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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Is There a 'Body Parts Room' in Heaven?

Sid Roth - Is There a 'Body Parts Room' in Heaven?

Sid Roth - Is There a 'Body Parts Room' in Heaven?

Sid Roth: Did you know in heaven there are body parts? They are actually in a room and a little girl had a visitation to heaven and found out how we on earth can get these body parts if we need them. I mean you've heard of kidney transplants, what about a heavenly kidney transplant? If you were watching last week, if you weren't shame on you for not watching, had Jennifer Toledo who is with me. And if you remember Jennifer you told me God spoke to you, you were in love with someone you wanted to get married, and what did God tell you?

Jennifer Toledo: He said it wasn't his highest for me.

Sid Roth: And Jonathan are you glad that it wasn't God's highest?

Jonathan Toledo: Very glad.

Sid Roth: And this is Jonathan.

Jennifer Toledo: He's the highest.

Sid Roth: How long have you two been married?

Jennifer Toledo: A year and a half.

Jonathan Toledo: Yes.

Sid Roth: And tell me about the fruit of your marriage, a little girl.

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah, Milaca Harvest, she's five months old, and she is just absolutely beautiful, we love her.

Sid Roth: Now Milaca means what in your language?

Jonathan Toledo: Milaca means angel in Swahili.

Sid Roth: In Swahili, well I'll tell you we had dinner with her last night and she really is an angel. But you had quite an encounter, I mean you were outing, was it el Salvador, and you went swimming with your family. What happened?

Jonathan Toledo: My sister and I we got in a tide, there was a hole in a wave pass and we never touched the bottom again and the current was so strong that even as we tried to swim as much as we can you know the current was just taking us back.

Sid Roth: So you can relate to all those people when the tsunami hit, and the waves, I mean you probably had something turn in your stomach when you saw the TV footage on that.

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah.

Sid Roth: So you are being carried away, do you think that's it, do you think there is not any hope for you?

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah, I mean it went to the point where I had serious strength left on me and I was still far away from the shore, there was nobody on the beach left to help and I really thought I was going to die. In that moment I saw like a screen in front of me where it was actually my life, I saw since I was a little kid and I saw the kindness of God in different situations just how he helped me through different things and I even saw the things that I was ashamed of, you know, things I never told anybody and so I thought I'm really dying here and God is giving me a chance to die well. And so you know after that happened I saw that my father and my sister were able to come to a place where they touched the bottom again, and something supernatural happened here because this was the hardest part to stand on because of the current, and my father, after being in the water trying to rescue us for a while, he turned around and stood right there, and he just took his hand toward me and said if you come here you will save your life. When I looked at his eyes, something else happened, I saw a desperation that I never saw in my life before, and what happened I started seeing the desperation of the Heavenly Father and his desire that I would actually go to his arms, that I would come to him, and I would come to his arms, and as I looked at his eyes I felt like this fire just filled me all the way to my toes and it gave the strength to swim. And after swimming and swimming with so much strength that I was actually able to go somewhere, but everything would leave again, all the strength would lift again, and I would look up again and I would look at his eyes and the same would happen where I would be filled with this, this like overwhelming feeling of his desire where I would come to him.

Sid Roth: This almost reminds me in the Bible of Peter walking on water, he did fine when he was, followed the word, but the minute he got his eyes on the waves he would start sinking, that's what was going on with you, the minute you got your eyes off of God, sounds similar.

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah I mean this happened like five times, you know like i, I mean the water was masses, I tried to swim you know, the strength would lift completely from my body, and so it happened about five times until I finally was able to reach his hand.

Sid Roth: What change did this cause in your life?

Jonathan Toledo: Well I believe something happened there because I was you know, even though I thought I was really going to die, there was a hope in my heart that God would give me a second chance, because I mean I tried to do all the things that are supposed to be right to do but I knew in my heart that I didn't live my life to the fullest, I knew that I didn't completely surrender my life to, you know, to God and...

Sid Roth: Most people haven't surrendered their life, but you knew?

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah, I knew, and you know I knew I mean like that was the point where I was going to die and I just thought what a waste, you know I didn't really live the life that I could have lived. And so from that day there was something close to dying in me, where I like, I decided to start to like dying to myself and really living for him, you know it's been a journey of love, but that day really marked...

Sid Roth: So how did you get from there to the United States to meet Jennifer, did you meet in the us?

Jennifer Toledo: Yes.

Sid Roth: Okay, so how did you get there?

Jonathan Toledo: Well actually I was living in Ecuador, my parents were missionaries in Ecuador, and a prophet came to Ecuador, and he had a dream about me the day before we met, and so he told me that...

Sid Roth: Had he met you before?

Jonathan Toledo: No, he had never met me before and he said I had a dream about you and you have an invitation to come to Kansas City. And so he preached...

