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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - This Bible Secret Breaks Curses and Unlocks Instant Blessings

Sid Roth - This Bible Secret Breaks Curses and Unlocks Instant Blessings

Sid Roth - This Bible Secret Breaks Curses and Unlocks Instant Blessings

Sid Roth: What happens when you go to sleep at night and all of sudden you're woken up by a voice and this voice says, 'there are ten reasons that people are sick, have family problems, have financial difficulties'. And then you take these ten reasons, you show them to people and instantly things are turned around in their life. My guest, Larry Huch, you look like a nice guy. You're a pastor. Everyone loves you, but at home there is a secret. What was that secret?

Larry Huch: Well I was a pastor. I was a successful pastor. I had been free of drugs and heroin, and cocaine, but at home, Sid, I had an incredible anger problem, violence, explode to the point that it's a miracle that my family stayed with me, my wife stayed with me. In public, I was a pastor. At home, I was a terror.

Sid Roth: Give me an example of the worst episode you can remember.

Larry Huch: When Tiz my wife was eight or nine months pregnant, I exploded in anger. No this is many, many years ago, but I exploded in anger, knocked her down the steps, drug her out of the house. Now I'm, like you said, I'm a pastor. I'm supposed to be different, but I didn't want to be this way. I would ask her to forgive me. I would ask God to help me. I didn't know how to change until I learned how to break that curse.

Sid Roth: You use the word 'curse'. What is a curse?

Larry Huch: You know, the Bible says that, and I know a lot of people don't understand the Bible, but the Bible talks about in this world no matter who you are, there is blessing and there are curses. The blessings come from God. The curses are like you said in the beginning, these reasons they block all the goodness that is supposed to come in your life.

Sid Roth: You had this anger problem.

Larry Huch: Right.

Sid Roth: Was this a curse and where did it come from?

Larry Huch: Absolutely. There are three ways that a curse can come on a person's life. One, it's a generational curse. It's inherited. Two, it's something that happens to you. Three, it's something that we have done that releases this. In my case, when I was actually pastoring my third church in Australia, I knocked my son down. I watched my son, who was four years old, five years old, I watched him bounce off the wall and I remember, instantly it came to me how many times as a child I got bounced off the wall. And I said these words, without thinking, I wasn't thinking Bible, I wasn't thinking scripture, I said these words, 'I'm just like my dad'. And the words came to me, the thought came to me, 'like father, like son'. So I thought, is there something in the Bible that says what's in a father can pass down generation after generation. And I went to the Bible, and I found out that not only does it talk about it, Sid, it talks about it over 325 times that these negative things, it can be anger, it can be addiction, it can be going to jail, it can be divorce, it can be sickness or disease, that these negative things can pass from generation to generation until you find out how to stop it.

Sid Roth: Anger, how did you stop it?

Larry Huch: Well i, number one, realized that Jesus didn't just die to forgive me of my sin, but he died on the cross, and once again, and I know you and I understand this, what God showed me to do is read the Bible with the eyes of a Jewish Messiah, not the eyes of a gentile Messiah. The things that Jesus taught us, the things that Paul taught us, the things that are in the old and the New Testament, if you look at them through Greek eyes or you look at them through gentile eyes, they're explained different. But when you see them as Jesus, I'll give you a great example. Everybody, a lot of people have seen the movie 'Yentl'. If you remember in the movie 'Yentl' there was this young man and he was the up and coming rabbi and he was, everybody was so proud of him, and he was going to marry this young girl, and it was the perfect match. And he had a secret. He told everybody that his brother died in an accident. All of a sudden the marriage is off. The family of the young woman cancelled the wedding. Why? They found out that the young brother didn't die in an accident, but he died committing suicide. They canceled that wedding because they didn't want that curse of suicide coming into their family. And without going down this road, this is why Jesus said, 'be not unequally yoked with an unbeliever'. Without the blood of Jesus, without the cross you can't break that curse.

Sid Roth: So what you're saying to me, Larry, is that he found a supernatural way to break curses and instantly lives are changed, not just having to do with anger, marital problems, family problems, health problems. He's seen so many miracles once these ten things are addressed. We'll be right back after this word. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here with Larry Huch. And Larry, you told me that when you went to Israel it was almost like a whole new dimension opened to you. Tell me about it.

