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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Atheist Hears Audible Voice of God Say These Words

Sid Roth - Atheist Hears Audible Voice of God Say These Words

Sid Roth - Atheist Hears Audible Voice of God Say These Words
Sid Roth - Atheist Hears Audible Voice of God Say These Words
TOPICS: Atheistm, God's Voice

On December 31st, 2010, my guest was a drunken atheist. Two weeks later, just two weeks later he could see supernaturally into the invisible realm, was holding prayer meetings in his own living room and casting demons out of people.

Sid Roth: You know, I have found when someone has a God called destiny literally, the devil tries to snuff their life out even before they may even know the Lord. Isaiah, about five times.

Isaiah Saldivar: Yes.

Sid Roth: The devil tried to destroy you, just tell us a couple.

Isaiah Saldivar: One of them was, I was a kid I almost drowned. The other ones I fell out of a car actually as a kid. The third one was I was actually behind a tractor and a trailer; we're going 45 miles down the road. And the trailer broke and flipped over with me and my brother under it and the guy driving the tractor didn't know, drove a mile down the road with us under that. And I remember even in that moment, feeling this out of body experience knowing something was in there protecting us. And then again in college overdose, the doctor said you are three times what your body should be able to handle of drinking alcohol, I'm talking severe alcohol poising where I couldn't move. The most significant Sid was when I was 12 years old, I was actually in a barn with a friend of mine riding bikes. We had just got done watching a movie called American Outlaws where they were hanging Jesse James. And so, I was joking, it was an accidental thing. I said, I'm going to hang myself like Jesse James and there was a big metal chain hanging from the roof that they were using to pull up engines and transmissions. So, I put that rope around my neck and was swinging. While my friend had left the barn and I was still swinging what happened was I had passed out from how tight the rope was. And the rope had spun, lifting me up into the air so I woke up into this almost like out of body experience where I could see my hands to my side, I could see my legs and I could see I was four to six feet off the ground hanging in this barn with a chain tightened up lifting me in the air. And I'll never forget this, I just feel the power of God when I say this, I felt the softest hands I have ever felt go in between that chain and pull that chain open. And I immediately fell from how I was to the ground crawled to the corner of the barn my neck was bleeding because it was so tight. I look back I saw the chain still up in the bar and tightened up. And the only thought Sid, that crossed my mind was there's a war going on. And something is trying to kill me. And something else is trying to save me, even up until Sid, a month before I got saved, I was in a hotel room I've never been suicidal Sid I’ve never had a desire to take my life. I was in a hotel room and there was a force that came over me that brought me to the 13th story of the balcony and said, "Just jump off. Just jump off". And I'm talking about the most overwhelming feeling I've ever felt some of you watching might have had this experience before where you felt a spirit come over you trying to force you to do something. And so, I was at that balcony looking down there not knowing I was going to get saved in a month. And I knew this was the devil's last-ditch effort. Now, I know, I didn't know at the time. And another voice spoke and I didn't know the voice of, voice of God said, "Go lay down, go lay down, go lay down"! And there was this battle. I ended up laying down of course and a month later I got radically saved and God's hand was just on me.

Sid Roth: Okay. Look, the devil tries to destroy him all these times. Nineteen, he's an atheist, his sister has given him the business. "Come to church, come to church"! "I’ll go one time". What happened?

Isaiah Saldivar: Yeah, so I was raised in church like many people watching. At sixteen I decided to become an atheist and stopped going to church. At 19 years old, I'd graduated high school at 16. I was a month from graduating college at 19 to become a police officer, go to the academy with an administration of justice degree. My little sister for six months said, "Just go to church one time," she kept saying. "I'll never bug you again, just go one time". So, I said I'm going to go and I told my girlfriend this, just to shut her up so she'll stop bugging. I'll never forget this Sid, walking through the door that church, this thought came into my mind. This will be the last time I ever step foot in a church building. And I walked in there. I sat in this mega church in the very back where they rope it off. I said, "I'm not going to listen to this". I was making fun of the people on stage. After the preacher got on preaching, I felt, now this might strike some unbelief in the audience here, but I felt something pulling on me as if you were grabbing my shirt and pulling me to the altar. Now, I didn't know what it was. I just knew something is pulling me and I couldn't fight it to go to the altar. And I went forward to that altar. And I stood there and I said something that's going to make a lot of religious people upset right here. I said, "God, I don't even believe in you"! Actually cussed at God. I didn't know. You know, the Bible says, "While we were sinners, Christ proved His love for us". But I said this Sid, “If you're real if you are the God they say you are,' and I just feel it right now, I said, "I will lay down everything I will give you my life, I will break up with the girl I was with for four years, I will quit my job-" -my dream job in law enforcement I'm about to get hired as. "I'll leave everything, I'll move out of state". And the reason why I was so bold Sid was, I didn't believe God was real. So, I can just say...

