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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Satan HATES When You Discover This...

Sid Roth - Satan HATES When You Discover This...

Sid Roth - Satan HATES When You Discover This...
Sid Roth - Satan HATES When You Discover This...

My guest says you may not wear a cape like Superman, but if you are born from above, you are no longer a mere mortal and more superhuman than you think.

Sid Roth: Kerrick Butler was born again at age 3. Immersed in the Holy Spirit at age 6, he saw miracles and healings and deliverances even as a young child and experienced the presence and power of God at age 7. What a head start! I didn't even know who Jesus was until I was 30. Kerrick, tell me about that experience at age 7.

Kerrick Butler: I remember it was a Sunday evening, and it wasn't our normal Sunday service, a special night, and our outreach minister was ministering, and I had known him for years as a sweet man who would flow in the presence of God and the power of God, and he was walking the aisles that Sunday night, and he was finishing up, and he and his wife and those who were with him were walking the aisles, and he stopped, and he laid his hands on me and prayed for me. I don't remember what he said, but I sensed the presence of God.

Sid Roth: Like what's going on right now.

Kerrick Butler: I sensed Him. I could sense Him, and I didn't know really how to respond. I was 7, and so I kind of just sat back down. And I remember the next night, my parents asked me, "Well, what did you experience"? And I was kind of struggling trying to put in the right words what I experienced, but that night our table conversation was on how to reverence the Holy Ghost and reverence in the Spirit of God, and that was the conversation I had at age 7. It's helped direct my life since then.

Sid Roth: And I don't want that to slip by you. This is so important, how to reverence the Spirit of the Living God. You do not take God the Spirit for granted.

Kerrick Butler: Yeah.

Sid Roth: You start seeing the glory cloud as a child and angels.

Kerrick Butler: Yeah, so throughout my teenage years, there would be times where I'd see angels, be quick little glimpses, but what kept coming to me more and more and more was the glory cloud in my room, and I would be getting ready in the morning. It's my time of prayer time where I watch different Christian programs, and while I was getting ready, I remember one time, I walked back in my room, and I saw the glory cloud, like waves of the sea, a few inches off the ground just rolling, and I remember I went and told them, "Mom, hey, the cloud was in my room," and so she kept that in her heart and her mind. And not too many weeks later, my godmother came in town, and back then, if people were coming to town, they stayed in my room, and so my godmother stayed in my room. I was sleeping down the hall, and she had plans. She was going to wake up early that Saturday morning, get a lot of things done, but she slept in for hours, and she woke up the next morning, went and told my mom, said, "I don't know what it is about Kerrick's room, but there's peace in there," and my mom remembered, "Kerrick said the glory cloud was in there".

Sid Roth: Boy, there's peace here right now. Kerrick wrote in his book, "The human soul longs to reach beyond human limitations and experience a superhuman life". What do you mean by that?

Kerrick Butler: That it's time for the Body of Christ to be supernatural and not just think it's the prophet or the evangelists or a ministry gift, that God wants every single believer to be supernatural. He wants every single believer to step into who they are as new creations in Christ Jesus, that it's not just supposed to be for a few special people. It's supposed to be for all of us. Every single person has been called by God to be superhuman. The worst thing someone can do after they're born again is to consider themselves just human. We're no longer mere mortals. We've been born from above as the scripture says. We've been born again by the incorruptible seed of the Word of God.

Sid Roth: Your siblings used to read comic books. What intrigued you about these comic books?

Kerrick Butler: The heroes, what they could do, their superpowers or how they use their intelligence to change people's lives and to save lives, and we collected literally thousands of comic books. We had the action figures. We watched the TV shows. Actually, one of our favorite family activities was 11:30 a.m. every Saturday morning, my family and I would get together. We'd all watch this cartoon about a team of superheroes together. It was something that we did and we grew up doing. And watching these TV shows and reading these comics, the Lord began to use those as examples to teach me about how He wanted us to be supernatural.

Sid Roth: You use the analogy going back to cartoons.

Kerrick Butler: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Clark Kent.

Kerrick Butler: Yes.

Sid Roth: Superman, explain that.

