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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Why Isn't Everyone Healed?

Sid Roth - Why Isn't Everyone Healed?

Sid Roth - Why Isn't Everyone Healed?
TOPICS: Healing

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Peter Horrobin. The question that I've pondered a lot is why isn't everyone healed, or how come some people that seem to have all the faith in the world, love God with what appears to me all their heart, they die, they die saying I believe that Jesus died for my sins, I believe Jesus died for my diseases, but they still die. Why is it I go to a meeting of a great healing evangelist and I see rows of people in wheel chairs and a couple of people, a miracle happens, they stand up? But then I watch hundreds leave in the same chairs that they came in. Yes I have a lot of questions and I'm sure you have a lot of questions and that's why I've made it my passion to understand healing. Well my guest Peter Horrobin has some answers, answers that are different than what many are speaking. He's saying that the sickness is purely the symptom, not the cause. And until you get to the cause you will not get the results that you're looking for. Now Peter, how in the world did you come to this conclusion, where did it really start?

Peter Horrobin: Well it began for me personally with a vision that God gave me for healing which was thirty years or so ago and twenty years ago the Lord led the beginning of a ministry which is called ALO Ministries and we have many people who come on healing retreats. And I'm a scientist by training and as a scientist I ask questions, as a chemist you learn to analyze things and I began to understand it is not ungodly to ask questions about peoples lives. And not just to pray for them to be healed when you realize there may be issues in their lives which actually they're not facing. So we've been already talking about forgiveness. And if someone is bitter in the heart but they want healing but the sickness they have is a consequence of that bitterness there's no point of praying for healing. What we need to be doing is teaching so that people can understand the issues and deal with them.

Sid Roth: You and I were talking last night, and we were talking about both of us are involved in what is known as the charismatic movement

Peter Horrobin: Yeah.

Sid Roth: But there is a fallacy involved, explain that.

Peter Horrobin: Well sometimes there's a fallacy because

Sid Roth: Many times.

Peter Horrobin: People, they look for an experience and they look for God to do something a bit like sort of magic pancake and when you actually look in the Word of God and you look at where sickness comes from you find a different situation. You don't find the magic pancake formula, what you find is actually God the order Psalm 19 talks about the revival in our heart comes from looking at the laws and statutes of God and living our lives in accordance with them. In Deuteronomy it talks about the blessings that come through obeying the covenant. But then it talks about in 28, verse 15 and onwards, all the sicknesses and things that come into our lives when we step outside of God's covenant promises, we disobey his commands. For example, there's a high cliff near one of our centers and there is a big sign there that says, do not proceed beyond this point, danger. And you might say well I'm under grace now, I'm not under law, no ones going to tell me what to do I'm going to keep on going.

Sid Roth: Right.

Peter Horrobin: And I can absolutely guarantee no matter how much grace you're under, if you step off the edge of the cliff, you will discover the law of gravity the hard way. Grace is not going to prevent you from discovering the law of gravity. And there are spiritual laws which are just as potent and just as real as the physical laws of the universe that we live in. Because we don't just live in a physical universe we live in a spiritual universe. And God's covenant was expressed in commandments not so that God could stop us doing things that we might enjoy doing, but so he could prevent us going beyond the perimeters of safety, so that we would actually be able to enjoy him and enjoy our lives so within the commandant don't have any other God before me, and if we do what happens? The spiritual powers of those Gods, the God of this world and all of his agents they start to control our lives. Do not commit adultery, what happens? We join ourselves...

Sid Roth: Let me ask you a question. Because in one of your teaching I was listening to you talked about a man that had multiple sexual partners...

Peter Horrobin: Yeah, that right.

Sid Roth: And what happened, what was actually happening to him, and tell me that story.

Peter Horrobin: Okay. Well, he had come for healing on one of our courses, then he began to hear the teaching and began to understand that he had been many, many times involved in relationships with other women, over fifty of them it turned out in the end. Now what happens when you have sex with another person is...

Sid Roth: Excuse me, we have a whole generation now, that I've talked to some of these young kids, and I mean, they have sex just like we used to play a game or something I mean fifty is really...

Peter Horrobin: Not unusual.

Sid Roth: No. But what happened to this man.

Peter Horrobin: Okay. So he realized the Word of God says that adultery is sin, and adultery in scripture means fornication, or sex before marriage or sex outside of marriage, or all sorts of bizarre perversion, it's all adultery. And when you actually have sex with a person, you become joined together with them, because that's what God intended marriage to be, they become one flesh. So the husband and wife they are not just physically joined through intercourse, but they actually become joined in spirit and soul. They become one with each other.

