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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - What Jesus Did in My Vision Left Me Awestruck

Sid Roth - What Jesus Did in My Vision Left Me Awestruck

Sid Roth - What Jesus Did in My Vision Left Me Awestruck
Sid Roth - What Jesus Did in My Vision Left Me Awestruck

When my guest hugs people, they get healed. But now that same healing actually radiates from her on television and multitudes are healed.

Sid Roth: I have to tell you, I am so excited about this show. Yvon Attia, born in Egypt, raised in Australia. And you'll hear, when she speaks, an Egyptian Australian accent. At six, you experienced your first miracle.

Yvon Attia: Yes. So at the age of six I fell from a three story building and-

Sid Roth: What did you fall on?

Yvon Attia: I fell on concrete slab.

Sid Roth: Three stories.

Yvon Attia: Three stories building.

Sid Roth: Wow.

Yvon Attia: It was terrible. I was on my back and I was in so much pain, but something amazing took place as I was falling. I was surrounded by angels. I remember what they looked like. They were my body shape, so they weren't big angels. They were holding hands, they were in a circle, and there was glorious light coming out of them. And when I landed on my back, with all the pain that I was in, I was telling everyone that I just saw angels. I was more fascinated with what I was seeing more than the pain that was in my body. But then I went to hospital, of course, and it became more real when I went to hospital, because I was diagnosed with, obviously, fracture in my spine. Doctor said to my parents that "By tomorrow morning she should be dead". Why? Because there is a big possibility of brain hemorrhage. And they even said x-rays are showing that the blood is- the brain is swelling. And then they said, "If she does survive that, then she will be quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. She will never be able to walk, because of the spine is fractured". And, at this time, there was dear believers. One of them is my grandfather, who was a minister, he did not receive that report. He did not receive it. And I remember him sitting next to my bed and he was just crying out to God. And that's a lot of the time we're healing, it's just crying out to God, "God, would you do something? We will not accept that report". And the presence of God was hovering in the room. The next morning I was still alive. Before they were telling my parents, "You need to start getting prepared for the funeral, because it's happening". But the next morning, oh, she's still alive. What's happening? And so that encouraged my parents, and it encouraged my grandfather. And they continued to pray. And the presence of God continued to hover around this bedroom. And I am totally miraculously healed. There is nothing wrong with me. No one believes it.

Sid Roth: Before you're very eyes. Imagine this, a seven year old girl, she saw her uncle who loved the Lord with all of his heart become a martyr.

Yvon Attia: Yes. So I was seven, Sid and, um, in our street we had the mosque, and that day the Imam of the mosque basically was preaching his Friday sermon. And he said that, "By the end of today I want the blood of the Christians to reach knee-high". We didn't think much of it. But they all came out of the mosque, unfortunately, with swords and knives and sticks. And towards the end of the day, we've lost a lot of, obviously, the men in the village, including my uncles. So he had come into our street to drop his wife who was pregnant at the time, and I ran downstairs to give him a lemonade. And I was giving, I literally turned around he was on the floor and he was slaughtered. He was gone. That left me horrified, broken, angry at God at the time. "God, why did you-" For me, I used to think that God allowed everything, the evil and the good, and I wasn't able to distinguish between the two. By God's grace, I received healing. I received great healing into an encounter where later on in life God showed me that he was right there with me. He embraced me and he said to me, "I want you to love Muslims. I want you to distinguish between Islam and Muslims. Islam's demonic, but Muslims are victims. And you are to love them because you're about to be used mightily in their midst.

Sid Roth: And you know what's so amazing to me, you have seen so many miracles and yourself, but you still did not really believe it was God's will to heal everyone. Some of you are in that category too. You believe God heals, but you don't really believe it's God's will to heal everyone, especially you. What do you say?

