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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How to Access Heaven's Angel Armies

Sid Roth - How to Access Heaven's Angel Armies

Sid Roth - How to Access Heaven's Angel Armies
Sid Roth - How to Access Heaven's Angel Armies
TOPICS: Angels

Sid Roth: My guests keep doing this to me, Tim, you provoke me to jealousy, January 2020, you had two specific phrases revealed to you. What were they? And explain them briefly.

Tim Sheets: Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said, "Tell my people to raise the bar and I will raise the anointing". Now, raising the bar was a word that initially came through in the Olympics. When you're the high jumpers...

Sid Roth: Yeah. Yeah.

Tim Sheets: You jump and raise the bar and the highest one wins. In other words, go to another level. Holy Spirit said, "I want you to tell my people, take it to another level". In other words, "Press into the spirit realm and engage with Me this year. Pray at levels you haven't prayed at before, believe Me, for greater things. And if you will do that, I will pour out the anointing on you at a greater, at a greater level". And then He spoke these words. I want you to loose My "Heir Force". And I knew it was h-e-i-r, the force behind the heirs, which is Angels. According to Hebrews one and verse fourteen, "The angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for the Heirs of Salvation". That is you and me, the born-again ones. We're the heirs. Angels are ministering to the heirs at a different level. And I begin to see this is the year when He's going to engage the multiple divisions of angel armies and assist the heirs and He said "Loose the Heir Force". How we do that is with the decrees of our mouth.

Sid Roth: When did God start talking to you about angel armies?

Tim Sheets: I was out by a lake praying. I prayed all night one night. And I was praying into the second night and He began to talk to me about angel armies and He said this, "I will now lead another campaign on Earth similar to Acts, Chapter two". But then He said, "This time I will be bringing far more of the angel armies". I sat there afraid to move. I was, I was, it was- ah- such anointing and shaky. And then He added this phrase, I've said it a thousand times. He said, "The greatest days in church history are not in your past, they are in your present and in your future". We are entering into the greatest days of church history, the greatest harvest of church history, the greatest miracles that we've ever seen in church history.

Sid Roth: You call it the Mega Pentecost.

Tim Sheets: It is! A mega Pentecost because the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "We are now entering into the third literal Pentecost! It is fascinating. The first literal Pentecost goes back to the Exodus after the Passover. You go 50 days in the Exodus to Mt. Sinai, Sinai and Moses gets the Ten Commandments that they celebrate the, the feast there and then Exodus Twelve. And it's kind of overlooked. People don't see it. But Exodus Twelve says "When they went out, all the Hosts went with them". Hosts is Tzevaot and that means angel armies or angel warriors. They went too.

Sid Roth: They weren't alone!

Tim Sheets: They weren't alone. They weren't needed in Egypt anymore because the people of God had left. So, they went to connect them to a supernatural moment. Then you come to Acts, Chapter two, the second literal Pentecost takes place, and a new era is beginning. The birth of the church happens. The Kingdom of God comes into the earth and Holy Spirit comes. And we are told that over the one hundred and twenty cloven tongues of fire sat on them, which is a reference to angels, Ezekiel talks about the angels being tongues of fire that shot back and forth. Well, God said that this would be the third literal Pentecost. In other words, we are moving into another time in another release of angelic activity where the divisions of angels are released and a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because we are now moving into another new era and the greatest era of all history. When God's glory comes and fills the earth and begins to gather together the greatest harvest of prodigals, of new souls that He has ever reached before. And all of hell is not going to be able to stop it. They will try. But Holy Spirit is now bringing like He did at the first Pentecost and at the second in Acts, Chapter two, the literal one. And He's now coming with an angel army division with millions in each division. And they are going to assist us in going to a whole new level of Christianity on the earth. Hell cannot stop what our King has commanded to be done.

Sid Roth: And, you know, my favorite vision that you talk about of all of them is a few years ago you had a vision about breakthrough angels. And boy, is this one that you could grab hold of. Explain.

