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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Dear Christian, Satan is Censoring Your Identity

Sid Roth - Dear Christian, Satan is Censoring Your Identity

Sid Roth - Dear Christian, Satan is Censoring Your Identity
Sid Roth - Dear Christian, Satan is Censoring Your Identity
TOPICS: Censorship, Identity

My guest teaches you how to revision yourself. It's time to become the you that God created when He decided He needed you on His planet.

Sid Roth: Dale Mast had an experiential encounter with God at age 12 and had an open vision of the destiny God had on his life, but amazingly, by college, he became indifferent toward the things of God and bored with church until he heard a voice. What happened at 12?

Dale Mast: Well, at 12, I went forward in the church, a Mennonite church, to give my heart to Jesus, and the most unusual thing happened is, I took three steps toward the altar. All of a sudden, I felt the reign of Heaven. Now, that was not taught in the church I attended...

Sid Roth: You felt the reign?

Dale Mast: The anointing falling on me...

Sid Roth: The presence?

Dale Mast: Yes. Then, I saw all these Asian people in front of me, and somehow I knew they were Chinese, and I was 12, and they were 9 and 10, and I was preaching to them, and I did not realize God was not only showing... He was trying to reveal to me my identity.

Sid Roth: And then, you got cold to the things of God, and then you heard a voice. What did this voice say?

Dale Mast: Well, it said, I was thinking, "I don't want to be a hellraiser, but I don't want to be bored in church. I'll just be a good person. I don't know if I really believe in God". And as soon as I said that, as soon, I heard a voice say, "You're going to hell". I about fell out of my chair.

Sid Roth: You should have.

Dale Mast: And I said, "If I'm afraid that there's a hell, I should maybe give God one more chance". I didn't realize He was giving me another chance.

Sid Roth: That's very gracious of you.

Dale Mast: Isn't His grace amazing?

Sid Roth: Look, He really meant what He was saying. He then goes to that boring church chapel service,

Dale Mast: And I went, and that day, it was not the chapel service. It was the beginning of a 3-day revival that fell on five college campuses, the Spirit of God. We literally canceled meetings for 3 days at the college, and I was spirit-filled. I said, "I want that," and it was like I was baptized in His life. And we went into town, started witnessing to people and life and Christianity got exciting. And I said, "Sign me, Father God," and He did.

Sid Roth: So there was a major difference when you were filled with the Holy Spirit. What happened after you were filled with the Holy Spirit?

Dale Mast: Well, I saw an avalanche of supernatural things. I started seeing things, and I would note things, but there was nobody there to tell me that I could be a prophet. I just thought these were things of the Spirit, and that was a great beginning, but God wanted to establish my identity as a prophet, so He could work through me on a continual basis.

Sid Roth: Now, Dale is known for his amazing prophetic gifting, very, very specific words to leaders about their destiny, advice to presidents of million-dollar corporations, counsel to those that have advised the President of the United States. You have so many wonderful stories to talk about. Tell me one of your favorites.

Dale Mast: Well, one of my favorites, Sid, was I was on an airplane that actually had to land in an airport because in Atlanta, there was a plane sideways in a storm. So I went forward. My wife was sitting between a Buddhist, the highest level Buddhist in America, fourth level, and on the other side was an atheist. We had been divided because the storm put flights together. And so...

Sid Roth: Those are two very interesting bookends.

Dale Mast: Yes.

Sid Roth: An atheist and a top level Buddhist.

Dale Mast: And so my wife had been ministering and talking to the Buddhist who was asking questions, and the atheist was interrupting, putting down the things of God. I walked up to greet them, and I looked at the man and told me his name. I said, "When you look at you, I see you running 2 miles like a runner". He opens up his coat. It says 5K. He was still running, and I said, "You tell me something about me," because he told me he was a Buddhist. And he said, "I can't". I said, "I know. Your God is dead". I thought he should know that.

Sid Roth: My goodness, you don't mince words, do you?

