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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - THIS is Why NO Believer Should Practice Yoga

Sid Roth - THIS is Why NO Believer Should Practice Yoga

Sid Roth - THIS is Why NO Believer Should Practice Yoga
TOPICS: New Age, Yoga

Sid Roth: What is going on? You can't turn on a television these days without seeing something about the new age, something about someone communicating with the dead, there is Harry Potter, I mean it is sort of like what was whispered in the closet is now wide open. What is, Bob Larson you a world renowned expert, if not the world renown expert in the occult, in new age, in deliverance, what is going on, why is it all of a sudden all over the place?

Bob Larson: Well it's nothing new of course, it's as old as the Tarsus, it's as old as humanity, this idea that we can connect with something which is out there, but what you've got is the result of scientific and rational thought having overtaken the western world but not producing anything that meets the spiritual hunger, so people are still asking the question, "Is there anything beyond this life, do we survive after death"? And into this vacuum psychics, spiritualists, trans-channelers, have stepped to say, yes, and I will put you in touch with those spirits.

Sid Roth: How many Hollywood movie stars are involved in these things...

Bob Larson: Absolutely, absolutely.

Sid Roth: There's something called Kabbalah, but what is actually going on when someone says, well look, I talk to people all the time who says my husband died, my father died, and it is so good, they are still with me, they communicate with me. What's wrong with that?

Bob Larson: Why they always have some unfinished business, that's the whole idea, these are beings that haven't totally passed to the other side because they have something to share with us here. In biblical terminology, if we look at the old and New Testament, it is consistent: there is absolute, impenetrable gulf between the living and the dead. We are here and they are wherever they are going to go. There is no communication between the two, it just doesn't happen, it can't happen.

Sid Roth: But wait a second, these people are hearing something, they are not making it up, it is not imagination.

Bob Larson: Absolutely, what they are hearing are the voices of demons, of discarnate entities, spirit beings who rebelled with Lucifer, who fell...

Sid Roth: Well but wait, how do these people know these intimate things at sèances, they might say something that no one knew?

Bob Larson: Cause Satan's been around for thousands of years, he knows what happened, the demons were there they saw it, so they can tell you about it. It's no problem, they knew uncle Fred before he died, uncle Fred was probably full of the devil.

Sid Roth: All right, how do you explain the doctrine of reincarnation then, that you come back until you get it right?

Bob Larson: Well once again, spirit beings know what's happened in the past and so they are able to implant thoughts and memories of previous existences in peoples minds of events, you know what's interesting to me Sid, I'll tell you, everybody was always the king or queen of something, nobody was ever a bag lade in an old life, nobody was ever homeless in an old life, it was always good.

Sid Roth: But bob, people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to psychics to communicate with the dead.

Bob Larson: Because they're desperate, they're desperate, they are filling a spiritual hunger that the church and the religious community should be filling by speaking existentially into reality of what exists in the spiritual world after we are not here anymore. But because you don't hear preaching about heaven and hell anymore the psychics have stepped in and said well we'll tell you what's after death.

Sid Roth: You know what I find interesting, that is totally, one hundred percent kosher on secular television, but let someone be talking about the blood of Jesus, about forgiveness of sin, about sin, and ooh, don't want them to say that. Why is it so acceptable, why does the public, listen, in Hollywood they don't supply movies because they are evil, they supply movies of what the public want, they want to make money.

Bob Larson: The answer is simple, because in spiritualism, in talking to the dead, there is never a moral frame of reference, there's no sin, there's no judgment, there is no ethical accountability because everybody is okay on the other side, you don't hear any of these psychics communicating with somebody who is in hell screaming out in torment, and no matter how they lived, everybody gets to go to a good place.

Sid Roth: Okay, what is the spiritual repercussion for someone going to a sèance, trying to communicate with the dead, even using a ouija board to get a message from the spirit world, what is the repercussion, what harm is there?

Bob Larson: Because you are not talking to something, which is human, passed to the other side, because you are talking to a demonic spirit being by virtue of your connection and communication with it you give it the right to come into you and possess you.

Sid Roth: All right, but what about if this thing doesn't say anything evil, what about this thing you communicate with...

Bob Larson: Well, it never does.

Sid Roth: Is maybe helping your spirituality, isn't that okay?

Bob Larson: Oh, they do a lot of good, like I mean they find lost people, they discover dead bodies, and you know.

Sid Roth: I mean just watch Larry King: you have these psychics on all the time.

Bob Larson: Absolutely. Well but the Bible says in: so he looks good, but the real test is whether or not something is biblical, whether it is supportable from a faith foundation, not whether or not if feels good or looks good.

