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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Signs You Opened a Demonic Portal

Sid Roth - Signs You Opened a Demonic Portal

Sid Roth - Signs You Opened a Demonic Portal
Sid Roth - Signs You Opened a Demonic Portal
TOPICS: Demons

Do you have anxiety, fear, depression, nightmares or other types of attacks? You may have unknowingly opened a demonic door. My guest will show you how to close this demonic portal and open a Heavenly door like the atmosphere that was in the Garden of Eden.

Sid Roth: Welcome, our most honored guest, Holy Spirit. Make this show naturally supernatural. My guest, Darren Stott, saw the supernatural on a regular basis as a child. I mean from angels to the demonic. Then Darren met, this will surprise you, the funniest man, and I am not exaggerating, the funniest man on Earth. This will shock most believers. Tell me about that funny man.

Darren Stott: Yeah, absolutely, Sid. I was a kid, and I had this dream, probably about 8 years old, and in the dream there's a bunch of us children, and there's this guy, and he's making us laugh. And I'm talking we are all just laughing, laughing, laughing. I wake up from the dream. I had tears coming out of my eyes. I'm holding my side. My side hurts just from laughing, and, Sid, that man was Jesus. He spoke to me many years later and said that in that dream that I received an impartation of joy, and what He spoke to me was that my call, yes, I'm a pastor, okay, but that pastoring wasn't ultimately my call. That was my assignment. Now, my call was to catalyze joy in the hearts of people, and so I realized that I have different assignments. I get to pastor people. I get to help people, mentor people, but one of the things that I love to do is see joy restored in the hearts of broken people.

Sid Roth: And there's such a need for that now. If there's ever been a time for you to move in your new calling, I call it now.

Darren Stott: Come on.

Sid Roth: But at 14 he got filled with the Spirit, and the supernatural just accelerated. Then if there is a devil, then his parents got a divorce, and his pastor father resigned. Darren unfortunately got bitter, turned his back on God. For years he did not experience anything supernatural. Darren, what reactivated the supernatural in your life again?

Darren Stott: Yeah, absolutely. When my mom and I left the church where I was born and raised, that wasn't just my church. That was my castle. My dad wasn't just a pastor. He was like the king. I was like a prince. That was my identity, and so walking away from that was like walking away from every promise, and imagine having prophetic words which many people have today that are listening to this show. They have promises and things that God has spoken to you, and many people are listening today, and they feel like they had the rug removed from their feet. Listen, my brokenness turned into bitterness, and that bitterness shut down the supernatural within my life, but I'll tell you, my pastor, a woman, Pastor Gail, asked me if I would forgive her. She did nothing wrong, and when I said, "I forgive you," that forgiveness reopened up that supernatural dynamic. I had a dream shortly after that point. I was back in the church, and I was singing and leading worship, and when I woke up from that dream, I was singing a song that I had never heard before, and when I woke up, I realized that God had used a dream to put a desire in my heart to return back to the church that I swore I would never return to.

Sid Roth: Your father's church, same one?

Darren Stott: My grandpa pastored there. My dad pastored there. I said I would never pastor there.

Sid Roth: Okay. You used the word a lot: portals. What does that mean to you?

Darren Stott: Well, a portal is kind of a big deal. They are everywhere right now. Every movie that you watch, every children's book that's making any sort of money, it always involves portals, and that's because everybody knows that there is a supernatural realm that can be accessed, and this is true. Actually, it was Jesus who said, "I am the portal," right? Jesus said, "I am the portal. I am the gateway. I am the door". Before I came out into the studio, I was in the dressing room, and I was separated from the dressing room into the studio in your presence by a locked doorway. That was a portal at which point somebody came to that door. They opened it up, and they invited me to come in where I got to sit at this table and be in your presence. Sid, I'll tell you what, Jesus is coming to people in this season. Jesus is going to come to people today during this show, people that are watching right now. Jesus is going to come to that door. He's going to knock on that door. He's going to open the door and say, "You are invited into an adventure, and it's time to return back to the original adventure I created you for".

Sid Roth: Now, you have these verified miracles. In fact, there's a member of your congregation that came today. Tell me about him and let him tell us what happened.

Darren Stott: Well, I'll tell you what, it was the smallest Sunday on church record. We had a snowstorm. Only eight people were at church. This guy had never been to our church, but we were the only church in the state that was open. He shoveled his driveway. Took him over an hour. He drove 3 hours just to get to our place. He was desperate. I called him out. He was a stranger. Didn't know who he was. Invited him to come up and gave him a word, laid hands on him. He said the power of God hit him so strong. He had never felt that since being prayed for by Dr. Myles Munroe. He got up, and he shared that just 3 months prior during Thanksgiving he was in a diabetic coma. People said he would never return home. In fact, they read his will in front of him. They didn't think that he could hear. They read his will to his family, okay, and he just got the test results 2 weeks ago. Before coming out here he had to be tested. We've got doctor verification. He'll tell you what the doctors are saying. It is miraculous. He has no diabetes. When he almost... He was in a diabetic coma. They can't figure it out.

