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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Unseen Warfare Satan's Secret Strategy EXPOSED

Sid Roth - Unseen Warfare Satan's Secret Strategy EXPOSED

Sid Roth - Unseen Warfare Satan's Secret Strategy EXPOSED
Sid Roth - Unseen Warfare Satan's Secret Strategy EXPOSED
TOPICS: Spiritual warfare

My guest says it's time to stop wrestling with the devil and his constant attacks from the unseen world and start destroying his evil works in your life. Ready? I know I'm more than ready.

Sid Roth: Dr. Hakeem Collins is teaching people all over the world the strategies and the rules of engagement, that's what it is, rules of engagement to discern, disarm and defeat all the works of the enemy. He calls it unseen warfare. Hakeem, what is unseen warfare?

Hakeem Collins: It's something that happens behind the scene. Oftentimes, the enemy will target believers, their purpose, their destiny, their prophetic dream. He will fight those who have something great on their lives by the Holy Spirit, so I believe that the supernatural is a part of our DNA in spiritual battles.

Sid Roth: And most people are unaware, this unseen battle that's going on, and that's what makes it so insidious, almost like we roll over and play dead because we don't know we've got an adversary planting thoughts in us that we think are our own.

Hakeem Collins: Right. I agree, and that's why God given us the power and authority to dismantle every diabolical or satanic attack that comes against us. He has armed us with the ability to discern and to disarm and to defeat the works of the enemy every time.

Sid Roth: Well, a lot of the everyday struggles people have, is this the unseen world working on them because he knows there's a destiny?

Hakeem Collins: Absolutely. See, I always look at it as this: The only way you can understand what's happening in the spiritual realm, Sid, is what you see in the natural realm. It's that indicator that lets you know that there's warfare, so riots, drug trafficking, gang activity, just even the political landscape, these are indicators that is allowing us to understand and to discern or recognize what is happening in the spiritual realm. And so one of the things that I tell people is how you discern the unseen warfare is what is stealing, killing and destroying you. That is the tactics of the enemy. He comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus comes with good news and says, "I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly".

Sid Roth: So could I say if I see stealing, killing and destroying, there's an unseen enemy at work?

Hakeem Collins: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: It's not just a coincidence.

Hakeem Collins: It's not a coincidence.

Sid Roth: It's not called life.

Hakeem Collins: Right, it's basically, these are the things that the enemy attacks us with, and it will always come at subtle times, so we have to make sure that we arm ourselves with the ability, with the Holy Spirit, discernment. The Holy Spirit gives us discerning of spirit to identify some of these insidious, these invisible attacks. So these ongoing battles will come against your purpose, your destiny. Sid, I always say that the greater the opposition, it's the greater the opportunity. The greater the persecution, the greater the presence of God. So I believe that God has given us clues and revelation and insight to what the enemy is doing behind the scene. See, we've been playing checkers with the enemy all along, but God wants us to now move differently by His power and by His authority and His presence and now checkmate the enemy once and for all. It's about our movements, and He wants us to move by His Spirit and be led by His Spirit all the time.

Sid Roth: God has a trio: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The devil has a trio. What is that?

Hakeem Collins: Yes, God gave me a revelation about the trio of the devil's trio which is number one, temptation. Number two is deception, and number three is accusation. These are the strategies of the enemy that will attack the believers which is basically ongoing. These are ongoing things that you will face in your Christian life, but I believe that God has given us the ability through Jesus who is the model who defeated these same temptations, accusation and deception. So I believe that we arm ourselves and know the truth with Jesus as the model. We will win every time.

Sid Roth: Well, in this, especially in this culture and day that we're living in right now, there are people so depressed, so hopeless. Even you're watching now, and you're contemplating suicide, but I don't get this. A 7-year-old was contemplating suicide, you?