Sid Roth: Did you have the money to come to Kansas City?

Jonathan Toledo: I had the money for, to pay for the ticket, but nothing else, and pretty much he, the Lord told him that he was supposed to take care of me and just make everything happen for me to be able to come and live there. So that's how I came to the United States.

Sid Roth: Now Jennifer, that's quite a story, number one he should have been dead, number two, he should not have come to America, and so how did you two connect?

Jennifer Toledo: We actually, we met a conference several years after that in shreveport, Louisiana. He was there ministering with white dove ministries, and I had come to do the children's ministry, and - we met! And I was very glad.

Sid Roth: Now how did you know that this was the right one or God might have someone better for you?

Jennifer Toledo: Well at first you know I was quite frightened because of my previous experience and I just, I just said to God, "I've go to know this is you". And after a time of just praying and seeking the Lord he continued to put peace in my heart and just actually said I want, because I kept telling the Lord I want you to give me signs, show me that this is the one, and he said, "I'm not going to give you a sign". He said he will bring him closer to me if you chose him, but you have to chose love, what's the choice of your heart and I never really thought that God would do that, I was, kind of wanted him to command me to marry somebody but because I was so, I didn't trust myself, but the way God worked it out it was just so precious and just to see actually in the end his best thing for me, but in the midst of it letting me choose love and Romance, and so it was quite special.

Sid Roth: Okay, downs syndrome, when these two get together guess what happens? Not only does the baby get healed, but they see the facial characteristics change, don't go away, we'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with Jennifer and Jonathan Toledo, Jonathan, tell me about that downs syndrome child.

Jonathan Toledo: Well we were in porto rico with my friend shawn, and after a meeting, we were done and ready to leave, this mother came with a little girl, probably about six-years-old, and you know she was downs syndrome, and she said, "Would you pray for my daughter?' and at the moment I was thinking I don't even know if I have the faith for this and I was asking God, I said but I know that you care for this little girl. And so we prayed for her and we didn't know anything at the moment, but later on we got a picture on the mail, and we got a letter from this mother saying that her girl has been completely healed after we prayed for her from, you know from all of the mental problems and her face has been changing so she sent us the picture with the girl completely transformed. So she was completely normal, she didn't have any of the, I mean she, we didn't recognize the little girl, any of the features she had before.

Sid Roth: You know I envy the two of you for working with young children, because young children as you know they have the faith, you were telling me about going into local schools with children and you know just prophesizing, tell me about that?

Jennifer Toledo: Well we teach kids very simply how to hear God's voice, sometimes we hear the word prophesy and we think it's this big, mystical thing out there, but it's simply hearing God's voice, and all of us as his sheep should hear his voice, and so we teach kids the same way you hear God for yourself is the same way you hear him for other people, and so you know after times of training the children we send them out all over the city and sometimes they go into schools and there has been times where they will be lining, you know we sent a group of kids to a high school and there is a big line of kids waiting to get into some registration and the kids just walked up to one of the high school students and just said, "Hi, we are just practicing learning how to hear God's voice, could we just practice on you"? And the person was kind of like what, you know but...

Sid Roth: That doesn't happen every day.

Jennifer Toledo: No, not every day, but and so they said well we've been learning and we know that God speaks, can we just see if he will say anything to you? So they are like okay. And so they begin to pray for this girl, and they begin to speak out things from the heart of God, that are just secrets form this girls heart, this girl was so moved that God would know these things about here, and they began to prophesy and speak into here life, and she was so undone, she was just, you got to prophesy over my friends, and so pretty soon they are prophesying over all these students and people get saved, people get healed, and you know we are teaching kids to do this every day, this is normal. Hear God for yourself, hear God for other people, live out your faith at school or wherever you are at.

Sid Roth: Speaking about normal, what kind of feedback are you getting from those that listen to the, to your teaching on the Gospel of the kingdom?

Jennifer Toledo: In the teaching, the Gospel of the kingdom, we try to take complex kingdom ideas and make them very simple, it should be for children.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, I like it simple.

Jennifer Toledo: I do too...

Sid Roth: Keep it simple...

Jennifer Toledo: I think it was supposed to be simple, and we are training people how to begin to engage their spiritual eyes and their ears and to tune in to what God is say and what God is doing and many people who have heard this have told us that they have had amazing spiritual encounters as they have waited on the Lord after hearing that and it has just become so much easier for them.

Sid Roth: And then the teaching on the weeping room, I tell you this is life-changing to have compassion for the hurting, and I'm going to tell you something, if you don't have compassion get a hold of this and you will have compassion. Okay, Kayla?