Sid Roth: Wayne, would you tell us what happened briefly? W: I spent eight days in the hospital, like he said. So you know, you got this number 13. It's over double what you're supposed to have in your body, and so they give you insulin. They give you all this kind of stuff, and you know what? I started taking that, but I'm dropping, and I'm dropping, and I'm dropping. I'm calling the doctor. This is making me worse, but you know what? I did pray. I prayed. Somebody has got to take care of this because the doctor is not doing it. Stopped all that medication. You got to make an appointment for 3 months. I get in there. That doctor, she went purely prepared to tell me I'm wrong. She came in that room shaking. She said, "This is not possible". I said, "Have you ever seen anything like this"? She said, "No". I asked her, "Would you put that in writing"? And I have that here. She says, "Never been seen before". Explain to me, Darren, why even the Garden of Eden was a portal.

Darren Stott: Yeah, absolutely. When you look at Genesis, Chapter one, you see Heaven and Earth together in union. Eden was the first portal. It was the first bridge that connected Heaven and Earth. Also if you look at Adam and Eve, you have two people that come together, and when they come together in covenant union, okay, you have a portal dynamic by which there could be procreation. This is why we're seeing such an attack against the womb right now and such an attack through abortion in our country is because we've been created in the image and likeness of God, that when you have two people in covenant union, a portal opens by which God sends a spirit to be wrapped in the DNA of the parents to procreate. Lucifer had access to Eden, but he did not have access to the womb. So the great war of Eden was to bring compromise to Adam and Eve to access that portal.

Sid Roth: Now, what's very important for our people to understand, me too! Is what are keys to opening these portals over us wherever we go? You have the portal over you in your church, but you have the portal wherever you go. I like that.

Darren Stott: Absolutely. So because of this whole thing, I'm sure you've heard of it, COVID-19, this great...

Sid Roth: Yeah, I have heard about that.

Darren Stott: ...this great pandemic. It came not just to shut businesses down and schools down. It came to shut hope down. It came to rob humanity of our faith and confidence of Yahweh Elohim, so in this time it is so important that we begin to see hope restored. Hope and expectation is the mother of manifestation. What I mean by this is that we should never go into an environment like a show like this without expectation that a portal is going to open and we are going to be invited into a glory dynamic that is wonderful, and fresh and new. This is the invitation that Jesus is inviting for us to step into, to drink of the kind of wine that's never been tasted of before.

Sid Roth: One of the things you teach is we have to be humble enough to ask God to show us the areas we need to repent, but we have blind spots. We need help.

Darren Stott: If you want a locked door... For anybody watching today and you don't want access to the presence of God, I'm going to tell you how to have no access: pride. God resists the proud. So humility is the great golden key to access the presence of the Lord in an amazing way, and so it is so important in this time that all of us are searching our hearts or inviting Holy Spirit to come to reveal pride in our hearts so that we can come like children.

Sid Roth: Now, there are an infinite number of signs that demonic portals have been opened, and Darren teaches extensively about that in our new audio teaching series. Darren, tell us a few of them and how those demonic portals can be closed.

Darren Stott: Absolutely, and we get into the... we created this amazing resource for this show where we do a whole session on how to close demonic portals, but it is so important that we recognize that we, to a great degree, are being influenced by these demonic pressures. It's interesting that our phones, okay, are actually a portal. For the very first time ever we have access to nations and information that humanity has never... So it relocates us. Our phone is a doorway. Well, so are video games. Now, I was recently... did a meeting, and there was a young man who was just about crippled. He was bent over with severe scoliosis, and as we began to pray for him, he began to go through deliverance. Demons actually started to come out of him, and his back... I had never seen a young man so crippled. He couldn't even hardly look at me in the eyes. As he was going through deliverance, his spine began to snap and crackle and pop, and he began to straighten out. God totally healed him, and I asked him, I said, "What happened? How did you get in this kind of condition"? And you know what he said? He said that he started playing a video game, and he developed a video game addiction, and through this game something entered him and ended up crippling him. Well, the power of God came on him, drove that thing out and totally restored him. Isn't it interesting what happens when we see these spirits, these unclean things come out, and all of a sudden our bodies regenerate supernaturally and take on their original form the way that God created us? This is His desire that none would perish. Therefore we need to see all believers walking in victorious, right, Christianity. We need to see people walking free of these demonic things, so we've got to teach people how to discern the demonic so we can displace their presence.