Hakeem Collins: Yes, you wouldn't believe it, but at that time when I gave my life to the Lord, I gave my life to the Lord at 7 years old, and I was on fire of God, and I wanted more of God, and I was all in. And then there was a time that happened where I just felt like the enemy was speaking to me, saying, "You're not worthy. You're not really a believer". I just really felt depressed. I hadn't even lived long enough to even experience this, but what he was doing was, he was plaguing my mind, Sid, with thoughts, negative thoughts, and I was believing those thoughts about myself which caused me to say, "I want to end it all. I don't want to be here. I'm not worthy. I'm not a child of God". These were the thoughts that the enemy was whispering in my ear at 7 years old after I gave my life to Jesus, but I had to realize that I don't give into those thoughts. I don't yield to those thoughts because those thoughts were an attack that he used more so in the battlefield of my mind. That's what that was, so I had to not take ownership and receive those thoughts because suicide, depression, oppression was on me. I couldn't own it. I had to now do the opposite. I had to dismantle it and say, "No, I am a child of God. I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not beneath. I am first and not last". I had to change the narrative and how I think, and then what did God say about me?

Sid Roth: And you call this the invisible battle of the mind.

Hakeem Collins: Yeah, that's where we don't understand is that the invisible warfare or the unseen warfare that we face ongoing daily or the struggles or the opposition that we face daily, it starts in the mind. See, the enemy is an instigator. He's a manipulator, so if he can get your mind, and you can believe what he says, then he has the upper advantage. But I come to reverse that, and I declare that any one of you that are watching right now, that enemy has plagued your mind with bad thoughts or not allowing you to see from God's perspective concerning you because you have a prophecy. You have a dream. You have a purpose. You have a destiny, and if the warfare has intensified, then you have a purpose to release the glory, the anointing of God. See, the enemy is threatened by the anointing that's on your life. Jesus came that He may destroy the works of the enemy, and the anointing that was on Jesus and that same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides on the inside of you, and you can rise up, and you can take this charge, and you can defeat the enemy every single time because you've been anointed for this time and for this season and this hour.

Sid Roth: God explained to you and is going to explain now why you have depression, why you have all these paranoid-type thoughts going on in your mind. Why?

Hakeem Collins: It's because these are what I call strongholds. The Bible talks about these strongholds, these things that plagues our minds: depression, oppression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, anger. Those things come in our minds as strongholds, or these are patterns of thoughts. That's what a stronghold is, and so we have to now defeat those and cast those vain imaginations -

Sid Roth: Well, you've gone through that.

Hakeem Collins: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: And what did God show you about that?

Hakeem Collins: He basically showed me that these strongholds that are set up, it's been established by belief systems. How do I believe, or what do I believe? What does the word of God says? What is the truth? And you stand on that. But if I accept a lie, or if I accept what the enemy whispers in my ear, then that becomes a stronghold. We have to cast down those vain imaginations that exhaust itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We got to bring it to captivity, not us coming to captivity or in bondage of those things, so we can defeat it with truth.

Sid Roth: But God told you you, you, were permitting it.

Hakeem Collins: Yes, I was allowing it. I was taking ownership of it. It was like a cloth, like a clothing that came on me. I was wearing it. Anxiety, it became me. Depression, it became me. And the Lord told me, "You were permitted. You were given access in your life, so what you have to do is, you've got to do the reverse. You have to now take those things off. You have to put those things down. You have to remove those thoughts in your mind. Do not take ownership. Those things that you have felt like it was on you was not of me. I've given you joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit," and so I believe in this season, we have to know the truth, and the truth will always set us free.

Sid Roth: Now part of that trio of the devil is accusation. Tell me about that.

Hakeem Collins: That's one of the things that I love about the Word of God because He identifies what the devil is. He's the accuser of the brethren. One description talks about that the enemy is the accuser of the brothers day and night. That's his assignment, and so accusation is the last one that I talk about, but it was something that I was accepting, the false lies, the false witness, the slander, Sid, that the enemy came against me and said, "You will never be nothing. You will never amount to anything". And I said, "Well, that's the past". Whatever I'd done in the past was the past. It's not my present, and it surely is not my future. I had to do the opposite and say, "I am the child of God. I am the righteousness of God, and I am anointed for my season and my generation, and I will do all in His name". So I don't believe the lie of the enemy. I believe what God says which is truth.

Sid Roth: You teach that it's not just for prophets and pastors and apostles. It's for everyone because the devil doesn't discriminate. He comes against any child of God.

