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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - We Took Jesus to a New Age Festival in Israel

Sid Roth - We Took Jesus to a New Age Festival in Israel

Sid Roth - We Took Jesus to a New Age Festival in Israel

Sid Roth: This was right by the Sea of Galilee.

Salina Covington: Just right there. And I'm thinking, no wait a minute, this is Israel.

Sid Roth: A baby had no brain and my guest Salina covington prayed for this baby. Yes you got it, the baby now has a brain. Miracles are ordinary when you have an extraordinary God. Something is going on, on planet earth. I am so excited about it. I'd better hold on to this table or it may take off. It says in the scriptures, in the prophet Joel that there will be one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen and it's chapter two, verse 28, and this revival on the Jewish people. Jewish people will come to know Jesus in droves. They'll move in supernatural power. I mean, they will be flaming evangelists just telling the nations about how God is so good. And this is chapter two in Joel. But you see, the Hebrew prophets didn't divide the scrolls into chapters. And chapter two and chapter three are really connected, because chapter three tells us when chapter two of Joel, this great Jewish outpouring where Jewish people, men, women, little boys, little girls are going to just have encounters with the living God and can't keep quiet about it. It says in chapter three of the prophet Joel exactly when this will happen. It says that there will be judgment on the nations and the cause of the judgment will be, you read it yourself, for dividing up the land of Israel. When you see Israel divided up there will be a great Jewish revival. And as a matter of fact, the same thing about the judgment coming as a result of dividing up the land of Israel with the great presence of God all kind of in the same package, Jesus said the same thing. In Matthew 25, he's talking about five wise virgins and five foolish virgins. What's the difference between the wise and the foolish? The wise are filled with oil. The foolish don't have oil. This is a type of the presence of God's spirit. And my guest, someone was just healed. Someone's back was just healed. Someone's neck was just healed. And Salina, the head, there's a throbbing headache. I don't know if it's tumors or hearing, but there is a flow. What did you tell me you saw in the studio before we went on the air, Salina covington?

Salina Covington: I saw couple of angels sitting on the boom, that camera boom.

Sid Roth: Well I believe that they are there to serve you.

Salina Covington: Yes.

Sid Roth: And to bring my words right to you at this moment. But this is what Jesus said in Matthew 25, he said, "The nations will be judged. There will be goat nations, those that have a mind of their own, and there will be sheep nations, those that follow the shepherd. The goat nations will be judged for one sin," the same thing Joel said in chapter three. This is what Jesus said: "As you have done unto the least of these my brethren," the Jewish people, "You have done unto me".

Salina Covington: Yes.

Sid Roth: And he is talking about the physical Jews. Christians did not exist at the time he made that statement, judgment in the new covenant, judgment in the old covenant by touching the apple of God's eye, the nation Israel. I just got back from Israel and I tell you I saw something. I was told that this never happened in the history of modern day Israel. Fifty Israelis made first-time professions of faith that Jesus is the Messiah. One young Israeli came up to me. She said, "For weeks I've been hearing in my head Jesus is the Messiah, and I saw your ad. I came to the meeting". As a matter of fact, I would like you to see, this is in Haifa, Israel, one of the meetings that we had, and an individual got physically healed. Let's take a look at that.

Sid Roth: Imagine, in two meetings we had close to 500 Israelis. The majority of them made professions of faith. Fifty were bold enough to come in front of everyone and stand up and say, "I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel". Precedent breaking, I tell you. Historic, I tell you. It's the revival that Joel was talking about. Then I went to Berlin, Germany, same thing. We rented a secular auditorium. I gave a lecture on miracles. Five hundred Russians, primarily Jewish people show up. The majority of these people make professions of faith that Jesus is the Messiah. God is up to something. Then because of what occurred, I was asked to come back to a new age, yes, a new age festival called bereshith in Israel to lecture, they didn't know it, against what the Torah has to say about the new age, and Salina covington, I asked you to come. Did you have any idea what you were going to walk into?

Salina Covington: I had no idea, Sid. I'm telling you not until I got home did I really realize the impact that God allowed the work through us and it just, I just fell down on my knees. It was amazing. It was just amazing. Like I said to you before, we will never know really the impact, how we touched those young people.

Sid Roth: Listen, some of the miracles that God used you for, that God used the rest of our team for, all the Jewish people that came to know the Messiah, I mean, you won't even, it will be hard for you to believe. Don't go away. I know you're not going away. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth here with pastor Salina covington and we're going to talk about just the most amazing trip to Israel, the miracles we saw, the Jewish people that came to know Messiah in such a supernatural, spectacular fashion. It tells you what's going on. But Salina, I know that before you were called to the ministry you were a jazz singer.