Dale Mast: The atheist turned to me and said, "Well, tell me something about me". I thought, "If he's bold enough to ask, I'm bold enough to go for it". So I looked, and I said, "God, give me something now". This is a key that any believer can access. If you ask God to give you something, He's a good Father. If you ask for bread, He will give you bread. Is that good? So God gave me some living bread. I saw his backbone out of line. It's important to share what you see. I said, "I see your backbone out of line. Is there something out of line in your family"? He said, "No, I actually have a back problem". I said, "Can I pray for you"? The atheist bowed his head as I laid my hand on his back to a God he didn't believe in, and as soon as he lifted up his head, his hand went like this. He started going, and his mouth dropped open. He started rubbing his back bone. Before I could say another word, it went ding. "Everybody to your seats. The airplane is taking off".

Sid Roth: I'm wondering what went on in the mind of this top-level Buddhist, watching all of this going on.

Dale Mast: We're not at the mercy of people's opinion when we have an experience with God.

Sid Roth: You wrote a book, and I loved the name of the title. "And David Perceived He Was King". What was God's purpose for you writing this book? And you told me you didn't really write it. It was almost dictated to you.

Dale Mast: Yes. I started to write on the prophetic to be on your show actually, and what happened, God is a little bit Jehovah sneaky, and I started writing,

Sid Roth: I've never heard that name.

Dale Mast: Yes, he's also Jehovah surprise.

Sid Roth: Jehovah sneaky and surprise, I got to add that to my list.

Dale Mast: Yes. But anyway, what would happen is, I would start to write. I only knew about 50 percent of the book. The anointing would come down on me, and I could actually write under that anointing sometimes up to 4 hours, sometimes as short as 15 minutes. When I would lift, I would stop writing. The amazing part was in the morning, I would look at the words, and I would have to change the words to articulate what He showed me in the spirit realm.

Sid Roth: I read a great deal of this book. It's not just knowledge. It's really revelation.

Dale Mast: And, Sid, if we don't have revelation of God, we will not have a revelation of who He made us. I do not find my identity looking in a mirror. I find my identity looking in the face of my Father. And some of you that feel lost right now, if you will look in the face of Father God, you're going to realize when He created you, He put part of His genius in you. And when you move in that identity, you draw the anointing, you draw the God happenings, and literally you bring glory to His Name.

Sid Roth: And he makes a statement. I think this kind of capsulizes what we're talking about. He says, "Until we change what's inside of us, nothing will change around us". What do you mean... at the beginning of the program, I talked about revision our life. What are you talking about?

Dale Mast: Well, David is out keeping the sheep. He's a shepherd.

Sid Roth: Mm-hmm.

Dale Mast: While he's out there, he's anointed to be the next King of Israel. I do not believe he really was good with the harp or the lion and bear until he was anointed. The anointing gave him victories over the lion and bear, but he practiced the harp. Then, he became a musician who drove the demons off of King Saul. Then, he became a warrior because, and this is key. When he ran toward Goliath as shepherd, he walked away a warrior. If you do not allow victories to change your identity, you've missed the genius of Heaven.

Sid Roth: What you say is many of us don't even know this. God has given a genius ability in one specific area, and it's for us to find this and walk into it.

Dale Mast: I had a young man stop me after I prophesied at a meeting. I actually was a little bit bored with my prophetic meetings, and I asked God to give me unusual words. And I said, "I'm asking You, God, to give me word of what people have in their purse, bills". And so that night, I was actually, God was showing me what people were getting coming to the meeting. I actually got the amount of a bill that somebody had. The young man came to me, and he said, "Dale, that prophecy thing, you're really good at it". And I looked at him, and I said, "I know. That's what God made me for. I only have one question. What did you make you for? Because whatever it is, you're really good at it".

Sid Roth: God spoke to you one day and said, "Dale, if you could see yourself the way I see you, what would happen"?

Dale Mast: Yup. He said, "We can go places, if you'd agree with me about the way"...

Sid Roth: God says to him we can go places.