Larry Huch: Next to being, next to the day that I received the Lord, it was the most awesome day in my life. Had no desire to go to Israel. Never thought about going to Israel. Somebody finally talked me into going, so I went there just kind of as a vacation. We walked into Capernaum and when you walked through the gate in Capernaum we're going to see where Jesus Peter's mother-in-law, etc. Right when you walk in, off to the right is an ancient synagogue. This dear friend of mine who is a Jew who's gone through the whole school to be a rabbi, genius, incredibly intelligent man, but is a believer in Yeshua, and he was showing us this. And on the front of it there was an inscription and he told us that this was a synagogue. Now this blew my mind. It was a synagogue that was dedicated by one of the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren of one of the apostles. And I said, 'Joseph, I don't understand'. And he said, 'what's the problem'? I said, 'this is one of the apostle's relatives'? And he said yes. And I said, 'in a synagogue'? And he said yes.

Sid Roth: For you, the two should go together.

Larry Huch: Because I was always taught they were separate. These two worlds don't meet.

Sid Roth: Synagogue is here and the church is here.

Larry Huch: And never shall the twain meet. And he said, 'Larry, what's the problem'? I said, 'wasn't he a believer? Wasn't, did he backslide? What's the deal'? And he said, 'Larry, the church and the synagogue were synonymous for 325 years after the resurrection of Jesus. It wasn't the synagogue throwing the church out, it was the church throwing the synagogue out with Constantine and you know the whole story. And so they all walked across the street, and Sid, it was like a laser bolt hit my spirit. God spoke to me that moment and it changed my life. He said, I mean, while everybody walked away I'm standing there. And as clear as I'm talking to you, God spoke to my spirit. He said, 'I'm going to show you how to reread the Bible and you're going to see things in the Bible that the church hasn't seen for 1700 years'. And it changed my life.

Sid Roth: Okay. This is what happened. Larry had a curse broken in his life, which if that curse hadn't been broken, would you agree, Larry, that your whole life would be different? You wouldn't have your ministry?

Larry Huch: I wouldn't have my ministry. I wouldn't have my marriage. I wouldn't have my children. I wouldn't have my grandchildren. Even though I was a pastor I was this close to losing everything because there was still a curse that was blocking that blessing.

Sid Roth: Okay. So he understood curses. He then had a door open to understanding the original power of the first believers in the Messiah who were all Jews that met in a Jewish synagogue. And when he coupled that with understanding curses and then, Larry, there was one more ingredient. A mutual friend of ours who I knew many years, Dr. Derek Prince, just before he died, he had an ability to break curses, to command evil spirits out of people, just a wonderful life. He blessed Larry. So he has this presence of God to deal with evil and curses. He understands the Jewish roots and he walked through it himself. Now with that as a foundation, Larry, tell me about this voice you heard one night.

Larry Huch: I woke up in the middle of the night, and this is right at the same time that God opened the doors for me to go and have Derek Prince pray for me. And Sid, of all places he prayed for me in Jerusalem and he begins to prophesy, and he says, 'you will be the arrow shot from the bow in God's hands and God will shoot you to the nations and the continents of the world to destroy the enemies of God's people'. And so right at this time, God wakes me up in the middle of night and he's given me prophecies about different people, and I'm writing them down, and then when I'm finished I just began to pray. And God's voice came so loud to me, and he said, 'there are ten curses on the people that are blocking what my son has done for them and it's on them every day'. And I wrote it down, and I said there are ten curses. And then the voice was gone. And so a couple of hours later my wife woke up, and I said, 'look at this'. I said, 'God woke me up. I wrote it down and God said there are ten curses that are blocking the blessing'. She said, 'what are they'? I said, 'i don't know yet. He's going to tell me'. Listen to me, before God, that morning I'm driving into church, a Saturday morning. I'm going in to do a business meeting. God has just opened the door. Benny Hinn said to me, oral Roberts said to me, several people, 'you need to meet Derek Prince. His anointing is on you'. I haven't been paying attention. I said, 'yeah, that's nice. That's nice'. I reach into the side of my car. I grab a tape. I look at it. It's a tape by Derek Prince. I've never had a tape by Derek Prince. I don't know where this tape came from. I put it into the tape. The first words in the middle of this tape, the first words that come out is, 'there are ten curses. You must know there are ten curses that are blocking the blessing'. Now I realize God was saying something.

