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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Powerful NEW Revelation on the Courts of Heaven

Sid Roth - Powerful NEW Revelation on the Courts of Heaven

Sid Roth - Powerful NEW Revelation on the Courts of Heaven
Sid Roth - Powerful NEW Revelation on the Courts of Heaven

My guest has pioneered teaching on the Courts of Heaven, but lack of knowledge on this legal dimension has stopped breakthroughs in answered prayer for, unfortunately, most believers. Recently, his revelation on the courts has increased exponentially. When you understand this new revelation, you will be armed and dangerous to the Devil.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm here with Robert Henderson, and, Robert, you've been a guest before, but as a matter of review or for first-time viewers of what you teach, what do you mean by the Courts of Heaven, and how does it operate?

Robert Henderson: Well, the Courts of Heaven, the only way that I know to compare them is from a natural court in the Earth, that we go before a natural judge in given situations, and we make a case. And then there's a rendering of a verdict based on the case we presented. God has given us the right to approach Him as the Judge of All, as the Ancient of Days, and petition Him to move on our behalf.

Sid Roth: And how often will they win if they go to court?

Robert Henderson: Every time, every time we will win because what I have found the great joy in as I've discovered these new dimensions, I've discovered a really great joy in coming before the courts and reminding the courts of everything Jesus did for me because when He died on the cross, He created a covenant I have with God that's full of healing, that's full of prosperity, that breaks curses, that brings deliverance, and if I am having trouble getting into that, I go before the courts, and I remind the courts of all that Jesus did.

Sid Roth: You sound like a good attorney. But what are some of the areas dealt with in the courts?

Robert Henderson: Well, to my joy, I have found that you can deal with almost anything in the Courts of Heaven. If you need help in your marriage, you need your marriage saved, guess what? Do you know why people's marriages are being destroyed? Because the enemy is moving in them because he's claimed some kind of a legal right or if there's financial problems. Now, this is a big one. If you got trouble with children, your kids are off or your grandkids are off, listen, I know this firsthand. I went into the courts, and I watched God reclaim my kids, but then of course healing is a huge thing in the Courts of Heaven because, see, here's what you do. Jesus, when He died on the cross, He bore away our sicknesses, carried away our sorrows. That was His legal work. I present that as case in the courts, and I say, "God, this is what Jesus did for me. Therefore, Holy Spirit, bring that into my life".

Sid Roth: Give me an example. The lady with COVID.

Robert Henderson: This is, we got this report from the lady in the UK that was in the hospital with COVID in a coma. Now, we know that if people got to that state in the early days especially of COVID, a lot of times they didn't recover. They died, so she was in a very, very severe state, but here's what happened. When she was in that coma, she suddenly found herself in a place in the spirit world called the Court of Heaven that she didn't know anything about, and she watched as there was a case against her, and there was a case presented for her, and the court rendered a verdict that she would be healed and restored. She woke up! She got out of the hospital. She went back to her church.

Sid Roth: She was in a coma.

Robert Henderson: Yeah, she was in a coma, and she went back to her church and started telling them how the reason she was healed. She suddenly found herself in some placed called the Court of Heaven in the spirit world. And they looked at her and said, "Well, do you know Robert Henderson's teaching about the place called the Court of Heaven"? This is what her church friends said, and she said, "No, I don't know anything about it. I've never heard of it. I just know where I was in the spirit". And they said, "You need to read his stuff," so next thing we know, we're getting an e-mail where she's telling us, "This is what happened to me". This is what she said. "I read your stuff. It's exactly what you say".

Sid Roth: The smooth clarity that you have. See, many people took his teaching and had amazing results, but many people missed being able to have the amazing results because they didn't have the clarity that Robert has today, and there's too much to go into it, so own the book, but tell me some of the things about what you found out about people with great gifting as opposed to someone that is just average believer and the difference in the faith dimension versus the gift dimension, and even the thing that got to me is when I first heard your teaching I thought I had to have the same experience you had. I had to go, and I had to be in that court, and I was looking for all the court paraphernalia, and I couldn't see it. Talk to that, what God's shown you.

Robert Henderson: See, and that is so important because when I first got ahold of the teaching ,which has been 11 years ago now, I didn't just come up with this yesterday. It's been 11 years. When I first got ahold of the teaching, I was very, very strongly influenced by some very, very strong prophetic seers that had unbelievable abilities in the spirit realm, which are great people, and I, or bona fide ministries. But even I myself didn't have that level of gifting that I saw in them, so I found out, this is what I found out. You can actually step into the Courts of Heaven by faith. See, it always bothered me that even when I would tell people that I left the impression they had to have this special person to help them do this. They had to have this special person to see into the spirit realm. That always bothered me because I thought, "If this is a valid teaching"...

Sid Roth: It's for everyone.

