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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Steve Hill and the Brownsville Revival

Sid Roth - Steve Hill and the Brownsville Revival

Sid Roth - Steve Hill and the Brownsville Revival
TOPICS: Revival

You know these organizations that take a child that is dying, terminal, no hope, and they say, what would you like to do? You certainly have one request, I want to go to Disney world. What happens when a young girl, her whole body is so riddled with cancer, she's got just weeks to live and she has just one request. She said, 'i want to go to a place where I hear miracles happen'. Her organization was staggered. They never had a request like that. She goes to this place where miracles take place and she is no longer terminal from cancer. Cancer is no longer riddled her entire body. She goes to live a great life. Well happened at this place that so many miracles are going on? What happened to the man that is the lightning rod for these miracles to happen? I want you to take a look at this man, Steve Hill.

Narrator: Growing up in northern Alabama, Steve Hill was bad news.

Man 1: Steve was a guy, when I say that, I mean ruthless.

Man 2: He was a guy that, just like he said, he had long hair. He was just oozing attitude.

Man 3: We were down and drug addicts. We had tracks in our arms from shooting dope. We were selling our blood at blood banks. There were some crimes that involved guns. We just were not very good people. The thing is if there was drugs involved and we wanted it we'd find a way to get the money and it didn't matter at whose expense it was.

Narrator: Arrested numerous times and facing a lifetime of drug addiction, burglary and prison, God led a man into Steve's path.

Man 4: I get this phone call from his mother and she says, 'victor, you've got to get over here right way'. And I said, 'what's wrong'? She said, 'Steve's having convulsions. You need to come right now'. His eyeballs, I mean, I had never seen anything like it, but his eyeballs were just like jumping out of his sockets. I mean, they were, he was in convulsions. He was scared. I mean, he was, the first time I met him he was all attitude. This time when I met him he was just like, I mean, he was absolutely scared. And as soon as we prayed it was just it stopped, just like that. He looked up at me, he said, 'what happened? What happened'? You know, just like. And it was just like the words came out of my mouth. They weren't even my own words. The words came out of my mouth. I said, 'the Kingdom of God has come upon you'.

Narrator: At a court hearing in which the police expected Steve to be sent away for years, an astonishing thing happened. He was sentenced into the custody of a caring Christian man at a drug rehab center.

Man 5: That first day that Steve walked on that property as a teenager in 1969, it was a divine point. I didn't know what it was going to come to and I never dreamed that I would see this man again in 1975 in a Madison county jail behind bars. And then to stand in a courtroom before a judge and say, 'God, what are you going to do? What are you going to do for man'? I don't know. I know that there's something changed in his life. And I remember when the judge said, 'Steve, beyond my better judgment and if you don't complete this program you're going to spend many years in the penitentiary. I'm going to probate you to this man's custody'.

Narrator: Steve went from being a druggie to being a missionary in Argentina and an evangelist around the world ministering with his prayer partner and wife Jeri and blessed with a loving family, Steve has focused on seeing the lost meet Jesus.

Sid Roth: This is Sid Roth here and I have that man that was lightning rod for the miracle I told you about, and many, many other miracles. But Steve, here you are a drug addict, out of control. I've never been a drug addict. It must be the worst thing in the world to be living that kind of life and there's a simple prayer, and you said what happened. Describe, take me to that moment. What happened?

Steve Hill: Sid, this is all about the supernatural. As I was watching that, tears welled up in my eyes because I experienced an encounter with God. I'm not talking about religion. I'm talking about an encounter with God. There's people watching right now, that's all you need, is you need to have a connection with the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Messiah, Jesus. And so I prayed, I hardly had any belief in God. Okay, I had been on drugs and I was one of those I'd wake up in the morning, Sid, go into convulsions. I'd wake up in the morning three and 4:00 and go get a bottle of whiskey to calm my body down, and this went on for years. I was mainliner running up narcotics, a thief, had been arrested 13 times. I wanted out, but I didn't know how. And there's somebody watching right now. It's not a drug addict, but you're parents and you're watching your son or your daughter going down this same road. I just want to let you know that there's hope. My mom prayed for me. When everyone else had given up she got on her face and she prayed for me. When I called out on that day, Sid, when I called out to Jesus, all I said was, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus'. And it was the heart of a drug addict going, 'please release me from this prison. If you're out there, if you're somewhere out there, Jesus, God, speak to me'. And the presence of God invaded that room, came into my body and after three days of violent convulsions, it was as if I had never eaten an aspirin, I had never done a drug, I had never smoked pot, never done LSD, never done heroin. I was brand new. I got up from my bed. I went outside and it was a beautiful October day in northern Alabama. The breeze was blowing. It was cool. The trees were swaying in the breeze.

