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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - This is Making You Sick and You Don't Even Realize It

Sid Roth - This is Making You Sick and You Don't Even Realize It

Sid Roth - This is Making You Sick and You Don't Even Realize It

Sid Roth: Many years ago I knew a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman, she had the most outstanding miracles happen, I mean still when I think about her, when I think about the presence of God, the miracles that would occur, the blind that would see, the deaf that would hear. But then I was having dinner last night with Joan Hunter and she said to me that there are many times they have meetings where a hundred percent of the people are healed. Kathryn Kuhlman used to say I perceive the day coming in which people that walk in the presence of God will go into hospitals and the whole hospitals will clear out. Well Joan you said this sort of thing is going on at your meetings, there's such a high percent of people getting healed, and the reason I believe this is going on is you have been really prepared by God. You see she is the daughter of Charles and Frances hunter and I have to believe Joan hunter that you have witnessed with your eyes more miracles, or as many miracles as any human that's ever lived.

Joan Hunter: I think so.

Sid Roth: But the thing that kind of intrigues me is you were in the back row, you were not an upfront type individual, that's all changed, and then you had ten things happen to you, or I believe that nine of the ten things

Joan Hunter: Nine of the ten, unhuh...

Sid Roth: Would be enough to kill a person, any one of them would be enough but you had nine of the ten things, the doctors say you're in big trouble, but how does someone that's been in ministry with their parents for thirty years, seeing miracles from just a little child, how did you happen to marry a man that was a pastor that was a homosexual?

Joan Hunter: Well that kind of came out you know later in life, many times people say they have been free of this and free of that and the root causes have not been taken care of, and so when stress came on then homosexuality came on. And after twenty-five years of marriage, we were in the ministry together, traveled the world together, and it was, it was, you know I would ask him different things and he would say, "Well no, that's not going on, and you can't get a divorce on the gift of suspicion, so I just really prayed and I said, God what is done in darkness, let it be revealed in the light, and when I had proof positive that he was having you know affairs, and to this day he has an unrepentant heart, and so I pray for him, you know for God to open his eyes and so at that point after twenty-five years of you know, being emotionally starved, to say the least, then at that point God released me to get the divorce.

Sid Roth: But then I men in addition to that you didn't have much money, you developed breast cancer, they gave you what, an average of two years to live?

Joan Hunter: They said about two years, it was two days after the divorce, you know number one you're co-dependant you're dealing with the separation, then two days later after the divorce you get diagnosed with breast cancer, and then in Texas you don't have alimony, and so

Sid Roth: Tell me, even with the good background you had, that had to be some of the darkest times of your life.

Joan Hunter: It was, it was...

Sid Roth: It had to be crushing.

Joan Hunter: It was, it was a crushing, it was a brokenness, it as a doing away with anything and everything that I held dear to me, and then you know, you deal with that and then you get diagnosed with breast cancer, and then you go to the counselor, the counselors say there is absolutely no hope, you'll never get over this, because in addition to the homosexuality and different things that went along with that, there is a lot of other things that you have to deal with. Number one, he was a pastor, and number two, he was your children's pastor and their father, and dealing with that and a lot of other things that go on in that lifestyle.

Sid Roth: So tell me, all right, so you get this diagnosis, you don't have time to pity yourself, what do you do about it?

Joan Hunter: Well you go before God and you petition the Lord and the first thought, you know if anybody's ever been diagnosed with cancer the first thought is, well you know I want these kind of flowers, I want pink roses on the casket, a white casket, wearing pink

Sid Roth: You know too much, how could you have done that joan?

Joan Hunter: That's exactly the first thought, I didn't say, I knew enough to get rid of the thought but not for it to stay, okay. And I knew enough for it to get rid of it and hold those thoughts captive according to the Word of God. And I realized that within a few months I would have been in the ground if I had not said, no, God has called me, if nothing else, my children need me. And you know they were teenagers at the time and it was like, you know I need to do what I can do for them. And I would force-feed myself because I was too sick, I was sickened, too sickened to eat, but I force-fed myself in order to, you know to maintain, to survive basically. And the counselors would say I would never get over it, because there was a whole lot more involved than homosexual activity, rather than just affairs. And that lifestyle and then the children blamed me for the divorce because I was the one that had filed, and so then they are mad at me for destroying the home. And then we moved out of this home into this little bitty home, that's like one third the size of the original home and you know so forth and so on and then the CPA says, "You know you're not going to make it financially, and the only way that you possibly could make it is if you quit tithing and for sure quit giving offerings. So I changed CPA's.