Sid Roth: You have nothing to lose!

Isaiah Saldivar: Whatever I want doesn't matter. And in that moment, I said that again. An atheist didn't believe the audible voice of God. We're not talking about a small voice, we're not talking about an inward- the audible voice of God from Heaven said, "Isaiah I don't want 99.9% of you, I want everything and if you give me your life, I will use you to preach my gospel to all nations"! And God- I was in a trance like state I didn't feel I was at the altar anymore. I just saw glowing, bright lights like I was in another dimension. And I just heard the Lord speak to me and God began to show me in visions everything I'm doing right now I saw 10 years ago, the traveling, the preaching, the miracles, the deliverances, revival in my home, I started seeing that that night. One thing that I wanted to say that was very incredible that began to happen when I came out of this vision, literal dirt started coming out of my eyes. I'm not talking spiritual; I'm not talking about the spirit. I was an atheist five seconds ago; dirt was coming out of my eyes and God began to remove the dirty scales of the world and lust and everything that had been put on me and I was born again, speaking in tongues, trying to cover my mouth so my girlfriend wouldn't hear. I mean, no one was laying hands on me. I didn't know what it was, I had only heard tongues one time in my life. And now I'm sitting there, speaking violently in tongues and the Holy Spirit has really changed my life.

Sid Roth: And you know what's so amazing to me, I mean, one day, you're an atheist the next day, literal dirt comes out. It reminds me of a famous Jewish man by the name of Saul of Tarsus who became Paul. He had spiritual scales over his eyes. In effect, Isaiah, the spiritual scales came off of your eyes. And then not only did they come off of your eyes, it gets even better he started seeing through spiritual eyes for the first time in his life. You knew things about people, you actually could see demons, am I right?

Isaiah Saldivar: Yeah. When the service got over, I didn't recognize anybody Sid. I only recognized my sister. I said, "I got to go home". They said, “What happened to you?” I said, “I don't know I'm a different person.” I'm talking about I didn't recognize colors. I said, “What color is that"? I don't think I've ever seen that; it was just blue. Everything was new. I got home, didn't sleep for three days but what happened was the next day I went to college, I got on my college campus Sid, and I started seeing demons and angels. And I'm not talking about just in the spirit. I was seeing them like if I was seeing you all around my college campus warring over people. I started hearing voices, I didn't know they were words of knowledge, but getting words of knowledge for kids around me, my teacher. I looked at the guy next to me in class I'll never forget. I said, “Well, what happened to you?” He said, “What do you mean"? And I started hearing about what he had gone through as a kid and what he had been through, words of knowledge. I thought he was talking to me because I didn't know how radical this was.

Sid Roth: It reminds me that started happening to me.

Isaiah Saldivar: Wow.

Sid Roth: And I was just like you. I'd never been taught. I would be speaking and I could hear a physical condition that was wrong with someone. It took me months to even say it out loud. No one told me I should say it out loud. I had no guidelines. And then almost immediately you're in a Bible study in your parents living room, casting demons out of people.

Isaiah Saldivar: Three days later, I didn't sleep. My uncle was in ministry said, “Okay, you're talking for 14 hours straight. You're seeing demons and angels. You're prophesying over the animals. I mean, you're just going crazy.” I mean, it was just very radical. All my friends everyone just, and he said, "What is God saying? What is the end goal? What is God doing this for"? I said, "I see a revival breaking out at our house, I see thousands coming". Now he's an organized mega church who thought there's no way, there's no website, there's no Facebook- -that doesn't happen. And sure enough, Sid, the people I used to party with, the old friends, the family they heard about there's this radical kid on Castle Road they encountered God and they begin to drive Sid and they went from 20 the first night to 50 to 80 to 120 to 203 up to 500 people! Now mind you, you say, "How would 500 people fit in your house? I was wondering we had a large country house. Now mind you, you say "How would 500 people fit in your house?

Sid Roth: I was wondering.

