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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Check if This Occult Door is Open in Your Life

Sid Roth - Check if This Occult Door is Open in Your Life

Sid Roth - Check if This Occult Door is Open in Your Life
TOPICS: Occultism

Sid Roth: Outrageous. My guest in the car ride here to the studio brought up something, I mean this is the world's foremost expert in cults, in deliverance, in the occult, his name is Bob Larson, you have probably seen him on television, and I can understand him going after something like Harry Potter, I mean that's a no brainer, but the Chronicles of Narnia? I mean good versus evil, I mean actually the Gospel in an allegorical form with this lion, and getting, I mean Hollywood has been so corrupt for so many years and now we are finally getting something talking about good things and feel good movies and, so Bob Larson, why do you say that it's not a godly movie?

Bob Larson: You've got a good argument, you're almost convincing me.

Sid Roth: Good, well we'll go to another subject.

Bob Larson: Everything you say is true. And allegorically although Lewis warned don't read too much into it. You know, c.S. Lewis said, "At times it was the Gospel, and at times it wasn't the Gospel". Nobody knows what he really meant and really intended but the problem that I have is that it crosses over a line in that you have a number of characters and beings in there, intaurs, centaurs, incaba spirits, and many of these beings are actually on the side of good and the worst of which is Mr. Tunis this Fawn Sater, who is half goat, half human, he is the good guy on the good side, this is the classical, historic, in Satanism representation of Lucifer.

Sid Roth: So you mean someone that is in Satanism would go to that movie and get even more excited than a Christian?

Bob Larson: Well they would at least identify with that character and get a little bit of a Chuckle that the theater is filled with Christians who are there thinking it is an allegorical presentation of the Gospel when you've got the personification of Lucifer on the screen hopping around in cloven hooves, I mean there is some confusion here and you can't just send kids who are Christians to that movie without an antiquate explanation.

Sid Roth: Okay, here's what I hear you say Bob, what I hear you saying that it is pushing Christianity a little further away from biblical godly positions so that perhaps the next one might push them over the edge.

Bob Larson: It is a very dangerous thing to eclectically mix the Gospel and any sort of Christian truths with things that are outright demonic. Now I can't read c.S. Lewis's mind, I don't know what he was thinking at the time, he was an Oxford scholar, he studied the classic literature modes, and maybe to him it was something that was archetypal, it was Philosophical, but in a world in which sorcery and witchcraft and the occult are so prevalent and seducing so many of our young people today, I think it's a dangerous step over the mark, and any Christian parent who is going to say their kid should go see this movie they had better be aware of what they are seeing.

Sid Roth: Okay, Bob Larson was recently in New Zealand and was conducting a meeting and there was a man by the name of Shane who literally was abused by his father at knifepoint as a child, horrible situation, I want you to see what happens when Bob actually picks him out in the audience and begins to move with the power of God. Let's go to that clip.

Sid Roth: Bob, that was a pretty powerful man, and I actually saw him trying to swing at you, aren't you a little afraid when you are involved in a deliverance like that?

Bob Larson: No, no I'm not. I've done more exorcisms than anybody on the planet and I'm still very much alive and well, I've had my ribs broken, I've been scratched, gouged, bloodied, but I am doing fine thank you.

Sid Roth: Question, what was he like, I saw the video, what was he like afterwards, what did he say?

Bob Larson: It was really amazing, in fact one of the most interesting things we found out when this whole thing was over with, he said I need to take you to my car. So he took us to his car and pulled out an ax. He said I had this ax, I was on my way to murder somebody, I couldn't take it anymore, I was going to kill. And he said I don't need this anymore, take the ax. So I took the ax and I handed it to one of the pastors that was there. This was a Christian man, this was a man struggling to love God but so eaten up with rage inside for this horrible thing that his father did to him. And in coming back to what we said a little earlier, let me just point out something, when you deal with the devil like I do, when you are constantly having these power encounters with the forces of darkness, that's why you take everything much more seriously than the average Christian would.

Sid Roth: All right, let me ask you this, Howard stern, well maybe the Howard stern of Australia, what do you think would happen if Bob Larson has a one on one encounter with the Howard stern of Australia? Don't go away, we'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Bob I don't get it. I just saw this deliverance you did, now you go to a man that is one of the most filthy foulmouthed people, the Howard stern of Australia if you will, you are sitting next to him just like me, you're a real glutton, why did you do this?

Bob Larson: Why not do it? I mean why not step right into, why not be Daniel going into the den?

Sid Roth: Lets go to that clip right now.