Sid Roth: Is that why people that have been married for a long time begin to act, think, talk the way each other does?

Peter Horrobin: Absolutely. And even look like each other.

Sid Roth: Yes.

Peter Horrobin: You can recognize a couple that have been married a long time because the something of the one is in the other and something of the other in the one. And that's what God intended. And that's a reflection of our relationship with Jesus as the bridegroom and the church, the bride - that we grow to be like him. The longer we know him, the more we reflect who he is. And so the marriage relationship is a covenant relationship where God intended us to grow like each other just in the way he likes us to grow like him, in our relationship with him. Now if a person has sex with somebody else it is not just a physical act which is over, they are actually joined together as if they are married. So this man, he'd been married fifty times because he was joined together with fifty other women. And when he repented of the sin, and I prayed this way, I said, Lord, I ask you, because this is something only God can do, I ask you to break the ungodly soul ties, where they have been joined together in spirit and soul, as well as body. The bodies have come apart, but the spirit and soul are still joined, Lord I ask you to break those ties and to take away from this man everything of those other women and to bring back to this man everything he himself has given away in these relationships. You know at the end of that time of prayer he made an extraordinary state, I hadn't primed him, he hadn't heard any teaching which would have given him these words, he said, I felt myself coming back together. He said, I feel as though I know who I am for the first time that I can remember. Now simply the explanation of that is that, actually he didn't know who he was, because he was fifty other people or had an influence in his life.

Sid Roth: Peter, this is pretty deep, but the Bible does talk about the dangers of sexual sin, and in our society we talk about pregnancy, AIDs, but there is something far more horrible. We'll continue this discussion, be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Peter Horrobin and we're talking not about symptoms, what are symptoms, cancer, back pain, paralysis, deafness, sicknesses of all kind, those are symptoms. We're talking about causes. It's about time we went after the causes rather than the symptoms. Now we recognize the cause comes through a devil, a broken nature, sin, but specifically Peter, we were talking in the first segment about people with sexual sins, I want you to give me another example.

Peter Horrobin: I'll tell you about Karen. Karen was eighteen years, she came to one of my healing services and she stool in the front of the meeting hall, and she said I'm eighteen, I've got twelve months left to live, the doctors have said I've got a viral condition on both kidneys, they've done everything the can for it, there's nothing more they can do. And she said my church has prayed, I've prayed, and it doesn't seem as though God is answering my prayer, there is no hope. Now when someone speaks like that your heart is full of compassion and...

Sid Roth: It's bad when you lose hope.

Peter Horrobin: You lose hope, you're eighteen, you have nothing of life literally. And I just cried out to God, God what do I pray. And God spoke right into my spirit, something that I was totally surprised by. He said, ask her about her mother. And I almost had an argument with God, I said, look kidneys are her problem, not her mother. I said, Karen tell me about your mother. And she said I can't tell you anything about my mother. I said, why not? She said well, when my mother was sixteen she got pregnant and I was born, I was given away for adoption on the day that I was born and I know nothing about my mother or my father. And immediately the Lord gave me a revelation. And I said to her in that case you are the product of sexual sin. And she laughed, she said, I never thought about it that way but yes, that's true. I said have you ever thought that you needed to forgive your parents for that sexual sin? Because you know the scripture says the sins of the fathers are visited on the children. It's like a curse which makes you vulnerable to all sorts of things.

Sid Roth: Up to four generations which means which mans her children could be offended.

Peter Horrobin: Absolutely. So she said no, I've never forgiven them. And I said have you thanked God for your life, that you were not aborted. She said no. I said would you do those two things? She said, yes. And she thanked God for her life and then she forgave her parents for their sexual sin. And then I prayed and I asked God to cut her free from every curse that had come upon her at her conception because of that sexual sin. Now she was joined to her mother here, in the navel, and she immediately felt something happening there. It was just something snapped on the inside. And she felt something unwinding and it was coming up through her chest and she began to gag and she was delivered of a spirit of infirmity. And immediately she wasn't healed, but she had been delivered. And I said how do you feel? And she said I feel light on the inside, I feel something's gone. I said now okay, lets pray for your kidneys. And I had with me that night another member of our team who was also an eighteen-year-old girl, and I said would you actually pray now for Karen, by laying your hands upon the kidneys. The kidneys were very swollen, they were in a lot of pain, she couldn't bend over. And I said to the girl, you lay your hands there and you pray. And she said, what do I pray? I said you pray in tongues. She said yes. I said well you just pray in tongues and ask God to answer the prayers that he gives you. And she prayed there for twenty minutes.