Salina Covington: Right.

Sid Roth: You've done a lot of things. But I am so impressed with your church. What's the name of it?

Salina Covington: The place where the Lord provides Christian center.

Sid Roth: And the reason I'm so impressed with it is two things. Number one, you're right in the inner city.

Salina Covington: Yes.

Sid Roth: You are where Jesus would be in Youngstown, Ohio. Second thing is where did that presence of God that looks like a cloud come from? Why is that cloud in your congregation?

Salina Covington: It's God's approval on our worship. Whenever we get to that, really get to that point of worship, when we stop singing and start to worship the room gets cloudy. Sometimes it's so thick we can hardly see each other. A couple of Sundays ago I was talking and this was after service, and I sat down. The church was emptying out and I sat on the front row, and I looked back and I said, "I sure hope I'm sitting in a cloud because you guys are really sitting in a cloud". And they said, "Yes, pastor". People can't leave. They just, they hang around. Two hours after service is over they're just hanging around because the Spirit of God is moving even in their hearts after we worship and I preach.

Sid Roth: Tell me how, because let's be candid. You're an African-America pastor, a female in the inner city and all of a sudden you have a heart for the Jewish people in Israel and you've even started a one new man congregation. Tell me how this evolved.

Salina Covington: And God did it like it was a big bang. I mean, he just really did it. Bam, just all of a sudden. And a private Bible study, my own private Bible study I said, let me study the book of Ephesians. Got to the second chapter and got stuck in the 14, 15th verse. I'm trying to figure, okay, I understand what you did. You cut the veil, Lord Jesus. You came. You did your redemptive work. What do you mean two? What two are you talking about? And then that other scripture, "I would that you would be one". Okay, what? Who do you want, the Methodist and the Lutheran? Who do you want, the male preachers, the female preachers? What are you saying? And all of a sudden God spoke to my heart and said, "The Jew and the gentile". And I thought, yeah. So I'm stuck there for like two, three months and the spirit of the Lord is teaching me some things that I've never heard before, never heard any of my professors in Bible college, in Bible school, none of the theologians that I sat around and listened to do their religious rhetoric. And God said to me, he said, "Do you think I'm going to come and get you when it's time for you to come and be with me and leave my children, the Jew"? And I thought about it. A good father, if you've adopted me in, you would not prefer me over your natural children. Maybe you got some issues with one or the other, but you're going to want all of your children. And so I just began to pray and began to pray, and a couple of months later someone asked, a couple of ladies said, "You got to go and hear this man named Sid Roth". And I said, well, you know, okay. They forced me and, I went. After I got up off the floor from that meeting I shook like I never shook before.

Sid Roth: Was that meeting where I spoke on the Book of Esther for the Esther anointing?

Salina Covington: Yes, yes, and laid hands on me and anointed me with an Esther anointing. And I went home thinking, oh my, if I was ever in trouble I'm in trouble now because Esther was set up for time that would free her people from the oppression and from Haman's murderous hands, and all of the things that he was doing. And I thought, okay God, you know, it's not bad enough I'm in the inner city. It's not bad enough that I've got this 38,000 square-plus building to oversee. I've got this school. I've got this after-school program. We've got a food program. I'm doing women of the word, you know, just bringing the ladies to prostitutes and whoever. Now you're asking me to be a forerunner in a patriarchal system and say, okay guys, we're going to have to love the Jew. You know, on my side of town they want anybody to hate because everybody is seemingly hating them, and you're saying I've got to go to them and say, hey, what we need to do is embrace our brothers. We need to really evangelize. We need to do what the Word of God says and call them in first and let God give the increase

Sid Roth: So you have a shabbat service.

Salina Covington: Yes.

Sid Roth: You observe the biblical festivals.

Salina Covington: Yes we do.

Sid Roth: Do you do it bondage?

Salina Covington: No I don't, as a matter of fact.

Sid Roth: I know that. You don't have a religious bone in your body.

Salina Covington: I really don't and I'm so glad about it. As a matter of fact I'm hearing this baruch hashem Adonai, and I'm hearing like in the black choir style. So you know, I've got to work with the musicians to do that because we've got to do that. And that's one good, the one thing I really love about the one new man it's I can be who I am and still be in the family.

Sid Roth: How does this book play into your understanding of the race to save the world?

Salina Covington: Because it taught me all the things that my professors in seminary and professors in college getting degrees would not or could not teach me. Your book helped me. I taught your book. I taught your book to a crowd and looked up and had a few. The few that I had, praise God, really wanted to know Yeshua. They wanted to know about the feasts. They wanted to know the blessings of the Jews that was theirs and they wanted to know that blessing for praying for the Jews that God said could be ours.