Isaiah Saldivar: We had a large country house and I moved all the furniture out. I told my parents, "God is saying He wants to make this His dwelling place and His sanctuary". So, we moved out every TV, every furniture, emptied out my parents’ house and we had a big country property and we began to see Sid, an organic authentic move of God. One lady the very first night started manifesting a demon and I didn't know what demons were, deliverance was, and I just thought, and the Holy Spirit said, “This is it go for it; I'm going to train you and teach you.” And I wanted to say this Sid when I first got saved and said, “God, I don't know what to do. I don't have anything for you.” The Holy Spirit told me He was going to enlist me in the school of the Spirit and He was going to train me. Now many people to this day say, “Well, who taught you to preach?” For the first three months Sid I've only shared this maybe one other time for the first three months of my salvation I would wake up every single day preaching standing up. I didn't wake up in my bed for three months. I would wake up standing up preaching my mom and dad would say, we’d listen at your door and you'd be preaching full messages. And I remember there were moments where I'd wake up in my body preaching full messages and I would actually remember the message. And I said, “God, what is it?” And God said, “I'm going to teach you to preach, I'm going to teach you to pray.” And the Holy Spirit for three months, taught me to preach in the middle of the night. So, this was what God was doing, very radical, and people begin to come, miracles broke out, and the rest has been history.

Sid Roth: Isaiah, you must have learned so much about how the demons operate in the invisible world. I mean, did you get that? He saw a war going on over people's lives, they were oblivious to it. But this doesn't mean that in the invisible world that wasn't going on. And there's people watching us right now. And there's a war going over your life and the truth of the matter is, God loves you as much as He loves Isaiah, as much as He loves me. The truth of the matter is that you don't know when your end will come. The truth of the matter is that God is extending His hand to you. The truth of the matter is that God wants you just like you are, and He'll transform you. Maybe not the same way He did Isaiah, but the way that He created you to be. All of us are different but if you will say this prayer out loud, it’s a free gift from God. It really is. It's not based on your earning but being worth it, in God's eyes, He says, “You have worth, you are someone special to Me.” It doesn't matter what anyone else has said. God thinks you're special. You wouldn't be watching right now. I want you to repeat this prayer out loud, after me and believe it to the best of your ability, it’s not asking too much. Repeat this prayer. Dear God, out loud, Dear God, I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I'm clean. And now that I'm clean Jesus come inside of me. I make you my Savior and my Lord. Lord Jesus, I want to experience your goodness. Amen. Well, you say that we are created to operate in God's supernatural. What do you mean?

Isaiah Saldivar: Yeah, so many people think that the supernatural the power of God is only for a specific pastor or a specific leader. But what God has showed me recently is this is for every single believer, to walk in the power to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cleanse the leper, and to preach the gospel. So, what we've been really focusing on doing is training the average believer on how to walk, not what would Jesus do, but doing what Jesus did. This is the mandate for every believer and I had a point where when I first got saved, I looked at my Bible, said, I'll never forget this, my uncle and pastor I looked at him and I said, “Wait a minute, this says in Mark 16:17, we can cast out demons, those that believe. We can heal the sick.” And I looked at him, I said, “Can I do all of this all that the Bible says?” And he tells me to this day, in that moment, I had the chance to give you the religious answer and say, “Oh, well, that's not all the time in God” or I can say, “Yes, everything in this book you can do.” And that's the reality- Sid is, we have access to walk in the supernatural, the same Spirit and I just felt Holy Spirit so strong right now. The same Spirit that raised Christ is now alive on the inside of us. And too many of us that are watching have sold ourselves short, are not walking in the potential and the destiny that God has in our life. And many of you, don't wait until you get to eternity before you realize the power that God has made available for you to walk in the supernatural. Now is the time Sid, for the average believer to walk in the supernatural power of God in their everyday life.

Sid Roth: You know what I'm reminded of when you told me what your uncle told you? Something that Billy Graham heard from God. Very few people know this. He struggled with his faith, Billy Graham, and this is what he heard from God, “This book, this Bible, is My book, believe it, no matter how hard some of the stories, because it involves the invisible realm, seem at this point, believe every word.” Billy Graham said from that moment on, he believed even the index, he believed everything in the Bible and look what God did with him. Hollywood stars coming to Messiah starting this year. More when we return.

Sid Roth: Isaiah, God told you, starting this year, celebrities from Hollywood, from social media would start contacting you and coming to know the Messiah. Tell me a few that have actually already started.