Sid Roth: Give me an example of how to close these doors.

Darren Stott: Yeah, absolutely. One of the biggest things, and this is my own testimony, is that bitterness opened up a tremendous door to the demonic. It robbed me of my identity and my destiny, but I'll tell you what. Forgiveness and even the declaration of forgiveness without even knowing what it meant, but forgiveness opened my heart without even realizing it. This is one of the most incredible places that we can begin is just to invite Holy Spirit. Hey, is there anyone that I need to forgive? Is there anyone that when I think of their face, when I think of their name I lose my joy, I lose my peace, I lose the reality and frequency, the Kingdom of Heaven when they come up? We forgive them. We release them, and that portal, that supernatural dynamic begins to open up.

Sid Roth: That really makes sense to me. Now, when we return, Darren will pray to open Heavenly portals of shalom, peace, and supernatural joy over you and your whole house. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Oh, Darren, you teach about something that intrigues me, I guess because I'm Jewish, the shalom, which means peace, the shalom portal. What is that?

Darren Stott: Yeah, for those who are in the Kingdom, if there's one thing that we take for granted, it's shalom. We take our peace for granted. We don't realize that people that haven't experienced the mercy of Yeshua, that they don't have that sense of deep calm and security of identity. So one of the things that we love to do is we love to open shalom portals, and we do it with people who don't yet believe in Yeshua. So we've gone out into the streets. We've gone out... one fun time we were out on the beaches of Laguna, and we began engaging people and asking them if they wanted to experience a peace portal, and they would say, "Sure," and we would use our feet, and we'd draw a little circle in the sand, and we always tell them, "Listen, we access this peace through Jesus. Is that okay"? And we'd get permission. Most people don't care how you access it. They're using all kinds of things to find peace, and so we'd say, "All right. Here we go," and we'd say, "Jesus, we welcome You," and they're standing in this circle, and one homeless man just began to weep, and I just explained to him a simple Gospel message. I gave to him good news. He invited Jesus to come into his life, and we saw people sober up on alcohol.

Sid Roth: Are you saying to me that if people that are viewing us and in the studio audience right now say a prayer to receive Yeshua and then you pray, they're going to experience that shalom portal? And not only that, some of you that don't even pray are going to experience it. That's what I heard him say but trust me. It's better to have Jesus on the inside than, "Where are you, God"? It's better to have your own experience with God than, "Oh, I believe because I've heard since I'm a little child that You're real". No. "This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of Me". Repeat this prayer after me and mean it to the best of your ability, out loud. Dear God.

Darren Stott: Dear God.

Sid Roth: I'm so sorry.

Darren Stott: I'm so sorry.

Sid Roth: I can't make it by myself.

Darren Stott: I can't make it by myself.

Sid Roth: I need Your help.

Darren Stott: I need Your help.

Sid Roth: Jesus, I ask You to be my Lord and Savior.

Darren Stott: Jesus, I ask You to be my Lord and Savior.

Sid Roth: Come and live inside of me.

Darren Stott: Come and live inside of me.

Sid Roth: I want You to become real to me.

Darren Stott: I want You to become real to me.

Sid Roth: I need my own experience with You.

Darren Stott: I need my own experience with You.

Sid Roth: Pray that right now for them.

Darren Stott: Yeshua, we thank You that You are the Prince of shalom. You are the Prince of peace. So every spirit that is not in alignment with Your Holy Spirit and every principality that is not in alignment with Your peace we rebuke those dynamics, those forces and those generational doors that were open even decades ago, and, Christ Jesus, we invite You in. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The Prince of Peace, Mighty God, we invite You. Yep, yep, yep. Here He comes. I want you to see Him, and some of you are actually going to see Him with your eyes open. Others of you, wow, and we can feel Him even walking into the studio. Wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's coming face to face. He's coming to you heart to heart. He wants to do what only He can do. He wants to say what only He can say. He cares for you. He loves you so, so, so much. He wants to restore you. He wants to invite you into His original adventure for your life. Come right in. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There He is. There He is, right in front of you. We give You thanks, King Jesus. Amen. Amen, amen, amen. Wow.

Sid Roth: Very quickly, will you pray for that joy? We need more joy than ever before. There are people that are considering suicide right now. Pray for joy for whoever is watching.

Darren Stott: Right now we release supernatural joy. Right now, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Right now breakthrough joy to come right now, re-energize each and every person watching. Are we energizing right now? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And a revitalizing, a recalibration, yep, with supernatural joy, yep, in Yeshua's Name. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You, Lord!
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