Sid Roth: That's a pretty sharp way to pray because you are praying from the Holy Spirit touching your spirit, perfect prayers. That's a great way to pray.

Peter Horrobin: It's a brilliant way to pray. I came back twenty minutes later, after I'd prayed with somebody else and I said to Karen, how are you doing? And the swelling had gone from her kidneys, the pain had gone, she bent over and she touched her toes, something she couldn't do before, she was radically and totally healed. See, she had to deal with the issue of forgiveness of her parents, the consequences of their sexual sin, thanking God for her life, they're all issues which lay in the way of a healing. But once they had gone, she was free to be healed. And the Spirit of God healed her. I got a letter from her six weeks later, she had been back to the hospital, the hospital had rerun all the tests, they said there is no evidence of any virus left, whatsoever. Go on and live a normal life and forget what we said to you last time.

Sid Roth: Question. This is the word I've been thinking about this whole segment, different than what we've been talking about. Fear. Can fear open up a door with symptoms of various sicknesses?

Peter Horrobin: It can indeed. Fear is an issue which controls many people's lives. Something happens in their life and they become totally traumatized on the inside. And a particular incident can become a source of fear for the future. I had one lady who had to come to America on business and the day before she had to fly, she had never flown before, and she said I can't go, I can't go, I can't go. I'm arid of flying. And she came for prayer and I prayed for her, I prayed for deliverance, and nothing would shift it. And she went home and I was really upset and I said, God why haven't you set her free? And she was upset. And as I prayed the Lord put a word right into my spirit and said, she's not afraid of flying at all. So I picked up the phone, and telephoned her and I said, you're not afraid of flying, and she said, of course I am, that's why I came for prayer, I said no you're not, what you're afraid of is crashing, you're not afraid of flying at all.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Peter Horrobin: As I prayed for her over the phone, I thought the fear of crashing she was delivered of a spirit and she went to America the following day, no problems. She had seem the terrible trauma of the air crash in termareaf, where two planes collided on the runway, I think five, six hundred people were killed. And she had seen the pictures, and the fear had gone right into her spirit. You know, I believe in this country there are many people in fear and traumatized because of seeing the continuous rerun of the 911 disaster. They saw it, and they are traumatized on the inside and Jesus needs to set them free.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. We'll be right back because I believe that many of you as we pray for you are going to be set free. But I want to talk about another issue, rejection. I'm Jewish and if there has ever been a people that have experienced rejection it's my people. Don't go away, we'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Peter Horrobin. Fear, it's insidious, many people are physically sick and the cause is fear. Peter and I were talking about seeing the pictures over and over again about 911 and so many of us have picked up spirits of fear as a result of that, and fear of what might happen in the future. Can you pray a supernatural prayer for those people and many of them where fear is the cause I believe are going to get healed.

Peter Horrobin: A lot of people who are vulnerable for fear are vulnerable because they actually do not have security in God through the love of Jesus. And scripture says that perfect love casts out fear and so the key to being delivered and set free from if to actually know the perfect love of Jesus. And if you are struggling with fear right now, I would ask you simply to say Jesus I love you and I want your love in my heart and I'm going to ask you to set me free. So whatever it is at the root of your fear, whether it was 911 or some experience you've had, I want you to bring that experience to God right now. It may have been abuse, it might an accident, a car accident, a car crash, falling off a horse, a whole range of things, that might have happened in your life that has put you into fear and you now live your life to try to avoid those circumstances. I want to simply just bring that circumstance to Jesus and say Jesus I love you. I know that your love overcomes all the powers of darkness and as I pray for you now, I'm going to ask that God is going to set you free from fear, and heal you of anything that has come into your life as a result. So, father in Jesus name, I ask that you will extend your healing love right into the hearts of those people who are watching right now. I take authority over the powers of darkness that have caused fear to bring sickness and disease and I tell that sickness and disease to go now in Jesus name. And I ask Lord that you will anoint me with your Holy Spirit, bringing restoration of spirit, of soul, and of body that your people Lord may be set free to live without fear so that they can fulfill their destiny in Jesus Christ, amen.