Sid Roth: Listen, you think it's too good to be true. You don't even know what truth is. Then he gets hepatitis and he's dying. And guess what? Miracle. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with Steve Hill. He should have died. He should have been in prison. He should have been in a mental institution. But instead of those three paths, he walks in what he says is the presence of God and people around him have miracles. But after this wonderful being set free from drug addiction, and I mean, instantly, it wasn't a gradual thing.

Steve Hill: Sid, it was phenomenal. When I went outside it was a brand new day, everything. The Bible says you must be born again. The Bible doesn't say you must join a church or you must get this or get that. You must be born again. Now I believe in church attendance. I believe in all of that, but you've got to have an encounter with God. And there is someone watching right now, and I want to let you know this, that you have had all kinds of experiences out there with religion, but you've never had an experience with Jesus Christ. Those of you who have been around the religious world, maybe you've gone to church, synagogue, whatever, you've never had an experience with God. That's what I'm talking about. He changes your life forever and that's what happened on that day, and that's why for 30 years now I've been on fire for Jesus.

Sid Roth: Okay. Everything is wonderful. But you're dying. He has hepatitis c and there are people watching that have hepatitis c. Steve, that's a fatal disease.

Steve Hill: Well we're going to fast forward many years and I'm holding a meeting in Pensacola, Florida where the power of God is coming down, hundreds of thousands are coming from all over the world. In the midst of that I get diagnosed with hepatitis c. The doctor sits me down like we're sitting right here and he said, 'this is grave,' he said. 'what'? Because I'm a man of God. He goes, 'well your blood is infested with this virus and you're going to, it's going to kill you'. And I said, 'well what are the symptoms'? He said, 'you'll lose all your energy'. And so the bottom line, went back to that meeting that night, didn't pray in front of everybody and say that. A woman walked up to me, Suzette Hattingh, walked up to me that night.

Sid Roth: I know her.

Steve Hill: She said, 'God to me that you've got a sickness that is unto death and I want to pray for you right now'. She prayed for me. I immediately went back to the doctor. He did another blood check. 'i don't understand it. You're clean'. And I had done two blood tests. Did another one, 'you're clean'. And now several years later, still clean. Jesus heals.

Sid Roth: He went with his wife to Argentina and this totally changed his whole paradigm for what life is really all about. What did you see in Argentina?

Steve Hill: Well the reason we went to Argentina is because of the encounter I had had. My only goal, Sid, is for everyone on planet earth to have an encounter with Jesus Christ. That's my goal, to have an encounter with God. And so we went to a fertile mission field, Argentina. What I saw there I had never seen before. I went in 1984. A massive crusade was going on with a man by the name of Carlos Annacondia. I watched the man wave his hand across the crowd, believe it or not, those of you watching at home, wave his hand across the crowd. Hundreds of hundreds of people that were with him, like a quarter of a mile away were struck by the power of God. They were touched mightily. And so I was watching people being delivered of demons, being set free, being healed, miracles, signs and wonders in masses. And I said, 'Jesus, whatever this man has I want it'. And I walked straight up to Carlos and I went, 'lay hands on me. Pray for me'. And I remember that night. He laid hands on me. I fell out in the mud.

Sid Roth: When you say you fell out, what do you mean?

Steve Hill: I lost all my strength.

Sid Roth: You just fell over backwards? Were you pushed? Did he push you down in the mud?

Steve Hill: Oh absolutely not. He laid hands on me.

Sid Roth: I'm not going to lay in the mud on purpose.

Steve Hill: No, that's called a courtesy fall, okay, and I'm not going to do it. Okay. So I fell to the ground. I'm laying there and I just sense a Spirit of God just sweeping over me. It's the anointing. I'm saying, 'God, I want that anointing'. And people off and on, in meetings often times, and this is a whole different program about the manifestations of the spirit, one of the reasons people, when they're touched by the power of God is God wants to show them this is totally me. And I've watched Muslims, other religious faiths get touched by the power of God and when they're on the floor they realize that this is the God that I want to have control over my life because he just took of my body.