Yvon Attia: Yes. I grew up in a church, unfortunately, where I never saw a miracle, never. And I received a lot of bad theology, which basically taught that Jesus healed to prove that He was God. And now that the Bible's been put together, then we no longer need to do this. And so this was what I grew up with. Now, I was challenged reading the Bible. And, I must say, a lot of people are challenged, because you cannot- where do you go from Mark 16? Where do you go where it says believers lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover? Well, I was a believer, but I never experienced that. So that's what I grew up with. When that miracle happened to me, I just thought, well, God is just able to do all things, but it's not His will to heal. And you don't even need healing for your Christian journey. In actual fact, God doesn't even care about your body. That was my theology. God cares about you getting to heaven and getting saved, but your body, that's material. God doesn't care about that. Until He shook my world. I guess the first experience was after I got baptized in the Holy spirit, I had, well, a skin condition for three years.

Sid Roth: Couldn't a doctor help you?

Yvon Attia: No, that's the thing. I went literally to every single doctor, and we had pharmacies, and I used every single product that there is. So then I came to a position where that's not going to work. And one of the doctors suggested that I would go to see a specialist, which I did. He diagnosed me and he gave me a terrible report. He said to me, "I don't know where you contracted this virus, but the virus is going to cause your nails to fall off. And, unfortunately, it will deform your skin and eat away your skin. That was the word. He had no cure. And I remember I was- I came in my car, I started my car and I had just been baptized in the Holy Spirit. So I started my car and I was speaking in tongues, because I love doing that. So I'm sitting in the car enjoying God, because God just wants to be filled in the Holy Spirit. And as I'm praying, He breaks in. He said, "I want to heal you". And I pretended like I didn't hear Him. I was like...

Sid Roth: Why?

Yvon Attia: Because I was scared. I was very scared.

Sid Roth: Why?

Yvon Attia: I was scared that if that healing did not happen, then it would shake my faith. I was in a good position spiritually. I had just received the baptism.

Sid Roth: I understand why the devil was so diabolical.

Yvon Attia: Yes.

Sid Roth: Go ahead.

Sid Roth: And so He basically ignored what I said. And He said to me, "I want you to mark seven days from today. And in seven days you will be healed". That was the first thing. So I pulled out my phone and I took photos of all my skin. And I just said, "Lord heal me. Just heal me". Seven days, Sid, seven days. I wake up one morning, and I knew throughout the seven days something was happening because my skin was changing color, and literally I flick them all off and I am completely and totally clensed. And the thing that really cinched it is, you and your husband went to a healing conference of someone that's been a guest on our show, a friend of mine, Randy Clark. And what happened to you and your husband?

Yvon Attia: Basically, I didn't know much about this stuff. All I knew is that when God comes with His Fire, He touches you. So I just sat on the internet and I said, fire conference, glory conference, healing conference, whatever it is, but I just wanted a touch of God. And so fire conference came up and I said, "Wow, that's like next week". And so I booked straight away. I had no idea who Randy Clark was. I just knew that there's going to be fire in this conference.

Sid Roth: And you want it.

Yvon Attia: And I want it at any cost, I just it. So we got there and I saw Dr. Randy Clark and my life was turned upside down. Why? Four days of solid biblical teaching. And every time he would teach, literally I felt like I was- I wanted to fall on the floor, because he taught that it was God's will to heal at all times. That was the first thing that was like, "Wow".

Sid Roth: Everyone.

Yvon Attia: Everyone. He even said this Sid. He said, "Okay, I'm going to pray for you to receive your first word of knowledge". And I remember I said, "Okay". So I'm sitting there and he said, "This is how you receive a word of knowledge. You can see it. You can feel it. Oh, you can hear it". So I sat there and I said, "Lord, I see someone in the room with a very severe neck pain". And so I said it to me and I said to my husband, "Look, I'm getting this word of knowledge, but maybe it's just me". And I remember he encouraged me. He said to me, "Yvon, if you do not practice, this is the word practice, in the midst of believers, you're never going to have the faith to practice in the outside world. What are you going to lose"? And I said, "Right". I put up my hand to Dr. Randy and I said, "I got a word with this condition". And he said, "Come up the front, you call it". When I called it, a man came out and he said to me that he had this for over 15 years. And as soon as I called it, the pain left his body. Now, that took me to another level. It's like God can use me. He even opened my eyes. Even my eyes could see. So my faith was building up. Towards the end, the last day, he called me and my husband. And that was the last thing I ever imagined. He looked at us. He had no idea where we're from, and he said, "God is giving you the Middle East. And he is saying that "You and your husband will preach to Muslims. And thousands will come to the Lord through the supernatural power of God. You will heal the sick, the mute will speak, the deaf will hear, and you will see such a revival". At that moment, both me and my husband fell under the power of God for almost an hour shaking, just shaking, receiving, and receiving and receiving.