Sid Roth: Now you received an infilling of love when you first became a believer of the Messiah.

Salina Covington: I did. I did.

Sid Roth: And I've seen you also walk in extraordinary favor. But it is absolutely ridiculous what you and i, and the other team members walked into, in Israel. Would you look in the camera and describe the new age festival that we went to.

Salina Covington: It was something like I never ever experienced in my life. First of all, I had never been in that kind of setting before. When you walked into that part of the camp ground you literally could feel the air getting thick. The trees were decorated with all kinds of Gods and people were walking around looking really weird and you could smell the smoke from marijuana. You saw people laying out in the street and doing sexual gyrations.

Sid Roth: This was right by the Sea of Galilee.

Salina Covington: Just right there. And I'm thinking, no wait a minute, this is Israel. And asking someone, they said, "Well this is mild. We just had a gay parade two weeks ago". And I thought, okay God, now I understand why I'm feeling. I'm feeling a compassion was coming on me. And as I looked at the young people all I could see was hopelessness. And they had told me to dress kind of hippy, and so I did. I was an obedient little baby. And one of the preachers that was with me, with us said to some of the young people that were coming around, "She's the oracle". And I went, "Yes, I'm the oracle and you'd better be at sid's meeting at 11:00 tomorrow".

Sid Roth: Let me just interrupt you. See, we had two meetings scheduled and we were inviting people to meetings in which I announced there would be miracles at this new age festival and I was going to proclaim the God of miracles. Don't go away. We'll be right back because I still want to find out about that baby that had no brain, and that brain came back. Be right back after this. We now return to it's supernatural.

Sid Roth: Sid Roth with Salina covington here and she was part of a team that went to Israel. I brought people that move in the power of God because the Jew requires a sign. I was invited to speak, it was an absolute miracle, at a new age festival. It was called bereshith from the book of Genesis, "The beginnings", and they had, I mean, it was literally a stench in God's nostrils what we saw there. As a matter of fact, Salina, why don't you kind of paint a picture of that very first meeting that I had. You see, I had a meeting in which we had flyers and we passed them out inviting people to a lecture on miracles saying, "Miracles will take place". And then when I started speaking I said, I was talking about Elijah and mt. Carmel and the God that answers with fire is the real God, and that's what I was preaching on. But I guaranteed them that's the way I started. I wanted to get their attention that they had miracles. Give me a snapshot, a picture from you watching what occurred.

Salina Covington: The backdrop was a beautiful serene lake kinneret and there you were.

Sid Roth: Excuse me, Sea of Galilee.

Salina Covington: Okay, Sea of Galilee. You were standing there.

Sid Roth: You're getting so Jewish, Salina.

Salina Covington: My one new man congregation. You're standing there and you're speaking. The anointing is on you and to your left, which would have been my right, this young man is drinking a beer. To other side this young woman, she's smoking marijuana and they're smoking cigarettes. Right in front of me they're just going, doing sexual gyrations with one another and I'm thinking, well you need to stop this. You need to be a little bit more reverent.

Sid Roth: What's going on behind me?

Salina Covington: Behind you they're swimming naked. They're swimming naked.

Sid Roth: This is not your father's church.

Salina Covington: It's not your grandma's Bible study.

Sid Roth: No. I like that line better. Go ahead.

Salina Covington: And it was amazing because when you got to the end of what God had you say and you simply said, "Who needs a miracle", the ones that I thought were being very disrespectful and very uncouth, if I can use that term, they were the ones that came up and they were the ones that God really, really touched, you know. But in the middle of all of this, here's this guy from California, he began to heckle you. A lady next to him, he began to heckle you. I'm looking for the other preachers. I'm thinking, well we've been sent here with Sid to protect him, gird him up and pray for him, and I thought, well if the guys were taking him, I'll take her. But there won't be any harm or anything like that done. We are going to watch what the Spirit of God and watch what he's going to do. In the middle of all of that here comes this guy up and we thought it was another heckler, and he said, "I've had a miracle. I'm healed". And it was just'...

Sid Roth: I was so happy. I thought he was coming up to charge me. And I said, "Stop. The God who answers by fire he has just answered".

Salina Covington: Yes.

Sid Roth: And people were healed. Oh tell me about that young boy that had autism, very briefly.