Sid Roth: Good for you.

Joan Hunter: Yeah, cause I knew I couldn't make it if I quit tithing and giving offerings and I know that because of my giving that God took care of me financially, supernaturally.

Sid Roth: What about the breast cancer?

Joan Hunter: And a couple of months in going and doing this and so forth and when I went back all this, the darkness, the scarring, the everything on the sonogram just wasn't there.

Sid Roth: I don't understand, where did it go?

Joan Hunter: God just took it away.

Sid Roth: What did the doctor's say?

Joan Hunter: They actually asked me not to come back there, to have any more mammograms there because they couldn't explain it.

Sid Roth: You're saying even the scar from the biopsy?

Joan Hunter: The scars from the biopsies, they couldn't even find when I went back

Sid Roth: They thought you weren't the same person I imagine.

Joan Hunter: Unhuh. And they thought they had made a mistake and misdiagnosed me before. But I was on the examining table and I'm the one the sonogram actually slipped and I was watching, because I find medicine and things like that very fascinating, and I looked and I said, "What is that"? She goes, "Oh nothing". I said, "Put it back on there, I want to see what that is". And so it's all there, you know the whole bit, and I knew exactly where it was and it was an accident that they found it, and so that was a very much, a very alone time in my life.

Sid Roth: I can imagine, but I can also imagine anyone watching this right now that have loved ones, or themselves who have cancer, the same God that healed joan, is, I believe, going to heal you. He just healed someone's back right now in Jesus name.

Joan Hunter: Amen.

Sid Roth: Don't go away because this woman knows how to grab hold of God for you for a miracle. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Seven back surgeries, healed. Joan you were telling me about someone you prayed for.

Joan Hunter: Yes.

Sid Roth: Was it just recently.

Joan Hunter: Yeah, recently I prayed for this lady and she had seven back surgeries and she was on a morphine pump because of the pain, and it was so intense that she could hardly even survive, much less work or do anything else, even live. And I prayed for her a few months ago, she was totally, completely healed, got a hold of the new book which we're going to be talking about in just a few minutes, and she is now going out laying hands on the sick because she realized the healing power of God was not just reserved for a few, but the healing power of God is for everybody who believe according to Mark. And it was, it's incredible what God is doing...

Sid Roth: Well this is sort of, the way I call it and it actually says it, it's a handbook and I have to tell you I have never seen a book that not only tells you what the root causes of most diseases are, but teaches you, what you're doing, is you are mentoring people on

Joan Hunter: Yes, all over the world.

Sid Roth: So this woman goes in the hospital, I understand she takes your book with her.

Joan Hunter: She takes the book with her and they are all getting healed, it is so exciting, and what's neat is she goes to this church and they get hospital calls from different members of the church and so forth get sick, either sick at their home or come forward for prayer or whatever and they go, "Come up here, come up here, you pray for them". And they are getting her praying for them and she's up there and she's got her book and she's going, okay you have this, you know in the name of Jesus and these people are getting healed as she does it.

Sid Roth: What about that man with the stroke?

Joan Hunter: That was so exciting, that was about a year and a half ago and it was just absolutely an incredible situation that happened. He came in, he had a head brace on, a neck brace on, he couldn't bend, he couldn't walk and he had a cane and he would you know have to be helped upon the platform and was paralyzed, I believe it was his left side, and just absolutely phenomenal, in a matter of moments, just literally, just a few minutes he was instantly healed. The following day, that actually at the end of the ministry time we asked him you know, check for the pain, do this, raise your arm cause he couldn't raise his arm and God healed his arm, and he goes, "I can wiggle my toes, I can wiggle my toes". Everybody wiggle your toes, just take a moment and wiggle your toes...

Sid Roth: I'm doing that.

Joan Hunter: I know, it's like thank God that you can wiggle your toes and he hadn't done it in six years.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, God has just shown up, God has just come into this studio and I believe as you see this miracle, exercise your faith for the miracle you need right now.