Jennifer Toledo: One of the girls we trained was named Kayla, this is a couple of years ago, a couple of years back, and while we were training them to use their spiritual eyes and ears, Kayla had a vision, in the vision she saw herself in heaven, in this room called the body parts room. And when she walked in she saw all these different body parts, and she wasn't, she was a very shy, timid girl, she wasn't, she had never had an encounter like this you know this wasn't normal, and she was just like, Jesus what is this? And Jesus began to tell her Kayla, I've got everything you need in heaven, if you ever know of anybody that needs a new body part, I've got plenty. You just come here by faith, take hold of it and you can bring it to earth, very simple. And she just took God at his word, because actually minutes after she shared this testimony, in our training an elderly gentleman was brought in, was carried in actually, and we were told that he was dying of intestinal cancer. And he told us, he said you know I came here because I heard that God was using the children and that God could heal me. He said I've never been to church, you know this guy wasn't saved at all and he said, "Will these kids pray for me"? And so Kayla stepped up and she said, you know I don't really know, because he had intestinal cancer, and he said if he didn't get a new intestine he would die. And I don't even know if she really knew what an intestine was but she had faith, and so she just said, "You know mister, I believe God can give you a new intestine, and she just began...

Sid Roth: Bottom line, what happened?

Jennifer Toledo: She prayed for him, the man got completely healed of intestinal cancer, got a brand new intestine.

Sid Roth: Now doesn't this blow your mind a little bit? Come on now, you have seen so many things, but this is a, there are people watching us, you know Sid, you have just gone too far, you really, you saw this with your eyes?

Jennifer Toledo: I saw this with my own eyes. This is the God we serve, he is alive, he does miracles, he is famous for it, this is his business, and he is...

Sid Roth: So listen, if he's famous you should get to know him, anyone famous you want to get their autograph, don't you? Well I have something new for you, it's called "Good news", it's better than an autograph, you can come to know this God for yourself. He's the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the only way to know him is through Jesus, repent of your sins, turn to God, say Jesus become my Lord, it's that simple. Become as a little child and look in your father's eyes, go on, he's looking in your eyes right now.

Sid Roth: I'm here with Jennifer and Jonathan Toledo, now if that blew you out of the water, I mean just to find out that there is a place in heaven called the parts room and that a little child had the faith, and this man had what, intestinal cancer?

Jennifer Toledo: Intestinal cancer.

Sid Roth: And what did God do for him?

Jennifer Toledo: He received a complete miracle, brand new intestine, you know confirmed by the doctors, completely healed of cancer.

Sid Roth: Now when I think of Africa, unfortunately I think of things such as aids, that nation is being devastated with aids, is God answering prayers for people dying of aids?

Jennifer Toledo: Yes, in the midst of horrible diseases we are seeing the faithfulness of God. We'll pray, you know release the children to go into the hospitals and pray for the sick, and literally we have seen multiple aids patients in their last stages of aids healed, get up out of the bed, re-tested, aids is gone, doctors shocked, and they go back to normal life.

Sid Roth: Now are you praying or are the children praying?

Jennifer Toledo: The children, the children are praying. Many of these children are orphans, street kids, just small children that fully believe Jesus and we are seeing malaria healed, typhoid healed, I mean we have even see an entire hospital get closed down because so many people were continuing to be healed you know week after week after week that they had no business, they had to close the hospital down. This is what God is doing in the midst of suffering.

Sid Roth: All right, Jonathan, just in the last month or so tell me some miracles that have occurred that you are aware of.

Jonathan Toledo: Well three weeks ago we were in Ecuador and we told the kids about praying for the sick and just believing and they started praying for the people who were in the room and there was a little girl, a quadriplegic, and she was about nine-years-old, and the kids, they started praying for her, one of the little girls were...

Sid Roth: Wait, quadriplegic means she can't walk, she can't move her arms...

Jonathan Toledo: Yeah, she doesn't' have any movement.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Jonathan Toledo: And even the way her head is you can tell that it is affecting her whole body, and one of the little girls about the same age started praying for this girl and she started weeping, and she is just weeping, she prayed for this girl. And after a while she told the father of this girl, I believe we need to see if she can walk, and so for the first time this little girl was able to stand up, she was still have some hope, but she gave like about ten steps, and she has never been able to move her legs before this.

Sid Roth: Are you seeing an increase in the miraculous or is it about the same, what do you say?

Jennifer Toledo: In north America or...

Sid Roth: Worldwide.

Jennifer Toledo: Worldwide. I think that there has always been the miraculous, I think that we are now I think coming to a point of, actually coming back more to our roots where we actually understand this is the every day, this should be every day. God is the God of the miraculous, and so we are seeing more of that but I believe that God has never stopped, there has been miracles happening for centuries.

Sid Roth: Of course, but I'm beginning to see there is a stirring, there is something new going on that has never happened before on planet earth, it's almost as if God's realm which is called eternity is drawing closer to our realm which is called time and the two are just dissecting and there is a power confrontation coming on, that's why I am so excited about your two teaching CD's. Many of the children are having heavenly visitations, not just Kayla.

