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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - What I Saw on This Angel's Sword Will Astonish You

Sid Roth - What I Saw on This Angel's Sword Will Astonish You

Sid Roth - What I Saw on This Angel's Sword Will Astonish You
Sid Roth - What I Saw on This Angel's Sword Will Astonish You
TOPICS: Angels

My guest says, you must abandon old mindsets and structures that have held you back. Look for the new. The glory will change everything in your life for good. I mean everything.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rick Curry, and I have to tell you something. At 16, he had a sovereign call from God to tell people the good news, but at 32, he found himself at a Nazarene Bible College and he wanted the baptism of the holy spirit. And the two usually don't go together, Rick. What happened?

Rick Curry: That's absolutely right. My wife was teaching voice lessons in a music school in Nashville, Tennessee. And Jennifer and I actually graduated from that Nazarene University, but we were back years later as she was teaching music in this school. And the leader of that school, when I first came on the campus, he felt like he had a word from the Lord for me. And Sid, for me, that was an unusual thing for me to hear, that somebody might have a word, but it was during that music school in a little bitty closet in one of the old buildings that I received the powerful baptism of the holy ghost, and it was absolutely life changing.

Sid Roth: When you received it, some people do it by faith, then they speak in a supernatural language and some people have almost an explosion. What about you?

Rick Curry: Well, I had an explosion on the floor, right, and I did speak with a supernatural language. And let me say, with the culture and the church background that I grew up in, it was more than controversial for me to receive this powerful baptism.

Sid Roth: What are some of the things that God started doing after that?

Rick Curry: We've seen explosion of miracles and signs and wonders and visions and dreams and all of that glorious work of the holy spirit; this flowing in and out of our lives.

Sid Roth: Now, one of the experiences you had was an amazing one in Argentina.

Rick Curry: And again, what happened was my wife told me before I went to Argentina, she handed me...

Sid Roth: It sounds like you listen to your wife.

Rick Curry: Well, you know what? I've been married 40 years. Right, Sid? So there's some things we learn. And she handed me a brand new journal and she said, I've never journaled before in my life. And she said, the spirit of God says, this is going to be a life changing trip. And she said, you need to journal this trip when I went to Argentina. And she said, watch Tuesday, something's going to happen on Tuesday. That morning, we were at Claudio Frazon's church, and Betty, his wife, we were there. And for the first time in my life, Sid, I saw an open vision of this tremendous towering angel. I didn't even know how to process what I was seeing. And this angel was embracing a sword with two hands and the sword was hoisted above the Angel's head. And at the top of that sword was the flag of Israel. At the tip of the spear was the flag of Israel. And then all of a sudden out of that sword; out of the blades of the sword begin to come the flags of the nation in a tremendous circle all the way around. And I saw that and it was absolutely incredible. I immediately inquired to the Lord as to what is this that I'm seeing. And I felt like, Sid, that the holy spirit ministered to me, that it was an angel of awakening and the nations of the earth and of strategy for kingdom advancement. It was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen in my life. And by the way, at the end of that, they gave an invitation for leaders. I went down, I was on the floor and that Tuesday was September 11, 2001. And at the end of that meeting, Betty Frazon, the pastor's wife, said to all of us in the audience. She said, today, you need to take your Bible and you need to write down where you were the day the world changed. And on that day, I had seen that angelic visitation of this awakening angel. And I'm telling you, the days in which we are living are those days right now.

Sid Roth: But the most exciting thing that happened to him was in 2013. You really began to see what God is up to on planet Earth.

Rick Curry: Yeah. And from that time in 2001, it was like dreams and visions begin to multiply in my life. And one of the keys that I really want your audience to hear is the way we steward, the way we shepherd or the way we govern supernatural encounters, dreams and visions, is we just to encourage everyone to begin to learn to write them down and steward them. But all of those things begin to increase. And then in 2013, I had the dream that's now referred to as the appeal to heaven dream. But for me, the dream was far more than the symbol of a flag, but it was the sound of awakening in the nations of the earth.

Sid Roth: Well, so what was that like?

Rick Curry: It was the gathering of generations. It was multigenerational. It was multinational. It was multi-ethnicities. It was each generation, seven generations came into this magnificent building. Each one of them said, we're carrying the sound of worship that was unique in their generation. And some of them, I couldn't even really make much sense of it in the dream, but some of them sounded like Gregorian chants. Others of it was modern worship, but the sound began to increase voluminously as generations begin to come together. And there was this increase sound in the earth of ordinary everyday people taking their place in this great awakening. There is this synergetic sound released in the earth when the people of God come together in agreement. Come together, even in the place of desperation, we come together, and there's something that is released in the earth through the sound of awakening.