Sid Roth: Bob, I mean, you got, we Jewish people have a word, it's called "Chutzpa" it means nerve!

Bob Larson: I think I got it!

Sid Roth: So what happened after this deliverance on national, I assume it was on national radio?

Bob Larson: Oh, national radio, the whole country heard it. You know this guy is known for this, you know chewing people and spitting them out. I walked in there he was like a puppy dog, he was scared, he was actually frightened.

Sid Roth: I saw.

Bob Larson: It wasn't me, it was the power of God proceeding me and I just confronted him about his issues, his life, his demons and everything. And I started praying over him and he froze and couldn't speak. Just literally could not speak, God just froze him on the spot, shut his mouth, and he literally could not say a word. And afterwards I shared Christ with him off the air, as I was leaving the studio another guy walked up who was one of the people involved as a producer and he said I've been witnessing to this guy, I've been sharing Christ with him. So it was a God encounter, what it shows me when you are unembarrassed by the power of God and you walk in the middle of where the devil is, God honors it.

Sid Roth: Listen, we both know Australia is a very, very ungodly country, this is the most foulmouthed person in Australia, what repercussion did it have on the nation?

Bob Larson: Well everywhere we went, all of our seminars were packed, it opened up all the media, I was in every major radio and television show in the country, secular, because they heard about this and they knew this. You can drive in any city in Australia and there are huge billboards of this guy, he is a household name.

Sid Roth: Okay, lets come back to the United States here for a minute, known as a "Quote" Christian country, what is happening here? There is a proliferation of cults, occult groups, pseudo Christian groups, what's going on?

Bob Larson: We're in a post-biblical age, there is no moral consensus anymore about what the spiritual foundations of this country are all about, you see if from the Supreme Court to everyday decisions in our public schools, and as a result of that the devil has free reign to basically do what he wants to do with only the restraint of the salt of the earth of God's people left.

Sid Roth: What's happening with, let's take as an example, Islam in the United States?

Bob Larson: What's interesting to me is that after 911 sales of the Koran went up, there is now more accommodation of Islam than ever before, and it's ironic that you are I are paying tax-payers dollars to make sure that the people who want to kill us have a prayer map and an arrow pointing where to bow. This is nuts, this is nuts.

Sid Roth: Now listen, a lot of people understand about Islam, but do you understand the roots of Mormonism? Do you understand the roots of masons? I tell you something, very few people understand this. I'm so glad that Bob Larson wrote this book, we'll be talking about it, it's called "Larson's book of world religions and alternative spirituality". We do have the goods now, be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Now listen, presidents of the United States, the most powerful people in the world are masons, I know that they are strong Christians, I don't get it Bob Larson. What is wrong with being a mason? That's just a fraternal order.

Bob Larson: Well that's what most people would like to think but I would challenge any mason who happens to be watching us right now to step forward and tell us the oaths and the vows that he has taken and spoken behind the closed doors of the lodge and they will not do it because they speak the most bloodthirsty of curses upon them and anyone else who ever reveals what they teach in the lodge, they speak death, suicide and murder in the lodge. Now it may be symbolic as they argue, but the fact is there is no such thing as symbolically calling death down on your own head, that's a dangerous thing to do.

Sid Roth: You mean if they divulge something,

Bob Larson: I mean if they divulge that, they vow themselves you know to have their tongue ripped out, guts disembowel, horrible things.

Sid Roth: Who's the spiritual head of masons?

Bob Larson: Lucifer, ultimately Lucifer.

Sid Roth: And is that your opinion?

Bob Larson: The worshipful master, look, most of the founding fathers of freemasonry were Luciferiers. Albert pike is the most revered Freemason in America, and founder of the American tradition, he was an avowed Luciferiers, I have his books, I have read them, he says Lucifer is God.

Sid Roth: Yes but then so how could a real Christian be involved in that if they know the head is Luciferian.

Bob Larson: They don't know, they don't know that.

Sid Roth: Well if they don't know it how can it hurt them?

Bob Larson: It doesn't make any difference, because its what's behind it, it is the spirit and the power and the force that's behind it that you're...

Sid Roth: Have you ever prayed, have you ever with someone for deliverance because of being involved in masons?

Bob Larson: Ah, so many hundreds I can't begin to recount to you, and I always know who to go for, I know to go for the spirit of Lucifer, and the spirit of Lucifer is in everyone who has entered beyond the apprenticeship, entered apprenticeship degree because they vow allegiance to Lucifer. Now in different parts of the country you will have more Christianized lodges, but most of them are very vague about who God is, you will have the koran, you will have the Bible, you will have whatever sacred books they want to have.