Dale Mast: Yeah. And so literally, I started asking God, "Show me every lie I believe about myself that's holding me back from believing for the great things You've created me for". And in my series that's going to be available, I had to realize I had painful events that actually deformed my identity. And that I had to break through those things, so that I could actually bring forth victory for other people. David knew that God had established him as king for the sake of Israel. David knew his destiny was to bring Israel back to worship.

Sid Roth: Every page of your book unlocks things, so it can't be just good teaching. It has to be revelation from Heaven.

Dale Mast: Yes and think of the prophetic anointing Samuel put on David's life. And so now instead of thinking himself as a shepherd, he's thinking I'm going to be the next king. But this is interesting. David had enough faith to kill Goliath, but after that victory, he went and stood in front of King Saul. King Saul said, "I'm going to give you my daughter's hand in marriage" You know what he said? Who am I, and who is my family? He had an identity vacuum crisis. Everyone knows, if you marry a king's daughter, it's a natural step to being the next king.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Dale Mast: And David had the faith to kill Goliath, but he did not have enough identity to marry the king's daughter. He did not have enough identity to marry his future. Sid, we're about to enter into a 1 billion soul revival. The church has enough faith to bring it. We don't have enough identity to keep it.

Sid Roth: Now, again, briefly describe what the word identity means when you say it.

Dale Mast: Okay,. If I'm on a Major League Baseball team, if I tell you I'm on a team, the first question you ask is, what position do I play? I'm talking about purpose identity. I'm talking about, what is your part on the team? Being a son and a daughter means you're a Major League Baseball team. I operate out of that identity, but what is my part? So I had somebody call me up who is a singer, Danny Gokey. He was on "American Idol," and he said, "Dale, can I just call you up and ask for a word"? I said, "Yes, that's what God created me to be. You're created to sing". I was in a service where they said, "Well, you sing". He just stood up. They didn't know any song that they both knew except "Jesus Loves Me". By the time he was done singing, "Jesus Loves Me," everybody was crying because of the anointing. If I sang "Jesus Loves Me," everyone would have been crying of the annoying.

Sid Roth: Annoying.

Dale Mast: So see, he was made to sing. I was made to prophesize and what it does, then, I come into convergence with the identity and my purpose and I bring a great God, great glory because He wants to do great through you because He's a great God. Get ready for some unusual events.

Sid Roth: Don't give up. I say it again. Don't give up. Your best days are ahead of you. Dale is going to pray for you to have God's revelation of how he sees you. So you can revision your life. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Dale. You say identity is supernatural. What do you mean?

Dale Mast: Well, David was overlooked by his father. That's the natural yet chosen by God. That's a supernatural, but David didn't know it until there was a supernatural event where Samuel poured oil over his head and changed the way he thought about his future.

Sid Roth: And this has to do with identity shifts.

Dale Mast: And identity purpose. And it's very important that we understand that there are many identity shifts in each person's life. I started off as a worship, actually youth leader, a worship leader. Then, I was an elder. Then, I was actually a pastor and Bishop Bill Hamon looked at me and said, "You think you're a pastor that prophesizes, but God says you're a prophet who pastors". And God just turned my, he took off my baseball cap of pastor. He put on a prophet mantle, and I started acting as a prophet who happened to pastor, and that's where I had my greatest fruit.

Sid Roth: Now, look, you had the gift of prophets. You knew you were a prophet, and so you never had any doubt about your destiny.

