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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - She Shared Her Husband with 17 Other Women

Sid Roth - She Shared Her Husband with 17 Other Women

Sid Roth - She Shared Her Husband with 17 Other Women

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Carol Reed. Last week hopefully you met her husband Isaiah Reed. Carol as I look at you right now I have to tell you something. I can't imagine a woman that was beaten at one point eight hours, beaten, physically beaten, living the life you lived as a prostitute, and I look at you right now, I'm going to have to ask you a question because I see this, but I'm going to have to ask you this - you don't look remotely like I didn't know that person but that person doesn't even exist. Does she in your mind?

Carol Reed: No, you know when God heals you he makes you whole. And so all of those things even they were things in the past, there's no remnant of it, there's no scars left there only to be used to help other people. Yeah I went through a lot of those things but today they are empowering me. They are not anything that holds me down.

Sid Roth: And I notice you can even talk about it.

Carol Reed: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Which if it wasn't for the fact that you know that was a different person. But someone doesn't wake up one day and say: I want to be a prostitute.

Carol Reed: No.

Sid Roth: It's a gradual little by little I know you can from a nice middle-class family in Los Angeles but your stepfather tried to rape you and you ran away from home. And I guess that's when it really began?

Carol Reed: You know I really believe when I was a child you know the devil studies you from when you were little. And he put those things that were insecurities in me and he just blew them out of proportion, and when they weren't dealt with they simply grew with me. And so every times there was another part of me that was insecure, he just blew it out of proportion. I believe when my mother's husband tired to rape me that was my fork in the road and I said to myself well, if they think I am a prostitute then I might as well be one. And so I literally allowed what I heard in my psyche to manifest in reality, and I bit the apple.

Sid Roth: Now what was the carrot? What were you after? What was your goal back then?

Carol Reed: I really wanted love, number one, was always one of the most things that I have ever wanted. But I really wanted to be an entertainer and I felt as though there was really no way for me to get in to entertainment because of the media it shows women using their bodies and I looked at myself at one point of my life and said, well I'm beautiful, I can use my body because that's what the media says you know, they're looking for the glamorous girls and every guy wants a glamorous girl on his arm and so I used my body actually it was a weapon against myself. You know no one was interested in who Carol was on the inside, they just wanted to see who was this trophy baby that they could put up on their shelves or carry on their arms, and I let it get the worst of me.

Sid Roth: So why did you stay in it, though?

Carol Reed: You know when you are in a lifestyle like that, after being in it so long you know it's like a voice speaking into your ear what else can you do? You don't have any skills. You're not marketable. You know, where else are you going to make this kind of money? I was making anywhere from nine to two thousand dollars a day being a prostitute. The devil makes sin look good. And so I was drawn even more and more, and the one year was four years, four years was eight years, eight years ten years, ten years twenty years! And the next thing you know I look back and where's Carol at? Carol is this drug addict and this prostitute looks in the mirror, I can't stand myself. There's no other choice for me.

Sid Roth: There was a young pimp that was take with you and was stalking you and your father killed him.

Carol Reed: Yes, I had a - because of low self esteem I sought out somebody that I thought that I could groom and make him into this man that I wanted, because you know all of the men that I had before had let me down and so I met this young man and I told him too much information about me and he took it the wrong way and when I decided I wanted to get out of the relationship he began to stalk me for two weeks and one day, August 23rd, after bringing taking my son getting ready to take my son into the babysitters he came out of nowhere and was going to kill me and my son. And that day I felt death in the air, I could feel demons in the air to gather a soul back, and also feel angels in the air. I knew death was real but I didn't know who was there to collect until he asked me where was my father at, and immediately he said that, on his face I could see death and I began to beg him and ask him to run, but it was too late. The next thing I knew my father pulled up behind me and within a matter of seconds he pulled out a nine millimeter and shot this man five times in front of my face. And my world shattered that day because I had destroyed two people's lives because of my insecurity. You know and it the thing that the devil will use whatever he can do to hold you back from being who you were created to be.

Sid Roth: Isaiah Reed.

Carol Reed: Yes.

Sid Roth: When did you meet him and you didn't realize he was even a pimp.

Carol Reed: I met Isaiah Reed in 1985. I used to live with Jim Brown the football player and one night after coming from a restaurant, I was on my way out and he came up to me and handed me some keys to a Rolls-Royce and I asked him in a not polite way to get away from me, and then when he decided he didn't want to I gave him my phone number and he began to pursue me. You have to understand because I suffered from a low self-esteem so bad, anyone that seemed interested in me I gave them my attention because I needed his validation to make me be somebody because I didn't know who I was. And he sought me out and began to call me, and I was in this big case with Jim Brown it was all over the news about raping some girl, and it wasn't true but...

