the major healing evangelists of our day had been ministering but as I walked into the dream there was people sitting in wheelchairs that had not been healed in the meeting. And what God was telling me is that something was getting ready to come on stronger than we've ever seen. And I'd walk up to people and I'd reach out and I'd be maybe ten feet away and this white light about 8 inches around, the purest whitest light I've ever seen in my life fired out of my arm and hit them. They didn't climb out of the wheelchair. It was almost like somethin' threw 'em out. And then others I'd walk up and there was a white light came out of my innermost being, the same light and hit 'em and it blew 'em out and what God was tellin' me is what is comin' on the earth is there is an anointing comin' on that's gonna dwarf any healing ministry we've ever known! Thank God for all of them, they're great, but what's comin' Sid is gonna dwarf anything we've ever known!

Sid Roth: And it is going to be just you?

David Cordeau: No, no! I believe it's comin' on his body! I believe that nobodys from nowhere is gonna walk onto the stage of life and they're gonna have such power and authority for this end time!

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something. I have been to these big meetings where there have been many miracles but I've gone in the back where the cameras don't go and I've seen the sections with the wheelchairs and I've seen the people pushed in with their faith up to here and one or two people getting healed and I'm so appreciative of those one or two people getting healed! But I tell you if our Messiah was there they'd all be healed and they'd go back so crushed. David, there's gotta be a better solution for those people! What happened right after you had that dream?

David Cordeau: Okay. Right after that dream that God gave to me I was in Cambodia. Two days later they carry a lame man up into my meeting and he stands up and walks and then later in the trip that I was on we went to a house under the little hut and an elderly man had been run over by 7 water Buffalo. All broken, crippled. Just layin' there. Couldn't even lift his head. And when I walked up there something just came, I mean it felt like something fell on me. And I told my translator I said this man's gonna walk. And they had these huge beds where these slats under there. I crawled under and slid him by the ankles to the end and lifted him and I said in the name of Jesus I command you be healed! Again that man did not climb up off that bed. It was like somethin' threw him in the air. He landed dancing and shouting and all his neighbors their eyes were like saucers because they had seen a real miracle of God!

Sid Roth: And what you saw though, this is gonna be in other words the light of God's presence is going to come right out of many people like you and just go into the person and they're gonna be healed! Are you ready? I mean if I was to throw a ball at you right now would the ball hit you in the nose or would you catch it? I want you to catch it now because I agree in the only name that is above your disease and your pain. In the name in Hebrew Yeshua, Jesus that you are going to catch your healing! You know how to catch a cold, don't you? Takes no talent. I want you to catch your healing. Right now, David, pray!

David Cordeau: Yes. I want to pray right now in the name of Jesus. I command every sickness, every disease, every spirit of infirmity, every foul spirit of death, every spirit of cancer, every spirit of arthritis, every deaf ear, every blinded eye I command to open right now, in the name of Jesus I command it in Jesus' name! Yes! Hallelujah!

Sid Roth: Whoaa. Let me tell you the presence of God has been so awesome and if the God's presence is here guess what? God is here! And if God is here of course you're healed! And I just heard that people with pain of all kinds are being healed right now. Especially back. If you'll just bend over you'll see that your back, your spine is totally straightened out! Your pain is gone from your neck! David, what do you see happening within the next year? Do you see this intensifying?

David Cordeau: Yes, I do, Sid. In fact going back to that light just a moment. I've had now for just a few years, it happened again just recently in a meeting that praying for people and suddenly they say that they're seeing this blinding light, not everyone I prayed for but some of them keep doing it and this is all over the world people have told me this. They see this blinding light! And I believe it's just a forerunner of what's coming. That what I saw would dwarf anything we know and we're gonna move into that! I see a greater anointing coming up on his people! Much greater!

Sid Roth: You told me that recently you were speaking in a congregation and people reported about heat. Explain that to me.

David Cordeau: Oh yes. Many times in our ministry heat, a lot of times when I pray heat will come out of me. I don't have to have it. Just what he did is good enough but it happens but then sometimes there's like angels of fire come in. I was just recently ministering and, and the heat of God came in that everyone in the meeting was hot! One young lady that was from the Philippines was at our meeting here in the U.S. Two hours later she finally puts ice on her forehead. She's burning from the heat of God. They're just comin' in and burning out everything that's not of him.

Sid Roth: I don't know about you but I'm feelin' some of that heat right now! What does God wanna do right now, David? Right at this moment?

David Cordeau: He wants to begin to heal, set people free, that it's not gonna be a long struggle, that instantly now, people will be set free! There's a lot of people that think well maybe someday it'll happen. No. Today!

Sid Roth: Why is it speeding? What you're telling me is it's speeding up!

David Cordeau: Yes!

Sid Roth: What used to take 6 months is gonna take 6 seconds!

David Cordeau: Yes! Very quickly. Because see Jesus is the same yesterday, today...

Sid Roth: Why? Is he coming back soon?

David Cordeau: Yeah. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! Everything he ever was he is right now! And his people are coming into that revelation that he is here to do it right now! And very powerful and I believe that his coming is very, very near and we need to see this to reach our world! That they need to see a demonstration, a manifestation of the things of God!

Sid Roth: Listen! The world doesn't want religion! It's had religion up to here! What the world wants is love! What the world wants is acceptance! What the world wants is peace! What the world wants is healing! What the world wants is destiny! What the world wants is purpose! Forget the world! That's what you want! And I can tell you it starts with you! God's already made his move through this program. God has already reached his arms around you. You have a destiny on your life! I don't care what your circumstances are. You and God are a team! But first your sins are separating you from your Creator! Do exactly what David did. Repent. Tell God you're sorry for your sins. And believe the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus has washed your sins away and when you are clean, and it just takes as quickly as you say that prayer, make Yeshua your Lord. Ask him to live inside of you. Read the Bible. Get to know him. It's called 'the truth book!' that's my favorite book. The Bible. The truth book! It's truth!
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