Kerrick Butler: That it's time for not just living a Clark Kent. Too many of the Body of Christ have been hiding out Clark Kent. They put their glasses on and pretending like they're not Superman, but it's time to step into the phone booth. It's time to put on the cape. It's time to go out there and make a difference. We are God's supernatural solution to all the problems in this world.

Sid Roth: Would you explain new creation reality?

Kerrick Butler: Yes, sir. Superheroes start as mere mortals, but then there's an incident that catapults them and transforms them into a superhero. One superhero to think about is the Flash, how he was just a normal person working in a lab, but then there was a lightning bolt and a chemical explosion that transformed him. Something similar happened to the Hulk. He was exposed to radiation. It transformed him from a doctor to this superhuman with superstrength. And every believer has had an incident that's transformed them. It's called being born again. As Peter says, we are born again from the incorruptible seed of the Word of God. As it says in John's Gospel, we've been born from above. When you're born again, it changes your origin story. People say, "Well, I don't like my past". Well, you've got a new past when you're born again. You're born again into the family of God. That is the incident that changed a person forever, so they're no longer a mere mortal. They are a new creation, and that is their reality, not something that's going to happen. It is who they are. You are a new creation in Christ Jesus, what the scripture tells us. You are something that's never been seen before. All things are passed away. All things are become new, so the first thing I want you to realize, you are not becoming a new creature. You are a new creature, and part of being a new creation, the new creation reality says, you are redeemed. Too many people in the Body of Christ put up with things that they're redeemed from. You are redeemed from the curse of the law. You are redeemed from sickness. You are redeemed from poverty. You are redeemed from the worst of hell. The ransom has been paid. The blood of Jesus has been shed. You are redeemed from the curse of the law, and you have divine access. Nothing stands between you and God. At any time, you can go before the throne of God and make your requests known and receive from Him. You have access, and you have the advantage. There may be people in your life who have more favor than you, have a more favorable position or have more privilege, but the scripture says the new creation has the advantage, so it doesn't matter what situation you're in right now, what you're facing right now, what's going on in life. You have the advantage. Wherever you are right now, say it with me. Say, "I have the advantage".

Sid Roth: I have the advantage.

Kerrick Butler: Now I want you to say it like you believe it. Say, "I have the advantage".

Sid Roth: I have the advantage.

Kerrick Butler: Doesn't matter what you're facing. You have the advantage in this life, and you are an overcomer through Jesus who loves you. Any giant, any villain, any principality, any sickness, any disease, any mental challenge, any financial challenge, you are an overcomer. You have been given the victory through Jesus Christ, and the scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit helps our limitations. He helps our weakness. He takes us beyond our limitations. Your limits have been removed. It's time to stop putting limits on yourself and go forward with the Spirit of God. You have a purpose. You are not an accident. You have a divine assignment. You are called. You are anointed. You are equipped. You are grace. God has a plan for your life. You are not forgotten about. It's time to walk into your future and do what God has called you to do.

Sid Roth: Now if they don't do it now, they'll never do it. I'll tell you what, you may be thinking, "Wait a second, that's reserved for people on television. I don't have any superpowers. Does this disqualify me from being a superhero"? Of course not. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Not all superheroes have superpowers. Some, Kerrick, have something else.

Kerrick Butler: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Explain.

Kerrick Butler: They have a different mentality. One of my favorite superheroes is Batman, and we look at the comics. He doesn't have superstrength or superspeed or a superpower. The reason why he's a great superhero is the way he thinks, and the thing is, the Bible says we have the mind of Christ, and so when we come against situations, we have access divine wisdom, creative ideas, solutions, innovations. The scripture says the entrance of His Word, unfolding of His Word gives light, and so that makes us innovative. That means no matter what comes against us, we can have an answer. We have an answer to the problems of the day. We just have to think different and allow the Holy Spirit to influence our thinking.

Sid Roth: Give us a preview of your audio teaching we're making available, walking into your future.