Sid Roth: The football player.

Carol Reed: The football player, Jim Brown of the Cleveland browns and so we won the case, and Isaiah who was at that time known as prophet, he called his self Ricky Williams, he called me and asked me would I come to Hawaii to celebrate winning this case and I thought sure, what girl wouldn't take a trip to Hawaii. And so unbeknownst to me, I flew over there and fell in love with him. And I can remember I thought to myself that either he's one of two things, either he's a drug dealer or he's a pimp, and when I asked him, he told me he was both. And I figured okay, you know, even if he is a pimp I can get rid of two of the girls, I'm cute enough, I can run them off. But then I asked him how many girls he had, and he said, well I have seventeen. And I was like wow: you know that's quite a few young ladies you know. But it was something that was in me because we had had sexual relations even though I wanted to leave him: I was still drawn to him. And I couldn't deny the fact that there was something between us and I began to work for him knowing that he was going to pimp me and I was in total agreement to do it. You see a lot of people have it misconstrued that a lot of young ladies are prostituting themselves are being forced to prostitute themselves when it's a free choice. I had a free choice. I chose to do that.

Sid Roth: Yes, but when the other women saw he favored you, what did one woman do?

Carol Reed: Well, in 1989 I got pregnant and I said surely he's not going to make me work the streets anymore and the other girls were very upset because they had been with him for twelve-fourteen years, and here I cone along and I'm pregnant and I can remember when I was pregnant one of the girls kicked me in my stomach, and uh, when I delivered my son at seven and one half months, my baby weighed three pounds, three and three-fourths.

Sid Roth: Did Isaiah have you working the streets while you were carrying the baby?

Carol Reed: Isaiah had me working the street, and also myself. You have to understand something about...

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. Hold that thought. We'll be right back in a moment and we'll bring the man who became her husband, Isaiah, here. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative report here with Carol Reed, and a man that would become her husband, Isaiah. Last week we found out Isaiah, you were one of the major pimps in Hawaii, making upward of twenty millions dollars a year. You had a stable of women of which Carol was one, and carol, one of the women, one of the other prostitutes was so jealous, she stabbed you in the eye?

Carol Reed: Yes, seven days after I had my oldest son, Decat, I went into a bar and we got in an altercation and at the end of the altercation she came with her little hunting knife and stabbed me in my left eye where I lost my vision in that eye, and ah, it was really hard you know because here I just had a baby and now I'm going through, going back into the hospital and losing my sight, and it was just really me believing you know God was speaking to me in all these different ways.

Sid Roth: Yes Carol, well now, I don't think back then you knew diddly what was going on.

Carol Reed: No, I didn't know anything.

Sid Roth: Now Isaiah, you in the meantime have a radical experience with God but you did wrong and you have to pay the price, you go to prison and from prison, you call Carol who is now out of Hawaii, you call Carol to marry you? Why?

Isaiah Reed: Well, when I got saved of course I had a father in the Lord, and started getting discipleship in prison. And like you say, I had to pay for my crimes that really was a mandatory twenty, but I only did five years. So the pastor said that Carol would be my wife and I said well, she's not saved, you know she had all these issues as I went for a godly woman. And the pastor said this is a word of the Lord. So I waited five years, and the day that I was getting out of prison, getting processed out by the grace of God, the Lord spoke to me and said, call Carol now. And I said, well Lord, I don't have a cell phone in this cell. He said, call her now. So the long and short of it is a guard took me to the guard shack and let me make a long-distance call and I called her in California and asked her to marry me and she said yes, in the midst of all of her confusion.

Sid Roth: Now Carol, what was going on in your life when Isaiah calls you out of the blue?

Carol Reed: Well, this was right after my father killed the young man so I was in a lot of turmoil, I was very suicidal, I had two children, I was sitting that night, I'll never forget, it was two-thirty in the morning and I was debating how I could kill me and my kids. And I heard...

Sid Roth: For real?

Carol Reed: I was going to kill us. I was tired of living. I remember I was screaming out to the Lord and I told him how can you allow me to stay in my mess? And I heard the Lord tell me, you know you got it right. You're in it, because I've always been at the door. I've just waited for you to knock and then he told me, you can't leave here until you do what I say. So you might as well get comfortable, and as soon as I heard that - it was two-thirty in the morning and the phone rang, and it was Isaiah calling on the phone saying I have one minute and one question, "Will you marry me"? And immediately I said yes. But the funny thing that happened, after that as soon as I hung up the phone I heard a voice say, he doesn't want you, he just wants those kids. And I said okay, fine. Well now I don't have to kill the kids I can just kill myself. I'll take him his sons, and when I finish taking him his sons, I go on and kill myself. And so the pastor found out that he'd asked me to marry him and so they volunteered to pay for me to come to Hawaii with my kids. I only came there to get rid of the children and then go kill myself.