Tim Sheets: I saw them in the spirit realm, and they carry these huge, like wooden mallets and they would strike the ground with such force that in the spirit realm, I could feel the thud of it, like they were busting something up. When they struck the ground in, in the spirit realm that I saw, they would shout, break up, strike it again, and they break out and then they say, break through. Well, I saw this vision and I know Breakthru Angels are being activated to break up, break out, break through. Then on June 8th, something I've never experienced before happened to me. I woke up blind in my right eye, couldn't see anything, and I wasn't overly worried about it. It was amazing because I was like, this is a hassle. I've got things to do today. I've got Zoom calls to make. I got to preach. I got a prayer service and my wife said, you better take care. You need to get this looked at. So, they got me appointment at Cincinnati Eye Institute, and they begin to work with me. Next morning. I woke up still blind in this eye and it's suddenly hit me. Maybe this is prophetic. And I simply said, "Holy Spirit, if You have something to say to me through this, say it". Instantly Sid, I was in the spirit realm. Don't know how to describe that. It's a different realm. And, you know, when you're in it, I was in the spirit realm and I saw the breakthrough angels. But this time two words were added that I had not seen the past two years. This time when they struck the ground, they were saying "Break up, break out, break through, pass over and possess". And I knew we are now moving into a special Pentecost where it's now time to not just see minor breakthroughs, but supernatural breakthroughs whereby we begin to possess inheritance that God has ordained, just like the children of Israel finally possessed their inheritance. It's time for you to possess your breakthrough, not just hear about it. And these angels are- and it's not just corporate. This is for individuals and the corporate church. This is the time right now God is pouring out His power to break through for you. He's going to break through for you in your health, breakthrough, for your business, breakthrough, for your finance. He's going to help churches that have been struggling under so much persecution, really in, and even a shutdown time in some cases, and certainly cultural persecution. But He's going to help His church break through and begin to possess inheritance that He has desired for them for, for centuries. In other words, we're moving into a different time. I would even say it's like a different age.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, we're moving into the time you have dreamt about. Not just you, all the prophets, all the saints from before have dreamt that this would occur. They're cheering in Heaven for this moment.

Tim Sheets: Yes they are.

Sid Roth: Be right back!

Sid Roth: Hi! I'm here with Tim Sheets and Tim, you explain angels like very few believers, understand. There are different types of angels. One type that's been probably very busy lately, are governmental angels. And tell me a bit about them.

Tim Sheets: It's the first angel division the Holy Spirit began to describe to me. I saw a huge angel in one of our services wearing a purple sash. And I begin to notice every time I saw the government angels. These are angels that I believe are under the command of Michael. The great Archangel. Michael has millions of government angels and warriors that assist in trying to turn or turning the governments of the world. And when the church is called upon by Holy Spirit to begin to transform government or speak into government, these angels are involved.

Sid Roth: So, they're waiting for assignment is what you are talking about. They need a human believer agency.

Tim Sheets: Sure.

Sid Roth: To fulfill their destiny,

Tim Sheets: Like an intercessor that frees them to do the assignment. I, I remember we were in Tucson, Arizona, and we're doing a prayer assembly and I looked up and it was kind of like a box store that they had made into a church. Huge, all along, one side began to line up government angels with a purple sash all across the back and all across the side. I'd never seen anything like that. And I said, "Holy Spirit, I've never seen this many government angels before in one place. What's going on"? And the Holy Spirit said, "There are fifty-one of them. If you want to count". I didn't dare count. "I'll take Your word for it". And I said," Why are they here"? He said, "There is one here for each capital plus the capital of the United States, Washington, DC. He said they are here to get their assignments. So, I stepped over to my brother who was leading at the time, my brother Dutch, and I told him and we began to decree over the states and as we would decree for that state, that government angel would take off. We knew he was on assignment according to what we were decreeing. And lastly, we decreed into Washington, DC and the angel finally took off on the assignment. We have influence through our prayers, through our decrees, through what we say that God says to influence the natural realms that require sometimes the invisible assistance of angel armies to, behind the scenes, begin to shift things in ways that we cannot do.

Sid Roth: Tell me that that recent vision, you had... a shaking.