Sid Roth: I have to tell you. He didn't know where that tape was, where it came from, how did it get there. I believe an angel put it in there. And I'm going to tell you something else, when you understand his looking at the scriptures through Jewish eyes it's going to open up like gossip. Some of the things you talk about that the rabbis have revealed on gossip, I never want to gossip again. Be right back after this word. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here with Larry Huch. Wait until you find this out. Larry Huch has supernaturally been instructed by a voice that is God that there are ten areas. When you deal with these ten areas there's no resistance between you and what the scriptures say are supposed to happen in your life. For instance, everyone knows you're not supposed to gossip, but everyone does it. It feels good. It's fun. But wait until you hear what Larry has found out from his study of what the original believers in the Messiah understood that has been lost to this generation and many generations before.

Larry Huch: Yes. We're talking about the name of it in Hebrew is 'Lashon Hara'. And when I put that in the book, people go, I wonder what this is. This must be something very mystical out there. The best English translation is slander and gossip. When you look at what the rabbis teach, what Moses taught, what Abraham taught, what Jesus taught about the subject of what we do with our tongue, it teaches us that it will release poverty on us, it will release sickness on us, it will separate us from God. You know, one of the scriptures says when we're talking about gossip is David asked the question, 'who can abide in God's presence? Who can live in the presence of God that heals, that brings prosperity, that brings joy, that brings deliverance'? And then he answers one of those things, 'he who does not slander'. You know, as a pastor, if somebody walked into church and they sat in the front row, and they lit up a cigarette and popped a beer, oh man, the Christians would be in an upheaval. But those same people that wouldn't think about doing that, they would sit there and gossip, and backbite, and slander. And God's word teaches us, and you have to read it, what you said, with the eyes of the Jewish understanding.

Sid Roth: Does this, you know what I've often felt that these things, these ten areas that Larry discusses in his book, they stop us from hearing God's voice clearly. What do you think?

Larry Huch: Oh absolutely. We cannot hear. If we are speaking evil against someone else we cannot hear God's good. You know, in Judaism there are hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of volumes written on what our evil speech does. That's Lashon Hara. I'll give you an example, just one example. We had a gal in another church and I was praying for her. Everybody in their family, the women in their family died of obesity. As I was praying with her I looked at her, and God spoke to my spirit, and I said, 'is there a problem with gossiping amongst the women of your family'? She burst into tears. All of us, long story short, we prayed to break that curse of Lashon Hara, of gossip and slander. She's lost over 110 pounds.

Sid Roth: Okay, quickly, another area that you talk about, anti-semitism. Would you think racism and anti-semitism blocks the blessings of God? You better believe it. Explain anti-semitism.

Larry Huch: People divided against themselves shall not stand. America is more racially divided on Sunday morning than any other time of the week. I was watching a program, a secular program. It had nothing to do with church or God, or religion and they were interviewing this old white man who used to stand with Dr. Martin Luther king. And they asked him, here's all these years later, 'how is America doing'? And he said, 'you know, we're doing real good'. He said, 'we still got a long way to go'. He said, 'we're doing real well, except,' this is not a Christian show, 'except in the church'. He said, 'the church is still the most racially divided place'. Well why is it that the church can't break that curse of racism? Well the Bible says, 'a curse without a cause doesn't come'. There's a reason for it and the reason is, is the church is racist against itself because we have inherited the inequity of the curses of our spiritual forefathers, because we're racist against the Jewish people. The church, for the most part, and we're trying to break that, the church for the most part, we've replaced Israel. The Jews have their chance. Paul says, 'do not get caught up in pride. You do not support Israel. Israel supports you and until we repent for,' take for example Martin Luther. Martin Luther, the great church founder. Okay. Martin Luther was an anti-semitic. He was a racist and that generational curse from him, he said, 'we ought to lock all the Jews,' this great Christian leader, 'we ought to lock all the Jews'. It's in my book. It's documented. 'we ought to lock all the Jews up, put them in the synagogue and set it on fire'. This man who was one of the fathers of Christianity has passed that curse down to us and it's this generation's time to break that curse so we can receive the blessing.