Dale Mast: No, I was prophesying for years, and I really did not have the identity of a prophet. I saw it as a gift, and then I saw myself as a prophet, and I would say this. I'm a prophet, but not to the nations. And one time, I heard God's voice, and He said, "Will you stop saying that"? Two years later, I was in Burma. There was a pastor there. I took a ring off my finger, and I put it on his. And I said, "I call you as a Joseph to your nation". He told me the testament, and he laughed, but after I left, a tsunami went through Burma and Myanmar and actually wiped out the nation. It was very destructive, and in it, he remembered the word. Not one of his 8,000 members died. He said, "I ought to do something for the community". This was before social media, and it got out somehow what he was doing, and over the next 6 months, millions of dollars came to him to get food, and they actually opened up Buddhist temples for him to feed the people. The Buddhists come to them and said, "If it wouldn't have been the Christians, we wouldn't have helped you. Why are you helping us"? He said, "I never thought I would be Joseph, but what you prophesied come to pass". And see, when you prophesied somebody a word, it opens up the opportunity. People, you have to step through what God wants you to do. You have to obey and walk in that word, and when the moment came, he did. And I find this. God does not choose the most anointed. He chooses and anoints the most available.

Sid Roth: I want you to look into the camera, Dale, and ask our audience this life-changing question. What were you made for?

Dale Mast: Amen. When God created you, in His genius, He was having a very good day. He chose the time and the place you would be born, and He put greatness inside of you, but that greatness is released when you come into His presence because without Him, the greatness that's buried inside of you will never come forward. I never though that I'd write a book that would be translated in many languages and go around the world, but God always knew it. I couldn't believe that I would do it, but He knew it, and I stepped into it. There's thing you don't believe about your future, but Father God is already ahead of you. He'd like you to join Him past your limitations that the enemy has created in your mind. You were born for greatness. He created you to win. He never planned on losing through you. He don't even know how to lose. He is planning on winning through your life. Get ready for His greatness to come through. In Jesus Name.

Sid Roth: Step one. Step one. Make sure your sins are forgiven. Make sure the Messiah visceral lives inside of you. Make sure that you have an account with the living God. Say this prayer out loud with me and mean it to the best of your ability. Repeat after me: "Dear God. I've made many mistakes for which, I'm so sorry. I believe your blood washes me clean. And today is the first day of the rest of my life. And now that I'm clean, Jesus, come and live inside of me. I make you my Savior and Lord. Amen". Dale, you wanted to release word over me, but then you said it would springboard to everyone viewing this. Would you do that right now?

Dale Mast: Yes. And, Sid, I just want to say this. If they said that prayer with you, you've opened up the greatness of your future, and what you've been saved for is greater than what you've been saved from, but you still need to be saved from it. This is very, very important. An evangelist wars for you to know Jesus. A prophet wars for what you've been made to do on this Earth. And as I do this, and, Sid, I want to share to you...

Sid Roth: I had someone do that once with oil on my head, and I felt I had a shower in the oil.

Dale Mast: Amen.

Sid Roth: You're not going to do that to me, are you?

Dale Mast: No, no, no. This is a prophetic symbol of the anointing that releases the call and authority to do what God created you to do. And as I get ready to pour this over your head, this is the word I hear the Lord saying. For He's called you like David to bring Israel back to worship, the worship of God. And to bring them back into the tent of David, that is being established in the Book of Acts. And as I saw you today, I saw the fire of God literally behind your head. And I said, "Lord, why"? And the Lord said, "I'm giving him genius ideas how to reach people that nobody else has reached". And I anoint you, Sid, as a Father to Israel, that the anointing and the favor of God is with you, and you shall father Israel out of a prophetic mantle, and the anointing of oil shall flow through you. And I saw unusual signs and wonders in your hands, and God said, "Get ready to be amazed for in this season," says the Lord, "You will see more people's lives change than all of your ministry before. This is going to be an avalanche that you have been praying for". God say, "I hear the cry of your heart, and I'm going to fill it with what I have promised you". I want everyone that's watching under the sound of my voice to receive this. I'm pouring this oil out as a prophet, and I declare over you that what the Father created you for is now being released. The genius He put inside of you is now flowing and even as this oil is pouring out literally, the fire of God is coming on your heart. He is going to restore your identity, your purpose identity. You're going to find a new anointing and joy in life. You're about to have an adventure in God. I release His presence to carry you past the enemy's plans and like David, you will take down Goliath, and you will make His name great, and people will worship God because you allowed His greatness to flow through you.
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