Sid Roth: God spoke to you. What did God say to you?

Yvon Attia: He confirmed what Randy said. He confirmed that. And I want to just rewind a little bit, because something significant led to that particular event. Just before we go to the- Dr. Randy Clark's conference, we were invited to go to Malaysia for a conference. And my mum was sick, she needed a shoulder replacement. And I wanted to leave my children with her to go to the conference. And mum said, "No, that is the week of my operation and you can change the date". So I remember calling the hospital and begging them, "Would you please change the date, because I've got to get to Malaysia". So they did. When I got there, I saw something that shifted my faith, Sid. I saw a Muslim man on a stretcher with 30 members of his family. He was hit by a motorbike. He was totally destroyed, and his body was not healing. They heard about our conference and they wanted prayer. He was healed. When he was healed, the 30 members of his family, they came to Jesus. Now, that was a slap on the face, because I was like, "Oh my God, healing is a great door to evangelism. If you operate in the supernatural, you would reach nations and you would reach them so quick and so easy". So when I went back home, my mom was healed, because I said to God, "I promise you I'll give my entire life to the healing ministry if you heal my mom, because, that way, you are confirming that that healing power is yours". I go back home, my mom's healed. When I promised that, God opened the door for me to get to Dr. Randy Clark, get trained in healing, receive the impartation.

Sid Roth: Right. Listen to this. This is the most amazing thing. Yvon and her husband then start a little house congregation, which gets larger miracles, start bringing- impossible miracles, cancer, all sorts of things break out. It sounds almost like someone I got to know, Kathryn Kuhlman.

Yvon Attia: Yes.

Sid Roth: And a man shows up, puts her and her husband on television. And they have literally reached thousands and thousands of Muslims that have given their heart to Jesus. And the miracles, they're outrageous, that happen just by someone watching her and her husband on television. Now, I'm going to turn Yvon loose to teach you how to experience God's love, which, she says, is the greatest weapon against sickness. And you're going to receive that love, and you're going to get healed next.

Sid Roth: You know Yvon, you were in a car accident in 1998 and you had a revelation. And when she shares this, and then when Yvon and her husband pray over you at the end of the broadcast, you're going to understand why it was turned for good. What happened?