Robert Henderson: "...if this is really real, it's for everybody". And God never made anything complicated, so I began to seek Him, and the Lord said, "Robert, it's all about faith". Look, you see what's in the Word. You see that there's a place called the Court of Heaven, and you by faith step into that realm and simply begin to operate with the knowledge you have because God said in Philippians chapter three, "If I need to know anything else, God will show it to me". See, I always tell people, "Don't worry about what you don't know. Don't worry about that. Just operate on what you do know and move in faith, and God will meet you every time". This is what, I used to be intimidated, quite honestly, by these people that had these high-level powerful giftings.

Sid Roth: Well, they don't intimidate me. They just provoke me to challenge it.

Robert Henderson: I was like, "Well, I can't do that. I can't do it on that level," and so what I found out, though, was that me operating simply out of the faith realm, taking God at His word and applying it and believing it, I can bona fide say this. I literally have gotten as much or more breakthrough than some of the others that even have much greater powerful giftings in the spirit realm because God honors faith. That's why anybody can do this.

Sid Roth: Briefly explain, and I have to tell you, it's all laid out so easily understood in this new edition of the book. And all of this revelation that he didn't have before, it's there now. Tell me about obstacles for breakthroughs such as iniquity or covenants. Explain that.

Robert Henderson: As I've operated in the Courts of Heaven now for the 11 years, what I've discovered is that you can break down anything in your, if you will, your history or your bloodline into two areas: iniquity, which is the sin of the forefathers, or covenants with the enemy. Now in my own personal life, the first thing that I ever dealt with in the Court of Heaven was that it was revealed that there had been a covenant made with a demon god, actually named Parax, that had claimed a legal right to possess me and my lineage.

Sid Roth: Hmm.

Robert Henderson: Because here's the deal about covenants. Covenants never end unless you end them because the enemy...

Sid Roth: Yeah, well, all right, it was revealed to you.

Robert Henderson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: What if it wasn't revealed? If something like that is blocking your prayers, can you come against that if you don't know exactly what it is?

Robert Henderson: Absolutely. I tell people all the time, "Here's what I do. When I don't know exactly what I'm dealing with, I claim Colossians 2:14, that 'Every handwriting of ordinance that was against me, Jesus took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross.'" See, I have just activated in the courts what Jesus legally did for me.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the woman freed from being the bride of Satan, very briefly.

Robert Henderson: I was in a meeting, and I just had people pray a prayer based on kind of what I just told you, every handwriting of ordinance, every accusation that was against me. I led them in a prayer, and I said, "Just pray this and just believe, and as we went before the courts, now we're asking for there to be a dissolving, a revoking, an annulling of any covenant that the enemy would claim". Well, what happened was there was a woman in the meeting that I didn't know, and she had been conceived and raised as the bride of Satan. Her parents were Satanists, and they had conceived her for the express purpose of belonging to Satan and dedicated to his purposes, and so what happened was she had been, she'd tried to get, she'd gotten saved, but the demons wouldn't leave her alone. They kept coming after her. She said they tormented her all the time. Even though she was born again, she couldn't get free from them, but then I led them in a prayer of stepping into the Courts of Heaven and asking that on the basis of what Jesus did any legal claim, any covenant that had been made, would now be annulled, and she came to me after the services, and she said, "I got to tell you, something happened". She e-mailed me a few months later, and she said, "I want you to know since that time, I have been totally free. There has been no more demonic harassment. I am free from the powers of darkness for the first time in my life".

Sid Roth: Would you pray that all of these covenants, known and unknown by the viewers, would be broken? And we'll repeat the prayer after you or however you want to pray it.

Robert Henderson: Yes, yes. So I want you to pray this after me, but first let me just say this, and then I want you to pray. "Lord, I bring all of us before your courts right now. I step into the Heavenly realm, the spiritual dimension of the Court of Heaven". Now I want you to say this. Say: "Lord, as I stand before Your courts, I would remind the courts, I am bought by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, I am owned by Him. Therefore, any legal claim against me that would say I belong to the Satanic realm I am asking that because of what the blood of Jesus is now saying that that covenant, that that claim against me and my family would now be annulled. Whether it is known or it is unknown, I ask, Lord let the legal claims of Satan now be revoked and let me go free and all that belongs to me. In Jesus' Name amen".

Sid Roth: Amen. Explain what are the Books of Heaven?

Robert Henderson: The Books of Heaven in Daniel Seven, verse 10, the Scripture says, "The court is seated, and the books are open". Well, that really intrigued me the first time I saw that because I know that over in Psalms 139:16, David claimed that all of his days yet unfashioned and all of his purpose, all of his will, all the will of God for him was written down in a book before, if you will, time began, and so what's in the Books of Heaven is the kingdom reason, the real reason we're alive on the planet and the purpose we're supposed to fulfill. Well, guess what? Satan doesn't want people fulfilling what's in the books because if each one of us gets what's in our book, then the massive purpose of God gets done across the Earth, and so he resists us from getting the fullness of what's in our books.