Hakeem Collins: Absolutely. It's not just exclusive for prophets and ministers or pastors or senior leaders. Every believer should be activated with what I call the rules of spiritual engagement which is, it's an acronym and what I picked up basically called ROSE: Rules of Spiritual Engagement. There's an anointing that is resting upon us. There's an anointing upon the generation. God Himself wants us to be activated in spiritual warfare but also live the victorious life each and every day. If we play into the enemy's war game, we will always lose, but God has given us the strategies, and I've provided strategies in the book to help people to win and to discern and to disarm and to defeat the works of the enemy.

Sid Roth: Give me an example of someone that followed these strategies and won.

Hakeem Collins: There was a woman that read my book, but she was suffering for 5 years with mental torment. She could not sleep. She was depressed. She was always up at night. She just couldn't get any rest, and so she read my book, and there's a chapter in there talking about the battlefield of the mind and that what she was facing. She couldn't get answers, but when she read my book, she got the strategies that basically helped her to understand that there were strongholds. There were legal rites of the enemy that she opened door to, and when she got the strategy to how to defeat the enemy, she was able to win, and she had freedom, and she was able to sleep, and she was depress-free.

Sid Roth: And now you teach and show the areas we will discern. Explain that.

Hakeem Collins: The Holy Spirit has given us the gift of discerning of spirit where we can be able to discern the presence of God. Even right now, I am able to discern the presence and the glory of God right here on this studio, and even those who are watching, you can discern even mantles and anointings. You can discern gifts and callings. You can discern times and seasons. You can discern even what season that God has you in. You can even discern even the call of God on your life, and the Holy Spirit wants to reveal those things to you, and so discernment is key to your spiritual growth and also your ability to win every spiritual battle that you may be facing each and every day. So I believe in this season, Holy Spirit will give you that spiritual discernment to understand that this is the season to rise up with the power and the glory of God to be a witness for Him in the days to come.

Sid Roth: Hakeem reveals another part of the unseen warfare, my favorite part, angelic assistance, when we come back.

Sid Roth: Hakeem, tell us a little bit about what you understand about angels.

Hakeem Collins: There was a time in my life that I was really battling, and I was struggling. There was a lot of spiritual warfare activity going on around me, and I would find in the Bible even with the prophet Daniel concerning angels, and it's intrigued me because he received his breakthrough in 21 days. God sent an angel to help to assist him to receive a supernatural revelation. And so because I was going through some warfare, I got connected to that word. I said, "Lord, show me. Give me a revelation. I want that same encounter with the supernatural, with Your invisible angels". And so the Lord basically as I was praying in a room, and I was just seeking God, had my eyes closed, and an angel appeared before me. It was like a silhouette, a tall man that stood before me, and I saw this bright light. And as I looked, I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing because it appeared in this dark room, but the bright light got my attention. And so the more I looked, I literally saw this angel that had armor on. He had the breastplate. He had the helmet. He had the sword. He had everything that you would see in someone that's in a battle, and so I was just intrigued, but I was afraid. And then right after that, I felt like the Lord answered my prayer. Then He took me into a series of dreams, and in these dreams, I literally saw that same angel that I saw in my room, and he had the same armor. He had everything on except the helmet, and the interesting thing about this angel, Sid, was that the angel looked like me. He was like my identical twin, but he was muscular. He had all of the physique, and so - But I would see in the dream that he would always fight in war, and God was saying to me, "This is your invisible allies. This is your guardian angel. I've assigned to you, to your ministry, to your house, to everything connected to you guardians". See, angels are sent on assignment for believers to protect us and to guard us, and I believe the Lord gave me that revelation, and for even those who are watching right now that God has sent these invisible allies to assist you, to help you, to protect you and release prophetic words and destiny over your life. And I believe that these are the days that we're going to see angelic activity like never before, and the angels that are assigned to you, they will bring you a breakthrough like they did Daniel. In 21 days, you're going to experience a move of God in your life like never before because it is your time, and it is your season.

Sid Roth: There's something else going on in the invisible world. It's called curses, and there's the generational curses. There's witchcraft curses. Explain that in the invisible world and what we do about it.