Sid Roth: I want you to pick one person out, because then you went to a little sleepy southern town, in a church and the same thing started happening there. People were touched by the power of God. They'd walk in and it was like walking from heat into air conditioning. You could feel the difference. And tell me one, how many people were either away from God or never knew God themselves that made a proclamation of what they wanted.

Steve Hill: Hundreds of thousands.

Sid Roth: Hundreds, in one tiny?

Steve Hill: Hundreds of thousands, yes. It started on father's day 1995. I was supposed to be there two years, ended up staying five years, became known as the Pensacola revival.

Sid Roth: All right. Give me one person whose life was impacted, just a brief story.

Steve Hill: That's not fair, just one story.

Sid Roth: I know it's not fair, but life isn't fair.

Steve Hill: One person, okay. One individual, she came to the meeting. Her name is Elizabeth. She came to the meeting because her sister kept bugging her, you got to come, you got to come. She was a party hound. She didn't want anything to do with God. She came. When I gave the altar call she didn't want to go and her sister said, 'come on, come with to the altar, come with me to the altar'. She was just one of these stoic, hard, just difficult people. She came forward, just stood there with her arms crossed, didn't want anything to do with God or me. And she came up. As she was standing there I walked by, put my hand on her forehead. She was totally consumed by the presence of God and for four hours had a vision from God. Fell to the ground, had a vision from God. Now she's married to a pastor, loves God with all her heart, soul and strength. But God transformed her just like that. That is one of hundreds of thousands of stories.

Sid Roth: You're seeing an increase in the miraculous and what excites me is you're saying it's not just you. It's what everyone that knows God is supposed to do.

Steve Hill: The Bible says, in Mark, chapter 16, 'these signs will follow them that believe'. And I believe that we are in the season of the supernatural. I believe we've always been, but God, we've chosen not to operate. I believe people need to be moving out in the spirit. They need to say, God, listen, I'm nobody, you're everything, I'm not the healer, you're the healer. Jesus, this man has a cancer. In the name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, when we come back you're going to find out to move in this miracles and you're going to get, I proclaim to you you're going to get a miracle. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Unbelievable. A sleepy, little, southern town, a tiny little church. Steve Hill, how many people came to that one little building?

Steve Hill: Well we started counting after a while because it was hard to believe. There was times, Sid, we had four and five overflow rooms. There was week we had to set up a tent outside and people sat and watched on a big screen on their cars in the parking lot.

Sid Roth: They'd stand in line hours and hours. How many millions would you say came?

Steve Hill: Four million people came to the meeting.

Sid Roth: Did you get that? Four million people from all over the world came because they knew they could walk into a building that had the presence of God.

Steve Hill: Let me tell you who else was stunned by it is CNN, 20/20, good morning America, New York times, fox, all these channels, they came. And they were just stunned. They were saying, what gives? How can you do this? I had a bad answer: you can't you can't do this. This is either God, because people are smart. They're not going to come to a meeting when nothing is happening.

Sid Roth: But why, here's the question I have for you. Why did people in front of cameras, in front of thousands of people stand up and publically say, I have done, and even say what the sins, the horrible things they were doing, what power would make them want to do this?

Steve Hill: Because it was real. That's my answer to you.

Sid Roth: Okay. Let's look at one of these people that came, one of the hundreds of thousands that came forward to publically proclaim they had been involved in sin, and he's doing something Jewish. It's sounds not Jewish. It's baptism. But we Jewish people invented it. It's called the mikvah. Let's take a look at that clip.

Steve Hill: I don't know what you felt tonight, friend, when that man stood in that baptismal pool, brother, I don't know where you are, don't raise your hand. But with tears in his eyes he said he committed adultery just a few months ago, seven or eight months ago, and he's lost his family, he's lost his children and he's lost his business. Sin is horrible.

Man: I committed adultery and I lost everything in my life that has ever meant anything to me: my family, my two young children and a wonderful job. And I'm here to say today that the Lord Jesus, this is your life. Tell me what you want me to do and let me do it.

Steve Hill: Now in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost.