Isaiah Saldivar: Yeah, so I got this word that there was going to be a revival happening in social media influencers and celebrities and I don't know at this time Sid, I don’t know any celebrities. I don't have contact, just several through the years but no one really prominent now and we began to and that was in January 1st, January 7th, I told my brother we need to take over YouTube, we need to preach, we need to just take over these platforms for the honor and glory of God. A week later, a major social media influencer, 10 million plus subscribers on YouTube contacted me saying that she's had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit, that she's gotten saved through the broadcast. She's watching all of our streams and God has touched her. And Sid, I'm telling you I'm not talking about in a church or just give this up. I'm talking about no more movies, no more music, throwing out all her alcohol, no more cussing. She was into the occult, Ouija boards, spending hundreds of 1000s of dollars on astrologers, mediums, psychics, talking to fire, levitating, these are all stuff she told me I've met with her in person. And now the Holy Spirit's come to her and encountered her and she's getting rid of everything. She threw away, Sid listen to this, $100,000 of jewelry that was given to her through different people in high level witchcraft in Hollywood, she threw it away and she has a video of her throwing in a trash bag and throwing it away and the bag started moving. And this is the level of witchcraft these celebrities are into and now we've been pastoring her, we went down to her house did deliverance on her. She is radically on fire for God like you'd never believe. I had another girl write to me, I thought it was a girl. She wrote me on Instagram saying I've been watching all your stuff; I want deliverance and I went on her page it was explicit. So, I got off told my wife, can you find out who this girl is? She's been watching our stuff she wants some help. My wife goes on there turns out she's actually a guy. She's one of the heads...

Sid Roth: She is a guy?

Isaiah Saldivar: She is the head spokesperson for the LGBTQ community. The night she texted me, or message me on Instagram the night before she was hosting the queer awards. So here she is hosting the queer awards and then going backstage and watching our live stream, watching deliverance watching holiness watching revival and God is moving. We had another celebrity who's prominent in movies and celebrity that actually drove down to our area and we did deliverance on. So, a lot of these celebrities Sid are contacting us are getting saved and I'm talking radically saved. It brings me to tears because I know it's the Holy Spirit, because of how radical they're saying they need. They're saying, “I need to throw all my movies I need to- and that's what I had. My experience was, and I know the Holy Spirit- there's another guy recently I'm getting in contact with who's a rapper and he actually encountered Jesus in a dream, and Jesus encounter him said, “I'm coming back, you need to turn your life to God.” He's a big, big rapper that just got saved recently. And so, these are many celebrities that are seeing Jesus in dreams encountering the Holy Spirit at nighttime and God is radically reaching these people. And so, within seven days, I told my brother we got to take over YouTube, this girl whose friends with the Vice President of YouTube is now reaching out, contacting us, saying I want to serve God, I want to know God and we even my Pastor and I I got on the phone with her just four days ago, had a three hour talk with her and she's doing amazing, God is moving, power of God has been moving in her life.

Sid Roth: You know what I'm wondering is, a third of Jesus's ministry was casting demons out of people. One third. Where’d those demons go? They're still around today. We have a generation that has been raised so far away from God worldwide, that millions are going to need deliverance. Is that what God was referring to when He told you about the deliverance ministry?

Isaiah Saldivar: Yeah, absolutely. So, in August in 2020, I had a visitation, the Lord said, “I want you to train in spiritual warfare at the supernatural power of deliverance.” And I said, “How could I do that for more than one hour?” Well, now turns out Sid, after 50 hours of teaching and training on deliverance, we've been seeing people equipped and just being radical for deliverance and here's the thing, God showed me was, when all these people come out of quarantine and come out of the isolation, the anxiety, the depression, the mental battles, where are they going to go? When these celebrities want to get saved, these high-level witches and warlocks. I was dealing with a girl yesterday that taught yoga for years, where are they going to go? So, we have to be ready as believers, not just the churches, but all of you watching. We need to be trained and equipped and ready to deal with these demons of these people that are coming out of the occult that are coming out of Hollywood that are coming out of New Age that want deliverance and our Messiah was the one that introduced deliverance. He did it...

Sid Roth: There are people watching us right now, many of the people that have strongholds in one or more area of their life that they can't overcome. Some may be gluttony, some may be pornography, some may be feeling worthless. There's a million of these strongholds. Our Messiah came to set the captive free. Isaiah, would you pray as God directs you to break strongholds over people and this is going to change radically your life to break strongholds and any words that God has?