Joan Hunter: Expect your back to be healed.

Sid Roth: I'm going to take a look at it right now.

Sid Roth: You know joan, I don't know about you but I get so exited when I see a miracle because the person behind the miracle is a way to God and for to long we have not known how to minister healing. God is the one that heals. How in the world did you and Michael henson know so much to put this in a book because...

Joan Hunter: Experience.

Sid Roth: I've never, but I've never seen one put together, and I've seen a lot of healing books that, I mean you literally teach people how to get healed themselves, and then to heal other people.

Joan Hunter: Yes.

Sid Roth: That's what's going on.

Joan Hunter: That's exactly, it's called empowering the saints and getting them equipped to know how to do it, giving them a background on how to do it. And just like you know watching that guy get healed, it was just like it just happened again, I get so excited. I've been doing, you know with traveling with mom and dad and so forth in the miracle ministry for over thirty- five years, I still get excited when every single person gets healed.

Sid Roth: You know and Michael henson has been twenty-five years and that's a lot of years of experience. Over fifty-five, almost sixty years of experience between the two of us, we have put into a book what the diseases are, how to pray for them, what has worked for us, and it will work for people that either read the book, people are reading the book and we had a lady that was reading about high blood pressure, she says, "I have high blood pressure, and she was reading it and with, I mean she has not had to take her high blood pressure medicine because it was as needed, totally completely healed.

Sid Roth: Get the book but I'm more excited right now as God is coming in the studio, we're taking a commercial break and someone's neck was healed, we're going to come back and I'm going to ask Joan to pray and I believe this is your moment, this is your time, now is the acceptable time, I'll be right back after this.

Sid Roth: I'm so glad that the spirit of the living God has invaded this studio right now because that means that God is about ready to invade in your home. You will feel the manifest presence of the living God, now I know its not necessary to feel to be healed, but I tell you this is God's hour to pour out his spirit, and joan, if God could heal you, well you were the hunter's daughter, maybe that's why God, maybe you're his favorite.

Joan Hunter: I know I am his favorite, but that's another story. But I know that my feeling, if God can heal me, God can heal anybody. If God can heal my finances, God can heal my heart, God can heal everything, then God can do it for you. He's no respecter of persons.

Sid Roth: And you know what's so wonderful, joan. You sincerely meant what came out of your mouth and it is true, you are God's favorite. But guess what, I am God's favorite too. And even better than that, you, see, we look at God in a human standard, no, no, no, God is pure love and I tell you, you may have never heard this before, but you are God's favorite. You are so special to God, he has felt every one of your hurts, he has taken upon himself every one of your diseases. Joan, someone, I know they can go through this book but right now, someone shouldn't have to put up with this pain another minute, speak to them.