Sid Roth: Can someone open themselves up to a demon to actually come inside of them from dabbling in these areas?

Bob Larson: Yes.

Sid Roth: Even if they don't know the bad things?

Bob Larson: Yes, absolutely. Look, the classic movie "The exorcist" was indeed a story of a child who did just that with a ouija board, and I cannot tell you of the hundreds of case studies I have of people with Ouija boards or other forms of divination who have tried to communicate with the spirit world who they themselves got those spirits, and then they need exorcism and deliverance.

Sid Roth: I have even heard of people going to movies needing exorcism as a result of what they have seen in the movies.

Bob Larson: Well, a spirit of fear can enter into somebody at a slasher movie, if you want to go see Texas chainsaw massacre, be prepared, you may come home with something you didn't have when you went there.

Sid Roth: Listen, Bob Larson is talking about movies like star wars, talking about Zen Buddhism, talking about things that are kind of, you know, just kind of in, Kabbalah, all these things are doors to the demonic. I don't know about you, but I don't want any door to the demonic, do you believe what he is saying? He is going to tell you some real life experiences, don't go away, we'll be right back.

Sid Roth: I'm here with Bob Larson, foremost world expert in deliverance, cults and occult groups, and bob, we're featuring your new book, it's a wonderful book, as a matter of fact, you have so many different cults and occult groups mentioned, so that if someone says something and you feel like, well there just might be something wrong with it, you look it up in the book, it's written in such a simplistic fashion, you find out its roots, its origins, why its wrong and what to do about it. I think that every believer in the Messiah needs this book and if you are not a believer in the Messiah you doubly need this book, what kind of results are you getting from people reading this?

Bob Larson: Absolutely fascinating, peoples reaction they after give me is just, "I can't believe this". We had a woman who came to one of our conferences, and she was a massage therapist and a very sweet Christian girl. She said, " I looked at this book, I think I'm doing something wrong". I said, "What are you doing"? She said, "Well the person who taught me these therapies did hot stone therapy". I said well you know a nice hot rock to relax with is not a bad idea, but she said there's more to it than that. They told me to lay these stones at the location of the seven shockra's and in doing so I would spiritually enlighten the people. She said according to your book I've done something wrong. And I said well lets pray about it, I said just renounce what you've done. And when she began to speak the words they would not come out of her mouth and she had to go through a full- blown exorcism to get free from that. She was innocent: she didn't know what she was doing...

Sid Roth: The blind leading the blind.

Bob Larson: The blind leading the blind. But ignorance is no excuse in spiritual law.

Sid Roth: So you are touching something. What about a massage therapist that says I've got healing hands and when I give you a massage I think good thoughts and you, is there anything wrong with that?

Bob Larson: Let me tell you another story, I had some people come to me with a child paralyzed from birth in a wheelchair, and I began to delve into this and I said well you know the only way the devil gets that child if this is of the devil and not simply an organic disease is through the parents, so lets talk to you about the entries of your life. And I began to work with the mother and she actually manifested demons right on the spot. I said, "How did you get this child"? And it said the aunt: I said the aunt, what's the aunt got to do with it? And the spirit said aka. And I talked to this woman and said you have a sister. Yeah, she's a massage aka practitioner. What happened was one time she had left the aunt to baby-sit her child, and this aunt did this energy distribution, passing the hands over the baby, and actually put spirits into the little baby, which were spirits of infirmity that had paralyzed this child.

Sid Roth: What about something as innocuous as Yoga, especially the exercises, which they lower blood pressure, they relax people, they limber them up, what's wrong with that?

Bob Larson: Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means yoked with or in union with God.

Sid Roth: So every Christian, every Messianic Jew should want to be yoked with any union with God.

Bob Larson: The catch is the definition of God, and it's the God of ultimate unitary conscientiousness of the enlightenment, the Brahman if you will of Hinduism. And all the classic Yoga texts teach this. In fact the classic Yoga texts warn you cannot separate Yoga from Hinduism. You cannot do it, they tell you this outright and they become very angry when Americans try to do this because they say it can't be done and I believe them.

Sid Roth: Okay, someone doesn't, forget Hindu, Smindu, all they want is exercise, it's good exercise bob, what's wrong with that?

Bob Larson: I do good exercise, Sid, I have a...

Sid Roth: No forget what you do, what's wrong...

Bob Larson: No, no, no, no, I have a stretching routine every single day and some of what I do can resemble certain Yoga positions, but I am not practicing the world-view and all the accoutrements of it, I am not putting myself in a body posture and calling them after names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and various animals. I'm simply stretching my muscles. The difference is in the process of Yoga you don't do one or two stretching positions, you do a whole routine, all of which is designed just like just like a radio to tune you into the spirit world and to awaken these Shockra's which I believe are some kind of locale in the body of spirituality and the devil knows that.

