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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Step Outside of Time and Access Your Miracle

Sid Roth - Step Outside of Time and Access Your Miracle

Sid Roth - Step Outside of Time and Access Your Miracle

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here Renny and Marina McLean. Renny, we were talking earlier before this show about miracles you have seen. Tell me some of the recent miracles you've seen.

Renny McLean: Oh Lord of mercy. I gotta give my favorite one of all. We were in, we were in a meeting not too long ago where we were doing a what we call glory meetings, glory summits, we do them all across America. And I'll never forget, there was a lady in this church and it was a four night meeting and so faith was high because each night it's from faith to faith, anointing, glory and everything else. And what was interesting was we had people you know eyes open, ears opened, teeth being filled, God does those things, and I'll never forget as long as I live there was a lady there who had a leg brace on, and I just casually looked at her and I said, "You can take it off now". And she looked at me...

Sid Roth: Excuse me, did God tell you that or that was just you saw the faith level was so high?

Renny McLean: That's an excellent question. Uh my faith at that moment in time I had faith for her miracle.

Sid Roth: Okay you had the gift of faith you were walking in?

Renny McLean: Yes.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Renny McLean: And I looked at her and I said, "You can take it off now". And she heard something on my voice, a weight of glory, power, authority, and she had enough sense to believe it. And she took it off and she started to walk. Well we praised God not really knowing what had really happened. Well the following week she came to this same church and gave this testimony, she said, "I don't know how to explain this, last week when brother Renny asked me to take this leg brace off, what you didn't know was this, what you here did not know was this: I had five inches of pin in my leg". When she went to the hospital and got examined they could not find the pin, the five-inch pin was about this big, all they saw was bone.

Sid Roth: Where did the pin go?

Renny McLean: Who knows?

Sid Roth: Do you see many, this is a real creative miracle, do you see tell me another creative miracle.

Renny McLean: Case in point I was asked to preach in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a Catholic retreat, one of my favorite miracle stories. And I'll never forget as long as I live, there was a lady who has gone to be with the Lord, you knew her, she was from Virginia and she died a few years ago and she asked me...

Sid Roth: Right. She was a friend of mine, Ruth Hefflen.

Renny McLean: Ruth Hefflen, yes, that's correct. And she said, "Renny, I can't do this meeting because I'm not well, would you go and stand in for me"? And I said, "Well, okay". And so we went. The first night there was 900 people there and the first night, first night we had 60 deaf people hear, half of them had no eardrums. They were growing eardrums.

Sid Roth: Wait, wait, wait, you're going too fast. Sixty deaf people...

Renny McLean: Yes.

Sid Roth: And how many were healed? Sixty?

Renny McLean: All sixty of them and half of them had no eardrums.

Sid Roth: Wait, how many were there? How many deaf people were in the whole meeting? Do you know?

Renny McLean: I didn't check it out.

Sid Roth: That's unusual. You must have had a deaf school there or something.

Renny McLean: Well, it felt like it because there were hearing aid...

Sid Roth: And half of them, and lets get this other part, half of them did not have eardrums.

Renny McLean: Yeah, half of them did not.

Sid Roth: Okay doctor, explain that one for me.

Renny McLean: God can do those things. And that's only the first part. And we had over, we had over, if I remember right about twelve wheelchairs emptied, crutches and sticks left and everything. All that was good and so many other things, but the most important miracle that took place that night was this. I shouldn't say the most important: the most significant miracle that took place that night was this, I was walking off the platform and this lady runs up to me and she says to me, "Brother Renny, look in my mouth". Now we've seen the Lord fill people's teeth so it's not strange. So I looked in her mouth you know and I couldn't see anything that appeared to be wrong, and I said "Well" and she said, "Brother Renny can you see what God's done for me"? And I said, "Well darling no, I really can't". And she said, "Look again". And I looked and I said, "Darling I really don't know what I'm looking for". And she said, "Brother Renny, you really don't know what God's done, do you"? And I said, "No". She said, "Brother Renny, before I came to this meeting I never had one teeth in my head".

Sid Roth: None?

Renny McLean: Not, none.

Sid Roth: She was toothless?