Hakeem Collins: Yes, these curses can be sent by even witches. There are people that operate in charismatic witchcraft prayers. They'll send word curses to you, and literally for me, as a seer prophet, I'm able to feel them. I'm able to actually sense them. They're like darts that are sent to you, and so God had given me an understanding that what I feel in the natural is also what I'm feeling in the spiritual. These word curses are sent to harm us, to bring injury, to stop us, to trip us up. And so God has given me the Word of God and truth that I can dismantle, I can remove these word curses with truth and the Word of God, so that's what He showed me. These generational curses can be broken, these witches because the Bible says, "Suffer not a witch to live," and so we have to rise up as believers and know that curses do exist, but there's good news about curses. We have the power and the authority to break it, and they don't have to live in our life or no longer we have the ability to give it space or room. We can break it each and every time if we feel it, sense it or even discern it.

Sid Roth: And how do we break it?

Hakeem Collins: We break it with truth of God's Word and even the opposite. If the enemy says you are cursed, you reverse it by saying, "No, I am blessed of the Lord and highly favored".

Sid Roth: These rules of engagement, what are they?

Hakeem Collins: God has given us a plan of action again through Jesus Christ as the model, and I believe that the rules of engagement is basically how we engage the enemy. Again, it's about our movements and Holy Spirit giving us direction as we are obedient, and so we have to stand on truth. We have to disengage the enemy. We don't run from him, but we stand. The Bible talks about that if you do all that you can do, stand, in Ephesians chapter six. We have to stand and know our authority and even put on the full armor of God. I believe this is the season that the rules of engagement is not in the hands of the enemy. It's in the hand of the believer. We have the upper hand.

Sid Roth: Now you talked a little bit about the armor of God, but you had an amazing revelation. What was your revelation about whose armor it is? That was amazing.

Hakeem Collins: Yeah. Well, in Ephesians chapter six, verse 10 through 13, if you really read it, and you study it, it's really God's very own armor, Sid, that God gives the believers. He gives us six pieces of that armor. It is the armor that He Himself forges for every believer because when you come into Christ, you are engaged into a call of arms. You are now becoming not only an ambassador of Christ but a soldier in Christ, and so He wants to equip us with the armory that we can put on, and we can win and stand and fight the enemy every time, and when we resist him, he will flee every time.

Sid Roth: Well, if it's God's own armor, when the enemy comes after us, he thinks that Jesus is behind the armor.

Hakeem Collins: Absolutely, that's what the enemy sees. When he sees us with that armor, and we have to be fully suited, a football player doesn't go out to play a game without every equipment, every piece, so we need every piece, not just some of it. So I believe that we put the full armor of Christ on. We will win, and we can stand our ground, and we can be victorious in Christ.

Sid Roth: In your book, you say, "If you follow this game plan, you will win every time".

Hakeem Collins: Every time.

Sid Roth: You really mean that?

Hakeem Collins: I believe it, and the Word of God shows it.

Sid Roth: This is the time, my favorite time in the broadcast. It's the time for those that believe in Jesus or think they believe in Jesus, but they've never had their own experience with Jesus. It's time for you to have your own experience. He wants it more than you. Repeat this prayer after me out loud: "Dear God please forgive me for every sin for every bad thing I've ever done. I plead Your blood upon my sins. You're washing them away right now as if I've never sinned before. And now that I'm clean Jesus, come. Live inside of me. Be my savior and my Lord. Lord Jesus I'm desperate to know You. You're more desperate for me to know You. Make Yourself real to me. Give me an experience that I'll know that I know that I know. In Jesus' name Amen".

Hakeem Collins: Amen.

Sid Roth: Hakeem, a quick prayer.

Hakeem Collins: I pray for those who are watching right now and by the power of God that this will be a season that God will open your spiritual eyes, that I break every spirit of blindness off of you, that you will encounter and see into the unseen realm, that you will have insight and revelation to your prophetic promise, your purpose, your destiny, that there will be breakthroughs and waves of glory that will reach to you in every area of your life. I say this will be a season that you will arm yourself with the armor of God, and this will be a time that you will see perpetual breakthrough in every area: the blessings, the glory, the favor. I break off of you depression, oppression, anxiety, sickness, disease. Anything that's been holding you back, I say this is your season to rise up. I say now, according to Isaiah 60, that you will rise and shine, that His light has come, and the glory of the Lord shall be risen upon you this day, that you will be that change agent for the presence and the glory of God for the days and months ahead.

Sid Roth: And I'll tell you what, anyone that has pains in their fingers or any problem in your fingers or back, you are healed, in Jesus' name.
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