Sid Roth: Tell me about some people that have been involved in Yoga that you had to pray that evil spirits leave.

Bob Larson: I've had so many I can't begin to tell you who just went for, like Hoffa Yoga that just went for the physical Yoga...

Sid Roth: Yes.

Bob Larson: And they picked this stuff up along the way. And I remember one particular woman all I did was just take a Bible and run it up her spine and in doing so called forth seven demons which were in the spine. I remember another man, a very prominent businessman came to me and he had been involved in this and the Lord spoke to me and said take your Bible and put it right there in the seventh Shockra, and he was just sitting there calmly, when I put the Bible there and said I come against the psychic third eye, the seventh Shockra, this guy just went berserk, he said oh my God what's that? And I said this is what you got doing Yoga and it becomes localized. Becomes localized. See the whole purpose of Yoga is to achieve a psychosexual union between Shockte and Shiva. Shiva is the third member of the Trinity of Hinduism, the destroyer, the death angel if you will, linked with Shockte who is the female consort and the two of them come together, and the two of them come together, this is the whole purpose for Yoga. There is a whole field called Tatra Yoga, which is designed to create demonic sexual arousal.

Sid Roth: Listen you're stirring a lot of things up right now I want to find out about zen Buddhism, I want to find out about the movie, star wars, we'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with Bob Larson. Bob is the worlds foremost leader in understanding, you've probably seen him on Oprah, or Larry King, or any of the other popular shows, but one of the most foremost spokesman on behalf of deliverance, cults, occults, as a matter of fact I have your brand new book called "Larson's book of world religions". Why did you write this?

Bob Larson: Well first of all to give people an understanding of the place that Judaism and Christianity play in the larger picture of religion. So the book starts out, you can't understand what cults do until you understand the fountain of cults, which is Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Daoism, and the so called great religions of the world, and then from there I move into the basic concepts, you have to understand what words like meditation, enlightenment, reincarnation, these things that are bandied about to give you a foundation. And then we move into hundreds of specific cults and show you this root structure manifested in all these belief systems.

Sid Roth: You know, I couldn't believe, we were talking previous to this interview and you said in England they asked for the number one religion, what was it?

Bob Larson: Stars wars, or the force, or Jedi. In fact the same thing happened in New Zealand, they did a pole there and they found out that, I believe that it was about fifty percent of the people put down as their religious preference Jedi knights.

Sid Roth: What's wrong with that, I know what's wrong, but in other words, what is wrong with star wars and all of these movies, I mean it's almost a cult group, they collect everything, I mean its good versus evil, give me a break.

Bob Larson: It's not, it's not, it's not good versus evil. The Bible tells us in Romans to overcome evil with good, but what is the definition of good? In star wars, and in occultism, such as Daoism, good is merely the flip side of evil. Much of this stuff comes out of the teaching that good and evil are harmonizing opposites that must live in equilibrium. The Bible says Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil: we are to eradicate evil not figure out how to live with it, so in star wars the power that is used by Luke Skywalker or Dart Vader is the same power, it just depends on who is using it, it is all in the mind. It is not in the mind, it is in the moral prerequisites set down by God. You don't choose what is good and evil, God tells you in the Bible what is good and evil.

Sid Roth: What is wrong with someone sending their children to the star wars movies, let's take their most recent movie, what is wrong with that?

Bob Larson: I'll give you a good illustration, my wife went into a Christian bookstore the other day, and it's really one of these high-tech upscale Christian bookstores, and they got this big flat paneled TV there, and they are constantly showing DVD's, they are showing star wars. My wife went ballistic, I guess a little of me has rubbed off on her, she went to the counter, to the clerk and said why are you showing star wars and you know what, clueless, absolutely clueless, here's the danger, the kids sitting there watching that are going to loose the power of spiritual discernment and then when they are faced later with something like Silva mind control or whatever, they are not going to be discerning enough to know this is dangerous because gradually their spiritual sensitivity has been eroded over time.

Sid Roth: Okay, the producer-director of star wars, what's his agenda?

Bob Larson: George lucas is an avowed Buddhist: he was a disciple of Joseph Campbell, the man who wrote so much about mythology and who is the founder, the Philosophical founder of the new age movement in America, he brought Joseph Campbell out to his ranch, sat down with him and had Campbell school him in Buddhism, and so he deliberately projected this into the storyline of the film, you see it over and over and over again.

Sid Roth: Does he have an agenda?