Kerrick Butler: Walking into your future as a superhuman- too many believers hold onto the past. I like to compare it to the story of the prophet Elijah. When God told him to go to the brook, and he'll be sustained there, and he was there until the brook dried up, and then God told him to go to Zarephath, but you know what a lot of believers do? They like to stay at the brook. Most of us, the brook dried up. We have been speaking to the brook, confessing over the brook, dancing around the brook, doing a few backflips trying to get the brook to produce again, but God didn't want us to stay at the brook. He wants us to move on to Zarephath, and one of the things we're encouraging in this teaching is that people- move into your future! Let go of the past. Walk into your future as a superhuman. It's time to hope again. It's time to dream again. It's time to use our imagination. It's time to see ourselves as God sees us and walk into our future as a superhuman. Let go of the past. Let go. It might have been good. It might have been bad. But God has a great future for us, and that's one of the hearts of the message that I'm sharing in the CD series, that it's time to hope again just like Caleb when he was in his 80s. He began to dream again. He says, "Give me that mountain," and so instead of saying, "I'm retiring," no. He wanted the hardest place infested with giants, said, "Give me this mountain". And, whoever is watching right now, and you think, "Well, I can't do this. I'm too old," you are not too old. The Spirit of God will renew your youth right now if you dare to dream again. If you dare to believe again, if you dare to hope again, and you make that step of faith, you'll find Holy Ghost energy that will renew your youth, and you'll have a testimony like Caleb and one like Moses.

Sid Roth: You talk about seven secrets that transform us.

Kerrick Butler: Yes.

Sid Roth: And each one is a book, if you will, but let's talk about one or two. God hunger.

Kerrick Butler: As the scripture says, "For those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, they shall be filled". Now depending on how hungry or thirsty you are, you make plans throughout your day when you're going to eat, when you're going to drink. You're going to satisfy that hunger or that thirst. Hunger and thirst motivates our priorities, and so if we really want the presence of God in our life, we really want the Holy Spirit to flow and have His way, then we're going to make time to be in the Word. We're going to make time to pray. We're going to make time to pray in the Spirit. We're going to make time to yield to God. And hunger is important, and I've been always been hungry for the things of the Spirit where they've been encounters along my life that show me what I've experienced, there's more. There's more that God has for us.

Sid Roth: When you went to Argentina-

Kerrick Butler: Yes, I had the opportunity as a student at Oral Roberts University to go on a business mission trip, and we held the seminar at Rey de Reyes. An Argentina pastor by Claudio Freidzon, and so up until that point, it was the strongest manifestation in the glory I've ever been in, but what marked me wasn't just the miracles and the power that would fall, but it was as Pastor Freidzon would begin to pray, would lead the different services, the people would cry out, "Mas, mas," or, "More, more," and I looked around. I said, "I'm standing on one of the greatest manifestations of God's power that I've ever experienced, yet the people are still hungry," and it marked me that what we've seen before, there's an art to staying hungry. There's an art to experiencing what God has for you but still going for the more because we can't tap out the unlimited God, He's the almighty God. He has more for us, but so many of us say, "Well, I've experienced enough. I saw that revival. I saw that move, that I'm done". No, God has more for each and every person. SR:You went to South Africa. Tell me a story about the power that makes the difference.

Kerrick Butler: So I have the opportunity every August to go to South Africa and Zimbabwe, and one of the years that I went down there to minister, when I go to minister, it's for a full weekend, and when every session, every time I preach, it's an hour to 2 hours, and so I start Friday night. Then I do Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and those are hours at a time. But Sunday morning because it's my last session, that session can sometimes go 5 hours. At that session, we're praying for everybody. Anybody who wants a prayer, we're praying for you. We start off praying for the kids. We pray for the pastors and the ministers, and we just lay hands on everybody, and when we're laying hands on hundreds of people, that can take a lot of time, and so unless the Holy Ghost tells me differently, my prayers are pretty quick. And one time, they brought this young girl up to me, and they said, "Pastor, she has worms," and so I put my hands on her. I said, "Burn it out, Jesus," and after I did that, I just kept moving and praying for people. Afterwards, the pastor over the meeting said, "I want to tell you about what happened. That young lady that they brought up who had worms, afterward she went to the restroom, and the worms had completely disappeared," but what it was about that story that just stuck out to me even more was the background. They said she's not Zimbabwe. She's from South Africa, and she had been going to doctor after doctor after doctor, and they could not find the source of the worms. And so one doctor said, "It's cultural," and the pastor let me know that it was the key words. She believed that they really believed a witch doctor had cursed the family, and that's why it was manifesting in her body. And so her grandmother heard about the meetings in Zimbabwe. She went down to South Africa, got her granddaughter, took her to the meetings in faith believing that her daughter would be healed, and when we say, "Burn it out, Jesus," that firepower that's available to every single believer went into her body and burned out what Satan wrought, burned out what the doctors couldn't figure out and caused her to be healed in the moment.