Joan Hunter: I agree, I agree. God has healed me in so many areas, I broke my back about six years ago and God healed my broken back. I went through about three months of unbelievable pain but it gave me compassion for those that have back problems and God healed me of that broken back and put the bone back together and it was incredible what God did. But God healed my heart, and there's so much pain in the hearts of the people. What I want you to do, I want you to lay your hand of the part of your body that hurts, if its your back, lay it on your back, if you have pain in your shoulder, you have a hard time moving your shoulder, if you have a headache put your hand on your head and I'm going to pray for God to come right through into your living room or wherever you happen to be watching this program and touch you and heal your body. And I'm going to pray for cancer, I'm going to pray for a variety of things, but expect God to move on your behalf. Father right now in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing through this camera into the homes, and the congregation, the audience that are watching this program today, in the name of Jesus I speak health, wholeness, healing in every area of their life, not just physically, but restoration of their life, of their family of their homes in every area of their life. Father right now in the name of Jesus, I command all that pain to go in Jesus name, I speak new vertebrae's into the neck, into the back in Jesus name, I command the pelvic area to line up, I command that arthritis in the knees to be gone and the pain to be gone in Jesus name, and the ankles, and I even feel that there are some people that are having pain in their toes, father in the name of Jesus I command that pain to go. Father right now I speak to the health and wholeness of their shoulders, their new rotator cup in Jesus name, in Jesus name I command that pain to go the carpal tunnels to be healed, all the pain in their joints, all the way up, the pain in their head, I command that spirit of migraine headaches to be gone in Jesus name, that fibromyalgia which is a terrible disease in Jesus name. I command the electrical and magnetic frequencies in their bodies to be in complete harmony and balance in Jesus name. Father I command those that are suffering with diabetes, I speak now pancreases into them in Jesus name. Those that have cancer put your hand on wherever the cancer and particular breast cancer, father right now in the name of Jesus I curse that cancer, I command it to be gone in Jesus name, I speak health and wholeness in Jesus name, in Jesus name. Cancer you are cursed in Jesus name, from the very root, I command you to dry up like the tree was commanded to dry up so shall that dry up even to the very bottom of the roots in Jesus name. I speak health and wholeness over every area, there's people that are dealing with problems in their marriage, one of the greatest problems, the three main problems in marriage is if you're selfish, selfish, or selfish. Give your selfishness to God and see, not just what I can get out of the marriage but what I can put in the marriage and you will see your marriage turn around. I speak healing to marriages in Jesus name, I speak healing to finances, those that are facing bankruptcy, how do you get out of bankruptcy, you give your way out of debt, you give your way out of bankruptcy, I don't know how it works, I know that math was my best subject, one plus one equals two, but you know what, with God one plus one may equal seven, and I don't know how it works but God promises to supply all of our needs. In the name of Jesus, I command health and wholeness to the eyes, to the ears in Jesus name. There is somebody here that's watching that has a real problem with warts I mean unbelievable problem with warts and eczema, in the name of Jesus I speak health and wholeness to that, those skin, and I command those viruses to go the extra skin cells to go, in the name of Jesus I curse that ms, I speak health and wholeness to those bodies in Jesus name, in Jesus name.

Sid Roth: I believe that this was not just a religious cosmetic tradition that just occurred, I believe the people are having tremendous healings but you know people that you'd like to pray for . As a matter of fact I'm just wondering, has God shown you, or perhaps your parents about what's about ready to happen here in the United States in reference to healing?

Joan Hunter: Yes, i, God has put it in my heart and the ministry team that head up the ministry, number one, but I want to just go back one second because I cannot forget this. It's important for everybody out there who is watching to say, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus," if you've got pain in your elbow say, "Thank you Jesus" and then move it and then you will realize that the pain is gone, the pain is gone in your head, but it's very important that you say thank you Jesus. Regarding that, we were talking last night several people at the table and so forth, we were just talking over some ideas, what direction do you think we are going to be going next, in the next wave of revival and so forth, and I personally believe that number one, it's healing, because people will come to the Lord through signs and wonders. It's not just, you know you can preach all you want but they want to see a living, a real Jesus. And when they see people are getting healed just like that it's phenomenal what happens. And many times people come in, into the services and they don't believe in miracles but they come with their arms crossed and everything like that, and God just comes in and they see God doing miracle after miracle and then they give their heart to the Lord. But it's not just them coming to the services that I head up, it's taking the Word of God, taking his healing power out of the four walls of the church, taking it to the market place...

Sid Roth: But joan, you have in your handbook principles, I mean it's not just go do it, it's how to do it, how to pray for specific conditions, what is really the root cause, exactly, I mean it's a step by step handbook, but there's something going on right now and I believe I'd miss it if I didn't tell you, there is such a pouring out of God's healing virtue, of God's love, and he wants to heal the greatest wound, the emptiness, that thing inside of you that says there's got to be something more, the person that's ready to commit suicide, stop, I tell you that God loves you, I tell you that no matter what you've done you are God's favorite, I tell you that if you surrender and that's the key word, if you surrender, tell God you're sorry for your sins, you can't stop it but God has the power to set you free, you turn away from your sins and you turn to God, telling him you're sorry and believe that Jesus is going to come and live right inside of you. Believe that there is a greater purpose for your life, no it is not too late, no you have not gone too far, God has me talking to you right now, the presence of God is pouring in like a river, father for that person that needs that supernatural touch, whatever arena in their life, pour it in Holy Spirit, his Hebrew name is Ruach haKodesh (roo-ha-kah-co-desh) spirit of the living God, flow like a river, flow into their living rooms, flow into the rooms that they're in right now. Shalom, shalom.
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