Salina Covington: Eight years old, had never spoken. I don't know if anybody knows about autism, but the child has a child disorder and the child is introverted. They don't communicate. I just sat down on a rock just so I could be eye to eye with him, and I began to pray, and I literally felt the power of God go through my hand, and he did, too, to the extent that he wouldn't let my hand go. After I finished praying he just clung onto my hand and just followed me around. Well finally it was time for mom to go and they left. And after she come running back, and she went, "Hey, hey, Salina, Salina, he talked. He spoke. He said a sentence for the first time". I said, "What did he say"? She said, "He said, mommy, what the lady is doing for us is a good thing". And on the way home he was still speaking and he said, "Mommy, I want my brother to feel what's coming out of that lady's hands".

Sid Roth: Did you hear that? He had never spoken a complete sentence his entire life. God touched him. Then we walked down to the runway, if you will, with all the witches and there were witches following us and yelling at us. But I'll tell you something, I know you move in love, but I had a chance to talk to these Israelis. They're so lost, so empty, so bankrupt.

Salina Covington: I loved that. They came off on you on that rock. When you sat on that rock and those young people surrounded you it was, the love was just pouring, oozing. The one on the end, the young man, he was trying to smoke and his hand began to sort of like shake a little bit, you know, and got caught up and pretty soon he was fleeing away.

Sid Roth: But the love was just, I could feel the love just radiating out to these Israelis. They're so love starved.

Salina Covington: The young lady that left there, "Yeshua is my king! Yeshua is my king!," after you signed your name on her shoulder.

Sid Roth: You weren't supposed to do that.

Salina Covington: I wasn't supposed to do that.

Sid Roth: I've never done this in my life.

Salina Covington: She was a witch.

Sid Roth: Yes, but you bring this witch up to me and she says, "Will you sign your name on my shoulder". And I'm looking at you and looking at her. So I did it. I signed my name.

Salina Covington: But we can do that because you had accepted Yeshua. And she left.

Sid Roth: This witch accepted Yeshua. I just couldn't believe that the devil had captured the minds and the physical action of all these young people. And something rose up within me and I started saying, these are all non-believers, keep in mind, "The blood of Yeshua, the blood of Yeshua"! And these non-believers, they like the way it sounds. Yeshua is Hebrew of Jesus. The blood of Jesus, they liked the way it sounded and they all started saying it and following me away from the demonic. Let's take a look at this.

Sid Roth: I was really getting into that. I was ready to get into it again. All these non-believers and Jewish people were coming to the Lord. The team was leading to the Lord. Miracles were taking place. Oh the baby with no brain, tell me about that.

Salina Covington: Sid, this baby was literally born without a brain. Her head was only the size of a fist. There had been some problems, the baby in uterus, but God, the doctors are amazed. They're watching what the spirit of the Lord could only do, that's program a brain. She's almost two years old now.

Sid Roth: Salina, let me ask you a question. My wife says don't ask, but I'm going to ask.

Salina Covington: Okay.

Sid Roth: Do you mind telling me how old you are.

Salina Covington: Okay. I'll be 68 years on December the 30th.

Sid Roth: And you told me that God has called you to Israel to start a congregation.

Salina Covington: Yes. Yes.

Sid Roth: Did you get this? She'll be 68 years old. She's African-American. She's female. She is not Jewish and God has called her to start a congregation in Israel. Don't you dare say I'm too old. Don't you dare say I don't have the experience. With God'...

Salina Covington: All things.

Sid Roth: All things, Salina, you said it, all things are possible. You believe that. You absolutely really believe that.

Salina Covington: With every fiber of my being.

Sid Roth: I need you to pray for a miracle in one minute. Look in that camera and pray for a miracle.

Salina Covington: Father, in the name of Yeshua, you promised what you were going to do on this day at this hour, and so I thank you for it. I don't pray, father, asking, hoping. I pray thanking you that it's done. Everywhere, all over the world babies are being restored. Children who have been, their parents have been told there's no hope. Children, young people who are in the occult they're going to come home in the name of Jesus. Those who are walking naked away from the Spirit of God are going to be clothed by the righteousness of the Lord God Almighty. I thank you for what you're doing with us. I thank you for what you're doing for us and I thank you for what you're doing because of us.

Sid Roth: And I tell you not to look back. I tell you not to think about the mistakes of the past. I tell you that this is the most exciting time to be alive on planet earth. This is the time that the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people that Jew and gentile, the middle wall of separation is coming down. We're becoming one new man. In John 17:21, when Jesus prayed, "I pray that they might be one so the world will believe, Jew and gentile". Then he says, "The same glory that is on me will be on them". And I pray for shalom, the wonderful peace of God would just move into your situations and circumstances. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. That's you. Say, that's me. I believe in Yeshua's name. Salina covington:.Yes!
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