Sid Roth: Now, I have to tell you, he moves in amazing degree of the glory of God. Tell me the first time the glory filled the room where you were in. And when it filled it, did you just feel it? Did you see it? What occurred?

Rick Curry: I had one encounter on a Sunday morning, where I saw a vision, again, a vision; an open vision of the Lord entering into the room. And what he said to me as I ended up on the floor in front of my congregation for over six hours, unable to get up off the floor. But in that time, the spirit of God said, I'm about to release revelation of the father's heart. Through the revelation of the father's heart, I'm going to release the fire of my holiness. And through fire of my holiness, you will see reet, the greatest harvest in a lifetime. Out of that, the spirit of God began to birth a revival that we would carry with leaders along the Gulf Coast for over a year. One night, I was up front worshiping in the church and the room was completely full of people. Suddenly Sid, I felt someone tugging at my coattail and I turned and looked and he was a little boy. He looked like he was eight or 10 years old. Turned out, he was 12. He had down syndrome. And he was looking up at me. When I turned and looked at him, he was looking right up at me in the eye. And I didn't know him, I'd never seen him before. And I ask him, I said, well, what's your name? And he said, my name is Shane. And he said, what's your name? I said, well, my name is Rick. And I said, well, so what's going on Shane? Because he was just yanking on my coat. And then he said to me, he said, Jesus is here. And I said, say that again, Shane. He said, Jesus is here. And I said, Shane, where is he? And he said, well, he pointed, he said, he's right back over there. And I said, well, what's he doing? And Shane said, he's talking to me. And I said, well, Shane, what is he saying? And he said, Jesus is saying to me, I just want to touch my people. And I said to him, Shane, what did you say to him? And I love this, Sid. Shane said, in the innocence of his childhood, he said, I told Jesus, I'd have to come ask you first. And so he said, you are the pastor. I need to ask you, can Jesus touch his people? And I told him, I said, Shane, you run back there to where Jesus is and you tell Jesus, we'll take our hands off of everything. We want him to touch his people. When I said that, Shane takes off running to the back of the sanctuary. Within two minutes, the glory of God hit that room. And Sid, for three hours, miracles were happening all over the room. People were not praying for others. We weren't anointing with oil. Cyst on a friend of mine's arm; arthritic cyst began to disappear. A woman blind comes tapping up the center aisle healed miraculously and instantaneously. And the glory of God, the presence of God was just literally touching the people and healing them in that glory outpouring.

Sid Roth: Tell me a few of the miracles you see in the glory.

Rick Curry: Man, we saw, even that night, we saw arthritis heal. We saw a boy covered with warts, that his mother in the glory takes him to the restroom and comes back just exuberant because every wart on the boy's body was gone. We've seen cancer. We've seen brain tumors. We had a friend in the glory of God who had been given one week to live, and a cancer tumor of the brain instantaneously disappears. And the next day he received a glorious report. We saw a woman with stage four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma as we saw God pour oil in the marrow of bones through a word of knowledge. We saw her healed of stage four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We saw a boy with Spina bifida break the crutches or break the braces off of his knees, and begin to walk in the glory of God.

Sid Roth: There are people watching us right now and they're saying, I'd like to just see this. Well, I have something better. How would you like to be a carrier of that glory? But there's some things that you need a little help with, and that's why you're watching. God supernaturally healed Rick of a broken heart, which positioned him to receive the full degree of glory. All have wounded hearts. Rick is going to pray for you. And as a matter fact, not just for the wounding in your heart, but just as he speaks, many of you will be... He won't even say the words of what you're healed of. Many of you are going to be healed. Get ready. Rick will pray for you. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm here with Rick Curry. And Rick, there are many that want to walk in this glory and be used by God in this final, greatest awakening that really has already started here. But there are blockages, especially an area of broken hearts. Tell me about that.