Sid Roth: And everything in the book is good.

Robert Henderson: Yes.

Sid Roth: Because God is a good God. Everything in that book, and the Devil's job is to rob you of your goodness.

Robert Henderson: That's right. Well, even in Revelation 10 where John is given a book to eat, it's sweet in his mouth. Why is it sweet in his mouth? Because it's good stuff in that book. Books, Heavenly books, are filled with good things, so the book about us, the books about each one of us individually, it's filled with the purpose and the destiny. I think that where, it's even spoken of in Scripture. "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard". It hasn't even entered into our hearts, the things that God has prepared for those of us that love Him. That's what's in our books, but see, the enemy wants to hinder us from getting that through legal means, and that's exactly what he did with Peter where that Peter literally came, or Jesus said to Peter, "Simon, Simon, I", He said, "Satan has desired to have you that he might sift you as wheat: But I prayed for you, that your faith would not fail," and see, that's Luke 22:31, and so what he was saying to Peter, "Satan wants you". That word "desired" there literally means, "He's demanded you be put on trial," because Satan knew if Peter got what was in his book, that life on the planet was going to change, and the Kingdom of God was going to be advanced, so Satan built a case against Peter to stop him from getting what was in his book.

Sid Roth: So are you saying that Satan is doing the same thing again to each one of us, and by going to the Courts of Heaven, you are saying we can get the good things in our book?

Robert Henderson: Absolutely. You come. This is what, once you start having an understanding, and even by faith you can say, "Lord, whatever's in my book I'm asking you for," but I believe God by the Holy Spirit, according to First Corinthians two, will unveil to us things that are in our books. And somebody says, "Well, am I going to see a book open and words written"? No, no. Here's what normally happens. You hear words from God, and those words are coming out of those books, and you begin to realize, "Wait, this is in my book. That's why I heard God say this about me". So I take that prophetic understanding that's coming out of the Books of Heaven, and I begin to petition Heaven, the courts.

Sid Roth: Hold that thought. A prophecy started Robert into a brand-new chapter of his life. He has been given access into the rooms of Heaven where mantles are stored of famous men and women of God from the past. Now, he imparts them to people as God directs. He says God has directed him to do this now. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Robert, tell me about the dreams and the prophetic words that actually triggered the faith to initiate this new gift you operate under.

Robert Henderson: Well, I had a prophetic friend that had a very powerful prophetic dream about me, and in the dream, he and I were invited to stand in the mantle room of Heaven where all sorts of mantles were stored that other people had carried in history but now nobody had them in the Earth, but they're still mantles that God wants his people to have because we need every anointing possible to get the job done that God has called us to do, and so we were standing in this room, and it was revealed in the dream that God had given me access to that room and the right to impart those mantles, and this was the interesting thing, from a Court of Heaven perspective into people's lives.

Sid Roth: Wow, that sounds so phenomenal, and you've started doing this. Give me one example.

Robert Henderson: Well, we've had a couple of meetings where we've gathered, and we've just called it Mantles Conferences, and people are coming, but what we've seen happen is that we've seen tremendous healings take place because that seems to be something that is associated with this but then mantles being imparted to people in ministry but also people that function in the business realm or in other realms of society because God has called different people to bring revival and reformation to different parts of our culture, and so we all need to be mantled for that. That's why anybody that's watching saying, "Well, I'm not in ministry," well, guess what? You're in something, and you need a mantle to be able to come on your life to empower you in that area.

Sid Roth: God has shown you what mantles to release right now for the viewers. Before he releases those mantles, I would be remiss if I didn't give you an opportunity to have your own experiential knowledge of the Messiah. Repeat this prayer after me out loud: "Dear God, I've made many mistakes for which I am so sorry. I believe your blood, the blood of Messiah Jesus washes away every mistake, and I'm clean, and now that I'm clean I ask you, Jesus to live inside of me, be my Savior and my Lord. Amen".

Robert Henderson: Amen.

Sid Roth: Robert, what did God show you to pray?

Robert Henderson: So, Father, even as we stand here before Your presence and in Your courts because the word was from Your courts that this would be done. I want you to say these words. Say, Lord, "I repent for any place I've not stewarded the Holy Spirit and His anointing in a proper way. Any case the enemy would have against me, that would be seeking to deny me the right to receive this fresh anointing of spirit and of power according to Psalms 92:10 that I'm anointed with fresh oil. I have the strength of a wild ox. I ask for that which the enemy would claim would now be dismissed because of what the blood is saying for me on the basis of my repentance". Now lift your hands and receive. Father, I pray right now as you gave me the Spirit or the mantles of Spirit and of power, I thank You. Those mantles now come upon Your people right where they are. I decree these mantles now coming out of Heaven and empowering Your people in the function You have called them to, and I decree, receive the mantles now of spirit and power. In Jesus' Name. Thank You, Lord.
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