Isaiah Saldivar: Absolutely. So, there's many of you watching that have gone through times of depression, anxiety, trauma, tormenting thoughts, anxious racing thoughts and what you need to understand is, what the devil will do is, these are not demons these are fortresses, towers, castles, that the devil builds through wrong thinking in our minds that develop into strongholds. I like to think of it and maybe you're new as a stronghold. The devil has a strong hold on you and you can't get loose. You see Isaiah, I just can't get out of this depression. I just can't get out of this anger this suicidal tendencies and thoughts. But the Bible says that our weapons are not carnal but they are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. So, we have power and right now, as I pray, I'm believing for the divine power of Almighty God to just break every stronghold to right now, in the mighty Name of Jesus we break every mental stronghold depression, you are broken in Jesus Name, anxiety, trauma, stress, tormenting thoughts, in the Name of Jesus, we plead the blood of Jesus against every stronghold, we commend them to come down in Jesus Name. Satan, you have no power over these children of God, you must get up and go in Jesus Name. The Lord is against you. We pray break it right now in Jesus Name, every tormenting thought. I’m beginning to get a word of knowledge. Those of you that are suicidal through this quarantine, you've been thoughts of taking your life God is saying, “Do not give up, now is your moment, now is your time.” Right now, He wants to set you free from the powers of suicide. So, we come against now every suicidal thought every tormenting thought, the powers of suicide are broken in Jesus Name. We speak healing and there's somebody watching right now that you need a right hip replacement. And you've been praying you've been asking; you've been in pain. You've been having trouble getting up off your couch I see right now on your couch and God is bringing a divine hip replacement. I've seen this before creative miracle. God is bringing you right there on your couch. God is bringing you a divine healing miracle on your hip. We pray creative miracles and break through right now over you in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: This was a breakthrough moment for you. There's someone, I don't know if you broke your wrist there's a wrist problem are being healed in Jesus Name. Breakthrough!

Sid Roth: I'm here with Isaiah Saldivar and Isaiah for a young person, God is entrusted you with so much in an arena that very few people understand. It's every aspect of the supernatural, but for God's purpose. And I understand why, by the way, for God's purpose, He has given you a special knowledge of helping people be set free from the demonic realm. Why did you produce these four new exclusive CDs on this subject?

Isaiah Saldivar: So, we have a desire to see average normal believers walk in the supernatural power of God. We have taken 10 years, I've seen thousands of people delivered from demonic bondage, healed in their body. We've wrapped it up in a teaching, the best that I have, into four CDs that are going to teach you how to walk like Jesus walked. And we're not talking, what would Jesus do? We are talking, do what Jesus did! This is the mandate for you. This is the calling for you. And many people tell me, Isaiah, I don't know. I know I should be casting out demons, but I don't know how to practically cast out a demon. Like, what are the steps to casting a demon or how do I heal the sick? How do I raise the dead? What does it mean to cleanse a leper? How do I walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the power of God? This is for the business owner, the schoolteacher, the police officer, the nurse. These are going to empower you and I can make you this promise. After these teachings, you will walk in the divine power of God. You will walk in the supernatural and it will become normal for you to see demons cast out, will become normal for you to see the sick healed, it will become normal for you to see someone die and say, "I'm going to go pray and believe God to raise them for the dead". We believe that living this empowered life is the normal Christian life, not just for a pastor, not just for evangelists or teacher. These are not giftings. These are not special Ephesian 4:11 callings. These are for every single believer to be enlisted to this warfare that Jesus has called us to be, to be enlisted in.

Sid Roth: Are you fearful of demons? Should we be fearful of demons?

Isaiah Saldivar: Absolutely not. So, we've been given all power and we've been given authority. I tell people this all the time. When we're talking and dealing with demons, we talk to them like children. You sometimes, you tell them to do something. They don't listen and you have to repeat yourself. You have to raise your voice. But we've been given power, the Bible says, over serpents and scorpions. The enemy has been defeated. In fact, Paul says, "We preach to principalities". So, even right now, as I'm talking to you, there's something moving in the supernatural realm. There's something breaking. You might be watching this. And right now, deliverance is breaking out in your life right now. Healing is breaking out in your life. And so, there is nothing to fear when it comes to demons. One of the reasons why I see people afraid of demons as they're not trained or properly equipped to deal with demons. As you get trained in these teachings, as you get equipped in these teachings, you're going to lose any fear that you have any ambiguity or any fear that you might have or mystery with the supernatural or the demonic realm. We are going to dispel these teachings and talk all about that.