Tim Sheets: I saw five government angels in the service. I was just getting ready to preach. Five government angels, purple sash. And I was in the spirit. I began to see portions of the White House falling off. The sides had been- like you see in the footage of earthquakes. And I saw the state, the state house. And, and then I saw the DOJ and Supreme Court portions of the building falling. Then I saw portions of tech giants falling, portions of the media, crumbling, portions of education. And I knew something's happening. Then Holy Spirit spoke prophetically that the shakeup had to do with the natural realm and the natural nations. But remember that in Hebrews, although the kingdoms in every kingdom can be shaken, your Kingdom cannot be shaken. And then He said, this shaking will shake open capped wells of evangelism, it will shake open a new revival, it will shake open signs, wonders and miracles, it will shake open mighty deliverance and it will shake open a change even in the governmental structures of your world. The shaking has begun.

Sid Roth: Wow. There are divine moments in time when prophecy manifests on Earth. Tim says, this is your moment and Tim is going to pray for your destiny, your family their salvations, and healing, next.

Sid Roth: Tim Sheets, you talked that there's a moment when assignments and alignments converge. What do you mean by that?

Tim Sheets: Well, Isaiah 55:11 says that the Words that God gives us have assignments in them. And we are in a supernatural time when prophetic dreams, prophetic visions, prophetic words are all coming to a supernatural moment. I had a vision about angels dropping plumb lines in this particular moment to connect in the natural.

Sid Roth: What is a plumb line?

Tim Sheets: Okay, a plumb line is what they used to hold up, now they have lasers, but they would hold up the old plumb line with like a pointed bobber at the end.

Sid Roth: Builders do that.

Tim Sheets: Builders would do that to align the building. Exactly right. And these angels were holding up plumb lines over churches all over the world. And it was like they had to have everything exactly right because they were connecting to a supernatural moment of destiny. Now, in this supernatural time, angels are dropping the plumb lines to connect Apostolate or New Testament churches.

Sid Roth: Are you saying that those viewing us right, right now, that they might have had a prediction, a prophecy, a dream, a vision twenty-five years ago and it never happened, and they've almost given up. Are you saying breathe new life in it? Because are we at that moment?

Tim Sheets: We are at that moment right now. This is the year when the Mega Pentecost begins to erupt. Right now, what is about to happen on Earth is an explosion of the power of the Holy Spirit in a Mega Pentecost. Where the Dunamis of God- Dunamis doesn't mean dynamite, by the way. It means the dynamite is lit. The explosion is called Dunamis. He is coming with released power from Heaven. And angels are helping connect it to its moment, assist it to be accomplished, activate signs, wonders and miracles, and set captives free, supernaturally.

Sid Roth: Now, declare that right now!

Tim Sheets: This is your moment! This is a supernatural moment. And the Holy Spirit is here today. And He's prompting a faith to rise up in you to begin to declare, my acceptance of this moment and my promise. And we declare today things you have been believing for, things you posted on the refrigerator, things that are in your little notebook are on the side notes of your Bible. They're coming to pass right now. The heartaches that- and the tears that you prayed all night long for that son and daughter. They're coming to their moment and we call them in in Jesus Name, that loved one that has been so despondent and discouraged because of traumas in their life, even though they may have naturally happened in our real supernatural power of God is coming to set them free. Mighty deliverance is coming to you. You may have walked through dark times in the financial realm. You may have even lost your job. But know this today you are in a supernatural time when God can turn that around for you. I had a vision just two weeks ago that everywhere I looked on the highway, the signs read U-turns. This is you turn time; God is turning things around. You may be going this way and it may look bad, but there's a U-turn coming and you're going to drive the highway of God and you're going to see deliverance. You're going to see freedom like God has promised you. You're going to see the power of the living God demonstrated in you and your family. And hell is not going to be able to stop it because greater is He that is in us. And our King said that "If we would move with Him and His authority, we would prevail". So, I declare an anointing to prevail is coming on you. It's coming on your families. It's coming on... Pastor's watching this today and your church is going to prevail. We're going to win this thing Sid we're going to see the greatest days in church history. And if two or more agree as touching any one thing, it's going to happen. Amen!

Sid Roth: In Jesus Name, this is your moment!
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