Rick Curry: One night, Sid, we were in Kentucky and I was sitting in a small prayer chapel, the back of the room. Nobody was there yet, just my wife and I. And suddenly the spirit of God invited me to come to the altar. He wanted to encounter me there. So I left that back of that auditorium, went to the altar and began to lay on the floor before the Lord. And suddenly this vision began to unfold. And I saw a man standing in the middle of a circle. These people were around him, and you know what Sid? Everybody that was gathered in the circle around him, I knew them, everyone, but at the center of the circle, there was a man whom I could not see that was holding a human heart in his hand. And that human heart in his hand, he had a long sharp bladed knife with a very sharp point. And he was holding the tip of that blade against the heart, right? Not hurting it, but holding the blade right there. Immediately in my spirit, I was drawn with great concern over whose heart is this? What's happening here? And the people around the circle, I knew. So I was like, why are they not doing something to help whoever heart this is? And suddenly Sid, the spirit of God began to reveal to me that that heart in another man's hand was my own. And that some man was holding my heart and he had this blade next to it. And he had the capacity to render great harm to my heart. But as I began to worship in that place, and as I began to cry out to God, the spirit of God said to me that he's going to begin to heal the broken hearted ones in this awakening. Let me say to you, I believe with all of my heart, that we have intercessors all over the world who feel as if their heart has been held captive in the hands of someone else. And they felt as if their heart was in peril. There are ministers, pastors, evangelists that feel overwhelmed by trouble, or by betrayal, or by trauma. And they feel as though that we're isolated in this place of pain. My heart was broken. And suddenly the spirit of God began to minister to me, that He was going to give authority by the Holy Ghost to rise back up and say, you know what? I'm taking my heart back. I'm believing God for a healing of my broken heart. And I believe that represents the healing of the wounds caused by betrayal, or by bitterness, or by hurt whether it was intentional or unintentional. We all know that in the life and times that we're now living, it's easy for people to carry around, silently, a broken heart. And I'm telling you right now, the spirit of God is pouring out to heal the brokenhearted ones.

Sid Roth: I know something. I know if you look in the camera and pray right now, there are going to be many, many people that will never, ever be the same, because you will be put in line to be a carrier of the glory of God.

Rick Curry: I'm praying right now for you pastors, that pastor that I saw a moment ago that feel like that your heart is being held captive. It's being held in a dangerous place. Maybe it's because of denominational structures. Maybe you've been wounded by an apostle. Maybe you've been wounded by a Bishop or a denominational leader, but you know whom I'm speaking to. And the spirit of God is moving upon your life and upon your home right now. You feel as though your ministry is over, you're ready to cast it all to the side. You feel as if that someone else is holding your heart in peril. But I release an anointing right now upon you intercessors who feel rejected by the church, feel cast away by others that may not understand your prayer gifts. Your heart is in the hand of another, but the spirit of God is pouring out and anointing. The knife is going to be retracted. The heart is going to be replaced and God's going to restore everything broken, everything lost, everything that has felt wounded in your life, in the name of Jesus. And I say right now, not only are you coming back, but you're coming back better, stronger, wiser, more keen to the moving of the Holy Ghost in your life. I'm telling you right now, I see denominational pastors that are as hungry as I was for a powerful outpouring of the Holy Ghost. And you're willing, like I was willing to hide in a closet if I had to. You were as hungry as I was hungry to feel like, you know what? If I can't tell anybody for a year, then I won't tell anybody for a year. I will let the fruit of this outpouring manifest itself in my life. Get ready, get ready, get ready leaders. The spirit of God is being poured out upon you. And Sid, he's healing the brokenhearted ones right now.

Sid Roth: Now that's not just ministers, that's whosoever, which is you. Would you release the glory you carry on everyone that's watching right now?

Rick Curry: Wow. So Father, right now, we thank you for every gift and anointing. Every precious outpouring that you have poured into our lives. And father right now in the name of Jesus, I pray that every day, ordinary men and women, business leaders, school teachers, factory workers, wherever you are, wherever you're coming across this, I pray right now for a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Ghost of God in your life. I pray that your heart would be renewed and restored. I pray for healing of vascular issues and every heart issue in your life. And I pray right now that you would receive an anointing for supernatural dreams, visions, and divine strategy so that you can rise up and take your place in this great awakening. I thank God for you. And I bless the Lord for you. And I feel like the Lord would have me tell you that he loves you, he believes in you, and he's ready to move mightily on your behalf. Praise God.

Sid Roth: And there's some that are outsiders and they want to be insiders. They want to really participate. They're not even sure that they're going to heaven. Oh, I promise you. If you'll say this prayer with me and mean it to the best of your ability, you will go to heaven. Repeat out loud, "Dear God, I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe your blood washes away all my sins. And I'm clean. And now that I'm clean, Jesus, come inside of me. Be Lord of my life. Be my savior. I want experiential knowledge of you. I must know you. My own experience. Amen".
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