Sid Roth: But along the way, you went into a church. Why?

Carol Reed: I went in the church to make a mockery of God. I had no desire to get saved. I had a twenty-dollar rock of cocaine in my purse. I was going to just go in there and make a mockery of his God he said he had found and I was going to go back out and do my thing. And low and behold when I walked in the church praise and worship was going and I don't remember what was preached but I knew that I had reached the place that I was looking for, I just didn't know that was what I was looking for. And I ended up at that altar, and within a minute, within less than a minute, within a second, God came, and the Holy Spirit just baptized me in the Holy Spirit and I was delivered of everything, low self-esteem, lesbianism, drug addiction, smoking cigarettes, lying...

Sid Roth: Instantly!

Carol Reed: Instantly. Within less than a second I was delivered. When I got up I actually had to look down at myself to see who I was. Because it was like I had came out of a bad dream.

Sid Roth: Now Isaiah, when she told you what happened to her, what went on inside of you?

Isaiah Reed: Well, when I first saw her and you know I picked her up at the airport like she said, she was still dressed up, we call it "Hoochy mama" she had on everything showing, and so I says man, God missed it. You know here I am I had been saved five years and so I had this religious kind of a mind. I was really embarrassed. And like she said she ended up at church in front of all my Christian peers. And I said now they're going to think I'm full of lust because look who I desire to marry. And so the Holy Spirit started dealing with me in the service saying, you can believe I can save you but you can't believe I can save her after all you've been through. And so I just closed my eyes and just trusted God, I didn't know she was going to get saved that night but I really was kind of repenting that I would stop being religious. And sure enough, I mean she got gloriously saved and baptized in front of the whole church congregation...

Sid Roth: Question? God began speaking to you about him and about your life. Tell me about that?

Carol Reed: Yes, when I received the Lord, I knew that it was a touch from God, there was no denying that it was God, but I still did not trust Isaiah the man. And so I told him I don't know about you but that night I had a dream, a vision, and the Lord showed me and Isaiah walking from, on a pulpit, him walking from one side and me walking from the other, and when we reached the pulpit a Bible opened up and a dove flew out, and he said I ordain this in the name of the Lord. Go ye therefore. And then I knew I was supposed to marry Isaiah. And that next week at the testimony service I told them not only am I going to stay here, but I'm going to be your wife.

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something, if you don't feel the presence of God, the spirit, the shekinah glory of God you need to have an encounter with God through his son Jesus. We're going to come back and we're going to find out you literally went into a mosque and the Spirit of God invaded that place? Don't go away, we'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Isaiah and Carol Reed. Isaiah and Carol in a very improbable, impossible, unrealistic miracle, get clean, drug free. Were you delivered instantly of drugs also?

Isaiah Reed: Yes sir. Absolutely.

Sid Roth: That's going you know if you're stuck, that's the best way both of you were. And you weren't going to marry him cause you didn't even really trust that he really was a new person.

Carol Reed: No.

Sid Roth: He was. But God came to you, told you to marry him, told you that the two of you would walk together serving him and you did marry him. And I have to ask you, I know that you have a heart for prostitutes, you can understand them.

Carol Reed: You know there is such a desire when you have been brought from such a bad place you know, I thank God because he gave me a desire from where he took me out of, and I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world and out of the country to South Africa and just to sit with young women who are prostitutes and have them look in my eyes and know that I have come from where they came from, it's just so important.

Sid Roth: Pick one and describe that.

Carol Reed: I just came back from South Africa and there was a young girl by the name of Hanna Lou that I met and she was living in a box on a porch and the Lord just really tore my heart to go and minister to her and she wouldn't go with anybody but me. And I said do you trust me? And she said I trust you. And I began to minister to her and she just laid on my chest and she just cried and cried. And it just touched my heart and she looked at me and I was crying and she said "Why are you crying"? And I said I'm crying for you. And it just made her cry. She said she had never had anybody cry for her. You know and I really have the heart that we need to be people that believe in people until they have the ability to believe in themselves. The Lord allowed me to go to Durbin, South Africa where I went to an area which is called the point, it's a red light district, and literally we had nine girls, nine prostitutes, leave the streets with me and stand on the pulpit with me before thousands of people claiming Jesus as their Savior. I mean what a greater gift is to tell people about the love of God, that their sin is not too great that God can't forgive them. How awesome that is. And the realness is that I know it to be true because he brought me from a place where I thought I was completely unforgivable. But yet he still loved me. How great God is.

Sid Roth: Isaiah, you were in that place also yourself but now you literally go into mosques, you twenty-five hundred Muslims came to the Lord. Is that true?