Bob Larson: He has an absolute agenda, and his agenda, look, he has made statements such as this: "There is no difference between the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and the myths of pagan Gods coming down and having sex with human women to produce offspring, it's all the same". And that is blasphemy: this guy is truly out to lunch.

Sid Roth: Okay, switch gears, in Los Angeles there is a professional basketball team and the coach, who is one of the most famous coaches of all time, is involved in Zen. And it is kind of an "In" thing to be involved in, what's wrong with Zen?

Bob Larson: Well I mean Phil Jackson has got issues in his own life, he is not willing to resolve, and what Zen is for him and millions of people is a mindless escapist way of avoiding dealing with your issues and the issues of a fallen suffering world. It is a form of detachment. Now what it does in the sports world, it allows people to become so detached from everything that they can find a calm center and perform better. And from that standpoint it looks good...

Sid Roth: It's good, that is good.

Bob Larson: From that standpoint it looks good. But there is a spiritual price because you are adopting a world view that causes you to also become detached from any moral realities that you might be a sinful creature in need of a holy God.

Sid Roth: Have you prayed for people that have been involved in something like Zen just to relax, etc, to lower their blood pressure, that needed deliverance?

Bob Larson: Oh, many, many times, and here's what happens. Most meditative disciplines like Zen teach you that the mind is the enemy of the spirit so to release the spirit you have to still, shut down, or as they say, kill the mind. But in killing the mind what you do is that you become completely vulnerable, there are no spiritual defenses, in other words the resistance against evil is a choice of the soul...

Sid Roth: So you are opening yourself up to the demonic?

Bob Larson: Yeah, what you do is you put the choice in neutral, it in not operational anymore, and so any inherent, by God's grace defenses against demonic forces are just not there, they are shut down.

Sid Roth: Have you been involved in deliverance with people that have been involved in things such as Zen?

Bob Larson: Yes, yes I have, many people. I can't think of a specific instance but I have done a lot of exorcisms of people in Zen and various forms of meditation.

Sid Roth: White witchcraft, we know that witchcraft is evil, white witches use their power for good, what's wrong with that?

Bob Larson: Well the Bible teaches, and you talked about it earlier, Deuteronomy eighteen, that all that comes from the devil is evil, it only masquerades to appear to be good, but in all of these cases the definition of good and evil is not contingent upon an external revelatory source, its all what you decide is good and evil, so it's the witch who decides if he or she is doing good or evil. And I remember a classic story one time, I was on Larry King debating a witch and the witch kept saying well I only do white magic, and I just kept pushing, then he starts telling this story about you know, getting ticked off at a taxi driver on the way over to the studio and putting a spell on him that he would be in an accident. I said whoa, wait a minute, I thought you only did good magic: he said well that was for the benefit of that guy to wake him up. All right, I think we, history has shown us, Hitler thought he was doing the world a service, he thought he was doing a good thing. Mental maniacs operate from an internal moral compass that is corrupted and witchcraft knows that, and so you can say what you are doing is good for the benefit of the world but it might be a horrible evil.

Sid Roth: Okay, go ahead.

Bob Larson: So what you define as a witch, as white for your benefit, might be to somebody else's detriment, that's why the Bible teaches us, we leave all judgments in the hands of God and seek only to obey him.

Sid Roth: Okay in your book you have researched so many different religions, cults and occults, one that was to you one of the most amazing in the entire book and there is hundreds of them.

Bob Larson: The forms of Satanism that taps back into ancient Egyptian black magic believe they have power to recreate Satan in our age, this is very diabolical stuff and it is extremely dangerous and more pervasive than people would realize. The actual Luciferism...

Sid Roth: But why is this flooding society at this moment more than ever before in history?

Bob Larson: Because the church is playing games, it is not directly willing to confront this stuff. I had a church recently who said they were going to go into a new church growth campaign, their slogan would be, "We serve Starbucks inside".

Sid Roth: Tell you what, I don't know about you but I believe we are so close to the return of the Messiah, this world is about ready to destruct, and I don't want anything separating me from God, but how am I going to know truth, Jesus said my word is truth. You may say your kingdom is within, but in a kingdom you need a king. Who is your king, who is your king? If it is not Jesus it is that other one, the dark side. Read the book, Deuteronomy eighteen lists all the things that Bob Larson is talking about, in the days of Moses people would have been stoned to death, you know what happens today? Spiritual adultery, separation from God forever, and as the song goes, "Forever is a long time". I have walked with Jesus as a Jewish man for over thirty years and I tell you the peace that I have inside of me, the purpose, the destiny, have you ever had the song go off inside of you, there must be something more? There is, intimacy with God, no other name but Jesus gets you to God, that's God's way, try it, you'll like it.
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