Renny McLean: Toothless tiger in the true sense of the word, I mean in the true sense of the word

Sid Roth: And what did you see when you looked in her mouth?

Renny McLean: All I saw you know when you see a child teething and you see the tooth coming through the gums?

Sid Roth: Yes.

Renny McLean: I was watching a 48 year old woman teeth. The following night she came to the service and she brought her dentist who had known her obviously for years. And he came and said, "Now which one of you is Dr. Renny McLean"? And I said, "Well it depends on what you want him for". You know because I wasn't going to own up to anything. And he says to me, because we want to verify something. And I said, "Sir I'm Renny McLean, what would you like to verify"? He said, "I've known this woman for twenty years". And he said, "I'm here to document and tell you that this women at forty-eight years of age is on her second set of teeth. He said, "I'm here to verify it". So we explained, brother Sid, that God can do creative miracles because, you know what just hit my spirit, brother Sid? Can I just say?

Sid Roth: Please.

Renny McLean: You see, God is the only person that has the blueprint of creation. He knows exactly how you're made. That's how when God heals there's no mistake. Because he knows he designed your body, he's the architect of it he knows your body. And you know when you think that everything about creation was spoken by a word, so that means if it was spoken by a word, that means everything exists by frequency. So that means if I speak fear to your body, your body is going to react because that is not the frequency it was spoken into being on. So we teach that faith is the frequency of God. So we teach that with that you've got to watch what you say, watch what you say because your words are powerful. Your words are the currency of your life. That's why the Bible says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word what you say creates what you say can make and I'm aware of the power of a word. They say that when you break down someone's voice you know they say that on our actual voice there is actual matter on our voice. So you imagine that, there is matter on our voice.

Sid Roth: So science is catching up a little bit...

Renny McLean: Science is catching up a little bit...

Sid Roth: ...Of the spiritual supernatural realm.

Renny McLean: Of the spiritual supernatural realm. Yes. So imagine...

Sid Roth: I have to ask you a question.

Renny McLean: Sure.

Sid Roth: What was going on in the atmosphere to cause I'm still back to those eardrums, to cause all of those eardrums I'm back to those teeth, the toothless woman having a full set of teeth, what was going on in the atmosphere?

Renny McLean: It was I can remember as if it was yesterday, it was high worship. The people, because we teach people this, that when you worship, worship is not about you, it's not about what you're going through, and when you stand before God he sees what you're going through and gives you what you're believing for.

Sid Roth: I'm believing for I'll tell you what I'm believing for right now. I am believing there will be high worship when we come back. Marina is going to worship God and I am believing that we will be in a high realm of God's glory and I am believing that all things are possible, I know you're not going away. Be right back. We'll be right back to, "It's supernatural".

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Renny and Marina McLean. We are going to have something happen that I believe has never happened on television before. I am believing, I am pushing my faith, I am pushing my faith into the realm of God which is called eternity. And I am saying that eternity is going to invade our temporary realm called time. Eternity has no watch. You saw Renny, in heaven, body parts waiting. Explain what you saw.

Renny McLean: I saw, I saw body parts in the heavens waiting to come to the earth. But it's as if the people of God have not yet reached out beyond themselves and laid a hold of those body parts and called them into being. I could give you one testimony that illustrates that...

Sid Roth: Please.

Renny McLean: ...In London, England fifteen years ago I had a son in the Lord who started a church. And he said to me, "Dad, I'd like you to come open the church". And I said, "Okay, I'd love to come". And we went to the church and it was wonderful, and one of our partners, God bless her, her name is Pauline. And Pauline heard I was going to come preach at this mans church. And so after the service we preached, we ministered, and then we left and on the way out she said, "Brother Renny". And I said, "Yes, how are you Pauline? Good to see you". And she said to me, "Brother Renny, I've been to your meetings". And I said, "I remember you". She said, "No, brother Renny, you don't understand, I've seen miracles, I know miracles happen". She said, "The Lord's used you to bring me to this realm". She said, "I know about miracles" "Brother Renny I know God can do miracles today". And I said, "Okay". I said, "Pauline when you say that I know you want something". I said, "Now tell me what are you believing for"? She said, "Well brother Renny, it's not me". She said, "There's a brother I've known for a while. I've brought him to this meeting for you to speak the word, for you to believe for a miracle". I went, "Okay". She never told me what it was. And she said, "Brother Renny, we believe in miracles". I said, "Okay". And I knew when she said it like that she was building my faith as well as her own.