Yvon Attia: Amen. So, I was involved in this car accident for at least years and years. And so when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I got healed from a lot of conditions except this one. And I was frustrated, because I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I was rebuking the disease. I was a lot of stuff. So, this condition left me with a lot and a lot of pain in my tailbone, because I was stuck in between five cars on the highway. It was a big accident. I wasn't able to carry my kids. It was terrible. And so I wasn't getting healed, and I was getting frustrated. I didn't know why the pain wasn't going away. And I remember once praying, and I said to the Lord, "You know what, God, I love you for everything that you've done for me. And I'm just going to indulge in who you are. I'm really just not going to be bothered with this bad condition. And I'm just going to love you for who you are". And I remember I felt God was saying, "Good, because that's what I want". So I started praying that day. And as I began to pray, I was taken into a trance. And, in that place, I began to see Jesus for who He is. There was divine embrace. There was divine hugs. I always tell my husband, there was even divine kisses. God was like, "I just love you. I love you for who you are". And always telling God that I loved Him, and I did not want to get out of the glorious presence. Immediately I was on my back, but it was a different place. It was like I was on the sea bed and I was laying on my back. Over me there was waves and waves and waves, but the waves were heavy, but they were gentle at the same time. Then I finished my prayer session, came back to my body. And as I was getting up and leaving the room, I stopped because I was like, "Whoa, I always used to get up with a lot of pain, but the pain is gone". So then I went back to my prayer closet. I said, "Lord, did you just heal my back"? And He said, "Yes, I did". And I said, "Wow". And He said, "My love healed you". But let me take you one step further. There's going to come a time where when you embrace people, they will be healed. The love that you received from me, you will release unto them and they will be healed. And at that time I was like, "Beautiful". But I still didn't believe it, or I didn't really understand that until we had a healing meeting and this lady came in. And she was embarrassed to come up the front and ask for healing, because her church didn't do that. So she thought at the end of the meeting I'm going to grab Yvon and I'm going to ask her to lay her hands on me and do the whole thing. So she came to say hello to me and hug me first before she asked me for prayer. And, as she was hugging me, she started to weep, and she continued to embrace me. She didn't want to let go. And I was embracing her not knowing what was happening. And I said to her, "Are you okay"? She said, "No, you don't understand". As soon as I hugged you, power hit me. I'm totally healed". And at that moment I began to cry, because I was like, "Right, you were right, Lord. I didn't believe, or I didn't fully understand". But then that began to happen. And I began to tell people, "Healing is in His love. Because of His Love and because of His compassion, He will wash you clean from everything".

Sid Roth: You know what I'm going to do, I'm going to turn and invite Mina in. With her husband, and the two of them are going to pray that that same love that they have will come upon you. And they already found out people with blood diseases and other things are going to be miraculously healed. But, before they pray for you, I want you to pray a prayer with me. The whole purpose of Christianity is not the religion of Christianity. The whole purpose of Christianity is that you would have your own experiential knowledge of God. Pray this prayer with me out loud wherever you are. Dear God, repeat after me. Dear God. I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I am clean. And now that I'm clean, I ask you Jesus to come inside of me. Be my Savior. Be my Lord. Amen. Yvon and Mina.

Yvon Attia: King Jesus, we love you.

Mina Attia: Yes, Lord.

Yvon Attia: And we worship you right now. And we thank you for what you're about to release on your people. Open up your hand and get ready, get ready, get ready to be showered in His Love as I begin to release right now.

Mina Attia: Yes.

Yvon Attia: Father in the Name of Jesus, we release your love right now.

Mina Attia: Thank you Lord.

Yvon Attia: We stand God and we receive this love right now. And as we receive this love right now, get ready. Get ready for your healing.

Mina Attia: Yes.

Yvon Attia: Because right now it is washing away. It is washing away sickness.

Mina Attia: Thank you Lord.

Yvon Attia: It is washing away disease. It is taking away fear. It is breaking depression. It is getting rid of suicide. Father in the Name of Jesus, and by the authority you gave your children, we baptize them in your love. In the Name of Jesus, we baptize them in who you are.

Mina Attia: Be filled in the Holy Spirit, be restored actually. As I'm praying right now, there's conditions in the eyes right now that God is opening, not just supernatural spiritual eyes, but physical eyes. The eyes condition, glaucoma's going right now, cataract is being healed right now. Vision, restoration, take your glasses off right now and have a look. Start reading things you couldn't read before for God is restoring your vision. He's giving His Body, His Bride, 20/20 vision for this year. It doesn't matter what we've been through so far, because God is restoring things to His perfect plans. Back conditions are being healed right now. What the enemy has sown for disaster, God is tearing apart and planting His Word, His Restoration and His Love is for you. Right now in the Name of Jesus, receive it.

Yvon Attia: Yes, God.

Mina Attia: By faith.

Yvon Attia: Yes.

Mina Attia: Be blessed and blessed in Jesus' mighty Name. Amen.

Yvon Attia: Amen.
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