Isaiah Reed: Yes. What we have to understand is that sin doesn't believe in whether you are muslim, Jewish, or Christian. Your children still can be drug addicted, your children still can be murdered, so when the Jewish community, I mean the Islamic community heard that I was raised from the dead by my mother's prayer, you have Islamic mothers that pray for their children. And so they asked me to come and share that about how she was tenacious and how I got raised from the dead. They really didn't want to hear evangelical belief or promote the Gospel or Judaism: they just wanted to know the love of a mother that could rescue a child. And as I was sharing I knew the mandate was to share about how my mother held on to my life and believed for me, but I also knew that God was going to do something special, I didn't know what it was, so I submitted to the criteria, the format of the speaking engagement, and as I began to share how God brought me out of drug addiction and how he raised me from the dead, even being a sinner, the Spirit of God began to touch these Islamic young people, and not only before they even asked me to call down for prayer, it started beginning, slain in the spirit. Now this was on their own territory...

Sid Roth: Now were you laying hands on them and they were falling over? They just fell over by the Spirit of God?

Isaiah Reed: No. That was not the format: the format was for me to present being raised from the dead. That's what they wanted to hear about. And the format was how my mother basically stood in the gap for me.

Sid Roth: Now this was in a mosque?

Isaiah Reed: In a mosque.

Sid Roth: And you're saying the Spirit of God came to them and they were just falling to the floor?

Isaiah Reed: The Spirit of God came on them, and they didn't have catchers or anything. They were just falling out and so the leadership after that was just kind of confused and so they told me they were having a heat stroke. And so they led us out and as we were going to our vehicles in the parking lot the people began to chase run after us and some of the pastors took out their camcorders because we really didn't know was it a riot or what, and started filming it. And the young people wanted prayer, they wanted to be saved. And so we began to lead all those young people to receive Jesus in their heart and twenty-five hundred of them gave their hearts to Jesus that day.

Sid Roth: Now, how many children do the two of you have?

Carol Reed: We have five wonderful children.

Sid Roth: Tell me about your little daughter.

Carol Reed: Siania. Siania is my miracle baby. I had been believing for a little girl for so long and then at forty years of age I got pregnant with my last child. And I didn't want a boy, I wanted a girl, and on the day that she was born they came to me that she was severe downs syndrome, then the next day the came and they told me that Siania was deaf and it devastated me. It devastated me to the point that I told God I wasn't going to minister anymore. And the Lord told me, he said Carol, what you do for me is based on what I do for you? Haven't I done enough? He said you know what, you are looking at a symptom and a symptom I can heal. He said if you go after souls like I told you to you will look back and those things that were meant to be a problem will disappear. And when I got mad at the devil and made a determination in my heart that I was going to go after souls, didn't care about my own circumstances, nine months later the doctor came to me with a doctors report of all the complications Siania was supposed to have, and then she showed me the new doctors report, and she said this is not even the same baby. And my daughter is a living miracle. She has no signs of downs syndrome, she can hear in both of her ears, she's a prayed for...

Sid Roth: Was she deaf before?

Carol Reed: They diagnosed her as deaf in both ears.

Sid Roth: And so God opened her ears?

Carol Reed: Absolutely healed. Absolutely healed. What we do as people is we focus on our problems so much that we let our problems overwhelm us and we have to understand your problems is only a place of promotion, God wants to develop you into a person, but he needs to instill integrity in you. And if a problem can get you down it can keep you from your purpose and your goal and we have to stop looking at our problems. And so God said, don't focus on your problem. Focus on me. Why did my son Jesus come into the world? To save sinners. And if you would go after souls everything that seems to be a problem when you look back over your shoulder, it will all be healed. And when I realized that, I said, you know what? I know how to get even with the devil: I'm going to win souls. That's what I'm going to do.

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something, it is not a matter of religion.

Carol Reed: That's right.

Sid Roth: It is a matter of you were created, hear me, you that have called out there must be something more, you were created for intimacy with God, to walk with him, and talk with him, and be so close to him. There was a Jewish man by the name of Enoch, and it says he walked with God and then he was no more because God had taken him. I mean if you got to die, that's not a bad way to die. But if you can encounter and experience and have your own intimacy with God please hear what I'm saying I am not talking about the things that have turned you off I'm talking about the only one that can turn you on. I'm talking about the one that came and died and rose from the dead. Isaiah died and he literally rose from the dead, but he can't change your life. This one can change your life, this one can give you purpose, this one can give you a song in your mouth, this one can give you joy no matter what's going on in this crazy world, and it is crazy because there's a devil running loose. But the only one that can give you shalom that's what we Jewish people call it, completeness. God wants you complete. Get to know Jesus. You don't need theology. All you need is a heart that wants to know truth. This is your moment, don't miss it. Do not miss it!
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