Sid Roth: Yes.

Renny McLean: To get the miracle. And I'll never forget she said to me, "Brother Renny, I'd like to introduce him to you". And he was a young man, he couldn't have been more than twenty years of age. And he stood before me but he only had one eye. And I said "Well what happened"? And she said to me, brother Renny, he had a fight with his father, and his father stabbed him in the eye so the eye was so you know it could not be repaired so it was just, it was just removed.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Renny McLean: So he stood there with no eyeball and I had never seen this before. I had heard of it but I had never seen it. This was fifteen years ago. And then the Lord said to me, "Put your hand on his eye". Well I said, "There is none". And the Lord said to me, "Not from my point of view". Because the Bible says God declares the end from the beginning calling those things that are not as though. What I seeing was a socket: God was seeing an eyeball. And see, in the spirit if you stop to reason and debate you lose the manifestation.

Sid Roth: Yes.

Renny McLean: So you gotta respond when God speaks. That's why the Bible says a double minded man is unstable because you can't flow if you're double-minded. So I obeyed God and I put my I can still remember. He said to me, "Put your hand on his eye". And I did this and instantly as I put my hand there, the Lord said to me, "Keep it there". And as God is my eternal witness I can still feel that anointing in my hand now. And what happened was as soon as the Lord said, "Keep it there," miracles are to be received, you can't just say I want them, you've got to receive them, and I'll never forget, the Lord said to me, "Put your hand there". And I put my hand there, and I saw heaven open and close, this cruuuusssh and the moment it opened and closed my hand jumped. And I when my hand jumped, there was something between my and her socket, and God said, "Keep it there". And then he said to me, "Okay now move it". When I removed my hand, we had a full-grown brown eyeball staring us in the face. So they are there. You know the Lord said to me, "Son you call it". And I said, "But Lord I saw it". He said, "No, call it". He said, he said, "If you don't call what you see because you see it, that doesn't mean it's going to happen. Because everything that you see if it is not called into being it has no frame in time. So that's why if you don't name a thing notice what God brought to Adam, he had to name it. He had to frame it. And God said to me, "You had, although you saw that eyeball, but you had to name it as an eyeball". And the Lord said to me, "Call it, and I said, "Eyeball be". The rest is history.

Sid Roth: Renny, you move in a glory realm...

Renny McLean: Yes I do.

Sid Roth: Is it possible for us humans to be in the glory realm 24/7?

Renny McLean: Oh yes, I do, I do.

Sid Roth: So I know what God wants right now.

Renny McLean: Amen.

Sid Roth: What God wants is for Marina to forget about you and concentrate on Jesus and worship him. And after she finishes worshipping him there will be such a glory realm that as Renny declares things, but I want something, I want something, and I think you want the same thing. I want to be in that glory realm 24/7. Can I push for it at that time Renny?

Renny McLean: Yes you can. You step in, and what happens is when you step in, in the glory, the glory realm is beyond reason. You don't think, you know. It's there, amen, it's there.

Sid Roth: It's faith.

Renny McLean: Yes. There's that knowing that God is there.

Sid Roth: Well I know that God is going to show up big time. Marina will you just forget about us and worship God.

Marina McLean: Yes.

Sid Roth: And I'm going to do that right along with you I can tell you.

Marina McLean: I believe in miracles, I believe in love, the fragrance of his presence is coming from above. His miracle presence everywhere flowing in the atmosphere, I believe in miracles, yes I believe in love. His miracle presence is here right now, reach up and touch, it's flowing from his presence, it's coming from above, reach up, it's here right now, your miracle is all around, I believe in miracles yes I believe in love. Your miracle is here right now, believe it and receive, that knowing in his presence that everyone is healed. Reach up it's yours right now, your miracle is all around, yes I believe in miracles, they're happening here right now. Yes I believe in miracles, they're happening here right now.

Sid Roth: Renny, frame the miracles now.