Sid Roth: Give me one or two, very quickly, of people's that have had curses that you have broken the curse and the instant change in their life.

Larry Huch: Instant. And I'm glad you say that because it's not like a year later it's going to change, or ten years later. I'll give you a financial breakthrough that just happened in our church. I won't you tell the one I told, I won't tell everybody the one I told when we were off the air because it's too huge. They won't even believe it. But this couple, Hispanic couple in our church in Dallas, just started coming to our church and came to us. I do this thing called freedom weekend where I teach seven steps to breaking curses off your life. They came in. Now they're members of our church. They came in and said, 'we have been in litigation for 11 years on a settlement in court'. We prayed to break that curse. We dealt with some things. Break that curse. The next day, 11 years, the next day, Sid, after we broke that curse they got a call from their lawyer and said they're ready to settle. The first one is going to be $2-1/2 million.

Sid Roth: You're saying the next day?

Larry Huch: The next day, less than 24 hours. Listen to this. They said, 'what do you mean the first one'? This is 11 years, same lawyer. They said, no, there's two settlements coming'. And the second one is bigger than the first. So after 11 years they got a $2-1/2 million settlement in less than 24 hours, but found out, not only were they getting that, but God does exceedingly abundantly above anything. They're getting another that's even bigger than that one within less than 24 hours.

Sid Roth: Listen, he's not saying this is going to happen to you. But what he is saying is there are ten areas in your life when you know how to break the curse and when you do it, instantly there are changes, such as you've talked about anger. You've talked about money. Quickly, health.

Larry Huch: Health. There's a lady, one of the things I put in the book is, once again, Jewish understanding, the power of words that we speak, but also the power of words that are spoken over you. Can I give you two quick incidences?

Sid Roth: Please.

Larry Huch: One is another church somewhere else. This lady came to me with her husband standing there, and she said, 'for five years,' and these are the words she said, 'i have had a disease that only a prostitute would have'. And she said, 'i got it a week after we were married'. Her husband is standing right there. They both got married in the church, never had been with anybody else. They have their three or four-year-old daughter and said, 'my daughter has the same disease'. I was praying for her and all of a sudden the Spirit of God spoke to me, and I said, 'at your wedding a relative on your side put a curse on you. Who was it'? She looked at her husband. She burst into tears and she said, 'my grandmother'. Because they were married, she was marrying somebody that they didn't approve of. The grandmother said, 'you're nothing but a prostitute and your daughters will be prostitutes'. We prayed for them, broke the curse. I was doing another meeting in that church. That night she came with the doctor's report. Her and her husband, and her daughter went. The doctor, after five years, the doctor said, it's gone. You're completely clean. It's gone. Why? Because we broke the curse of words that were spoken. There are so many people watching right now.

Sid Roth: Right now I want you to break a few curses just in a matter of a couple minutes.

Larry Huch: Right. I want you to come in agreement with me because the Bible says if we agree it's going to be done. And I love what Sid said. It's going to be done instantly. Come in agreement. Father, in Jesus' name, Lord, I break that curse that is blocking the blessing on finances, on family, on children, on the joy, on everything that is already these people's property, their blessing, their joy, paid in full by the seven places that Jesus shed his blood. Father, I break that curse. I remove it from their lives in every area and I release the promise that has been stored up, releasing it into your life right now in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm reminded, as I've been talking to Larry about a promise in Genesis 12:3. God says, 'i God will bless those who bless the Jewish people. I God will curse those who curse them'. If you have ever said something negative about a Jewish person, if you tell God in Jesus' name you are sorry and you repent, and with his help you won't do it any more, and say, I want to bless the Jewish people in the nation of Israel, and the greatest blessing is to tell everyone everywhere the curse is broken in the name of Yeshua, the king of the Jews, who God sent to die in our place and become a curse for us so we don't have to bear the penalty of the curse. It's so good. Only God could do it. Genesis 12:3, look it up in the scriptures yourself.
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