Jennifer Toledo: Several children, we're seeing children having dreams, visions, angelic visitations, heaven is very close.

Sid Roth: Okay, so when people sit under this teaching like the Gospel of the kingdom, is this the type of teaching that is opening them up?

Jennifer Toledo: I certainly would hope so, I mean that is the goal of what we are doing here, is to try and get people to realize that as spiritual being, the spirit realm isn't so far away, it's just right here and if we can just tune in and just quiet our souls down, and tune in to the Spirit of God and what he is saying and what he is doing that you know we are called to live as spiritual beings, we're seated in heaven, and so we're citizens of heaven we don't have to, you know we can experience the heavenly realm, the spiritual realm right here every day on planet earth.

Sid Roth: And the other CD we are offering, the Gospel, I mean the weeping room, tell me about that.

Jennifer Toledo: The weeping room is about God's heart of compassion for the lost, the poor, the children, the suffering, he is a God so full of compassion trying to win the heart of a lost generation. And so our teaching on this weeping room is to stir people that in the midst of seeing suffering you don't have to sit back and feel overwhelmed, but you can actually partner with God in compassion for strategy, for your city, for your nation, for your community, to see change come.

Sid Roth: So many people are just sitting around saying that's just for the superstars to do, it's not for me. Would you look in the camera and talk to them right now.

Jennifer Toledo: That is actually not true at all, because God is the God of the simple, and we are seeing him use children, street children, orphans, anybody. He will pour out his spirit on all flesh, he is just looking for a simple, willing, a humble vessel that will walk with him in friendship and partnership, so you and I get invited into that and so if we just break off the shame and the condemnation because God wants every single one of us to walk in friendship and partnership with him.

Sid Roth: Jonathan, you have an experience with God in which he gave you compassion. Tell me in your mind what is compassion, how does it operate?

Jonathan Toledo: I believe that God has given us all a portion of compassion you know that when we see something that is sad or unjust, there is something that is moving us, but I believe that as we pursue God and as we pursue being close to him I believe that increases, that our hearts gets expanded, our spirit gets expanded as we come close to him. One time I had this experience where I saw, we were in Oklahoma and I prayed for a little girl, and the father told me that she was completely, that she was mentally ill, and she looked normal, she was actually a beautiful five-year- old, and so she sat on my lap and she was just staring at be because she didn't know what I was going to do. And so I started praying for her and I started getting, I felt this overwhelming feeling of you know God, as a father how can you resist to heal this little girl? And i, you know at that point I felt if my spirit went higher and I was able to her better, and the father was saying, I can't resist this little girl, I have been waiting for somebody to pray for her. And so I prayed for her, I didn't know at that moment what happened but three months later the mother reported that she was completely well, that she was completely restored after that, and she was taken from a special school to a normal school and she was already on level with all the other kids. And not just that, but you know she had some problems the way that she walked, her coordination was a little bit off, and she said it is getting better and later on we found out that it was completely normal.

Sid Roth: You know what I believe right now, if one of you, whoever that is, will look into the camera and pray for people with aids that they are going to be healed.

Jennifer Toledo: Why don't you pray that?

Sid Roth: Go.

Jonathan Toledo: Well father right now, we ask that you would touch people with aids, that you will show them your love, that you will do the things that man can't do and I ask father in this moment that you will show people your love through healing, that you will heal aids, I ask for everybody who is watching who has aids right now that you will touch them with your power, in Jesus name.

Sid Roth: And some of you might say that is really simple, well if God is doing it of course it is simple, you must start becoming like little, do you remember your first love, it's time to go back, that his compassion and his love, I believe right now he is embracing some of you, you literally can feel the love of God, that his spirit that is coming all over you, and some of you have such ferocious lines in your life, tires, serpents, you just don't know how to get rid of all these things that are going on. Well I have a word for you, I have this word for you and the word is, look into your fathers eyes, get your mind off the circumstances and look into your fathers eyes, and what you are going to see for the first time maybe in your entire life is acceptance. But you don't know what I did, Sid. You are right, but I tell you if you repent God will remember your sins no more. Look into your father's eyes: get your mind off, Isaiah 26:3 says, "Keep your eyes on him and he will keep you in perfect peace". The word peace in Hebrew is shalom, that's completeness in your spirit, in your soul, in your body, in your emotions, in your marriage, in your health, he's so good, he's so good, Jennifer look in the camera and tell people how good God is in ten seconds.

Jennifer Toledo: God is so faithful, he will be faithful to you, he will prove himself to you , we've seen time and time again, miracle after miracle his faithfulness, his goodness, he's in love with you. The God of the universe is in love with you, that's a strange thought, but...

Sid Roth: He is in love with you!
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