Sid Roth: Peter, I believe that many people have been healed at this moment. But I'm concerned about many people that are experiencing rejection: rejection because you're not perfect, rejection because, hey look at this plastic surgery business. Everyone is changing their appearance to look like whatever is perfect. Most people don't realize how accepted they are. I have a Jewish believer in Jesus friend by the name of Jeffrey steinberg, and he was born unfortunately without arms and legs, and he calls himself God's masterpiece. If he can call himself God's masterpiece, how about you? Would you talk about rejection?

Peter Horrobin: Sure. Many people at the moment they are born, they feel rejected. They are born a boy and parents wanted a girl, so they are the wrong sex and what does that do on the inside? Some people are not even wanted when they are conceived and the first that a mother says when she discovers she is pregnant is oh God, oh no. She's not crying out to God for help, she's actually almost swearing and saying this is the last thing I want. How does the child feel on the inside? And many circumstances through life where people experience something which is a total rejection of who they are.

Sid Roth: A father, a mother...

Peter Horrobin: Yeah. One of the people I was praying for a few years ago, he was a doctor in his early fifties and he was pensioned out of the medical profession, he was depressed, he was suicidal, and as I began to talk to him about his medical profession, he said I hated it. I didn't want to be a doctor. I said well why did you become one? He said my father wanted to be a doctor and because he didn't have the right background to be able to get the training, he made a vow and said if I have a son, he will become the doctor that I couldn't be. And so he said I wanted to be an engineer and I was always making models and things like that and the person I am, he said, was totally rejected by my father, and he forced me into medical training, and said now in mid-fifties, my life is over because I don't love myself, I hate myself, I've been rejected of everything that I am as a person and forced into something that God did not plan me to be. He experienced tremendous healing because he was able to forgive his father at that moment. And as he forgave his father and came to the understanding of what was going on in his father's own broken heart, God then began to lift that depression off him. And as that depression lifted off him he began to actually see hope again. Even in late mid-life to see hope again. Another man who was similarly depressed, at the age of seven, he had one toy, a precious toy that was his own. All his other toys were hand-me-downs from his older brothers. But this was his. And as he was playing with it on the carpet at home one of his big brothers came in and stamped on it. He was heartbroken, pouring tears out, and his father comes in and says no child of mine is going to be a crybaby. And he picked up this little boy, put him across his knee, and thrashed him. The cry. You know that little boy, total rejection. At the time he needed love and comfort and encouragement from his father, what he got was punishment. He hated his father. He had been rejected deep in his heart. And rejection turns to hatred. And if we nurture rejection, hatred will take root. And that bitterness will produce a harvest. In this man's case again it was deep depression, medication, for twenty-five, thirty years. He's no longer on medication, because he actually was able to go through forgiveness and let that issue be brought to the cross and be healed.

Sid Roth: How long did it take?

Peter Horrobin: That particular ministry didn't take very long, a couple of hours. But it...

Sid Roth: I mean, how many years on medication?

Peter Horrobin: Oh, twenty-five, thirty years.

Sid Roth: And only God knows what the medication does to the body.

Peter Horrobin: That's right, all the side effects at that. But it was a couple of hours. But it wasn't just a case of an instant just pray for someone and see them healed. It was questioned, what's the issue? And he had forgotten all about this incident with the toy. And I said okay now, now those are your symptoms, we're going to ask God to show what the cause was because I'm not going to pray for the symptoms, because I want to actually deal with the root. I could pray for the symptoms, you could actually feel a bit better, but next week you'll still feel the same problem. And I prayed, and I sought Father God I ask that your Holy Spirit will come upon my brother and you will show him where the root of this was. And we waited five minutes, ten minutes, something like that and he suddenly began to talk and he said I can see myself playing on the carpet with my favorite toy, and he froze, and he began to cry, and all that pain of all the years came out, a couple of hours and he was healed. But it is sometimes important to get to the root so that we can actually deal with the real problem.

Sid Roth: Thirty seconds, look in the camera and tell people, that God made them the way they are and to be satisfied.

Peter Horrobin: God not only made you as you are, he loves you. He loves the person that you are: he loves the gifts that he gave you and he wants you to be restored so that all you are can be fulfilled, so that all the stuff that the enemy has put in over the years can be sTripped away. And you can become once again the person that God intended you to be. I pray for hundreds, thousands of people in this way, healing so that they can fulfill their destiny. I pray that that will be your experience as God takes away all the mess of the years and restores you so that you actually able to accept yourself, love the person who you are and see God make you the person he wants you to be. May the Lord richly bless you.

Sid Roth: I tell you, there is such a presence of God it's because of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, he is the reason that you are accepted in God. Get to know him well.
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