Sid Roth: Steve Hill, you are weeping. That's history. That's old. Why are you weeping over him? Why?

Steve Hill: Because it's eternal. It's history. But see, eternal, we spend our lives in the temporal. Okay, my job, my wife. That's all temporal. Eternal is when God comes in and changes a life, transform them because we're going to live forever. Everyone that's watching this broadcast, you're never going to die. Your physical shell, yeah, it's going to deteriorate and die, but you're going to live forever and there's only two places: heaven or down under, or hell, and you've got a choice. And so these people are making these choices. They're going, you know, I want God, I want Jesus Christ. I want him to change me, and they do, and he does, and they make that change, and man, the testimonies.

Sid Roth: Listen, many people run forward when they hear a proclamation that the Messiah is real, that God loves you, that God doesn't condemn you. God has his arms reached out so wide to embrace you. Some of you have never experienced the arms of God hugging you. Some of you are going to experience that right now. Some of you are going to experience miracles. Miracles prove that the God of the invisible is very much alive in this realm. Tell me one miracle that comes to mind.

Steve Hill: The Pensacola revival, the greatest miracle, and you referred to at the beginning, was the most notable that I was part of a little girl that came to the revival. She had her whole body had been consumed with cancer. She was a skinny little thing, 16-year-old, had a baseball cap on, no hair, was dying, and she was sent by the organization, one of the organizations that they give the last request, whatever. They'll send you anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, you and your family. And she said, 'i want to go to that meeting where there's miracles taking place'. She comes down. We pray for her. Two weeks later, we get a letter from her dad, she just had an MRI, just had a complete scan of her body, not one cancerous cell anywhere, and she's just recently graduated from university. All her hair is back. Miracles like that took place all the time at the revival and many of them we didn't even know were taking place. But we need to become, this needs to become normal in the church world, is signs and wonders.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to pray for miracles to happen right now.

Steve Hill: Right now, for those of you at home who don't know Jesus Christ is Savior, this is the most important part. He will change your life the way he changed mine. I want you to pray with me right now. Say Jesus.

Sid Roth: Jesus.

Steve Hill: Forgive me.

Sid Roth: Forgive me.

Steve Hill: I have sinned.

Sid Roth: I have sinned.

Steve Hill: I repent.

Sid Roth: I repent.

Steve Hill: Be my Savior.

Sid Roth: Be my Savior.

Steve Hill: My Lord.

Sid Roth: My Lord.

Steve Hill: And my very best friend.

Sid Roth: My very best friend.

Steve Hill: Now if you were serious God did that. Now I want to pray for healing. Those of you that need healing in your body, lay it, lay your hand wherever that part of is that's sick and if you have a relative that needs healing we want to pray for that person right now, a friend. In Jesus' name I speak right now, I speak to everyone watching this, I speak healing. Lord, touch, Lord, heal cancer, heart disease, whatever it might be. There's leukemia, someone right now is being healed right now of leukemia. Someone right now is being healed right now. Cancer, I can see the tumor. I can see the tumor shriveling up right now. In Jesus' name receive your healing.

Sid Roth: And not only those diseases, but there are pains in your body. There is someone watching right now with a pain in their hip and if you'll start walking you'll see in Yeshua, that's Hebrew for Jesus, in Yeshua's name you are healed. There is someone else with pain in their back and if you'll bend over you're totally healed. Anything you need in your head, there are people with migraines, people with ringing in the ears, you are healed in Jesus' name. There are people with sinuses, allergies, anything in your head area, stuffy nose even, you're healed in Jesus' name. Steve, the woman that you were talking about, that party animal that got radically transformed, her sister gave a prophetic word at the Brownsville revival that is, it's ready to happen right at this moment.

Steve Hill: So mighty anointed

Sid Roth: Tell me the impact that word had on you.

Steve Hill: The word, what impacted me most was God is in a hurry. When she said that, the presence of God came into the building and I'll never forget that night. It went on for hours. People repented, they screamed out for forgiveness. And that tape has been taken and shown all over the world, and one church showed it, a church of 4000 members, they showed that tape on a Sunday morning. That service lasted until four that afternoon.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, I want to see that exact word right now, and when you see this word, right before your eyes, when you hear this word, I tell you, this is your moment to make connection with God. Let's take a look at it.
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