Sid Roth: Now, you have been teaching on this for a number of years. You've equipped how many people have you equipped in these areas?

Isaiah Saldivar: So, right now we have on our Deliverance Map that we started several months ago. We have been doing this for ten years, but we started several months ago. Over eight hundred people all around the world are on our public map that are actually right now as we speak, casting demons out of people. In fact, I just got a text message five minutes ago of a pastor that just did deliverance yesterday on a young man in Arizona. So, people are getting delivered literally all over the world through our teachings. There are trainings and actually started about six months ago. I had an encounter with God where God told me, "Isaiah, I have a mission for you and a mandate to teach spiritual warfare and to train my church, to cast out demons, to raise the dead, to heal the sick, and to do the works that I have done. And even greater".

Sid Roth: You know, the thing that I appreciated about what you've done is it's practical. It's hands on. He has done it. He's trained eight hundred people to do exactly what he does, and he has a mandate to train a lot more. I wonder why so many people have to be trained in this? I'll tell you this. I know two great men of God, household words before they went to Heaven, said Sid, "There's a generation coming that is going to have to know how to set peoples free, how to set the captives free, because there will be millions of young people that have open themselves up to the demonic and the church isn't even equipped for it". And if they were they still couldn't handle this, so, I want to get into your hands and keep in mind, this is not just deliverance, but if you can overcome in deliverance, you can heal the sick. You can operate in miracles. You can hear from God, you can know your destiny. So, there's this brand-new and exclusive four CD, audio teaching series, "Be Empowered". You pray for a transfer of what you have received to the people that have, that listen to your voice on these CDs. Explain that.

Isaiah Saldivar: So, one of the most powerful things you're going to get and these are exclusive four CDs, we've not taught this anywhere. One of the things you're going to get is a prayer of empowerment, but a prayer of mass deliverance. One thing that we've seen in our ministry is thousands have wrote us. We get about two to three hundred messages a day of people writing in saying we got delivered! Demons came out of us during one of the broadcasts, during one of the livestreams and the teachings. So, I'm going to actually be activating you not only in spiritual warfare and casting out demons in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but there will be a prayer of mass deliverance. If you're watching this and you say, "Isaiah, I need deliverance. I've never had anyone pray deliverance over me. I've never had anyone look at me and command a demon to leave". There is going to be a time of ministry of mass deliverance. And I'm telling you, the power of God is going to bring deliverance, going to bring healing wherever you're watching from, wherever you're tuning in from, not only are you're going to get trained, but I believe through these teachings there will be mass deliverance and mass miracles. We'll also be doing a miracle activation. Where we'll be praying for sickness in people's body. And I believe that God can do it in you.

Sid Roth: Now, what kind of feedback do you get from people you've equipped, people you ministered to on these principles?

Isaiah Saldivar: So, one incredible thing is people tell me, "Isaiah, how have I been in church for 30 to 50 years"? You might be watching right now. You might be in your 70s. And you say, "Isaiah, I've been in church my whole life and I've never cast out a demon. I've never healed a sick person". One amazing thing people tell me is after getting some of these basic teachings, "I was able to apply to my life. I am now, after years of being in church, after years of being in conferences, I'm now actually doing the work that Jesus did. And so, it's not just a pastor and me cheering on, Isaiah, but I'm seeing it in my very own life". And one fear I have is that we will stand in eternity and God will look at everything. We will look at everything that God has given us, all the power that we have. And God will say, look at all that I've given you and the little that you did with it. And I don't want to wait for it until I get to eternity to find out. I had the power to heal the sick, the power to raise the dead, to cleanse the lepers and to preach the gospel to everybody. So, this is your time. This is your moment. I want to say you need this. This is spiritual warfare boot camp. This is Navy SEAL training. This is a high level training. For those of you that want to get in this, we're going to keep it very practical, but it will be an empowering and equipping time for you. You need to get this teaching.

Sid Roth: And again, the operative word is practical. This is something you will be able to hear, be empowered with and then help everyone, because this world is filled with people that have opened themselves up to the wrong spirits, especially our young people. The four CD series. "Be Empowered". Be empowered!
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