Sid Roth: Okay, what is the connection between masons and Mormons, I have never heard that the two are connected.

Bob Larson: Oh absolutely, Joseph Smith jr. Of course who founded the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints took all of the secret ceremonies that are done in the temple, in Mormonism, straight out of freemasonry, it's the reason the Freemasons hate the Mormons and the Mormons hate the Freemasons because they are a copycat.

Sid Roth: Let's switch gears, but before we do, I am so impressed with this book of world religions and cults and occult groups, I assume you had a whole team of specialists do the work because you are so busy.

Bob Larson: I do it myself, I do it myself.

Sid Roth: Why do you do it yourself?

Bob Larson: Because I have such a fascination, an historical interest in this, it's been my life, I've lived it, I mean it's crosschecked and referenced by a team of people, but as far as the writing it's myself, it's a product of what I have observed in more than three decades of ministry, watching this stuff.

Sid Roth: Now I was involved over thirty years ago before I became a believer in the Messiah in something called silva mind control,

Bob Larson: It's in the book.

Sid Roth: I know but, and you know what's so wonderful about this? He not only has what it is, what its roots are, what it tries to prove, but how to help someone get out of it, how to under - listen first thing is understanding. How many different cults in and occult groups do you have?

Bob Larson: Hundreds, literally hundreds categorized.

Sid Roth: So, there are a lot of books on this subject, why did you do this?

Bob Larson: I did this because people needed a quick encyclopedic capsuled summary so that in just a matter of seconds, they can go to the alphabetical index, a friend, a loved one brings up a term they've never heard before, what's that, is that good or bad, they flip, they find it and thirty seconds they got an answer.

Sid Roth: Listen, I went to a health food store and a conversation is going on with the owner and someone else, and the owner says, I finally found the ultimate, a course in miracles, this is a strong Christian, and this is the most wonderful thing, it answers all of my questions, uh uh, what?

Bob Larson: It's in the book.

Sid Roth: I know.

Bob Larson: A course in miracles was received by automatic handwriting through demonic dictation through something called the voice, and it's got Jesus in there, but it denies all the cardinal tenants of the Christian faith, and in fact seeks to supplant the Christian faith, it was received from the spirit world by a demon, the whole thing.

Sid Roth: There seems to be so many new age courses, are you finding there is an increase in the number of Christians that need deliverance?

Bob Larson: It's just, it's so explosive that i, and we've got a hundred deliverance teams all over America, we can't keep up with it, the case load, we are backlogged for weeks in all of our teams because of the numbers of Christians who have gotten involved in stuff they didn't know was bad, or they picked up garbage.

Sid Roth: I mean you have even discussed star wars has got evil roots, just thirty seconds what's wrong with it?

Bob Larson: Well the evil roots are it goes back to zen Buddhism, George lucas is a Buddhist.

Sid Roth: Yes, but that doesn't make the movie a Buddhist.

Bob Larson: But he has stated publicly that the whole frame of reference of the worldview and characters is based on Buddhism and he has said things like he deliberately concocted Yoda to be a mouthpiece for Zen.

Sid Roth: Well you know one of the reasons that I'm interested that I'm so interested in you Bob Larson and what you have to speak, and especially this book, I wish I had had this a traditional Jewish man, I got involved in something called Silva Mind Control, it was taught by good people, trying to accomplish good things, I found out the most deceived people were those that were teaching, and one day a Christian had enough "Chutzpa" enough nerve to say Sid turn to your own Torah, your own Jewish scriptures, in Deuteronomy, the eighteenth chapter, God calls it an abomination to communicate with the dead, seances, being involved in the various occult and new age types of courses. Now I didn't even believe the Bible was real at that point, I believed it was just good stories, but just on the one percent chance that it was real, I said I will go in a neutral gear and I'll just read the Bible. I mean after all I'm Jewish, and I got the shock of my life, this new age spirit guide that they had instructed that I invite into myself started cursing me when I read the Bible and I knew it was true. Well listen, I didn't know what to do, but fortunately my Christian friend said there was a greater power than the power that was destroying me, I literally did not care whether I lived or died, and I prayed a two word prayer but the important thing is I got the name right and my heart was right, I said, "Jesus, help". That's all I said and I gave up and I can tell you that when I woke up the next morning I was just encased with the most love I had ever experienced in my entire life. I tell you that if you could taste this love there is nothing anyone, anything offers to compare, and the love is the love of God but there is no other name in which we must experience God's rule but the name of Jesus. Hebrew Yeshua, the king of the Jews.
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