Sid Roth: Speaking of firepower, tell me about the fire in Zimbabwe.

Kerrick Butler: That was the fire. That went, it would just flow. And when I usually sense the presence of God, to me it feels like fire sometimes in my hands, sometimes on my face, and I imagine a comic book character called the Human Torch, and in the comics, he's covered in fire, and I believe that's a picture of who the believer is supposed to be because the scripture says we're baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire. We've been submerged, not just submerged in water, but we've been submerged in fire, and that fire was released into that young girl in Zimbabwe.

Sid Roth: Kerrick, there are different presences of God on these shows. I've been doing them a long time. There is a presence of the firepower of God. I really feel that. And you don't have to lay hands on someone. You could just impart this, and before you impart that, I want to pray and make sure everyone is equipped to be God's superhero right here on Earth, and step one is to believe that Jesus died for your sins. You are clean. He rose from the dead. He's seated at the right hand of God, the Father, and you're going to invite Him to live inside of you and have your own experience with Him. Repeat this prayer after me out loud" Dear God I'm a sinner against you and you alone have I sinned. And I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washed away my sins. And today is the first day of the rest of my life. To be a superhero I ask You, Jesus to come and live inside of me and be my savior. And I make you my Lord. Amen". Kerrick, I believe that the Spirit of power is a strong Spirit. I don't know what God is going to have you pray for people, but you pray as the Spirit directs.

Kerrick Butler: People are being healed right now. There's someone even having issues in your hip. It goes to your hip down to your leg, and you've been having struggles with that. You're being healed right now, so wherever you are, begin to move. Begin to move that hip. Begin to move that leg. You ought to see a difference in your body. Also, there's someone. You've been having neck issues. There's someone watching on TV and watching online but also someone in this room. You've been having stiffness in your neck, but if you just begin to move your neck, you'll see that He's already healed you. The healing power is flowing through your body right now, and I release that anointing that heals from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. I command every sickness, every disease, every pain, every infirmity, every spirit infirmity, every virus, every variant to bow to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be healed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet and be restored to health and be made immune. Someone is receiving strengthening in your body, and the issue that caused the weakness was some type of stroke, and you've been having weakness on the side of your body, but that strength of the Holy Ghost is administrating to your body right now, renewing your youth and calls on you to be strong and be made whole. Knees be healed right now. Backs be healed, be corrected right now. In the mighty Name of Jesus, that same anointing, that same glory, that same fire that is in this room we release through every single camera, every single device, every single screen. May it flow into your homes, your workplaces, to your vehicles, to wherever you are. May you experience this anointing that removes every burden, destroys every yolk, that burns out what Satan has wrought, and may you be refreshed and energized to move into your future, to walk into your future, to experience the life that God has for you. We come against for that person. You've been having nightmares. You can't sleep at night. You've been tormented. I bind that harassing spirit. You leave that person alone. Sweet sleep is your portion. Tonight you'll sleep better than you have in years in Jesus Mighty Name, hallelujah.

Sid Roth: And I command...

Kerrick Butler: Yes.

Sid Roth: ...the spirit behind coronavirus...

Kerrick Butler: Yes.

Sid Roth: ...and AIDS to be bound in the Name of Jesus and leave you now!

Kerrick Butler: Yes.

Sid Roth: I thank You, Father God. There are people with backs that have pain and disks that need to be created. Pain, leave. Backs, restore. Backs, restore. Amen. So be it!
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