Renny McLean: Amen. What's possible right now? I'll tell you what's possible right now. Whatever you're believing is what's possible. Whatever you can believe God for now, that's what God's doing now. When we speak to you about God, God is not natural, he's supernatural. If you relegate God to your mind you'll miss God. That's why there's the natural and there's the supernatural. When I say God, when I say Jesus Christ, I'm talking to you now about the supernatural and even as we're here in the studio we sense his presence and power here right now. Whatever you can believe God for right now, that's what God's going to do right now. There's an anointing, and there's the glory in this place right now to destroy the yoke of sickness, disease and infirmity. Today you are going to step over and you are going to move out by faith. We're going to pray, and when we pray today miracles are going to happen. I spoke to brother Sid and I said, "I'm believing God for the mass miracle, not one or two, but thousands of you to be healed in an instant. You know the reason why? Because God is everywhere present, as he's here in the studio now, he's in your room right next to you right now, ready to heal you and deliver you. Follow my instructions carefully please. When I ask you to put your hands on your sickness, don't reason it, don't let your head get in the way. If your head had the answers you'd be cured by now. Get your head out of the way. We're talking about God. Hear me clearly. When I say put your hands on your sickness, put your hand, if it's a cancer put your hand on the cancer.

Sid Roth: If its different places of the body

Renny McLean: Whatever the body part is that's sick, put your there hand on it, put your hand there on it. Apply your faith to it, that's the point of contact. And after we pray, act your faith. Even as I'm speaking right now I'm just seeing cancer's disappear, I'm seeing tumors shrink, I'm seeing, it's happening all across this nation and across the earth friends, it's happening. There's ripples right now taking place right now. There's mass miracles going forth from this TV set, miracles are still happening, they're still coming to you. And after we speak if you've got a hearing aid in, while we're praying put your fingers in the ears like this. After we pray take your fingers out your ears, hear, you'll be able to. Put your hands on your eyes. After we pray, see. If you have problems with your teeth, believe God. If you have bone condition or if you have a missing body part, I believe God can grow it back. I believe that.

Sid Roth: It's time to pray.

Renny McLean: It's time to pray. You feel it?

Sid Roth: Yes.

Renny McLean: I feel it. Are you ready? Put your hands there now. Father right now, in the name of Jesus the Christ, I speak to the spirit of infirmity right now. In Jesus Christ's name, I render you powerless by the Word of God and by the blood of the lamb and I break the stronghold of every sickness and disease in your bodies now. I say to those strongholds now, be broken in Jesus name. And right now I say to the ears ears be opened, eyes be opened, tumors vanish, hernias vanish, goiters vanish, vanish, vanish. Teeth, be healed in Jesus name. Bones amen, arthritic conditions right now some of you right now you just felt like a bolt of electricity went down your spine right now. There's somebody right now you are receiving a creative miracle in your spine. You feel something going right down your spine, I don't know what it is, whether it be your backs broken or something, but I felt something re-connect in there's a moment just this moment in time right now where I see creative miracles happening now, in Jesus name. Recreate what was injured by the spirit of infirmity, I say to bones mend, set, in Jesus name. It's happening, it's happening, it's happening, it's happening, and right now I want you to say this after me. In the name of Jesus Christ I receive my healing I call this healing mine I call it done in Jesus name I come in agreement with the Word of God and I say it's finished today in Jesus name right now lift your hands up and begin to praise him, begin to praise him, go ahead praise him, praise him, praise him, praise him. Give him glory, praise him, praise him. The power is going forth, it's going forth, it's going forth. Now there's gushes of the river of God coming forth. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, it's happening right now. In the middle of you in the middle you praising God right now experience it right now. Get up, rise, heal, rise, be healed, hear, speak, cancers be gone. Aids, I just saw a the aids virus healed. Now in Jesus name. Praise God. And give God the glory. And tell us about it.

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something I would love to just experience this glory 24/7. And I believe, I frame that you and i, you that are in agreement will experience this glory 24/7, it's God's realm. I love God's realm. You can have the other. I'll take God's realm any day, Renny. I know what you two were talking about Renny and Marina.

Marina McLean: Amen.
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